Delayed Honeymoon Pt. 04: Final

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We arrived at Nassau at 7:00 AM (although I didn’t see it that early), the last landfall of our cruise. We had all day before departure so there was no urgency to get started. Nick and I took a tour through Nassau, seeing the usual sights, Government House (pink), Parliament Square, Fort Fincastle, etc., but were not overly impressed. After the tour ended, I went shopping for a new dress for the last fancy dress night. Nick refused to rent the tux again, but I wanted something new, anyway. I found a very nice dress that I could use later at home and found some new lingerie of the type that wasn’t available in our area until a few years later when Victoria’s Secret opened.

We returned to the ship for lunch and then the three of us went on another tour to a private beach. We wanted one last chance to swim in warm water before returning to winter. We went in for a while and then began walking the water’s edge, enjoying the sunshine and the warm air. Ahead of use saw a barrier and when we reached it, we saw a sigh reading, “Clothing optional past this point.”

“Oops, I guess we turn back here,” was my reaction, but both Glenn and Nick saw no need to do so. I insisted, “You two guys just want to see some naked women. Come on, let’s go back.” Nonetheless, we very shortly afterwards went past the barrier and approached a number of nude and partially nude people sitting and walking around. Frankly, the bodies, by and large, were far from pinup quality for women or male model types for men. We walked some distance and, while there occasionally was an attractive woman or girl, the average was very low.

After assaying the crowd, Nick finally observed, “You know, Judy is far better than any of that crowd.”

Glenn promptly agreed, and then proposed something that never crossed my mind. “I think that Judy should undress and show what a good body looks like!”

“You are out of your mind! I have a hard time undressing in front of you two. How the hell would I ever take my clothes off in public? Not one chance in a million!”

We went on further a found an empty area, and Nick suggested, “There’s no one here in the area. Wouldn’t it feel good to swim nude in that warm water? You’ll never likely to be able to that again. Come on, let’s go in!”

“Sure, Judy, it would be fun.”

I let myself be convinced and, in a few minutes, the three of us, all naked, ran into the water. It did feel wonderful – so free without the drag of clothes. As might be expected, the nudity led to some fondling and grabbing – and semi-hard cocks against me. We played around like that for a while but, finally, as the sex play became a bit more aggressive, I just said, “All right, you two, this is not the place! We can do that back at the ship, not on a public beach! We should be getting back, anyway.”

We left the water and dried off, but, as I started to put on my bikini pants, Nick stopped me. “Don’t put your suit back on, Judy. Stay the way you are until we reach the barrier.”

Glenn immediately seconded his suggestion, adding, “You’re better than any of those people. Leave your suit off. You look lovely just like that!

I refused adamantly, but in my head I knew that I wanted to do it. I have no idea why for it ran directly counter to anything I had ever done before. Displaying or exposing myself was something that would absolutely horrify me. Yet, here I was, secretly wanting to do it. I continued to refuse, but giving way was inevitable – I let them talk me into doing what I wanted to do!

The whole thing was amazing. We walked back to the crowded area, the men wearing their trunks, me completely naked – and to, my total amazement, it wasn’t even traumatic. I loved it! I actually slowed down several times and paused, looking out over the water. I spotted a pretty shell and bent over from the hips to pick it up, undoubtedly displaying some very private areas to my public. I certainly was being watched, admired actually, and I was in no hurry to lose my audience. In truth, my only embarrassment came from Nick and Glenn as they laughed afterwards and called me a flasher! Actually, they admitted that, while I was putting on my show, they were part of my admiring audience and that they were proud of me.

We got back to the barrier, and I very reluctantly put on my suit. I think that I could have enjoyed staying naked and walking back onto the ship that way, but reality, and Nick and Glenn, precluded that. As soon as we got back to the suite I stripped again and, turning toward them, I announced that I was going to have a shower and then have a nap. Nick, regretfully I could tell, said he would go down to the cave and shower and that he would see us later. I’m certain that my nap would come after a through fucking by Glenn – which is exactly what happened.

One of the real problems with using a diaphragm for birth control, in addition to its inconvenience when it’s suddenly needed and it interrupts the mood, is the need to juggle its timing. Generally, it is inserted just before going to bed, but if there are sarıyer escort likely to be multiple sex sessions, it’s not as easy. The instructions require keeping it in for six hours or more after intercourse and, if it’s used more than once during that time, additional spermicide should be put in the vagina. So, if the sex takes place at midnight, the diaphragm can be removed any time after 6:00 AM and washed and powdered. But if you get up at, say, 8:00 AM and there is to be morning sex, the diaphragm must be freshly prepared and reinserted. Putting a fresh shot of spermicide inside without removing the diaphragm can be done, but is not quite as safe – possibly, at least partly, explaining the failure rate of 5%.

If additional intercourse is involved, as with an afternoon “date” with your husband, the whole process must be repeated. However, if that “date is say 11:00 AM, you have to balance the six hour timing, probably inserting more spermicide for additional protection and recalibrate the removal time. Then, of course, the diaphragm must be removed, washed and reinserted for the nighttime screwing! The point of all of this is that a woman cannot, on the spur of the moment, lie down and be screwed! The man is hot and ready, and, perhaps she is hot too, but she is forced to think of the possible risk of pregnancy if the rubber barrier is past its protection limit.

I will say that in that cruise I became highly efficient in inserting and removing that damn thing. I had always felt, well a bit squeamish – no, that’s not the right word. Maybe just a bit funny placing my foot on the top of the tub, holding the lips open and putting my finger tip into my cunt as I worked the diaphragm into place. Somehow, the whole procedure just seemed wrong and, at first, embarrassing. Even with the pill, a woman must make sure she doesn’t miss a pill day and she must carefully count the “off” days! Actually, most men have no idea of what is required to avoid being “knocked up”- and they don’t really care! Just take care of it! Condoms (i.e. rubbers) are much easier, but they really disrupt the romantic flow, so we women do the work! In any case, after my experience with the pill, I am extremely careful to follow the rules for diaphragm protection, but I had never dreamed of a situation in which I had to balance the use of my birth control process with the amorous desires of two different men. No, to be honest, the amorous desires of two men and myself.

The point of all this is that I did have a problem when we got back from the beach in Nassau. As said above, I had a nap preceded by a quick sex session with Glenn with the diaphragm properly inserted. The complication came just before dinner when Nick strongly indicated that he had a real urge to have one of those periods when Glenn absented himself from the suite. Obviously, I did not want to deny my husband, who, of course, had had the same stimulation that Glenn had from seeing me walking around naked. Consequently, an hour or so after being screwed by Glenn, I was in the same bed doing the same thing with my husband! I don’t know if having sex with Nick shortly after the depraved and immoral act of adulterous intercourse with Glenn fired me up, but I had an incredible orgasm. By the same ticket, I don’t know if screwing his wife when he was certain that she had been freshly fucked by another man stimulated Nick, but his climax was equally terrific. That was wonderful, but I now had the problem of determining when the diaphragm could be removed, cleaned and reinserted for the nightly sex that I knew was coming!

In any case, dinner time came and, as we did most nights, ate at the buffet. We liked the company of the people in the dining room, but it was pleasant to sit with just the three of us at a table in the buffet area. As might be expected, the afternoon’s actions were a prime topic of conversation – and teasing! Nick, I think, spoke for all of us when he said, “Damn, I wish that we had taken a camera with us! I know that you’ve always been so conservative in your dress and actions, yet, here you were, completely naked walking in front of…what?…several hundred people! I don’t think that we have a single picture of you, other than a bathing suit, that shows anything! That would have been a great ‘memory picture’ that we could have looked at years from now. It would have been nice to have had at least one sexy picture from the cruise.”

Glenn and I looked at each other, recalling the semi-pornographic pictures he had of me, but there was no way that I could show them to Nick. I simply promised, “If you want to take a ‘cheesecake’ picture in the suite, I guess that I could go that far. Maybe tomorrow night after

dinner when I’m all dressed up.”

“Oh, damn, that’s another one of those dressy nights, isn’t it? I am not going to rent that tux again, I told you that.”

“No, you can just wear a sport coat and I have my new dress. They’ll be dressy enough. Then we’ll see about a picture or two afterwards.”

Glenn spoke up sefaköy escort with some enthusiasm, “That sounds like fun! I’ve used four rolls of film so far, but I’ll get a new one for tomorrow! You bring yours and we’ll turn her into a model.”

“Ok, I’ll be a model – with reservations – tomorrow night. Now, let’s go out, watch the sunset and enjoy the party!”

That evening, there was a big party, the one I was referring to, on the swim deck, marking what was the last warm evening of the cruise. We had two days “at sea” before docking in New York, but, as we went north we returned to January weather. We had had practically perfect summer-like weather since leaving Cape Canaveral, but we were back. We sailed from Nassau at 11:00 PM; it was beautiful watching from the deck, leaving us alone on the ocean as the city lights receded into the distance. It was a sort of a bittersweet moment because it was a clear sign that our cruise was nearing its end and yet, going home had a real appeal too. Nick and I were alone as Glenn was somewhere talking to some of the surprisingly large group of admirers who had attended his lectures – the educational aspects of this cruise wasn’t quite the empty facade that we had assumed it to be!

We were standing together on the rail, his arm around me, just silently watching the last lights of Nassau fade behind us. Finally, he asked, “What are you thinking? You’re very quiet.”

“Not very much at all, actually. I’ve got mixed emotions about leaving Nassau – not Nassau, itself, but, I guess, the end of the cruise. Obviously, it hasn’t been exactly what we expected, to put it mildly, but it’s been an experience that I never dreamed of – thanks to you! You’ve been absolutely unbelievable! We really can’t talk about all of that now, but I’m sure we will when we get home.”

“You’ve got that right!”

“You’re going to tease me about this forever, aren’t you?”

“You’ve got that right, too! If nothing else, I can think of dozens of ‘innocent’ comments I can make at a party that only you will understand, and I’ll love to see your guilty blush. For example, ‘Oh, the bed was very comfortable, wasn’t it Judy?’ Won’t that be fun?'”

My response was to pull away and send a punch into his arm, my standard response to the teasing that was such a major part of our relationship. “Damn it, I’ll kill you! You’re as bad as Shylock; you want your pound of flesh! Well, I love you anyway!” I paused for thirty seconds or so, and continued, “You know, I feel a bit guilty because I haven’t really missed the girls! Oh, I sent cards from each stop, but I just haven’t missed them or anything else at home!”

“Well, you’ve been busy! Oh wait,” he broke off as I prepared to punch him again. “Hold on, I’m serious. This has been a very different experience for you! Just think of yesterday, walking naked down a public beach! Good god, you’ve had an overload of experiences that would crowd anything, even children and,” laughing, “husbands out of your mind. You’re going to take a month to come down, particularly if you do go back to school.

That last comment was the result of a number of conversations throughout the week – actually the last six or seven days. From the description I’ve made of my relationship with Glenn, it would appear that all we did when alone was jump into bed and fuck when we weren’t doing sexy things on the chaise. Actually, that was pretty accurate through day four or five, but by then, the “newest new” had worn off and we were a bit freer from our hormones. After that, we could lie together on the chaise and talk quietly. Even more significance in terms of real intimacy, we could relax together after intercourse and engage in “pillow talk,” something that is rare in lovers who have to hide their adulterous rendezvous. It was in those quiet, even loving, moments when I learned of his catastrophic history with his wife.

Of more importance relating to Nick’s comment, I was able to confess to just how devastated I was by the enforced end of my academic career. Something that I had tried to hide, even from myself, came to light. That was my burning desire to become something more than a mother and housewife. Those things were fulfilling in their own way, but I just felt thwarted in my longtime goal of getting a PhD and becoming a college professor.

When that desire was finally recognized and accepted (by me), Glenn and I began serious conversations about reality. To my surprise, he seemed to see no insurmountable obstacles as far as the graduate school or the department was concerned. He made me feel very good – and gave a real boost to my self-confidence – when he said that he had always considered me one of their best students and prospects. The idea of returning to school moved to discussions around the lunch and dining tables. Happily, Nick was on board immediately now that the girls were older. Consequently, with my lover (I guess that is what he was) and husband concurring, it appeared that my sunken academic career was afloat silivri escort again.

So, here I was, leaning on the rail of a cruise ship, regretting the end of a very eventful and exciting trip, but looking forward to seeing my daughters and restarting a difficult, but much desired, career. All those things were running through my conflicted mind as I hugged Nick and said, “I guess you’re right. I’ve done things that even now I can hardly believe. Actually, I really wish that we did have some pictures so that I could have visual proof to make it real when, down the road, my mind will say, ‘I couldn’t have done that! Or, I couldn’t have shown that! I couldn’t have stood in that room naked in front of you and Glenn!’ Of course, I don’t know that I would even believe a picture! Well, we’ll take a few and see – if I’m not too embarrassed!”

Glenn joined us a few minutes later and we went through the line at the buffet table and really enjoyed an hour under the moon, dining al fresco in January! We wouldn’t ever do that again unless we were well south of our normal environs. It really was fun and a nice end to a lovely, and very erotic, day. As might be expected, both men found occasions to bring up my amazing beach performance. I blushed do hard and so often, that the people around us must have thought that we had a red light on the table. It was fun!

The food was gone and the party was breaking up about midnight so we headed home (which I was instinctively calling the suite by then). It had been a long and busy day, and as he was leaving us and I kissed him goodnight, Nick said, “Look, honey, it’s late and you’ve had quite a day. Why don’t you stay in bed longer tomorrow morning? I’ll go up and have breakfast and you come up when you’re ready.” He winked and squeezed my arm as he said it.

I couldn’t believe it as I heard myself reply, “I’ll see, Nick. It’ll depend on when we wake up.” I put emphasis on the “we.” We shared conspiratorial grins as he left. I was getting brazen!

I probably should put in as “aside” here about Nick and his acceptance, even participation, in all of this. If this were to be read by most men, I am sure that I would, at least figuratively, hear their eyeballs rolling as they scorned the idea that any husband would stand idly by as his nude wife prepared to go to bed with another man. Well, I have no doubt that some men would do so in these circumstances because I knew one who did – Nick. It was a unique situation where I literally had nowhere else to sleep – I slept there or we left the ship, which neither of us wanted. The man involved was, we thought, sixty-five to seventy and likely uninterested in sex or impotent, or both. That he turned out to be sixty-one and quite virile was unexpected. Even if he had known that, I doubt that Nick would have changed his mind about the situation.

Probably, since the beginning of history, when caught by his wife (or mate) a philanderer would protest her accusations by insisting, “Why, dear, it was just sex! It has nothing to do with us!” Men seem to differ from women in that they do separate love from sex – but rarely apply that separation when it comes to their own wives. Nick differed from most men that he did, in fact, apply that belief to me, his wife – any sex that I had with Glenn would be “just sex,” not an emotional commitment that would threaten him or our marriage. Glenn was no threat to him or us.

In addition, he really liked Glenn as a person, and they quickly became friends, even bonding together like frat boys, outdoing each other in urging me to do more things – go into the water nude, walk down the beach naked, etc. – and then teasing me when I did it. It actually as if there were the three of us together with no separation from friend, husband and wife.

However, before I leave this, I should admit that afterwards, back home, Nick did, reluctantly, admit that he wasn’t always as cheerful and untroubled as he appeared, particularly when he kissed me good night and knew that I would be in bed with Glenn before he got to the “cave.” He was determined to show no negative reaction that would worry me or make me feel guilty. He even confessed that he was a bit hurt a few times when I seemed almost too comfortable with the situation. Still, his suggestion that I “sleep late” showed that he wanted me to enjoy my freedom. We did have those long discussions about my sex with Glenn after we got home, and he never wavered from his approval of what I had done or his happiness that I had such a wonderful experience. I know him too well to call him a saint, but I’ll never be able to sufficiently express my gratitude for his sacrifice.

In any case, it had been a long and busy day, but it was far from over. Despite having a short but satisfactory sexual encounter after returning “home” from the beach, both Glenn and I were extraordinarily hot when we were alone after the party. I honestly don’t know whether this was the residual arousal left over from my performance in the afternoon or, and I think more likely, was it the result of the sudden realization that something very important was coming to an end. Oh, of course we had known the schedule, but knowing and actually realizing are two different things. From a distant date on the cruise calendar to knowing that are only two more days left was a major mental jump.

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