Desires Realized Ch. 2

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As we sit there together on the couch, I still can’t believe how wonderful this woman has made me feel. I realize I don’t even know her name. I ask her and she replies that’s right I know about you from your chart, but you don’t know a thing about me hehehe, I am Jennifer and pleased to meet you. We sit together chatting away and I remember my diner waiting on the kitchen table. I ask her if she’s eaten and she says no. The food I have ready is cold and looks inadequate to reheat for this occasion. I ask her to accompany me to a local restaurant and she agrees. As we dress she says I have to keep on wearing the panties but she has no panties since she wore this pair over but she says that’s just fine with her. She pats me on the ass as we head through the door, even that shoots a bolt of electricity through me.

As we enjoy our diner together, she removes her shoe and slides her foot up my leg and wiggles her toes over my crotch. I am so excited by our conversation and what her foot is doing I hardly notice the time slip by. She tells me how she has barely ever been with a man and how she has always felt unattracted to most men she has meet. She has been with a couple of women, but women didn’t really do it for her either. I tell her how I was raised by three women and how from a very early age I was attracted to and wore women’s undergarments. She tells me how when she saw me on the x-ray table with nothing on but panties how she could barely contain herself and spent the next week thinking of me and how she was attracted to me in a way she has never felt before. All I could think about is that I wanted to take her right there, over the table, fuck her like a man possessed make her mine forever.

When we got back to my place, I asked her if she could spend the night. She replied that unfortunately, she had to be at work very early and that it wouldn’t be a good night for that, but she could spend a little more time and that she was very comfortable with me and wanted to get to know me better. She asked me to show her the bathroom and she went in to freshen up. I quickly headed to the bedroom, did a fast clean up and striped to my panties. There I sat waiting for her. I heard the bathroom door open and I called for her. She entered the room naked. To me it was as if a bright light was suddenly turned on and the world was shaded in a beautiful kaçak iddaa pink, all aglow and filled with warmth.

I sprang to my feet, went to her and embraced her with a passion and longing books are written about. I couldn’t get my fill of her, her charm, beauty and acceptance of me made me feel like the most desired man in the world at this moment. We are locked in each other’s arms as I feel her moving me towards the bed. We fall into the bed still locked together like two suckerfish mouth to mouth. We feel each other’s bodies, running our hands up and down each other over and over again. After a while, she pushes me on to my back and she straddles my stomach. Her hands are rubbing my chest and pinching my nipples. I never realized how sensitive my nipples were until this moment. She then surprises me and moves her body up so she is sitting on my face, what a wonderful surprise. Her pussy is planted over my mouth and I slide out my tongue and lick her all over as she grinds herself onto me. Her hands reach out for the headboard and she uses it to steady herself as she rides my face. Her knees on either side of my head give me that locked in feeling and its so comforting and warm in there I never want this moment to end. I keep on licking and tasting every inch of her. My hands hold her by the hips, pulling her down even tighter on top of my mouth. She is panting and I am almost suffocating, my air cut off by her pussy, all I can think about is what a wonderful way to go as I continue eating her. Her rocking gets more frantic as I keep a hold of her hips making sure she doesn’t break contact. Her pussy is quivering and I feel her cumming all over my face as she pushes herself harder against me, grinding her clit against my tongue. Her juices are pouring out of her and I have never been so thirsty. My mouth is fully open as her flow fills my mouth and coats my face.

She pushes her way back down my body, her lips meet mine and we kiss. She licks off some of her juices from my face and she lays on top of me for a few moments catching her breath. She tells me how she’s never cum so hard and she wants more of that. I feel her hand reach behind her to my panty covered cock. She frees it from its confines pushing my panties down. She grips my cock without even looking in that direction and moves it towards her opening, she slides down and I feel the kaçak bahis head of my cock touch her entrance. With a seamless move, she positions my cock so her pussy can engulf it. She’s so wet there is no resistance as my cock slides right up inside of her. She’s sitting on top of me now with my cock deep inside of her as she starts a rocking motion. Using her hands she lifts herself slightly and I can see my cock going in and out of her. She tells me it’s her cock now and she’s fucking me with it and I believe her it feels as if it is her cock and I am the one getting fucked. I love the feeling and reach up with my hands to fondle her breasts.

My cock or should I say her cock is so hard it feels like a bar of steel. As she rides me her hands return to my nipples and she pinches and twists them to hardness. I feel so alive every nerve in my body is at attention. Her left hand moves towards my face and she inserts two fingers into my mouth. I suck them like it was a cock, licking up and down her fingers and sucking them when I can. God she looks so hot. I feel so consumed with her and want to be her bitch. Did I just say her bitch? I don’t know what’s coming over me but that just felt so right and I do feel like I am her bitch. I want this moment to go on forever but I feel that familiar feeling and know I am about to burst forth in a glorious orgasm. My balls tighten and I feel the jets of cum blasting out of me going way up inside of her. Blast after blast erupts and fills her pussy with my cum. This triggers her and she cums along with me. I hear her scream out in joy and fulfillment. She collapses on top of me as I feel my or her cock shrivel up still inside of her. I am totally spent and hardly moved an inch this whole time; wow what an experience different then I have ever had before.

We lay together for a moment catching our breaths and letting our heart rates return to normal. She withdraws and I feel my cock plop out of her. She again moves up so as to be sitting on my face and plants her pussy again over my mouth. What a mess, filled with both our flows leaking out all over me. My tongue responds darting out to greet her and begins lapping up all I can find. The taste is sensational and I slurp up every drop. She has another small orgasm and lies along side of me, she’s also totally spent. I don’t know where my energy is coming from but illegal bahis I roll her over onto her stomach and start massaging her body. She just coos and moans as the relaxation is just what she needs. As I work down her body, I can’t help but stare at her lovely ass, so round so firm and inviting. I massage her cheeks and lean over to lick them. I spread her cheeks and lick up her crack tasting her little back door rose bud. Even that tastes like candy to me. I position myself along side of her and keep my mouth in contact with her not wanting to break for a second. As I continue enjoying her, I spread her legs just a bit and slide my hand towards her pussy. I insert a finger then two ramming them in and out of her as I suck at her asshole and shove my tongue in as far as I can. I am in overdrive, I have already had two great orgasms tonight and my dick is still shriveled and hanging useless, but I don’t want to stop.

My hand will be my dick to fuck her with. I keep up the pace, ramming my fingers in and out of her as I lick her all over her ass. She tilts her pelvic area up for better access and I keep my digital assault going. In and out in and out, she’s so wet I slide in and out without any problem. I lift my face from her ass and just watch as she abandons herself to my manipulations. With my two fingers buried in her pussy, I move my thumb around to her back door and push it gently inside of her. Wow, I can feel my finger and thumb through her rubbing her from both sides, this is too much. She starts bucking a bit wildly and I place my other hand in between her shoulder blades holding her down so she cant wiggle free of me. My hand keeps on fucking her in both holes simultaneously. She starts cumming and cumming hard, she screams out and I feel her juices spurting out of her. I watch as a huge wet spots grows on the sheets. I withdraw my hand and cram my face down there as quick as I can and lap up what I can get to. She slides away from me saying it’s so sensitive now she can’t take any more.

I take her in my arms and we caress each other for a moment. I retreat to the bathroom, wet a washcloth with warm water and return to her. I wipe her over with it and I swear I can see steam rising from her pussy. She says the washcloth feels soothing and thanks me for it. She changes her mind about spending the night and I set the alarm clock extra early so she can get home and change clothes for tomorrows shift. We drift off to sleep in each other’s arms, knowing that this is just the start of something great. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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