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The bathroom was already steamy and warm as she let the towel drop from her naked body. She stood momentarily in front of the mirror to admire herself. Her face was still very pretty with dark brown eyes and full red lips. She still possessed a woman’s form with her full firm breasts even though she had bred three children. Her stomach while not exactly flat did not display the belly of many women her age. Her hips were still very well proportioned with her shoulders and waist. She was still proud of her rounded firm ass. She smiled approvingly at her image as she let a hand brush lightly across her pubic hairs. She was alone and intended to take a long luxurious shower, which she knew would end in her self-exploration and ultimately in her pleasure. She had become flushed and she admitted to herself begun to feel the first twinges of becoming horny leaving her in her current state. All this brought on by her recent encounter when she had noticed him across the room at the diner.

Reflecting back to her encounter with him she remembered the stirring that he had caused. She had been sitting alone and when she noticed that he too was alone they began to flirt with each other from a distance. First just using eye contact and then shooting pursed lips and tongues at each other. Finally he had come over to introduce himself and they realized that they lived only two houses away. He was new to the neighborhood and neither one knew of their close proximity as neighbors. He had made quite an impression on her as he was well built and she had actually found him to be quite amusing as he related to her his on-going problems with Bob their common neighbor and his wild barking dog.

She had looked into his eyes and he seemed to connect with her so much that she flushed when he reached over and held her forearm as he got up saying that he had to go. She had quickly invited him over to have dessert and coffee at her house (in the back of her mind thinking whatever else might arise) and he had thought about it for a moment but had said he was expecting a visit from his daughter so he had to decline but hoped they could make it some other time. As he turned to leave, she felt her heart quicken as she spied the back of him – god she thought he was good looking and what a beautiful ass. It was then in the diner that she realized she needed this shower to gain a release zeytinburnu escort from her pent up frustrations.

It had been a rough day and now as she put her hand in the shower to test the water. As she stood waiting for the shower to warm she fantasized about what could happen between them and she could feel the wetness begin to develop between her legs. As she stepped in she began to visualize him there with her. His naked form standing before her. She imagined herself running her hands across his hot sexy body and taking him in her hands. She could almost feel how she could make him hard within her grasp. Ohh what dessert would have been like if he had come. She smiled and her hand wandered down between her legs as the hot water sprayed over her breasts and ran across her legs. She sighed and her eyes closed as her wandering mind left the shower visualizing being in her bed with him. She did not hear the door open and jumped when she heard his voice call out to see if anyone was home.

Startled out of her daydream she quickly wrapped herself in a towel and hurried to the door. He blushed when he saw her there and apologized for interrupting her. When he arrived home, he had gotten a message that his daughter couldn’t make it so he had come over hoping that her dessert offer would still stand. She invited him in and as she did the towel slipped down exposing her breasts exposing a pair of erect nipples. He thought of dessert and realized that she was serving up a tastier dessert than he could ever imagine. As he moved towards her, she stood there inviting him with those beautiful brown eyes. He took her in his arms and kissed her more passionately than either of them expected. It seemed that their thoughts had been the same and this dessert was to be one not long forgotten. Forgetting all else except for the man in front of her, she began to fumble as she started to undress him.

The towel slipped all the way off her as he stepped out of his jeans. Her hands went into his boxers to grasp what she already had fantasized feeling earlier in the shower. He smiled and moaned under her ministrations and soon he was fully hard. He took each breast in his hands and gently rolled his fingers around them tracing the outline of her hardened nipples. She moaned and led him to her bed where she lay on her back.

He aksaray escort knelt at the foot of the bed as she opened her legs and he proceeded to kiss and nibble up her leg. As it passed over her thigh a tingle shot thru her body. He blew on her trimmed pubes and then with such ease parted her lips with his fingers as they swelled under his touch. The wetness flowed from her and he breathed in her womanly scent. His face went to her and she reached down to hold his head. His tongue pushed forward onto her and he thought to himself how delicious she tasted, better than any fancy French dessert he had ever consumed. He continued to lick along the insides of her engorged labia. Up over and back down across her swollen clit. She moaned and held his head close to her as he moved a hand down next to his tongue and pulled back the folds of her lips so he could more clearly trace her love button. As he encircled it, her body began to tense. She became rigid as he moved his hand and pushed two fingers inside her. She was warm, wet and slippery and he moved easily inside her to the rough spot on the front of her inside wall. As he rubbed this spot, his tongue continued to work on her clitoris. She began to moan and thrust her hips at his face holding him there with her hands. Her whole body unleashed an intense wave of pleasure within her. She temporarily lost consciousness as all she could experience were the waves of pleasures washing over her. Her vagina clenched on his fingers as the contractions came 7 – 8 – 9 . . . she was cumming over and over.

As she regained her composure, and returned to the planet earth, she slid her hand down reaching across him to his hardness and played with him much as she delighted doing in her fantasy earlier in the shower. He rose up to lie on his back as she lowered her head over him. She licked her lips delighting in the dessert in front of her as she flicked her tongue across the top and thinking to herself, what a beautiful cock and how much she wanted it in her mouth sucking on it. She took just the tip and slid it slowly into her mouth and encircled it with slow sensitive sweeps across the slit at the top of the head. His cock began to respond by becoming harder and quivered with anticipation. She then slid his beautiful cock all the way in her mouth and began to suck and pulsate on it. ataköy escort She moaned with the cock filling her mouth. God she was soooo hot for him. She wanted more she wanted dessert.

She sucked harder and harder and his cock responded by growing even larger and becoming harder. He felt that if he didn’t soon cum that he would burst. She continued to slide up and down his shaft teasing the tip with every pass. As she sucked on his cock she gently massaged his balls. He tensed as he began to feel the release of his load. Sensing the impending explosion, she pressed hard on his perineum stopping the inevitable gusher and delaying his ejaculation. She so much wanted him to be inside her…. deep inside her warm wet pussy where they both could feel the depth of their desires.

He lay on his back as she mounted him and slid his cock into her waiting pussy. His cock head slid passed her swollen slippery lips and then slowly up inside her as she lowered herself onto him, taking him up into her hungry pussy. He raised his knees and positioned his legs and began pushing up against her with his hips thrusting at her. She leaned forward onto her hands and began to rock on his hard cock. He thrust up at her and their groins ground against one another. Back and forth she rocked as he thrust against her. His hands reached up to her as the passion began to build to a crescendo.

His fingers traced up and down her back and he grabbed her ass pulling her down further onto him. His cock was now buried deeply inside her hot pussy. They looked deeply into each other’s eyes as she began to explode into wave after wave of unbelievable orgasms. The spasms gripped his hard cock as she fell further forward onto his chest. The pleasure continued to pulse inside her as she came over and over with each thrust he made deep inside her. Incredibly he grew even larger and harder. One final thrust in her and he could hold back no more.

His hands clutched her ass as he held her in place and began to pump and cum deep inside her. The pleasure engulfed both of them as they locked in a tight embrace. He held her close against his body as she lay atop of him. Their mingled love juices oozing out of her and soaking the bed below. For a time they continued to lay basking in the glow of being one in pleasure. He whispered in her ear that he was full for now and had enjoyed her heavenly treat. She laughed and told him that maybe they could enjoy more dessert later.

They both agreed that their time together was better than any dessert that they could have wanted.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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