Devil in a Dream

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She was dreaming.

Somehow she knew this but her sense of weightlessness kept her from fully grasping onto that thought.

Looking around her, she could see that she appeared to be in a large dark room with bare, elegant furnishings. There were sconces on the walls with candles flickering. Rows of benches lined the floor along them. Everything looked old but new at the same time.

Was this a ballroom?

She looked down to see that she was exquisitely dressed. She was wearing a long white dress that hugged her lithe figure. Delicate, two inch wide straps kept the dress in place as it slunk over her breasts and waist, over her hips, down to her toes. As she moved her leg to get a better view of the back, she noticed a slit coming up to mid-thigh, exposing a single long, golden leg. She was barefoot.

Reaching a hand up to brush the hair out of her face, she vaguely realized her hair was down. It was a rich, dark brown, lightly curled, flowing down to her waist, as long as it had been a few weeks ago before she had it cut to just below her breasts. Or was it month? She didn’t know the date or time. She wrapped a finger around one of the long locks and absentmindedly twirled the satiny smooth strands for a moment, then looked around curiously again.

She stilled.

There was a man here. He was on the other side of the ballroom, walking – no, stalking out of a large, arched doorway. As she watched, he sat down on one of benches, and folded his arms across his chest, casually taking in his surroundings. He was tall and dark and dangerous-looking. He exuded masculinity and sexuality. It was raw, scorching. He felt…devilish. She could almost feel the heat radiating from his body as he sat there, brooding and judging everything he set his gaze upon.

He was not dressed nearly as elegantly as she was. He had on snug-fitting, dark blue denim jeans, a black T-shirt, and black leather boots. He had long, silky brown hair that barely grazed his shoulders. She couldn’t make out his eyes, but she sensed they were dark as well. He had a jaw covered in a short beard, full mouth, and a sinfully full lower lip that could not be hidden by the beard. He seemed to be smirking as he scanned the room. He was a sleek and wiry, finely honed man. A hint of broad shoulders under the dark shirt. Strong legs in the faded, dark jeans. Not a single thing about him suggested softness.

Cunning and stealthy. Arrogant. Cocky. Yes, those words summed him up perfectly.

She was drawn to him. She felt her heart begin to hammer in her chest, but she couldn’t stop herself from slowly walking over to him, then stilling as his head turned towards her, his eyes burning into hers the instant they met. She knew it – his eyes were dark. Full of mischief, arrogance, and intelligence. Her breath caught in her throat as he raked those dark, glittering eyes over her body. They lingered on her breasts, then slowly, ever so slowly, dropped to her exposed leg.

All of this happened in what seemed like seconds but felt like an eternity. Or was it the other way around? Her brain could not distinguish time. She couldn’t move. Was it the fact that she was in a dream? Or was it that she didn’t want to move? Was she actually dreaming? She wanted to see what would happened next, almost as if she were on bağdat caddesi escort the outside looking in. All she was capable of doing in that moment was to watch him, watching her. She was the prey and he, the predator.

He stood abruptly and closed the gap between them, surprising her by gently taking her soft, small hand in his larger, rougher one, bringing it to his lips and kissing the knuckles there. The rough texture of his beard making her shiver. She held her breath and watched in wonder as he placed his other hand upon her waist, pulling her closer to him. She breathed in his exotic scent, warm and spicy

Heat truly did radiate from his body. She felt it wash over her, raw and sexual, making her nipples tighten underneath the silky fabric of her dress. Goosebumps peppered her arms and legs. A smirk curved his sensual lips as he bent to press them to her cheek. She felt the rough, fuzzy kiss brush against it ever so softly. Once again, shivers ran down her spine.

Wordlessly, he pulled her body against his, and they began to dance, softly swaying. There was no music, and there was only the two of them. An odd familiarity, as if she had known him all her life, surged through her soul. She knew him, yet, he was a complete mystery to her – albeit, one that excited and exhilarated her.

All she could hear was her heartbeat thundering in her ears as she took in the whole of him, breathing in his scent, feeling his hard body against hers. He slowed and took her face in both of his hands and brought his lips to hers, brushing softly against them; lightly rubbing back and forth over hers, giving her the barest taste of a kiss, feeling her own lips tremble and soften beneath his.

She was suddenly ravenous, wanting those lips all over her body, but not knowing how to convey to him her desires other than to grasp his shirt in her hands and pull herself closer to him, forcing the kiss to go deeper. She was starving for him and he knew it. He backed away from her hungry mouth and brushed aside her hair, his rough jaw rasping against hers, his hot tongue tracing down the side of her neck. She moaned low in her throat as he made his way up to her earlobe, biting at it and then sucking it into his mouth.

His hands were upon her breasts now, tracing soft circles just beneath her nipples, aching for him to touch them. Without warning, he closed his fingers on the hardened peaks and bit down on the crook of her neck at the same time, almost causing her knees to give way. Of their own volition, her arms were around his neck as he roughly, hungrily kissed and bit her neck, making her feel raw and wild.

And then he was leading her away from the dance floor. She felt light and unreal. It was as if he had stolen her breath. Her head swam. Her entire body tingled. Vaguely aware that he should have been leading her to a bench, she instead noticed that there was a large canopy four poster bed with sheer, red chiffon draped over the top and flowing down the sides. It was beautiful , but although she wanted to keep admiring it, she was being deliciously distracted by his mere presence.

Now he was behind her, brushing her hair over the front of her shoulder to fall over her breasts. The heat of his body scorched her. Sly and stealthy fingers bahçelievler escort unfastened her dress, his mouth leaving rough, fuzzy kisses along the backs of her shoulder blades. She resisted the urge to rip the dress off, hoping that patience would pay off in the end. His tongue licked up the nape of her neck.

God, he was dangerous. Tantalizing. Sinful. He was the Devil.

She felt the dress fall away from her and her face being turned to the side, her lips guided to his. Still standing behind her, his kiss was intense and strangely dominant. His hand moved from her jaw down to her neck, lightly brushing his fingertips over the sensitive skin, then trailing down to her collarbone. Before she could fully grasp the sensations flooding over her, both of his hands were at her breasts, plump and full and soft. He kneaded them, caressed them, grazing his thumbs over her nipples. Her breasts felt tight and swollen. She ached. Her skin felt as if it were sizzling, the nerve endings sparking and full of life.

Abruptly, he slipped one of his hands from her breast, and cupped her between the legs, grasping her firmly and grinding her bottom back against his sex. He made a sound that was so animalistic and full of raw sexual hunger that her knees trembled. She whimpered against his lips, his kisses slow and long, tongue sliding into her mouth, playing with her, teasing her. She strained against his hand, wishing he would move it, even if just a little, so that she could grind her clit against it, releasing the pressure that was building up inside of her.

He laughed a devilish laugh, husky and dark as he pressed her to him more firmly, returning his lips to hers. Groaning, leaning her head back against his chest, her breathing labored and rough, she felt his hand loosen and the pad of his thumb brush over her clit. Then his finger slipped into her slick, wet sex, palm grinding against her nub. She came hard and loud, moaning into his mouth as he sucked at her bottom lip, slowly releasing it as she came down from her high.

He withdrew his hand and brought it to the small of her back, gently but firmly leading her to the bed, turning her so that she might lie on her back against the cool sheets. Lying there, she watched him through hooded eyes as he stripped his clothing off, piece by piece, only losing eye contact once as he took his shirt off. Those eyes. Captivating. Mesmerizing. Almost sinister. Not for the first time, nor would it be the last, she suspected, she shivered in anticipation of what was to come next.

He climbed into the bed and positioned himself between her legs, lightly running his hands down the side of her thighs, smirking up at her, eyes glimmering. He leaned down and began to kiss up her inner thighs, teeth grazing the skin lightly, pausing to leave little bites over her flesh. She wriggled and squirmed, heart hammering, hands grasping at the sheets around her, trying for some semblance of control. She felt intoxicated, out of her mind, not really here, but so very present.

His tongue began to lick up her inner thigh to the crease between leg and crotch, repeating the process on the opposite leg, drawing out the slow, delectable torture. She whimpered and brought her hands up to lace her fingers through his hair. bahçeşehir escort He flicked his hot velvety tongue over her eager, swollen clit, causing her hands to turn into fists, arching her back into the bed. Slowly, languorously, he swirled his tongue over it, around it, stiffening his tongue to jab at it, then sucking it into his mouth.

She nearly screamed. She tugged at his hair, without a care if it hurt him or not. She was out of her mind with pleasure. If she were standing, her knees would have buckled, and she would be on the floor, in a writhing, satiated puddle. She didn’t think she had much longer before she came once more. She could feel it coming, like a dam ready to burst. Then he rolled her clit in his mouth around his tongue, and she exploded.

Gently kissing her inner thighs, brushing his beard ever so lightly against them, he waited patiently for her breathing to steady. He released her and began to stretch his body over hers, letting his thick hardness brush against her wet folds as he leaned in to kiss her lips once again. She could taste herself on his lips, on his tongue, sweet and musky.

Supporting himself on his forearms, nudging her legs, he wordlessly told her to wrap her legs around him. She obeyed and locked her ankles, breathless and willing to do anything he wanted her to do. She could feel his hot, hard erection against her, sliding effortlessly up and down her slit. The friction was almost enough to send her over the edge a third time, but he chuckled and shifted so that it rested on her thigh. He growled into her ear, a husky sound that melted into soft laughter. Licking and nibbling at her neck once more, she thought she might go mad if he didn’t …

And then he was pushing himself inside of her. The thick head of his cock stretching her open, filling her. She began to groan, whimper and beg, wriggling to adjust to his girth. He pressed his mouth against hers, possessive and savage, his tongue gliding into her mouth, dancing with hers, demanding. He tasted warm and divine. He was anything but gentle. She knew that her mouth would be red and swollen for days after this, but right now…oh, God, right now, she was just as hungry and fierce as he.

He drove himself inside her in one swift, smooth thrust. Penetrating her, filling her so completely that she literally screamed into his mouth. He began to slowly thrust into her, sensuously grinding his pelvis into her, catching her clit between them, backing off, then grinding again. Deep, hard forward movements, taking his time to let every nerve inside of her feel him rubbing with mind-numbing friction. His movements were intense and deliberate. She was in ecstasy.

His movements grew harder, faster, intense. She knew what was coming next and she was ready. He was breathing hard into her ear, his growls promising sinful things, deep and rumbling. She felt her muscles tighten and clench, locking around him, her final orgasm claiming her hard, her scream shattering the silence around her. His own body went rigid and he released one final, ferocious snarl into her ear as he came violently, thick, hot ropes clinging to her insides, coating her, claiming her.

She didn’t remember how much time had passed, or if time was even a concept here. All she was aware of was his body against hers, curling her into him. His fingers running through her sweat-soaked hair, gently brushing her cheek, her jawline…thumb rubbing against her swollen bottom lip. He leaned his head forward to leave the gentlest kiss on it and breathed out a single sentence before she awoke from her dream:

“Until we meet again, my fallen angel.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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