Diary of a High Price Escort Ch. 05

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Our story continues.. Please read Ch. 4 before starting this conclusion.


Randy’s cock remained as erect as before he deposited that wonderful sperm filled load of salty thick semen in my mouth. After licking every drop from my fingers and his cock I looked up into his lust filled eyes and asked. “Do you want to fuck me?”

“Absolutely.” Was his one word reply.

I stood up and moved forward straddling his legs then lowered my body toward his gleaming hard cock. There was no need to lift or position his cock at the entrance to my wet pussy. It stood at perfect attention waiting to be smothered in hot flesh. With our eyes glued together in a wanton stare I lowered my loins until the tip of his cock touched the soft outer lips. I paused just a moment letting him enjoy the feel of my heat before lowering my pussy a tiny bit more to engulf the head just inside.

Randy moaned in sheer pleasure as his cock head was bathed in the moisture I held for him.

Stopping there I began doing tiny bounces with my hips tickling the head and corona with just the lips and flesh just inside.

“That feels so fucking good!” He exclaimed.

With my hands on my hips and my pussy just taking the head I squeezed hard trying to suck his cock head with my pussy.

“Give me more of that hot pussy.” Randy nearly pleaded.

I lowered myself an inch or so more and clamped down on his pulsing cock with my internal muscles squeezing my hot wet flesh tighter around his small cock.

“Yes that’s it.” He said as the flesh grasped at his cock.

He reached up with his good hand and caressed one breast gently massaging the soft orb and teasing the erect nipple with his thumb.

“Do you like my tits?” I asked quietly.

They feel wonderful.” He replied.

I smiled and said. “They’re like your hand Randy.” Letting him know in a subtle way that a doctor had given me my full luscious tits as surely as a doctor had replaced his vaporized hand.

Randy smiled and squeezed a little harder causing me to moan soulfully under his more intense caress.

The second time he squeezed my tit I squeezed his cock. I wasn’t really fucking him yet just massaging his throbbing cock with my internal muscles.

He released his grip on my tit and I released my grip on his cock.

His smile acknowledging that he understood that his hand could control my pussy. “You are so god damn sexy.” He said as he squeezed my tit again and I tightened up my vaginal grip on his cock.

“I wanna feel that with my entire cock.” He pleaded.

I cooed softly “I’ve wanted that since I crawled up into your lap.”

My pussy slowly dropped until his cock was completely engulfed in hot wet flesh. It was at that moment that I realized with a smaller cock the pressure of my weight on his loins absolutely crushed his pelvic bone against my erect and very sensitive clit.

His hand closed around my nipple and squeezed. My pussy clenched his entire shaft corona and head squeezing it tightly.

I tilted my head back and ground my clit against his hard pelvic bone.

“Use your other hand to tease my nipple.” I said.

Randy hesitated for a moment then lifted his stiff hand to rub the other nipple. Its cold hard touch made my nipple tingle with desire.

We continued our squeezing and teasing for a very long time.

I knew he wanted me to lift up and begin actually fucking him and I wanted to feel him thrust up to meet my plunges just as much.

Moving my hands to his I lifted them from my tits and leaned forward crushing my big soft tits against his chest and bringing our mouths together. My lips parted and my tongue darted between his seeking out his tongue.

As our kiss intensified I slowly lifted up the short distance I need to bring his cock head to the soft lips of my pussy then as slowly as I lifted I plunged back down.

“Hmmmm…..”Randy moaned as his cock sank into my fiery pussy.

The next time I lifted the head actually slipped outside and as I began to descend down Randy thrust up off the white leather and into my flesh.

“Hmmmmm……Yesssssss..” I cooed feeling his hips slam up into my thighs.

I kissed every part of his mouth lips cheeks and jaw line as we continued lifting and thrusting in a more steady rhythm with each passing moment.

Every time our loins crushed together I would grind my clit against his hard bone and in short order he had my quivering nub of pleasure tingling and craving more of this awesomely slow sensuous fuck.

I wanted to give back control of the tempo of our loved making so I kissed my way to his ear and whispered. “Do you want to fuck me from behind?”

“Absolutely.” He instantly replied.

I kissed my way back to his lips and probed his mouth for his tongue one more time before I lifted up and off his pulsing rock hard erection.

Moving to my left I made sure to drag sexy smooth silk over his cock as I slipped my leg over his loins. Crawling toward the seat back until I could rest my beşiktaş escort tits against the back I reached around with my right hand and spread sexy red tipped fingers over the milky white flesh of my ass.

“Give it to me. Let me feel that beautiful hard cock inside.” I pleaded.

Randy stood up and positioned himself between my legs one soft warm palm flat on my left check and one stiff cold hard hand on the other.

His cock speared me instantly sinking as deep as it could until his balls rested against my clit.

“Oh yeah that’s what I need.” I exclaimed.

He pulled back and his cock slipped from my wet slit.

Again he thrust hard into me pushing my body firmly against the sofa back as his hips slammed into my soft ass.

“Yeah babe that’s it fuck that hot pussy.” I encouraged him.

He pulled back outside again. “It’s so god damn fucking hot and wet!” He exclaimed just as he slammed it into me again.

I clenched my muscles down on his pulsing shaft as he started slamming me faster.

“Feel how tight it is around your beautiful cock.” I exclaimed between thrusts.

I started pushing back as he thrust in meeting him halfway then having his hips push me against the sofa again and again and again.

I reached under my body and began fingering my clit wanting to climax while he was fucking me doggie style.

“That’s it fuck that hot wet slit. Make it cum all over your hard cock.” I exclaimed as my finger feverishly worked the hard nub just below where he pounded hard cock into me.

Randy’s fingers dug into my ass and I felt a twinge of pain as he hit a spot that wasn’t completely healed from Frankie’s spanking two nights earlier but I could have cared less.

My fingers worked their magic and I began feeling the tingling in my loins of an approaching orgasm.

“Gimme that hard fucking cock.” I exclaimed as Randy continued his awesome assault from behind.

He was grunting and groaning behind his hips moving as fast as they could.

Suddenly almost too suddenly my climax slammed home. “Oh god you’re making me……I’m Cumming.” I screamed.

My pussy flooded with juice as his furious thrusts took on a splashing sound his cock doing little to keep the flood of climatic juice from flowing out of me.

My body convulsed and my loins quivered uncontrollably as my climax built to a sudden peak then as quickly began to subside as my fingers slowed their pressure on my numb clit.

“What a fuckin incredible orgasm.” I said as my mind began to return to a somewhat normal state.

“You’re one hot fucking woman!” Randy said as he slowed his pace but kept fucking my searing hot sopping wet pussy.

My pussy oozed juice coating his balls with my moisture. It dripped off my lips and left a mark on his white leather sofa.

Randy finally slowed to a stop and let his cock slip from my spent pussy. His index and middle fingers dipped in and swirled around in the pool of orgasmic juice still inside.

Withdrawing them he slid up and coated my sphincter with the fruit of my loins gently smearing the fluid evenly over the tight rim of my ass.

I looked back over my shoulder and into his eyes. “You want to fuck my tight ass don’t you?” I asked.

Randy grinned and shook his head yes.

I reached around with both hands and spread my cheeks wide open. “I want you to fuck my ass too.” I said then added. “And when you’re read to cum I want you to tell me so I can turn around and watch you shoot that hot thick sauce all over my big tits.”

His hand was stroking his rock hard cock twisting around the head each time it slid over it.

He moved forward again and I pulled harder on my cheeks opening my sphincter to give him a target for that beautiful hard cock.

“Fuck that tight ass!” I exclaimed as his cock head touched the puckered flesh for the first time.

I felt it slip through then pushed back against him driving his cock deeper. His hand grasped my ass and pulled sinking his cock balls deep in my ass. It felt incredible the smaller length and girth still filling my dark anal fuck tube.

“So tight!” Randy hissed as he pulled back letting the head slip from the tight opening.

“Fuck me baby fuck that hot little tight ass!” I encouraged him.

He pierced my ass again sinking his wonderful rock hard cock balls deep in my ass his thighs slapping against the back of mine every time he slammed into me.

“That feels so fucking good!” I screeched.

Randy was grunting and groaning the entire time he was hammering my ass.

I kept encouraging him pleading. “Yeah that’s what I love keep pounding that sweet ass.”

I wanted my words to drive him over the edge. I wanted his cock to swell and begin shooting hot thick cum and I wanted that cum plastered all over my big soft round tits so we both could enjoy watching his orgasm.

His pace quickened and I knew he was nearing the point of no return.

“Gimme that thick cum load.” I begged. beşiktaş eve gelen escort

“I want that hot sauce!” I pleaded.

His cock began to swell inside my tight ass.

One more time I implored. “Shoot that thick hot cum all over my tits.”

Randy withdrew and stepped back. I instantly turned and spread my legs so he could move forward. His raging cock held tightly in his fist he stepped toward me the grimace on his face confirming he was holding back until I gave him the lusty target of soft round tits to fire his load at.

“That’s it shoot that fucking cum right here!” I exclaimed lifting my tits toward him.

“Arrrrrghhhhh!” He groaned as his cock exploded the first thick wad of cream landing squarely in the top of my soft cleavage.

“Oh yeah!” I exclaimed as the second splashed on top of one quivering orb of tit flesh.

Randy was jerking his cock feverishly and each successive shot plaster more and more of my big tits with his creamy thick sauce.

Yeah baby let me have every fucking drop of that cum!” I demanded.

His cock began to shoot smaller and smaller wads until his balls had completely drained themselves of cum. His eyes stared intently at the coating of semen he’d just unloaded on my tits and watched as it dribbled down over my taut nipples.

I reached out and grasped his cock with my soft hand and stroked it making sure I’d received every drop then pulled it to my tits using the swollen blood engorged head to smear his load evenly over every inch of soft tit flesh.

I looked up into his wide eyed stare and said. “I love how hot cum feels all over my tits.”

I slapped the head against my flesh and pulled it through the cleavage giving him intense sensations post orgasm.

“Fuckin a woman. How can you be so fucking hot?” He exclaimed.

I lowered my mouth and took the head inside sucking the thick cream off his cock head then returned it again to the plastered soft tit flesh to gather up another treat for my hot mouth.

With my free hand I directed the tiny slit at the tip of his cock head to one hard nipple pressing the taut flesh into that cum shooting opening of his cock.

Randy moaned as I invaded his opening with my nipple.

He reached down with his good hand and grabbed his cock from my grasp as his stiff hand reached to the back of my head. I let him direct my mouth down over the head and he pushed hard sinking his cum coated cock into my wet warm mouth.

“Suck it” He demanded.

I sucked hard on the entire softening cock drawing every possible drop of cum onto my tongue then swallowed the salty fruits of his loins.

He kept his firm grasp on my head and I continued sucking and tonguing his shrinking cock.

It slipped from my lips and lay limb in his hand. I reached up from below and gathered his balls in my soft palm.

“These beautiful balls certainly produce a huge load of cum.” I remarked.

Randy moved aside and sat down on the couch beside me. I instantly turned lifted one leg and lay it on his curling my body into him smearing my cum coated tits into his side.

“That was fucking incredible.” He whispered.

I looked up into his now calm face and replied. “Best ever.”

“Absolutely.” He answered.

I was still amazed at how much semen his balls produced. “You must eat right for your balls to make that much cum.” I remarked.

Randy laughed and said. “Has nothing to do with eating right. You can thank Peter North for all that thick cum.”

“Who?” I questioned him.

“The porn star Peter North. I’m a member of his web site and he has a mix of vitamins and supplements that he recommends to help with semen production.” Randy explained.

“And this guy shoots loads like that.” I asked.

“His loads make mine look like dribble and he’s got at least a ten inch cock.” Randy replied.

“I’ve never heard of him.” I admitted.

“Really.” Randy exclaimed then added. “Peter is known as the facial king of porn. His cum shots are legendary.”

I giggled then said. “I’d like to meet him.”

Randy laughed out loud and replied. “You probably could he has a video section of his web page where amateurs try to deep throat all ten inches then he plasters their faces with the messiest cum facials you’ve ever seen.”

I looked up at Randy and replied. “I’ve deep throated more than ten inches and taken some pretty messy facials.”

Randy laughed again then asked. “So you like deep throating big cock?”

“I don’t like it I love it!” I admitted.

With a sad expressing on his face Randy said. “I’m afraid I’ll never be able to experience the feeling of being deep throated.”

I patted his thigh and replied. “Maybe not but sucking your cock was just as pleasurable for me. I love how it can twitch surge and dance around inside my mouth. And you shoot a pretty awesome cum load which may not be as much as this porn star but it can’t be too fucking far behind.”

Randy beşiktaş grup yapan escort giggled again knowing his loads are massive then said. “Before I take you back I’ll write down the URL for his site and give you my password. You can check his talent for yourself.”

“You better be careful ya might see me in the amateur section someday.” I answered.

“That would be awesome. I’d surely jerk off watching you swallow his big cock.” Randy admitted.

I liked Randy his personality was pleasant and the sex with him was awesome. Knowing he was a regular client of Elegant Escorts I asked. “So you think you’d like another appointment with me sometime?”

“You can count on it Angel.” He instantly replied.

I smiled then suggested. “Porn stars are paid to have sex maybe I could contact this North guy and see if he’d be interested in getting paid to come here and let me suck him off while you watch. That way you can jerk off while I deep throat him and you can both cum all over my face.”

Randy’s eyes got huge as he said. “That would be fucking incredible.”

“Well make sure you give me the URL to his site and I’ll see what I can do.” I answered.

“We should get cleaned up Randy. I have to make some travel arrangements today and my agent is only open until five.” I said knowing I was breaking one of Daddy’s rules ending an appointment before the client suggested it.

Randy graciously agreed saying. “Yes I drove you all the way up here so the travel time should be on me.”

“Do you want to shower?” He asked.

I didn’t want to spend the time showering so I just replied. “I’ll just clean myself up a little and shower later. I want your scent to be with me the rest of my day.”

“Well the bath is right at the top of the stairs.” Randy said.

I slipped away from him my tits kind of sticking to his side since his cum had begun to dry. “You did make a mess of me baby.” I said cupping my tits and showing him again the coating of his load smeared everywhere.

“You asked for it.” He said giggling proudly at the sight.

I made my way up to his bath and ran warm water into a wash cloth cleaned his load off my tits. Rinsing the cloth I wiped my ass and pussy clean then slipped my stockings off since one had a huge runner down one side.

Slipping my heels back on I walked back down stairs. Randy was already dressed in more casual clothing and I took little time in slipping my thong on. I somehow stuffed my bra in the tiny clutch bag and then slipped into my dress and tied it around my waist. My tits looked very sexy covered with just the fabric of my dress and Randy commented on how great they looked. “I like how that dress defines the shape of your boobs.”

My nipples poked at the fabric and for just a moment I considered untying it and fucking his brains out again.

But I had two stops to make yet today and knew I didn’t want to miss my five o’clock with Laura so I just smiled and said. “Next time we meet I’ll come braless.”

“I’m looking forward to it.” He said as he handed me his business card. “I wrote that web site down on the back.” He said making sure I would check out his favorite male porn stars page. I glanced at the back where he’d written down the site and his user ID and password. It read. “Slow_Hand” with a pass word “2008IED” an obvious reference to his minor disability and how he’d gotten it.

Randy took my hand and walked me to his other car. A huge bright yellow Hummer parked outside the detached garage beyond the limo.

“Awesome car.” I remarked as he opened the passenger door and helped me climb up into the beast.

I wondered if the size of his ride had anything to do with the opposite size of his cock but never would even begin to compare the two since in their own way both were incredibly awesome.

As we sped down the highway toward town Randy and I talked about his plans to expand and get out of the driver seat and into more of a management role. He revealed he had been talking with Daddy about providing transportation for the girls of Elegant Escorts but hadn’t yet convinced Daddy that having his girls arrive in such extravagant transportation would give the appearance of being even more Elegant.

I mentioned. “Daddy likes to keep all the contacts as low key as possible. I’ll bet he’s concerned that a flashy arrival might draw too much attention to his employees.”

For me I loved riding in a stretch limo and had already planned on calling Randy to take me to the airport the following Friday for my flight to Cancun. I didn’t bring it up just yet as I wanted to use that as an excuse to call him after I checked out this cum shot kings web page.

In much less time than it took to drive to Willow Lake we arrived back at the corner of Fifth and Rockland. As he pulled to a stop Randy reached into his coat pocket and pulled out an envelope.

“Here’s a little something extra just for you Angel.” He said handing my tip to me. I had to slide across the huge seat to give him a hug and a gentle kiss. “I can’t wait until I get an email from Daddy telling me I have another appointment with you.”

Randy grinned and replied. “Your wait won’t be too long.”

Sliding back across the seat I pulled the handle and slipped out of the car. Before I closed it I looked back in and smiled then said. “Thank you for an incredible afternoon.”

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