Dinner and a Movie

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We’ve had all kinds of scheduling problems lately. Between our various commitments, and various emergencies of various sorts, it almost comes as a surprise to us that our date night arrives, unheralded with drama or interruption. I arrive at your apartment to pick you up, at precisely 7:59 pm, and find that you’re already ready to go. You glance disparagingly at my car keys, and inform me that we will be taking your car. I smile, as you know that I don’t like driving anyway, and riding in your car will leave me free to soak in your ambiance all night.

We have reservations at 8:30 for a local “European Wine Bar”. Neither of us have ever been to Le Marseilles, but it got good reviews on Yelp, so why not. On the drive there, I can’t seem to get my eyes off of you. You’re a vision of beauty tonight. You catch me staring, and that smirk that drives me wild springs onto your face, as you playfully slap my leg and redirect my attention off of your legs. As we pull in to the parking lot and park the car, we both immediately lean in and share a long, slow, passionate kiss. You feel me lose myself in the emotion and lust of it, and my hands automatically begin to roam. You pull away and slap my leg playfully again, reminding me that we’ve got a long night ahead. As a smirk plays across your face, it’s clear to both of us that you know exactly what effect you’re having on me.

The restaurant seems from the outside to be a bit of a dive, and it’s clear that in its not-to-distant past, it must have been. However, they’re clearly trying to make it into a more high-end place, and the inside is clean and the service is extremely attentive and formal. The food is surprisingly good. We make conversation, talking intently about absolutely nothing and just relishing each other’s presence. While the food is quite good, the alcohol is very expensive, so we limit ourselves to one bottle between the two of us. Even so, it eventually goes right through me, and I excuse myself to visit the restroom.

As I prepare to relieve myself in the urinal, I start at a sudden tap on the shoulder and turn to see you there. It seems that the woman’s room is occupied, and rather than wait, you just decide to use the toilet in the men’s room, knowing I’m the only man in there. You look down and see that I’m exposed, and take a few minutes to trace your fingers along me. I stiffen up almost instantly, and you smirk again. “Good luck peeing in that condition!” as you disappear into the stall. Smiling and mumbling to myself, it takes me a little longer to take care of business than usual, but I still beat you back to the table.

After we finish our meal and take care of the bill, we head out to your car and hop in. I lean over to kiss you, and you indulge me for one passionate moment, before smirking and telling me to get the fuck back in my seat, as we don’t want to miss the movie. The whole way there, we make small talk about what we’re expecting from this movie, and how we feel it will maltepe escort stack up against other movies we like from the action/drama genre. The car is a manual transmission, so your hand is frequently operating the shifter. Without mentioning it at all, and acting completely casually, it frequently strays, wandering over to my leg, and on a few occasions, further up into my crotch. You act as though nothing’s happening, and we continue to chat as we drive to the movie.

When we arrive, you park the car, and lean over and we make out for a minute or so. I’m so ready to go that my erection is straining against my pants, desperate to be freed. As my hands hold your face and stroke your neck, you giggle into my mouth and shove me away, pointing out that we are here to see a movie. As I reluctantly agree and begin to try to adjust my pants, you look down at them pointedly, then back up at me, and I see that look on your face that confirms that this is all part of your master plan somehow. I begin to wonder if I will survive this night.

We get some popcorn and some sodas and settle in to watch the movie. This theater has the nice seats, where the armrests slide up out of the way and the seats themselves recline. We huddle close to each other for comfort, and watch what turns out to be a relatively mundane, but steamy action movie. We keep the fooling around to a minimum, as there are other people present, but the occasional wandering hand isn’t a problem. The frequent sex scenes keep my mind on what I want to do with you later, but at the same time, the quiet companionship fulfills a need deep in my soul to share time with you. We stay seated together throughout the movie, just relaxing, secure in the comfort of our shared companionship.

The movie eventually comes to an end, and we head out of the theater and back to the car. The energy is palpable now, as we are clearly both keyed up and ready to consummate the evening in a night of passionate love. We jump into the car and pull out, keying the navigation system with the address as we go. There’s only one good route from the movie theater back towards your house, and we head that way.

However, after we get about halfway there, we realize that there’s some kind of a problem, as the road ahead turns into a solid wall of brake lights. As we start to slow down, the navigation system helpfully chirps up with a warning that there is an accident ahead, on our only route home… and the estimated travel time jumps from 10 minutes to nearly 45 minutes. Without even a glance in my direction, you quickly take the next exit, and begin driving on the surface streets instead of the highway. I’m a little confused, as my understanding of the street layout here was that the highway was our only option, but I trust you and so just wait patiently. The navigation system is freaking out, and insisting loudly and stridently that you are GOING THE WRONG WAY, so we turn it off. We seem to be mecidiyeköy escort in a housing complex from the look of it, but it appears to be one that’s still under construction, or at least many of its homes are. You suddenly pull into one driveway, for a house that is clearly unfinished, and say your first words since leaving the highway.

“Get in the back, now!”

I sit there stupefied for a second, before sudden comprehension dawns and I’m suddenly clumsy and uncoordinated as I scramble into the backseat of your car. I arrive and look up and you’re right there and now there is no pretense or tease or hint of gamesmanship. The naked desire in your eyes hits me to my very core, and I know you can see the need mirrored in my face and body as well. We kiss, frantically, passionately, sloppily, with no subtlety or technique, just letting our raw passion flow over each other. My hands are immediately on the back of your head, your neck, your back, your ass, then back up, pawing frantically at your top. You pull back for a second and rip the top over your head, and as you do, I lean in and kiss your neck and chest while my hands expertly pop the bra loose in two fluid motions. I begin to kiss and caress down your body, as you lean back into the seat moaning as I kiss and lick and suck your beautiful tits. I can taste and smell you and the heat of your body is driving me into a lust that drives my soul. I kiss down to your abdomen, my hands on your ass, and suddenly you shove me back.

Once you’ve got some space, you quickly shift to the middle of the seat, and throw your legs up, one over each front seat. I see that at some point in the shuffle your tight pants came off somehow, and you are now naked before me in all your glory. I only get a second or two to take in the view, before you grab me and pull me to you, shoving my head down towards your beautiful pussy. I take a deep breath as I arrive, getting high off of the smell of lust and sex and desire, filling my lungs and soul for the wondrous task ahead.

I begin to slowly lick, shoving my tongue down below your sweet opening, and dragging it up, firmly but softly, all along your lips and past your clit. After every few strokes, I tilt my head or adjust my neck to change the angle, but I keep a solid and consistent pace, lapping up all of your arousal and reveling in the taste and sensations. I begin to feel your body respond, as the wetness increases, and your clit begins to protrude from its anointed place. I greet it, warmly and happily, wrapping my lips around it and kissing it softly as I feel you moan. I continue to lick from your cunt to your clit, beginning to focus more and more on the area around your clit with broad, slow strokes. I feel you whimper slightly, and then your hands are on the back of my hair, pulling my face into you. I pick up the pace, and increase the pressure, using my lips and nose to push back the surrounding skin and expose your merter escort lovely bud more openly. I lick directly at it, more firmly, slowly increasing the pace, now licking under it, around it, caressing it, and flicking at it occasionally with a firm swipe of my tongue.

Your moans escalate, now clearly heard as well as felt, and you pull at me more insistently. With another deep breath, I rededicate myself to my appointed task, now licking rapidly and with abandon at your clit and pussy. I alternate, sometimes holding my head still and working my lips and tongue frantically, other times holding my tongue immobile and flipping my neck back and forth, rapidly varying the pattern and pressure of my tongue on your clit. I can feel your pussy flowing more copiously now, the taste different, more intense, more insistent, your body pulsing against me, your moans filling the night air, your hands gripping at me, until suddenly I hit upon some specific stroke or combination and you shudder and clamp my head firmly in place.

Taking the hint, I repeat the last sequence, and am rewarded with a happy shudder, but no slackening of the grip. I repeat it, again and again, swirling my tongue over your clit in a rough but precise pattern, harder and harder, faster and faster. You are moaning and thrashing against my face, but holding my face in place with your arms, and there is no longer any possibility of stopping. I begin to feel lightheaded, the oxygen deprivation setting in, as I have not been able to breathe in at least a little while. I don’t care. If I’m going to pass out from lack of air, this is how I’m prepared to go. My body protests, screaming warnings down my neurons and into my brain, a million years of evolution trying to trigger panic and escape. I take all of that energy, all of that adrenaline, and channel it into my task, my divine work, my upper thoughts fading from importance as my mind dedicates itself to the pattern, the pattern, the pattern, the repetition, nothing else exists in this world, awareness fading…

Suddenly you shove at my head, and break up the pattern, and as I take the opportunity for a deep breath, I can hear you now mumbling something half-coherent and feel you shuddering. My breath taken and my mind restored, I lean back in, but rather than touch your hyper-stimulated clit, I begin to slowly, lovingly, softly, just tongue your pussy, lapping at it patiently. I can feel you flow, as the orgasm finishes working its way through you, and I continue to lick, gently, gradually bringing you down, basking in your post-orgasmic glow and juices. After a minute or two of that, I feel you start to shift your weight, and scoot over so you can pull your legs down and sit up. You look at me, silently, and we stare into each other’s souls for a minute, just experiencing our connection, and letting it soak into us, our shared connection deepening with our shared experiences. My erection begins to regrow, and my desire for you deepens. You notice the obvious physiological response, and that wonderful smirk plays across your face again. You lean in, close, kiss me once, and whisper in my ear…

“I think the traffic’s probably let up. Put your pants on silly, it’s time to go home.”

The teasing may kill me… But what a way to go!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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