Dinner Date

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Opening your email one morning you smile as my name appears in bold in your inbox, opening my message you gasp as a naked picture of me appears on your screen, erect nipples and glistening pussy with an invite for dinner at a grand house I am looking after for a client that’s away.

Smiling you hit reply and send a message back saying “Ill be there just let me have the details.”

As the morning wears on you are getting hornier but resist the urge to text me knowing I am deliberately making you wait for details to tease you. At around 3pm I message you giving you the address and asking you to be there by 7pm. As you are about to close the message you see there is a Ps right at the bottom which says, you have 3 simple questions to answer 1) On or off 2) In or Out and 3) Yes or No.

How am I meant to answer these you wonder but decide as follows, 1) On 2) In and 3) Yes. Smiling you press send looking forward to the evening ahead.

As you arrive you can see me standing in the doorway waiting, the light is behind me and you can see I am wearing a pale pink dress and as you get closer see this is teamed with nude stockings and pale pink heels. My hair is caught up loosely in a chignon with strands escaping around my face. As you reach me, you scoop me up into a hug, kissing me deeply. “Put me down,” I laugh playfully we have dinner plans. I lead you towards the dining room but before opening the door tell you to close your eyes.

Leading you in to the room, I guide you to your chair and help you to sit. Telling you to keep your eyes closed I move away to my own chair. Once seated I tell you to open your eyes. Drinking in your expression I laugh as you take in the surroundings. The room is vast and we are seated at either end of a long Victorian table laid and ready for dinner to be served to us in the old Victorian style. “What do you think Paul” I ask as the waitress brings in our first course and pours us both a glass of chilled wine.

Laughing you say “Its wonderful Antonia I love it.”

As the otele gelen escort waitress leaves the room I ask “I am guessing you would like to know the three questions you gave the answers to Paul.” I love the way you look at me when you are aroused and I am teasing you so take my time in saying “well question one was should I leave my panties on or off, you answered on so I am wearing pale pink lace panties. Question two was should I leave the remote control bullet in or out, you answered in so it is deep inside my pussy and Question three was, do you want the remote control, you answered yes so it is taped to the underside of the table by your left knee.”

Reaching under the table you feel the remote and without taking your eyes from mine press the button making the bullet start to vibrate inside me gently.

We continue to eat and chat catching up. As the waitress returns to clear away the first course the bullet begins to vibrate faster and I suck in my breath, shifting my bottom a little as you watch me with lustful eyes. As she leaves the room I hear you say “I want those panties soaked for me Antonia.”

“Yes Paul,” I breathe as I grip the arms of the chair tightly. As our main course is served you reduce the speed of the bullet allowing my body to calm a little as we eat.

When the plates are cleared and we are again alone I catch you openly gazing at the outline of my breasts in my dress, my nipples erect and straining against the fabric and as the speed of the bullet is again increased I hear you whisper “Cum for me Antonia.”

Relaxing back into the chair, I look at you biting my lip and trailing my fingers across my nipples as the bullet builds my orgasm faster and faster. I gasp as the intensity builds in my belly, grinding my pussy down in to the chair, my back arching as my orgasm peaks soaking my panties. I look up to see you smiling.

As the waitress returns we decide that dessert is not required and that we are more than happy to fend for ourselves pendik escort for the rest of the evening and that the clearing up can wait until tomorrow. Giving us a knowing look she bids us a good evening and leaves.

“You are a very naughty girl Antonia,” you tell me as we are once again alone, “my cock is so hard and throbbing I think you should bring me those panties you have just cum in.”

Without taking my eyes from yours I push back my chair to stand and as I do I lift my dress up and over my head laying it over the back of my chair. I am standing naked apart from my stockings, stilettos and pink lace panties. Placing one foot up on my chair I remove the bullet from my pussy rubbing my panties against my wet pussy lips soaking them further. Turning with my back to you I start to slide them down over my bottom slowly teasing you and as I bend forward you can see my swollen wet pussy lips glistening with my juices. Sliding them right off I turn back to face you.

Expecting me to walk towards you I hear you gasp as I slowly climb up on to the table and on all fours, my soaked panties hanging from my mouth, start to crawl along the table towards you. I can see your breathing faster and your hand stroking your cock through your trousers as I get closer and closer to you. As I get to your end you stand and I lean back on my haunches and pass my panties to you.

I use my hands to pull open your trousers pushing them and your pants to the floor for you to step out of. Your cock is hard and thick as it throbs in my hand. “You are a very bad girl Antonia,” you gasp as my fingers tease your knob. Winding your hand in my hair you push my head down so I am again on all fours on the table, my mouth now directly in line with your cock as you push your cock deep in my mouth, my throat relaxing to take you all. Sucking you hard, my tongue lapping at your knob dribbling with pre cum.

As you fuck my mouth I feel your fingers wrapped in the material of my panties begin to rub my clit. rus escort The rasping of the lace against my sensitive clit and my mouth filled with throbbing cock makes me groan and writhe as another orgasm builds quickly. I can feel you begin to jerk and your legs tighten as you start to fill my mouth with hot sticky cum, groaning and panting as you do.

Letting you slip from my mouth, you sit back in your chair as I climb down from the table and climb on to your lap to kiss you, stroking and caressing, nibbling your ear and whispering how much I want you and love you.

Bringing your mouth to my ear you whisper “bad girls need punishing Antonia don’t you think,” and without warning I am back on my feet and tummy down across the table, squealing as the palm of your hand smacks firmly against my bottom cheeks making me writhe and squirm. I moan as your free hand spreads my legs finding my pussy wet and open for you to thrust two then three fingers inside stretching me wide.

With my bottom hot and cherry red you continue to finger me hard and fast as your thumb mashes against my clit. Moaning and panting I ride your fingers as I start to cum again. As my orgasm peaks I feel your finger slip inside my bottom probing and pushing against the fingers working fast in my pussy.

As my orgasm subsides I feel your cock against my pussy lips hard again “Do you want to be fucked Antonia,” you say not really needing an answer.

“Yes, please fuck me hard Paul,” I breathe heavily.

Holding my hips tightly you push in to me deeper than ever before your cock thick and hard stretching me wide. I am so wet for you but still tight, my pussy milking your cock as you ram in to me.

Reaching across to get the bullet still sticky with my juices I feel you push it against my bottom, it gives as you slide it all the way in. I groan and writhe as you turn on the controls. I am now full, my pussy with your cock and my bottom with the bullet. The sensation is overwhelming and you can feel the buzz against your cock driving you wild as you fuck me harder and faster, pulling my head back by my hair. We are both crying out now as our orgasms take over and we cum hard on and in each other.

Collapsing against the table, breathing hard we lay for a while recovering before I ask “take me to bed please Paul.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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