Dinner Out

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Sometimes it is simply about attraction. The nature of a relationship cannot always be told in emotions, but rather simply in primal needs. That is how we are, that is the sum total of our bond. That night in the pub was one of those times.

I was in town for a meeting and we meet for drinks. You had been living here for a while and knew the best spot to find a good brew. I don’t argue and simply capitulate to your vastly superior knowledge. The pub happens to be just down the street from my hotel so I meet you outside.

Your standing outside the pub stomping your feet to keep warm, probably not a wise move to wear strappy heels in cold weather, but it is not that I’m going to complain. The black heels make your feet look lovely and your legs absolutely divine. I follow up the goose-pimpled flesh of your legs to the tight black skirt you are wearing. You always did know how to accent your ass, that perfect heart-shape makes blood shoot to my loins every time. Your top is buried under your thick wool pea coat and your hair is tucked up under a black beret. You see me coming and run up to give me a big hug. I pull you close and feel your thigh rub against my growing excitement.

“I see you missed me,” you kiss me lightly on the cheek and pull me towards the pub.

“What can I saw, the cold gets to me.” A light smirk crosses my face.

The pub is crowded and we are shown to a booth in the back corner. The population of the bar is mainly corporate drones trying to release some cubicle tension, and I am concerned about your choice. You put your hand on my shoulder, “I know this place is full of douche-bags, but they have the best micro-brews in town.” Your hand stays on my shoulder.

“Okay, I’ll give it a chance.” I help you take off your coat and am rewarded with a spectacular view of your cleavage from over your shoulder. “Nice shirt.”

“Thanks, I think it is a little too tight, what do you think?” You twirl around and thrust your chest forward to add emphasis.

The deeply cut purple top is tight enough to accent you waist and offer up your sizable breasts, but I don’t mind. “Looks fine to me.” I do notice that the attention has brought your nipples to attention, and a couple of passing guys spare them a glance as the pass by. “You do look a little cold though.”

You glance down and then smile. “It isn’t from the cold, they like attention.”

After hanging our coats up, we slid into the round booth, ending up next to each other. You press your thigh against me and lean in. “I’m glad you could come out.”

“I never pass up a meal with an old friend.” I slid a hand under the table and squeeze your knee, “and how could I turn down seeing you in heels again.”

“Yeah, too bad they have short table cloths here; I seem to remember a trick I wanted to try.”

“You are so bad, but yes, it is too bad.”

We spend the next couple of hours enjoying a nice meal and a liberal amount of beer. The night progresses from teasing and innuendo to light brushing touches and teasing hands. Eventually our hands start to become bolder and I rest one hand around your shoulder and the other on your thigh. I lean in to whisper into your ear. “I’ve missed you.”

You turn your head and sarıyer escort kiss me lightly, brushing my lips ever so slightly. “You know I’ve missed you, can’t you tell.” Your legs spread slightly and the heat of your womanhood caresses my hand.

“Oh my, you have missed me… been a little lonely out here?”

“You have no idea.” Your hand takes mine and moves it under the hem of your skirt. I know if someone was watching from just the right angle, they could see everything. I run my hands up your legs and feel your moist, uncovered womanhood waiting for my hand.

“Very nice, very nice indeed,” I tease my hand farther in, pushing your thighs apart. You suck in a ragged breath as I run my fingers against your mound. You’ve shaved back most of the hair, and my fingers run along the slit of your outer lips, teasing them apart and running along their smooth interior. I run my finger in a slow circle around your hard clit and kiss you gently on the neck as you turn away to expose the bared flesh.

“Oh, you tease, just slip it in.”

“Say the magic word.” I whisper softly into your ear, running another circle around your clit then down the length of your slit.

“Fucker! Please, just slip it in.” Your words are low and strained, almost husky.

“As you wish.” I run my fingers down and then slide two deep inside you. You thighs clamp down on my hand and you shiver a little, your breath practically whistles as you pull it through clenched teeth. Slowly I work the fingers in and out of you. You must have decided that your decision was a little premature as my stroking gets more and bolder. Your thighs squeeze tighter, trying to stop my hand, but I have the advantage of leverage and am merciless.

“Ooooooo, fuck yes!” You try so hard to keep quiet and mercifully the band strikes up just as you climax. Your loud moan is elegantly covered by the lead singer’s guitar tuning. You dig your nails into my thigh as wave after wave cascade across you and then your body relaxes into a puddle of post-orgasm goo. “God, I REALLY missed you, and I think it is time to go.” I drop some bills on the table, likely that the waiter will have a very nice tip in my haste. You slide out of the booth, with a little wobble in your walk. You reach back and practically pull me out of the booth, reaching between us and gripping my stiff cock in obvious urgency. I nonchalantly grab our coats and turn you around to help you into yours. As I slid your coat up I press my need against the soft flesh of your ass, you push back, and wiggling a little to make sure I get the point. “We can go to my hotel.”

“Only if it is close, otherwise I am fucking you in the alley.”

“Tempting, but cold, my hotel is only a couple of blocks away.”

We walk down the street, only because your heels cannot run. The hotel has welcome warmth and we head to the elevator. It is late and we are alone in the elevator as the door closes and we start the ride up to the twentieth floor. As soon as the door closes I have you against the back wall. I pin your hands above your head with one hand and then run the other under your shirt, kneading your fabulous breasts as I kiss you deeply. I lean against you and press my sefaköy escort cock into you. You run one leg behind my thigh and pull me deeper into you, your hips gyrating into my cock. We tease each and laugh the one time the elevator stops on the eleventh floor, threatening to open with our erotic tableau to the hall, but the elevator simply started back up without incident.

We barely make it out of the elevator and down the hall with our clothes on. I walk behind you, my hands on your hips, teasing bare flesh at your waist. I hand you my keycard and you fumble it into the lock. The first three times you ram it in your too quick and it doesn’t work. “Damn! Faster isn’t always better!” I kiss your neck and guide your hand with the keycard, slowly sliding the card in deeply and then pulling it out. The lock clicks open.

Once in the room you turn to kiss me and I devour your lips in a simple and understandable hunger. I put my hands on your waist and break our embrace. With smoky and insistent eyes I look up and down you. “Well your already one up on me, and I think it is time I even the score.” With that I spin you around and bend you over the desk chair near us. You purr and gyrate your hips as I run my hands over your ass. I pull your skirt up around your waist and let my hands wander over the perfectly white and smooth skin beneath. Your swollen lips sit there pouting, wet, and in need.

I unzip my pants and pull out my throbbing cock. I run the head along your slit, teasing you and pulling away when you push back. A sharp slap on the ass punctuates my point, “Oh no you don’t, this is my turn.” You shriek at the spanking, but settle down. Again I rub the tip against your slit, letting your juices mix with the precum building on the head. You moan deeply, wanting more. In one swift motion I bury myself to the base, bracing my hands on your hips. You scream and tighten from the sudden invasion. I pull almost all the way out and then thrust back in. Quickly I set up a fierce rhythm, letting your groans and screams accent my pace. This is the quintessential fuck, I’ve let you have your fun in the pub and now I am getting off, it doesn’t hurt that I know you are enjoying it. I cannot hold out for long at this pace, and with this much pregame antics, but I try to hold out until I am sure you have had at least one good climax of your own and then I bury myself deep inside you and let myself fill you to the point that our juices start to flow down the inside of your thigh. As I relax I lean against your back, our breathing is ragged and gasping. “Sorry, I just had to tap that ass, since I saw it in the skirt earlier.”

“Not a problem, but that better be just an appetizer.”

“Oh, you wound me.” I let you up and turn you around, kissing you gently. “I haven’t even got your clothes off, that was more of a teaser tray.”

“Good, because I have been dying to try something, when that guy gets his energy back.”

“Why don’t we take a shower and discuss it?”

The water runs across your shoulders and down your chest. I watch the rivulets trace twisted paths across your skin and leap from the tips of your breasts. You lean back and let the water cascade down you. I run my hands silivri escort across your skin, rubbing soap liberally. You gyrate to my touch and then turn around and back into me, letting my returning excitement nestle between in your warm soapy ass. You gyrate and grind your ass back into me. I let my hand run up your sides and then cup your heavy breasts, squeezing them slightly as you moan a little more with each movement of your hips.

You turn around and grab me firmly in your hand. With a deep kiss you guide me out of the shower, our dripping bodies wet from not just the shower. You guide me over to the bed and push me onto my back, never loosening your grip on me. You rub your wet body down me and settle with my cock positioned between your glistening breasts. “I’ve always wanted to try this.” Your give the head of my cock a quick kiss and then press your breasts together, wrapping my cock in a soft, warm, wet embrace. Slowly you start to rub my cock up and down with your tits. Every down thrust the head pops out your tits and you suck the head into your mouth. The sensation is indescribable, the soft pressure of your breasts mixed with the loving kisses on my head make me grow even harder. I can feel the heat of your sex on my leg as you bob up and down. As you get into the activity, you hips gyrate into my leg, grinding you against my shin. You breathe heavily and I start to stiffen as my climax gets close. You keep up your pressure, but stop sucking the head every time. Your eyes look ravenous as you look at me. “Cum on my tits baby, I want to see you cum.” That alone sets my over the edge and ropey streams shoot forward to land on your ample bosom, cum rolls down your skin and sticks to your nipples. You let out a little scream and thrust down on my shin.

I roll you over and dive into your pussy, running my tongue along your inner thigh and then thrusting it deep into your snatch. You squirm and moan as I drive my tongue in and out of you. I let you settle for a second and see you rubbing my seed into your skin. The sight makes me even hornier than earlier and I suck hard on your clit, nibbling lightly to drive you insane. You try to squirm away but I hold you down with my arms, pulling your lips apart with my fingers. You thrust into my mouth and I feel your orgasm pour over my face, you cry out and try to pull me away as I assault your clit, pulling more and more screams out of you. Only when you collapse in exhaustion do I relent, gently kissing your inner thigh as you purr and rub my hair.

I climb on top of you and give you a deep, exploring kiss. Your wrap your arms around me and open your thighs to allow me in. I slide my cock deep into you, only stopping when I feel our hairs mingle and cling. You sigh deeply and wrap your legs around my ass. We continue to kiss and simply sit there in our intimate embrace, no thrusting or gyrating, just joined and full. After a while you start to gyrate your hips, slowly letting me slide out and then pulling me all the way back in. I join your slow rhythm, letting you guide our pace. We never stop kissing, and I let my hands explore your sides and breasts as we enjoy a slow, languid fuck. Our kissing matched the movement of our bodies and becomes more hungry and insistent as our climaxes approach. I can’t hold out any longer and bury my head in your neck with a long groan as I empty for the third time tonight. My climax drives yours and you rake your fingers across my back as you finish as well. We collapse and quickly fall asleep still joined together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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