Dinner Table Tease

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The other day, I attended a business dinner held for my company. During the icebreaker, I noticed a woman from our home office. A very sexy woman and she looked like she had just come from a glamour photo shoot. What immediately piqued my interest were the 5-inch strappy black heels she was wearing and her brilliant red toenail color, selected to match her lipstick.

As I gazed unashamedly at her charms, I couldn’t help looking at her feet cradled in those sexy shoes, and my cock stirred in my slacks. She caught me looking at her and smiled, her gaze dropping boldly down to my crotch. As she looked back up, our gazes locked and she winked and flicked the tip of her tongue between her glistening red lips in a suggestive manner. I started feeling embarrassed about the way my cock was showing through the fabric of my pants.

The little tease seemed to enjoy watching my arousal, and as I watched, she grasped the stem of her wineglass between her fingers and, shielding it from her companions’ view, started stroking them up and down along it. As she suggestively jacked her wineglass off, and as she locked her gaze on mine, and I imagined her fingers moving over my shaft. My cock immediately sprang fully erect and it throbbed, straining for freedom as I watched her covert teasing.

I couldn’t just stand there in that condition, I had to meet her, but as I approached her, the hotel staff announced dinner. She turned away; her body producing enticing curves in the black cocktail dress that barely reached her knees, a small side slit displaying more of her long lovely tanned legs.

The crowd made their way to the dining room and I lost sight of my sexy little teaser. As I found my seat, I received a pleasant surprise; I found her seated at the same table, directly across from me.

As dinner started, we made the typical polite conversation, some light talk about the weather, business, sports, etc….

She captivated me with how her long red hair shimmered as it cascaded over her bare tanned shoulders. When she laughed, her pert breasts seemed to strain at being confined. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Throughout dinner, she continued to flirt casually with me; flashing suggestive looks, and making suggestive comments or gestures, each guaranteed to keep me aroused.

At the conclusion of dinner, the room lights dimmed and the company presentation started. I settled back to listen to an hour of a guaranteed cure for insomnia, I felt something touch my leg under the table. I looked at the little redheaded tease and received a sly wink as her foot stroked up and down my left leg.

I quickly looked at the others at our table; they were all watching the presentation. I felt her foot slide up over my knee and rest on my inner left thigh. My cock immediately went rigid.

She held a finger to her lips, pantomimed ‘shh’, and turned her head to watch the presentation.

I felt her toes probing against the tip of my cock, now throbbing as if it would rip through the fabric of my pants. I could feel her toes clenching as they massaged my confined shaft, sliding down to tickle my balls. I knew there must be a growing wet spot showing through my pants over the head of my cock from my pre-come the arousal her teasing toes were creating.

Her toes continued up to rub the head of my cock as the heel of her shoe pressed into my balls. She rocked her foot back and forth, applying gentle pressure between the tip and base of my cock, all the while throwing sultry glances at me. She knew the most sensitive spots to stroke and after a few minutes, I felt as if I would come in my pants. I felt my orgasm building and gasped softly, my vision graying around the edges. She smiled wickedly and stopped stroking just before it was too late, pulling her foot back and leaving my cock throbbing wildly.

In a few moments, after the blood returned to my brain, she resumed her delicious teasing. She grasped the shaft of my cock with her toes and pressed it between her toes and the sole of her shoe, bringing me even closer to climax before backing away again. The torture went on for several güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri minutes, and each time, she managed to bring me closer to the limit before stopping. The crotch of my pants was soaked with pre-come but the little tease wasn’t going to let me rest. I felt her big toe rubbing around over the wettest part of my pants, caressing the swollen head of my cock in small circles.

Suddenly, her foot drew away and I saw her reach down into her lap. As I watched, she brought her hand from under the table, put a finger to her lips, and licked it with the tip of her tongue. I squirmed as I realized it was my pre-come on her finger and gasped softly as she, after a quick glance at our table companions, stuck her fingertip between her lips and sucked on it like a small cock.

At that moment, the presentation finished and the room lights came back up. As everyone rose to applaud, I managed to tip the remainder of my water glass onto the table and into my lap. I jumped up dabbing at my pants with my napkin, spluttering excuses about how clumsy I was, relieved to have come up with an explanation for the pre-come on my pants.

As the applause died down and I got my ‘clumsiness’ under control, we all said our goodbyes and well wishes.

My covert teaser remarked that she had to drive across town to get back to her hotel, wished everyone a pleasant goodnight, slyly winked at me, and walked out into the lobby.

I followed her outside to the parking lot. I saw her get into a car behind an ornamental hedge. I walked over and around the hedge and saw her next to a black sports car.

When she saw me, she leaned back against the car and asked, “Did you enjoy my shoe?”

“Very much,” I replied, “except for the end. But you left me wanting to come with nowhere to go”.

“Poor baby,” she replied with an exaggerated pout, “I thought you liked my shoes. You couldn’t have been more obvious”.

“After tonight, I’ll never forget them,” I said, indicating my damp crotch and the conspicuous bulge of my stiff cock, “isn’t this obvious enough?”

She güvenilir bahis şirketleri turned around and bent over the door of her car, leaning through the window as if she were looking for something and offered me her left foot. The straps were undone and her heel slipped from her shoe, which now hung delicately from her toes, seeming ready to fall at any moment. Her dress rode up and I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties as her moist pussy glistened lewdly in the moonlight.

She looked back at me over her shoulder and asked, “If you like my shoes so much, do you want to come in one?”

I hurriedly pulled my aching cock out of my pants and slipped the head into the shoe. The little tease moved the shoe far enough to make me chase her, but eventually she let me slip it between her foot and her shoe. I was in heaven as she clenched her toes and trapped my cock firmly between the sole of her foot and the shoe. The soft, soft skin of her foot was so warm and smooth, and the leather of her shoe stimulating in its slight roughness. The feeling was incredibly erotic and I grabbed her foot and shoe in my hands and started stroking my cock in and out between them.

I saw her fingers slip into her moist pussy as my cock thrust into her shoe. It was a fantastic, highly erotic sight. She started moving her foot against, me, countering my strokes and intensifying the feeling. My pace increased, but my rhythm grew ragged as my cock throbbed in anticipation desperate for release at last.

“Oh; yes.” I moaned. “Oh. Yes. Yes. Yes!”

She responded lustily, “Come; baby; come. Come in my shoe and all over my foot. Spray your come on me now!”

With a final moan, and a final thrust, my over stimulated cock surged, spurting come onto her foot, her shoe, her leg, some drops even landed on her pussy. I felt her shudder as I continued to slide my cock through the come in her shoe, until she pulled away. She stood and turned around. I could see come ooze out of her shoe, glistening between her toes as it pooled white on the dark asphalt.

She ran her fingers along the underside of my softening cock. She lifted a string of sticky come to her lips and licked it off her fingers as she smiled suggestively up at me.

“Mm, this is good. How about coming back to my room and filling the other shoe for me?”

…what you gonna do in those shoes?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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