Do That Again, Daddy

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He was twice my age; he’d checked me into the hotel as his daughter. I could tell he liked it, even got off on it. We were in the hallway alone and he pinched my ass a few times, enjoying sending me running a few steps and squealing.

“You’re such a little tease.”

I shushed him and he backed me up against the wall outside out door, kissing me. I wiggled to urge him on and he lifted my dress to push two fingers into my panties. I giggled as he fingered me, then he broke away and unlocked the door, giving me a boyish push in.

I smoothed down my skirt; the fabric barely reached mid-thigh but was offset by the light floral pattern. The thigh-highs were a nice touch; if I were to bend over, the lacy tops would’ve been visible. It was Fall too, almost too late in the year for just thin fabric, but he insisted. He called room service to order up Champagne, pulling at my dress until it was on the floor. Always wanting to show off, he wanted me naked and spread out on the couch when the waiter came up.


I pouted, running a finger along the lace edging of my bra; the bulge in his pants answered before he did.

“Yes, my beautiful little girl?”

“Get strawberries too?”

“Way ahead of you, Pumpkin.”

He climbed up between my legs, briefly nuzzling my inner thigh and the peach fuzz there. He stopped at my bra, sucking at my nipples where they were visible through the near-transparent cloth. I ran my fingers deep onto his hair, squeezing my legs tight around his waist. He mashed my breasts together, making cleavage and then tonguing it.

“Will you let me put it in your bottom this time? I did buy you those pretty shoes that you wanted.”

I made a throaty sound of dissent. It was hard to tell if he was ever serious about it. Sometimes it seemed like he was, other times the cute little words like “bottom” made me wonder if he was just using it as a turn on. I pulled my knees against him tighter, rolling my hips for more friction rubbing against my clit.

His fingers found the top of the nylons and tugged at them, them pulled me up so he could get a hand up under my ass. He pinched until I squealed and jerked; I leaned down and bit his ear in retaliation. It was rough enough that I was a little relieved when the knock came to the door.

“MMm… Stay just like that.”

I lay back on the sofa, still breathing heavily. I started to bring my knees together; he reached in to pull off my panties and then spread my legs back apart. My cheeks burned, and he gave me one of his smiles. I couldn’t really meet his eyes, and I didn’t watch as he opened the door. The waiter looked from Daddy to me, then back, unable to wipe the stupid grin off his face.

“Where do you want this?”

“Right there is fine, thanks.”

He signed the room service bill and tipped the guy a 20.

“She’s nice eh?”


He gave him a laugh and closed the door behind him, taking off his suit coat and then unbuttoning his shirt. My face felt like it was on fire, he ran the backs of his fingers over my face.

“You always act so shy, but I know you like it.”

Daddy gave me a rough kiss, thrusting his tongue between my lips and teeth. His fingers were already working up into my pussy while I felt the outline of his cock against my leg. His middle finger found my asshole, working around the ring with excited movement. I gave him another throaty discouragement, but he ignored it, biting into a nipple.

“You’re canlı bahis so tight. If you’d let me in there I’d fuck you every night. Keep you good and loose.”

I squirmed; he took it as an opportunity to jam his finger in, all the way up to the second joint. He moved up my body so that his lips were right up against my ear. I felt his breath, hot and wet, as he spoke to me.

“I could stick one of those strawberries you like so much up in there. Or maybe I could order up some more and get that waiter to fuck you while you sucked my cock. Eh baby?”

I hit him on the shoulder, pushing him away. He sat up, stripping off his belt and dropping his pants and stepping out of them. I sulked a little, but the effect was dampened by sitting there in just a bra and nylons. He laughed and uncorked the Champagne, pouring out one glass and handing me the bottle.

“Probably what you’re used to.”

I took a sip and it fizzed up, I sat it down and wiped my mouth on my arm. “That’s a girl.” He picked up the remote and clicked through the channels on the TV until a porn came up. He put his hand on my knee and handed me the other glass to drink out of. I poured it and refilled his, watching a make-up caked blonde schoolgirl suck the cock of an older yet toned teacher.

His hand slid up my leg, finding all the soft spots and rubbing them in gentle circles. It only took a few minutes for the inevitable, his hand running through my hair and then pushing my head down with soft pressure. I gave in, letting him guide my lips down to the erection he held in his other hand.

“Go on, where’s that wet little tongue?”

I could taste his precum, slick on my tongue. I traced down his glans, moving his hand away and replacing it with mine. I stroked his cock, my index finger and the tip of my thumb almost meeting around the base. I dipped down, taking a few inches of his prick into my mouth, meeting my fingers with my lips.

“Do a good job, and I’ll get you that necklace I saw you admiring.”

He unclipped my bra, fondling my breasts and pulling at the closest nipple awkwardly. I detached myself and put both of my knees up on the couch so I could kneel beside him. His fingertips followed my spine as my tongue swirled around the hot skin of his cock. I fondled his balls with my right hand, palming them and cupping.

Like a magnet, he was back to my ass, pinching and working towards the sensitive center. I squirmed as he found wetness between the legs to penetrate the tight hole with. There was no doubt that he wasn’t going to let it go, his head was leaning all the way back with pleasure.

“I want to fuck you until you cry when you shit.”

I started to raise my head and he pushed it back down with his other hand, thrusting deeper into my ass. I sucked like I knew he liked it, giving him a brush with my teeth and dragging over it with my tongue.

“Oh no, you’re not getting off easy like that.”

He pulled his finger out of my butt and hauled my head up by the hair. I gave him a dull eyed look and he gave me a soft slap with the other hand. He got up off the couch, cock bobbing as he walked over to the mini-bar and opened the little fridge there. I got up off the couch and walked over to the bedroom to look in. It was nice, huge bed with big fluffy pillows.

“What do you want? Scotch? Vodka?”

“How about a Coke?”

“Rum and Coke, I’ll make it a double.”

He came up behind me as I stood bahis siteleri in the doorway still pressing the cold glass up against my lower back. I jumped and he pressed the cup into my hand. “Drink up.” I gave him a dirty look and took a sip. He’d put a little Coke in with the Rum, but not even enough to really tint the drink amber.

A smack was landed square on my ass, he went back to the bar and got himself a Sprite. The couple on screen screamed in fake orgasmic pleasure, I took another sip off my glass and watched.

“Can I have a little more Coke in this?”

I sat down on one of the two barstools.

“Call me Daddy, baby. And sure.”

He poured in another teaspoon with a grin. I gave him an obligatory sip and went back to watching the TV.

“How about I run a bath, Sweetie?”

“Nah, Daddy.”

His voice grew a little cold. “You know you still owe me for that plane ticket to Malibu, right? I have half a mind to take it out on your ass.”

He made his way around to me, lifting my glass up and holding it to my lips. “One big sip, c’mon. Then let’s go look at the bathroom together.” I took two sips, to make him happy. The second one was more of a gulp, the warmth spread out from my stomach; he gave me a soft kiss.

I walked ahead of him towards the bathroom; he followed after going back into the living room for something. I waited for him, standing in front of the wall of mirrors and flipping through the basket of provided toiletries. My good humor was returning and I gave him a little wiggle with my ass when he rounded the corner.

He pinched the elastic on my thigh-highs, snapping it against my leg. “Lean forward a little.” I obliged, leaning forward and spreading my legs apart, propping up on my elbows on the counter-top. I watched him in the mirror as he caressed my skin, from my breasts almost down to the backs of my knees.

“Mmm… Do that again, Daddy.”

His hot tongue found my neck, kneading my waist and moving down. He sat a tube of Astroglide down by my elbow and put both hands into it, wetting his fingers and moving the natural lubrication up to my lips. I sucked them, licking his fingers and giving it a little extra. Then he walked over to the tub and sat down, stroking his cock slowly.

“Lube up your bottom really good, I want to watch.”

I picked up the tube and looked from it, back to him; he wasn’t going to let it go. I walked to the sink across from him and leaned up against it, bending forward a bit. I squeezed out about as much as I would toothpaste if I was brushing my teeth. I gave him a good view with my legs apart and fingered it into my asshole, unceremoniously.

His breathing quickened and became a little labored. A thought briefly crossed my mind, thinking about him getting a heart attack while doing this.

“Put the tube in your ass and give it a good squeeze.”

He could be such an asshole himself. I reached around behind me, working the tube between my cheeks and working out a good measure of the lubricant into my rectum. It was a little cold, my muscles briefly tensed inside of me. I gritted my teeth.

“Go get in bed.”

I climbed onto the bed. He pulled out two pillows from under the covers and laid then down in front of me, gesturing for me to bend over them. He produced two condoms and stood near my face to put them on, it was a new thing. He’d insisted from the beginning that he would only fuck me bareback, I could tell he wanted me bahis şirketleri to ask.

“So I’ll last longer, honey.”

The bed moved as he climbed up behind me, pawing my butt cheeks and giving them a few light smacks. Then he kissed my ass, soft little pecks and one long lick. Then I felt it, the latex against my pussy and sliding up. One of his hands held my waist, and the other pushed his cock against my sphincter.

“C’mon, relax my baby. Give it up to Daddy.”

I pushed back against him, making the entrance easier. He worked in slowly, groaning with pleasure. I felt the stretching inside, nothing wanted to give but everything had to. I felt a cold sweat break out over my forehead; he pushed in deeper and deeper. I thought it was his breath, then I realized it was mine–near gasps of effort.

“Mmm.. I can tell that you like it. Tell me how much you like it.”

My voice was soft and breathy, my throat was dry from the breathing.

“I love it Daddy, fuck me…”

He held my ass cheeks apart and pushed in the rest of the way, I saw stars. The pain built up, but he didn’t give me a chance to adjust and started to pump me. My arms lay useless at my sides.

“That’s it Honey, I knew you wanted it the first time I saw you.”

I stared blankly at the lamp, waiting to adjust a little more. He reached under me and gave my nipple a pinch, I felt his sweat drip down my leg. I blinked and felt the pillow under my face get damp with the tears. He held onto me and pushed into me deeper and harder; a sound left my mouth without any prompting.

His thrusts became steady; I was almost in a half dream state, letting my body react. He would increase his pace and then slow it down, then pull out almost all the way before entering me again with a deep thrust.

“We’re going to have to do this again when we get back, for a camera. I want to tape it so you can watch yourself and see how much you like it.”

He grunted with effort, fucking me harder until I let out a cry of pain. “That’s it, show a little more life.” I gave him a moan and he reached under me to give a few half-hearted pokes at my pussy. His balls smacked between my legs lazily, following his movements.

He dug his knees into the bed and pushed in deep, forcing me an inch or two up the mattress. He did it again, my head touched the headboard. I tried to reach up to lessen it, but he caught my wrists and held them down by my sides. He slammed into me, sending the top of me head hard against the cushioned plank. I groaned.

“Oh yeah, you like it.” My mouth and throat were dry, he slowed down to kiss my shoulders. “You’re so young. So young and so tight. Before I cum I’m going to take off those rubbers so you can feel it. I want you to sleep by me and feel it leak out between your legs.” The words turned into sounds, and then he did like he said, kneeling back to roll the condoms off his cock.

“God, this is going to feel so good for you.”

And then me fucked me, lasting 10 minutes longer. When he came he bit into my shoulder, slamming into me with all the energy he could probably muster. He grabbed my hair and buried my head in the pillow, until I was struggling for breath, crying out. I bucked up against him until he collapsed, filling my ass with his semen.

He stayed inside of me until he was limp, just lying there breathing slowly as if on the edge of sleep. I wiggled until he slid off of me, turning onto his side and wrapping an arm around my waist. His dick lay slick on my leg, I was wide awake with adrenaline. I fell asleep like that, and woke up to him throwing my clothes to me and telling me we had to get going.

And he had to get back to his wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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