Dog Kennel Ch. 05

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This is the next part of a series in which a young, blonde stud, with a small cock decided to indulge his secret desire to be treated like a dog. Unfortunately, since he was seen at a ‘dog show’ by the ginger haired nerd who works with him in a sports store, he has been blackmailed into becoming this geek’s slave.


I was dreading going into work the next day, but luckily the ginger geek didn’t turn up. I didn’t want anyone to know I had anything to do with him so I decided not to ask whether he’d phoned in sick or not. For the rest of that week he didn’t come in to work at all and I couldn’t help thinking that perhaps he’d had enough of tormenting me and had decided to get another job. Each day when he didn’t show up I felt more and more relieved. Part of me, the perverted side of my character, was longing for him to return and subject me to new humiliations, but on balance I was glad that everything had ended before it got too risky. I hadn’t got the tattoo he’d asked for, and my body hair was already beginning to grow back; soon, it would be as if nothing had happened and I just had to hope that he never decided to do anything with the photos.

My relief ended the following Saturday when I saw him waiting for me in the staff room as I started my shift.

“Did you miss me?” he asked, but because there were other colleagues in the room I just ignored him as I always had done in public. I knew he wouldn’t let me get away with this insult. I was bending over some boxes in the storeroom later that morning when he crept up behind me and pulled my track pants and boxers down, my instinctive reaction was to pull them back up but hearing his voice over my shoulder stopped me:

“Leave them, and turn around.” I did as he said, nervously scanning the store-room to see if anyone else was in there, which luckily there wasn’t.

Someone could come in any minute,” I told him.

“Well then, they’ll see your pathetic little boy cock won’t they?” and he laughed so loud I was sure he’d attract attention to us.

Already, though, my cock had started to rise, proof if ever the little nerd needed it that I was still willingly at his command. As I stood there with my pants round my ankles, he started to give me my next set of instructions, and he was determined to take our relationship of master and dog to the next level:

“You will resign from your job today and tell the manager that you won’t be coming back to work. You will then tell all of your friends and family that you have booked a last minute trip and are going to be away for a few weeks. Then come round to my house tonight.”

“You must be mad,” I implored, “there’s no way I’m going to quit my job and move into your dirty little house full time; no way!”

He then showed me what was on the pile of papers he’d been holding in his hand – posters of me, unmistakably me, stripped naked with a collar on from when I was being ‘shown’ at the dog show, and from when I was shaved and on all fours at his house; he’d even managed to take a picture of me naked in his garden with my dog collar on, cocking my leg against a tree to take a piss. I was horrified.

“I’ve already put two of these up around town. If you do as I say, tonight I’ll tell you were they are and you can go and remove them, hopefully for your sake no-one you know has seen them yet. If you don’t follow bahis firmaları my instructions then I shall put the rest of these up all over town so that all your friends and family know that the football stud they all respect is nothing but a disgusting pervert with a small dick.

What could I do? I quit my job at the end of my shift, packed my belongings at home and told everyone, who all seemed rather confused by my impulsive action, that I was going away for a while. I then turned up at Kevin’s house and demanded to know where the posters were. Once he’d told me, I dropped my bags in his hallway and dashed out of the house, running with all my energy towards the two locations he’d given me. Luckily they were both near his house and in a part of town where I didn’t know anyone, hopefully no-one had seen them. I felt pretty sure that someone would have called me on my phone by now if they had.

I made my way back to his house and knocked on the door. He opened it with a huge grin on his face

“You found them okay then?”

I didn’t answer, just lowered my head and walked in as he closed the door behind me. I knew what was coming next, with his whole family once again sat around the room.

“Strip,” he ordered and I obeyed without showing the slightest surprise or hesitation, I was resigned to my fate. Nevertheless, when I was left with just my boxers on, I did pause for a second or two before pulling them down and letting my hard little cock bounce into full view of his family. Of course, they all laughed and pointed at it again, and I just stood there, shoulders slumped forward, looking at the floor, utterly humiliated. Kevin gathered up my clothes and carried them off, whilst his dad came over to me and held out the dog collar and lead, which I put around my neck and then assumed the position on all fours by his legs. He then walked out of the room, following his son, and pulling me behind him on the lead. As he led me out into the garden, under the cover of the plastic roof they’d put over the patio I watched in horror as I saw Kevin throw all of my clothes onto the bonfire that was raging down the end of the garden. As I watched my clothes burn I cast my eyes across the rest of the smouldering mound and realised that all the possessions I’d brought with me were likewise being destroyed.

“Dogs don’t need clothes do they?” he dad asked rhetorically, as I looked straight ahead in horror.

The next couple of days followed much the same pattern, there was always one of the family in the house to supervise me and I was treated exactly like the family pet. I slept at the bottom of Kevin’s bed, I went to the toilet in the garden, I ate dog food from a bowl on the floor, and I sat in a large dog bed in the lounge for the rest of the day. At night, when it was dark, one of them would put the lead on my collar and walk me round and round the garden, and for three days solid I didn’t stand up straight or utter a word. I was still in shock at the realisation that I was essentially as prisoner to these awful people. However, every time Kevin took me up stairs with him at night I got a hard-on watching him undress and expose his huge, ginger haired cock. I was longing for him to let me go near it, but each time I tried he just pushed me back on the floor in contempt. I think this was the worst part of those three days for me.

On kaçak iddaa the fourth day everyone was sitting in the lounge when the door bell rang. I froze in horror at the prospect of a new person seeing me like this. For the first time in three days I spoke when Kevin’s dad went to open the door

“You can’t let anyone in!”

“Don’t worry, it’s Kevin’s Grand-dad and, he loves dogs like you,” and in stepped an old man of about 70. As he made his way towards me with a huge smile on his face, I could see the bulge tenting through his old-man’s trousers. I should have been repulsed and ignored him, but instead I thrust my face into his crotch and nuzzled against his old, hard cock. He stroked my blond hair, which had started to grow back, and almost fell over as I kept pushing into his groin with my face inhaling the old man smell. Later that night, I was once again taken up to Kevin’s bedroom, but this time it had been taken over by his Grand-dad who proceed to undress, deliberately in front of me. He had to sit on the bed to get his trousers off and then stood up in his baggy, cream, y-front briefs and brown, knee-length socks. He stood there for a while, watching as my own cock hardened, before he pulled down the baggy briefs to reveal a cock as big as Kevin’s and throbbing like a teenagers. As I crawled over towards him and fastened my mouth around his old dick I didn’t hear the door open, but the flash from the camera as Kevin took my picture made me turn around. The whole family were standing in the doorway laughing at me, but instead of stopping I just fastened my mouth around Grand-dad’s cock even harder.

Grand-dad left the next day, and the days passed much as they had done before. The longer I spent as the family dog, the more natural it became. I started to think only about my food, my bed and going to the toilet. My cock hardly ever got hard as the excitement seemed to lessen as everything became routine. It was even quite relaxing not having to worry about anything, not having to go to work, and no having to project myself as the football stud who everyone wanted to be friends with; instead I was Kevin’ dog, with a small dick which everyone could see.

However, my boredom didn’t last long and things were soon to change at the house. One day the door bell rang but instead of hiding me in one of the rooms, as they usually did when strangers turned up, Kevin left me lying naked on the floor of the lounge with my collar on. Instead of an old man, I instantly recognised the guy that came in as my best friend’s younger brother, Sean, who was 19 and supposed to be away at university. I didn’t know what to do, I stayed on all fours, naked, speechless, and Sean stood, equally speechless, fully clothed staring at me.

“I see you know each-other,” said Kevin, but neither me or Sean answered.

I stood up and turned my back to hide my small, flaccid little cock from Sean before he noticed it, and started to take the collar off in utter embarrassment. What could I say to explain this to the kid who’d I known all my life as my mate’s little brother? I’d seen Sean, who was a really keen swimmer, really grow up over the last couple of years. He was now about 6 feet tall and, since joining the county swim team last year, had developed well-toned muscles. I’d know him since we has a young boy but recently I’d found myself staring at kaçak bahis him when I was round at my mate’s house. If I stayed the night on the couch I tried to not make it obvious as I watched Sean making himself breakfast the next morning, dressed only in tight fitting boxer shorts and slightly grubby white sports socks.

“Down doggy!” Kevin’s weedy voice screeched out at me, but I was frozen with fear. “Don’t worry, Sean here wants to be a little dog too, I found him at a dog show just like you!” My cock got hard instantly and I clipped the collar back on firmly before turning around to expose my now throbbing little cock to Sean. His eyes immediately noticed my little dick and he instinctively laughed, which only made me get harder.

“Pathetic isn’t it?” asked Kevin, but I didn’t care. I once again got on all fours and hurried over to Sean, burying my face in his musky smelling groin, fulfilling a long-held fantasy. He was shocked at first, as I had been the first time this happened to me many months ago, but he didn’t push me away and I could feel his cock hardening. It took all of Kevin’s weedy strength to drag me off, and he smacked my arse with a firm whack: “Bad boy! Sit!” I obeyed, and returned to my dog bed to watch the performance. I could tell that my presence was really embarrassing Sean, who kept looking over at me, but I was hoping he wouldn’t back out .

He and Kevin talked for a while about what he wanted to get out of it, I was tempted to tell Sean that he was being lied to, that Kevin would take pictures and blackmail him just as he had done to me, but selfishly I stayed quiet and waited. When Kevin produced a dog collar just like mine from his back pocket I could hardly contain myself.

“Strip!” I heard the familiar command, but this time directed at someone else. Sean stood up stunned, obviously wanting to leave immediately, but something kept him in the room. “Strip, I said!” Kevin repeated.

“What, here? Now?” Sean asked nervously.

“Where else? Now do it.”

Ever so slowly, he kicked off his white Reebok Classics, then he pulled the t-shirt over his head to reveal his well-toned, hairless, swimmer’s chest. I couldn’t help reaching for my cock but, as I was sitting down and as it was so small even when erect, I could only manage to squeeze the end of it between my fingers but that was enough to start to release the tension I was feeling in my balls. Sean then unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off one leg at a time. He was now left in his grey close fitting boxers and rolled down white sports socks which he removed and tucked into his trainers. Just as I had done, he paused for a moment to summon up enough courage and then pulled down his boxers and stood up with his cock fully erect and pointing directly at me.

“Yours isn’t that much bigger than his,” Kevin pointed towards me. He was right. I would guess Sean’s was slightly bigger than my little cock, but not by much, and his obvious embarrassment at letting people see it only made me play with myself harder until I was ready to shoot my load. But Kevin, the bastard, stopped me before I could cum. He clipped the collar round Sean’s neck and pushed on his shoulders until Sean was on all fours like me, Kevin then pulled at my collar until Sean and I were side to side, completely naked with our little cocks throbbing and our shoulders touching, with fully clothed Kevin, the ginger nerdy little geek, standing commandingly in front of us.

“Two studs like you with pathetic little cocks. No wonder you need a real man like me to be your master.” And he was right.

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