Dominating Deb

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Deb is a student of mine and from the first time she visited my office I knew we were going to be involved. After helping her with some homework, we talked about her college life. She was a bit of a loner on campus and was a little unsure of herself. Deb really wanted a mentor, a sounding board to help her make sense of things. I offered to assist her and she readily accepted my offer. At first she came by a few times a week. Sometimes for help with homework but more and more she wanted personal advice. Now she calls or drops by daily and texts me during the day. Deb and I have become closer physically too. She is always finding excuses to touch me, often it is straightening my tie or hair. When she is frustrated I hold her hand or give her a hug. We see each other as we are around campus too. Last week she invited me to lunch and we talked for an hour.

Yesterday, we walked past the restaurant and she offered to made lunch for me at her apartment. We walked a few more blocks and walked upstairs to her efficiency apartment where she lived alone. We were both a bit nervous. I told her some stories about my first few roommates at college and we laughed and she started some soup. Coming back she offered me a beer and sat next to me on the couch, the only place to sit except for the bed. Deb said she really appreciated my help. She needed someone who cared about her and protected her. I told her I was there for her and put my arm around her. She smiled and snuggled closer. She asked if the relationship could become more intimate. I told her I would zeytinburnu escort like that but I needed to warn her that I was accustomed to being the dominant one. Deb shared that she would love to be submissive in our relationship.

After a lunch where she waited on me, I sat back on the couch and she joined me. I started kissing her lips and neck and told her that I loved her athletic figure. I told Deb to start going braless on days that she visited me in my office and proceeded to remove her blouse and bra. Deb was delighted when I sucked her nipples and kneaded between my fingers and then gently pinched them. I could tell she liked it and wanted me to continue. I picked her up and carried her over to the bed, which was yet to be made from last night’s sleep. I took off her shoes and then her pants. Lying next to her I continued playing with her nipples and ran my hand into her underpants. Later, standing up, I loosened my belt and lowered my pants and underpants revealing my rigid cock to her. Guiding her lips to it, I told her I wanted her to enjoy oral sex with me daily. I told her that this included visits to my office. It turned me on when said “yes, Master”. I said Good girl, maybe I will let you ride it this weekend.

This continued for three weeks and Deb became more and more dependent on me. In turn, I helped her with some issues where she worked and bought her a business suit. That weekend I told Deb she was now ready to experience being tied up and blindfolded. The intricate rope knots aksaray escort fascinated her and when she was secure, I blindfolded her. Seeing her helpless before me was intoxicating. After having her suck me until I was taut, I worked my cock into her pussy and fucked her aggressively. Then I worked my finger into her asshole and slowly entered her. I told Deb I wanted my sub to be flexible. Deb said “yes, Master” and I introduced her to anal sex.

Deb loves to be constrained as part of her learning process as a sub. I m partial to handcuffs but she loves the ropes and the ritual of tying her. Last week she forgot to meet me for dinner and knew she would be punished. When I got to her apartment she was already on her knees with her hands behind her back. Without a word, I tied her tightly and selected a paddle. She closed her eyes and braced for the spanking. After five sharp slaps her butt was red and tears were in her eyes. I assured her I loved her but she needed to be reprimanded. Five more slaps and it was over. Spanking her aroused me and I took my erect cock from my pants and placed it between her lips. Deb sucked it expertly, keeping her eyes on me as she sucked. Deb knows I love it when she swallows my cum and dutifully swallowed it for me. I rewarded her by licking her wet pussy and fingering her to orgasm. Her orgasms are so intense when she is tied up.

When Deb visits my office, she is always dressed so conservatively, with her hair tied back and a business suit I bought her. We talk about school ataköy escort and I like to tell her how wonderful she looks and how successful she is becoming. While I compliment her, I am unzipping my pants and stroking my cock. I then lower her pants and underpants as she stands near my desk. Deb leans on the desk as I enter her from behind. I have stopped wearing a condom and she is really aroused by the prospect of being impregnated. Deb moves in concert with me as I fuck her deeply and energetically. Coming into her, I keep my cock in her as I hold her and kiss her. She loves these meetings.

Hanging out together on weekends is our favorite time. There is a mall about an hour away and we often shop there. We were looking for another business suit for her and she selects several but I make the final decision. Since we are regular customers, the young woman who runs the store lets me go into the dressing room to help Deb dress. She knows something is afoot as we usually spend a lot of time in there but at long as we buy something she doesn’t care. I love to caress her as I help her dress. Sometimes I am rubbing my finger along her pussy as she puts on her shirt and vest. Or maybe I am playing with her nipples. When we find the right suit, we celebrate with her sucking me until the veins in my cock are showing and then she rides my cock until I cum into her. Maybe we weren’t as cautious this time or maybe the woman was just curious, but when we opened the door she was standing there smiling. Deb was flustered but I told the woman I loved her store and the great selection of clothes. I asked her if she wanted to come over for dinner this weekend. Bethany the store owner was surprised but very interested and accepted my invitation. On the way home Deb was full of questions. I told her I thought it was time for us to have our first threesome.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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