Donna’s Metamorphosis Pt. 02

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Donna said she was going to take a shower then have breakfast. She said she will tell me what happened with Vanessa and Lisa.

After about an hour, Donna came down naked and made herself some breakfast.

As she was eating, she started telling me what happened. I drank my coffee and listened.

Donna first said that she got a bit of a rush walking to their place being nude outside.

She said that when they got to their house, Vanessa said we needed to shower. So, the three of us went upstairs to their master bathroom which had a shower big enough for more than four people.

We all showered together and I watched as Vanessa and Lisa were all over each other. I even started masturbating watching them. Then I felt a sudden warmth on my legs. Both women gave me a golden shower and told me to give them one. I spread my legs and let my pee go all over their legs.

We were in the shower what seemed like forever before we got out.

When we did, Lisa brought me to their bed and laid me down. She told me to relax as Vanessa came in and told me that she was going to shave me smooth.

As she started shaving me, Lisa straddled me with her back to me and placed her pussy over my mouth. I instinctively started lapping up her cunt juices. I even started licking at her asshole.

In a minute, my tongue was in her asshole. She started squirming a bit and pressed her ass down onto my face.

In the meantime, Vanessa said she was almost finished shaving me.

By the time Vanessa finished, Lisa had an orgasm and I was on the verge of cumming myself.

Vanessa finished and immediately started licking my smooth pussy and sliding her tongue in and out of my cunt.

It didn’t take long before I had multiple orgasms.

The whole night they took turns having sex with me, either one on one or both together. we

Then Donna stopped talking and I could see she was on the verge of crying.

I asked Donna what was the matter. She said she isn’t sure what she has become. She called herself ataşehir escort a slut and whore. She said that she really enjoyed it all though and that is what scares her a few

I told her that she was my beautiful wife who is just experiencing new things. I told her I loved her. I also told her it was ok to try new things and that I support whatever she does.

I reminded her that I love her and gave her my blessing to continue her new discovery.

Then I said to her, “Donna I also love your smooth pussy. Thank Vanessa for me.”

Donna told me that she is meeting them in a couple of hours. She said they had something they wanted me to see. I have to go there naked, as she smiled

I told her to enjoy herself. I then added, “Donna, look, if they have ideas about you getting fucked by guys you will have to decide. I will still love you and it will not affect my love for you. I would want to know the details though.” as I smiled.

Donna spent some time getting ready for her next adventure.

It was time for her to leave and my naked wife strolled out of the house and over to our neighbor’s house. As she was walking, a car passed her and blew their horn and gave her a thumbs up.

I didn’t see Donna until the next morning.

When Donna finally came home she looked like she had a long night.

Without saying a word, she went right to bed.

Around noon time, my love woke up and showered and joined me.

I looked at her and asked her if she was ok. I also asked her what happened.

She looked at me and started telling me what went on.

“Tony,” she said, “they had six female friends and five men, one with a horse sized cock waiting for me.”

For the most part we just chatted and got to know one another. Of course we were all nude.

As we chatted, people started engaging in sexual activities. Women with women and one woman was riding a guy’s cock and nobody said anything.

Two guys sitting on the sofa in the middle of avcılar escort everyone started to jerk off. When they were ready to cum, Vanessa told me to let them cum all over me.

Since it wasn’t me having sex with them, I went over and knelt in front of them and let them shoot their hot cum on my tits.

Then two women came over and lapped up their cum from my tits and shared the cum with me.

Lisa told me to lay on the floor so the women could mount me and rub their pussies on mine, which I did.

I must have had a dozen orgasms by the time they finished with me.

I never sucked so many nipples at one time either. One woman was lactating and I sucked both of her tits dry. Her milk was delicious.

Then Vanessa laid next to me. The guy with the horse sized cock mounted her and she spread her legs for him.

Lisa helped line up his cock to her mother’s waiting cunt. As that was happening, the women came to me and offered their pussies to me and I ate every one of them.

I was also watching Vanessa getting fucked. I saw the guy’s huge cock going in and out of her cunt.

Then, I don’t know what happened or how, but the guy who was fucking Vanessa was now on top of me and already had his cock halfway in my cunt. I tried pushing him off but his cock was now fully seated in my cunt.

He started ramming my cunt even ad I tried to dismount him. Lisa and a couple of the women held me down as he started pumping harder and faster.

Then it happened. I started fucking him back, my cunt rising up to meet his thrusts.

When the women saw this, they let me go. Now I was fucking this guy because I wanted to fuck him.

It didn’t take long before I yelled out that I was cumming. As I did that, the guy said he was ready to cum too.

I pleaded with him not to cum in me but he said I was his slut and he was going to cum in me.

Then I felt streams of cum his cum filling my cunt. He came so hard I could actually feel his spurts hitting my insides. avrupa yakası escort He must have shot a dozen loads of cum into me.

He finally got off of me, his cum still dripping from his cock. The women came over and were lapping up his cum as it oozed out my cunt.

After that, I went to Vanessa’s bed to rest.

The rest of the night was more of the same. The guy that fucked me, fucked me at least twice more that night.

I told her everything would be ok and that I loved her.

I told her it wasn’t her fault and told her I would speak to Vanessa.

“No, don’t do that Tony.” She said. “You see, I liked it. The first time I was scared but then I got into it with him. I enjoyed his big cock in me and him cumming in me. I know how that sounds but I can’t help it.”

She continued by telling me she wanted to fuck him again. She said I could be there. She continued by saying she needed it…that she needed and wanted all of it.

I told her to go rest and that I was going over to Vanessa’s but wouldn’t get nasty or anything like that with her. I promised her I would be good.

As Donna went upstairs, I headed over to Vanessa’s.

I rang the bell and Vanessa greeted me in the nude with a big kiss.

“Well, Tony, how is Donna? She had a long night last night. Did she tell you everything?”

Vanessa took me out to her patio and we continued our chat.

“Vanessa, Donna is hooked on women and now the guy. Our plan worked. My prim and prude of a wife is now the whore I always wanted and the best part she thinks it is all her fault. She has no idea we set her up.”

Lisa then came over and kissed me.

“How is your slutty little wife now?” Lisa asked.

I told her she is hooked now and she will do anything you guys tell her to do. I told them that their bonus would be substantial.

I asked Vanessa when the next orgy will take place and she said this Saturday and I was to come.

I told her I would be there and that Donna will be filmed so I could hold that over her head if need be. Vanesea agreed.

Before I left, I fucked mom and daughter.

After I got back to the house, I told Donna everything was going to be ok.

I told her that we are going over to their house on Saturday. Donna said that would be fine.

Look for Part 3

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