Dowdy Mother in Law Ch. 02

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Came Inside

After leaving Viv’s house I pulled off the road and parked up. I wanted to try and rationalise what was happening.

Kissing each other the way that we were meant that both of us were probably wanting to take this further, whatever ‘this’ was. Or it might have been that Viv was happy with a heightened frisson between us and nothing more.

We both loved Yvonne and would not want to hurt her, so whatever happened there could be no way she could know about it or, it would have to take place with her consent and approval. (I couldn’t even imagine that turn of events, but I was just rationalising.)

There was obviously some dissonance between Viv’s religion and how we were behaving. I felt I needed to explore that further. Her religion was one of the evangelical sects of mainstream Christianity, with elders in control, rather than clergymen. It all seemed a bit controlling and coercive to me.

What was wrong with Phillip? Yvonne by then was 20 So, either he’d been celibate and pleasuring himself for the previous 20 years or he’d found another release?

I also wanted to try to help Viv with her hypochondria. However, I didn’t know where to start with that one.

I finally concluded that I would go with the flow and even try to direct the flow if needs be. Provided Yvonne did not get hurt.

Even if all that happened in the end was that Viv came to realise that she doesn’t have to pretend to be ill, in order to garner attention. That if her religion wasn’t making her happy she should disassociate herself from it. Finally, if it were possible to salvage some sort of intimate relationship with Phillip she should do that.

All very noble…but I still wanted to fuck her every way imaginable.

To that end I needed to be able to spend time with her and going to see her on a Saturday would raise suspicions. I worked a double day shift for a world famous bicycle manufacturer in Nottingham. Phillip worked a similar shift system as a bus driver. The only difference being he worked Saturdays whereas I didn’t.

After Yvonne and I were married, I put in a request for a permanent change of shift, so that Phillip’s shift pattern and mine were in sync. (In case we had anything arranged on a mid-week evening that we all wanted to do together.)

I now needed to be able to see Viv during the week. So the next day at work I put in a request for my shift pattern to be altered. Then when Phillip was on mornings (and Yvonne was at work) I would be free until 1:30pm (when I needed to set off for work) and so I’d be able to spend the whole morning with Viv.

My manager said to leave it with him. (One of my counterpart colleagues on the other shift would have to be willing to swap.) I told Yvonne that work might have to alter my shift until further notice.

After the memorable kiss with Viv I didn’t see her again until the following week. On the Saturday she phoned us and Yvonne answered the phone.

After ending the call she said, “Mum’s invited us for a Sunday meal tomorrow, I said yes as it saves us cooking doesn’t it?”

“Yes that’s fine.”

“You didn’t have anything else planned did you?”

“No, what time does she want us there?”

“Three o’clock she said. She’ll have a busy day as she has church in the morning and that can drag on a bit. I wonder if they’ve got an announcement to make?”

“What? Like their sex life is back on track because after all these years they’ve found out you can do it up the bum?”

Yvonne laughed at first, then went all serious and said, “Why would they want to do anal, when they don’t even do vaginal?”

Oops, me and my big mouth! Yvonne obviously didn’t know the details of why Viv didn’t want vaginal penetration. Even if she did know 1xbet yeni giriş she’d have wondered how I knew.

“I’m just assuming from what your dad said about problems starting after you were born that perhaps there was some sort of vaginal trauma? Anyway, ignore me, just trying to be funny, NOT.”

“Yeah, well don’t say that to them after you’ve had a few drinks will you?”

Phew, I got away with that, just. I made a note to self, be more careful if you’re going ahead with this. Or was I over thinking that exchange?

So, we arrived at the in-laws house at three o’clock sharp. Phillip wanted to quickly show me his progress on his model of The Sir Nigel Gresley steam engine. To get to his workshop we had to go through the kitchen and out of the back door, he was on his way through the garden to unlock his workshop.

Yvonne had gone upstairs to the loo. Viv was slaving over a hot stove with her usual tweed skirt ensemble, but the knee bandages were gone! I went behind her and put my arms around her, just under her bosom. I nuzzled into her neck and whispered, “Hello you.”

She put down the spoon she was stirring and looked to see where Phillip was. Then she turned round and put her arms around my neck and said, “Hello David.”

Then she kissed me, like before, but this time with more urgency. It was wonderful. Then she said, “Go on, Phillip will be waiting for you, I’ll call you both when it’s time to sit down.”

I went to the garage come workshop. Phillip showed me where he was up to. I must admit what he had achieved was impressive. He was at the stage where he needed to cut some miniature helical gears but was unsure of the next step.

“Have you still got that copy of Machinery’s Handbook I let you have? All the info you need will be in there.”

“Yes, top shelf in that cupboard.”

Despite being 6′ 4″ I still needed to stand on a stool. Sliding the door back I could see the handbook, it was unmistakable as it was much thicker even than a Bible. Before I could reach it I had to move some other stuff out of the way. One of which was a sex contact magazine!

In the days before the Internet these were the means for couples looking for threesomes, foursomes, cuckolds, lonely wives etc. to find like minded individuals. You filled in a form, sent it off with a postal order/cheque and your contact details. The magazine would put you both in touch.

So this was his release! He might have just got off from wanking at the explicit photos but either way, I didn’t let him know I’d seen it. I just picked up the handbook I was after.

Then we heard Viv calling us.

The roast dinner was delicious and Viv was duly complimented. She was sat opposite me and looked radiant, she smiled much more than usual. Yvonne commented that it was good to see her looking so happy. Phillip mumbled something with his mouth full.

After the meal was done I said I’d help Viv tidy up. Yvonne said she would, but I told her she did enough of that at home and to take it easy. So Yvonne and her dad started to watch a film.

Viv and I cleared the table and started to do the washing up. Well it was Viv that put on the rubber gloves, I dried. I closed the kitchen door and serving hatch.

“You look lovely.” I said.

“Thank you,” she said, “you know we need to talk don’t you?”

“Yes I know. I have been doing a lot of thinking. I don’t want to cause any hurt but you have woken something in me.”

“And you in me. I feel I am at a crossroads.”

“I don’t feel like that, but I can understand why you do.”

“I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“Me neither, I also can’t stop thinking about you as well Viv!”

She laughed out loud. I couldn’t remember the last 1xbet giriş time I heard her do that.

“Seriously though, I think about you all the time.” I said.

“But what about Yvonne?”

“I don’t want to hurt her, I love her. What about Phillip?”

“What about Phillip? I think whatever love we had for each other died long ago. The other day when you could see I was upset, you came and sat next to me. You put your arm around me and spoke tenderly to me. He’s never done that and he’s seen me upset on many occasions.”

“I couldn’t help it I didn’t like to see you upset.”

“My point exactly. The other thing is that day at the beach.”

“What about it?”

“The way you were looking at me. I told you not to peek and I meant it. Then, when I saw you looking, you weren’t even peeking, you were devouring me with your eyes.

I can’t describe how that made me feel. I went all weak. That’s why I didn’t cover myself, I wanted you to keep on looking between my legs, at my most private parts. Phillip never looks at me like that.”

“Wow!” was all I could say.

“And then, the next morning, when I saw your manhood, watching it come to life and then you stroking it, I…, I… touched myself.”

“I thought you did.”

“How? You couldn’t see me!”

“I could, your reflection in the patio door glass.”

“Oh,” she blushed, “…I had an orgasm when I saw your penis spurting.”

“I’m glad you did, I wanted you to watch me.”

“I’m so very wet right now.”

“I’m very hard.”

“I’m going upstairs to the loo, if you decide to come upstairs as well, don’t peek.”

With that she took off her rubber gloves and went upstairs. I was gobsmacked! Does she? Doesn’t she? I decided she does and went upstairs as well. She had led the whole conversation.

As you turned the stairs at the top there was a toilet, that door was slightly ajar. The next door was closed, that was the main bathroom, it also had a wc.

I didn’t know which Viv was in, so I slowly pushed the door that was ajar. It had only just started to move when Viv pulled it open all the way.

Her knickers were round her ankles, her skirt around her waist, her blouse and bra were above her glorious, unencumbered breasts. I could see where her tan line finished and then each of her whole breasts. Smooth, pale, white skin with a few blue veins just visible. They sagged a little, but her nipples were pointing forwards, not down. I absolutely loved them.

She was frigging herself with a vengeance, “If anyone starts to come up the stairs you go in the other.” she hissed through gritted teeth, “Show me…, for God’s sake show me, do it on me.”

I undid my trousers and released my hard cock. Viv groaned. The stairs were very creaky so we would have an early warning if someone started to climb them.

I was careful not to let my trousers fall round my ankles. I didn’t want to do a pratfall if I had to do a hasty retreat.

Viv’s hand came forward to hold my cock then, at the last minute she did a no, no, waving gesture with her hand and withdrew it.

Her other hand was still strumming her pussy, making squelching noises. I knelt down to get a closer look. The hair close to her meaty slit was very damp, she smelt of raw sex. I rested my hand on her inner thigh.

“Oh God yes.” she breathed.

I took that as a green light and moved my hand towards her pussy, she groaned but then grabbed my wrist before I reached my target.

With my other hand I was wanking my cock. I was so very hard that that the skin on my purple head was taut and shiny.

My attention went to her breasts. Viv’s attention at this point was on my cock.

Her areolas were pimpled around the nipples. The 1xbet güvenilirmi nipples were the diameter of a pencil, but stuck out about half an inch.

I went to suck one, expecting her to push me away but she didn’t! She put her free hand on the back of my head and pulled me to her.

“Oh yes,” she hissed, “suckle me darling, suck my titty hard.”

I sucked each breast in turn, fondling the one not in my mouth. After a few minutes of alternating I felt her body tremble then stiffen. Her pussy hand stopped strumming her pussy then she clasped it over her mouth as she came.

When she came down from her orgasm I took her pussy hand and sucked her juices off her fingers Then I licked off the rest of her hand every remaining trace of her musk.

I looked her in the eyes and said, “One day that will be direct from the source.”

“Oh God, you would, wouldn’t you? Nobody ever has before.”

“I told you there were other ways, you just have to be adventurous. I’ll ask you again, are you?”

“I want to be, but for now do it on me, spurt your spunk on me.”

“Where do you want it?”

“Between my legs, over my sex!”

She was spreading her pussy wide open for me. Her erect clitoris was well out of it’s sheath, ripe for sucking. Her inner lips spread like meaty butterfly wings. Then the tunnel entrance of her love canal, where one day I wanted my cock buried to the hilt.

I couldn’t get into position with my trousers on so I took them right off. Also my shorts, then I put them both in the main bathroom.

I was then able to come back to Viv and crouch and manouvre such that my cock was pointing at her wide open pussy. I so much wanted to slide inside her, but not yet, we would, when the time was right.

After only a dozen or so strokes my orgasm hit. Cum shot out all over her, the first hot blast hit her belly, the next splashing her mons and the rest hit her gaping cunt. Some going right up inside her. My legs almost gave way.

Then the stairs creaked! I was able to get into the main bathroom then close and lock the door quietly. The stairs were still creaking so I’d made it. Someone tried the door handle.

“I won’t be long.” I said.

I flushed the loo and started washing my hands.

I pulled the plug, dried my hands checked my appearance and unlocked the door. It was Yvonne.

“Where’s mum?” she asked.

“Dunno, someone went in the other loo while I was in here. If it wasn’t your dad it’ll be her.”

She went to the other door, knocked and said, “The film’s finished mum, shall we head back?”

“No rush love, at least stay and have a cup of tea.”

“OK, I’ll put the kettle on.” Yvonne made her way back down the creaky stairs.

Viv met me on the landing, she’d managed to rearrange her clothing and didn’t look at all flustered.

“I had to use air freshener in there, it reeked of my sex and your spunk.”

I pulled her into my arms and kissed her, this time a full-blown, lovers kiss, tasting each other, tongues entwined. It left us both breathless and each having to take a final check in the mirror.

We went downstairs. Viv and I were sat in armchairs that were facing each other. Phillip was sat on the sofa intently reading his paper while Yvonne made the tea. Viv looked me straight in the eye and opened her legs wide. She had left her knickers off!

I started to get hard again and had to adjust for comfort. Viv closed her legs and smiled.

Yvonne came in with the tea. She said “Oh, I forgot to mention, David’s work have said they might have to swap his shift, so you two will be out of sync again.”

“Oh bugger!” said Phillip, “I was hoping you could help me set the milling machine up one evening to cut those spiral gears.”

“Well if you leave the drawings out I could come over one morning and set it up for you for you to cut them later.”

I could see Viv’s mind working overtime thinking of the possibilities. So was mine.

To be continued…

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