Downfall of the Fixer Ch. 03

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(This is a continuation of my story about the Fixer and Jena. Rather than bore you with repeat info, I urge you to read Parts 1 & 2. Though I enjoyed writing this tale, what is important to me, as a writer is what you, the readers, think. Please vote and send comments. Thank you. Max47)

He spent the next two weeks doing what he always did. Despite his unusual job, he was indeed a creature of habit, reporting to his office and enjoying the charms of one of his repeat projects during his off time. He received three email inquiries to his ads, but somehow couldn’t answer any of them. Even the time with his repeats was not as enjoyable as before. Everything he did was simply going through the motions and he finally admitted to himself that he had become totally enthralled by Jena – he missed her. As much as he wanted to contact her, he knew he had to wait for her to make the first move. She had more at stake than he did.

Meanwhile, Jena tried hard to make things work with her husband. Making herself as sexually available as possible, she had hoped that she could get him to do some of the things that Rich had done to her. He just didn’t get it. He just couldn’t grasp the fact that a man needs to gratify his woman by doing things that she needed – this is what Rich had taught her – and Jena was counting the days before she could see him again.

Rich was finishing some minor work on his computer, trying without success not to dwell on the day. Since today was the day, he attempted to keep himself occupied all morning. At mid-day, he caught himself thinking about Jena, thinking about someone to share his life with. He had recently sold his part of a design-engineering firm and now just did some occasional consulting work. Although this kept him busy, he didn’t need the income. Until now, his “projects” and their repeat visits had kept his sexual appetite fed. Since meeting Jena, he found this wasn’t the case anymore.

After meeting Jena two weeks ago, things had changed. She started out a project, but he discovered a companion in her company. In her he had also discovered someone who could match his sexual appetite. His other former projects and repeats paled in comparison. With them it was only sexual and even that paled in comparison to Jena.

He was startled out of his thoughts by the front door bell. When he opened the door all he could do was smile.

“Are you going to invite me in?” she asked. Jena was wearing the same sundress she wore on the weekend together – she wore nothing underneath. She knew how much Rich loved her in it. “What took you…” his voice trailed off as he held out his hand out and drew her in.

He closed the door and drew her into his arms. He kissed her hungrily. Her response matched his eagerness. Their hands roamed. Finally he pulled back and they looked into each other’s eyes and smiled. “I have some fresh coffee on. Would you like some?” he asked.

“That would be nice,” she smiled, still grasping his hand. Leading her through the house to the kitchen, he poured them both a cup and showed her where the mixings were. She just took it black — another little sign that proved they should be together as this is how he took his coffee. She asked if they could sit and talk. He nodded, leading her into the living area. Sitting on one sofa, she asked him to sit across from her – she didn’t want to be distracted by his touch.

She began, “These past two weeks have been the longest of my life. I feel that I’ve made every attempt to give my husband what he wanted and to get him to understand what I needed. Nothing has changed. He expected me to come back from you with more skills to pleasure him. My pleasure and needs are still no concern of his. If possible, he has become even more selfish.”

When she paused, he asked her, “What have you decided and how am I involved?”

She laughed and smiled, “How are you involved??? You treated me better than I’ve ever been treated. You gave me so much pleasure I remember passing out.”

They both smiled at that memory.

“You cared about my pleasure and then broadened my experiences,” she said. “Not once did you do anything to me solely for your own pleasure. We talked last about the connection we discovered. Do you still feel the same?” Wanting to sit next to her, Rich rose from the sofa. “No, stay there, we need talk thru this first,” Jena said.

Rich sat back down and said, “You have been on my mind constantly since I watched you drive away in the cab. Everything I have done since then pales in comparison to my time with you. Does that answer your question?”

She responded with a smile that made his cock stir.

“I’m staying at the Crowns. I’ve left my husband and told him I’m filing for divorce. He’s fine with that since it seems he’s found a girl friend that he claims treats him like a man needs to be treated. She’s either dumb like I was or after his money,” she said flatly. “I want to continue to explore our relationship and just see where it goes.”

He told her it was silly for her to pay for a hotel room. He had a large guest room with its’ own bakırköy escort bathroom that she could stay in, no strings attached. They could be roomies while they explored their options.

She had hoped he would make an offer along those lines. She had her things in storage and her suitcase at the hotel was already packed. When she told him this, he laughed loudly and told her she knew him way too well for the short time they spent together.

Rich reminded her of their last conversation. She was entering his life and needed to know that she would need to be open-minded. He was no longer taking new projects, but he did have repeats. This would continue while he and Jena explored where they were headed. During this time he would continue to broaden her experiences, but she could stop or move on at any time.

“I agree to all that,” she replied.

He told her to call the hotel and have her bag delivered tomorrow. They would take care of her things in storage another time. When she asked him why tomorrow, he smiled, stood up and reached for her hand. He wrapped her in his arms and kissed her gently then whispered in her ear, “Your room or mine?”

She told him she wanted to play in his room. He led her upstairs to a large bedroom that contained a high, king-sized bed and a hot tub. It reminded her a bit of the hotel room they spent so much time in. Leading her to the bed he turned her around and wrapped his arms around her. He lifted her breasts and pinched her nipples while nuzzling her neck. “I’ve missed you,” he whispered in her ear.

“Me too,” she replied leaning into him. She could feel his cock stir against her ass. She turned around, took a step back and slipped her sundress off. As she stood before him, he noticed she had kept her pussy and mound shaved. While he quickly got out of his clothes, she crawled onto the bed and lay on her back. She spread her legs and began to play with her pussy. He watched her part and tug on her long lips and insert a finger while rubbing her clit. His cock grew to its’ 9 ½ inches without being touched.

“Are you just going to stand there and waste all that meat?” she asked with a smile. He responded by climbing between her legs and guiding his cock toward her. When his cock head touched her opening, she let out a long sigh, wrapped her legs around him, and drew him in. She was tight, but could still take him to her core. They stayed like that, savoring the feeling. “Now fuck me,” she demanded.

His cock began to slowly move in her until she could comfortably accommodate him. At that point Rich got on his knees and drew her legs up to his shoulders. He started to fuck her fiercely. Jena held on to him and started to moan constantly while Rich grunted. The room was filled with the sexual sounds of moans, grunts, slapping skin and her wetness. Jena’s magnificent breasts were dancing on her chest. It didn’t take her long. She stiffened and let her juices flow around his pounding cock. Rich kept up his assault until he could no longer hold back, his cum filling her hungry pussy. Lying in each other’s arms, he whispered in her ear, “Welcome home. Even though I hated the separation, you made up for it with the return greeting.”

Rich got up, once again staring at this vision. Fate had given him a gorgeous, sexual woman who was smart and great company. No man could ask for more. “Are you ready for a tour?” he asked.

His bathroom had a large two-person tub and a large, all glass, shower. Rich led her into the shower. Their hands busily ran over each other. Sharing this shower had an intimate rather than a sexual air to it. After they finished, the tour continued.

The guest room was only slightly smaller than the master bedroom with its own bathroom and large, glass shower. Down the hallway was his office. The downstairs consisted of the front entryway with a half-bath off to one side, the large living area that ran into a dining area. The kitchen was huge and had all imaginable appliances. The backyard could be accessed either through an entry area off the kitchen or thru a wall of sliding glass doors from the living area. The backyard was about 100′ x 100′ and contained a large square pool, a hot tub big enough for 8 and a barbeque-eating area. “Your home is beautiful,” she said, admiring her surroundings. “Thank you. I’ve been lucky when it comes to business,” he replied.

She reached out and began to stroke his cock until it responded. Leading him to one of the lounge chairs by the pool, she told him to lie down. She admired how good he looked for 52. His cock was hard, waiting for her move. Kneeling, she lowered her mouth to his cock, licking his pre-cum and tonguing his cock hole. Taking his cock head into her mouth, she welcomed the feeling of her whole mouth stretching – a feeling she hungered for since their last encounter. Holding his shaft for balance, she began to bob her head up and down slowly. She could only take about 6-7 inches of him, but she kept her tongue busy on what she got in her mouth.

Though she couldn’t take all of his cock, he didn’t care. başakşehir escort It felt great. He wasn’t one of those guys with a big cock who needed to dominate a woman by shoving his cock down her throat. Jena’s mouth and tongue were magical, and he found this was all he needed. Jena began to work just his head while stroking his shaft. When she felt him stiffen, she moved faster until she felt the first blast of his cum hit her throat. She swallowed every drop he fed her and then licked him clean.

He got up, guiding her to the lounge chair. Kneeling at the foot of the lounge chair, Rich pulled her towards him until her legs were over his shoulders and his face in her pussy. Her dark inner lips were at least 2 inches long. Her clit, which he knew would grow to ½ inch, was just peeking out of its hood and her pussy was wet, still gaping from their previous fuck. He could smell some of himself mixed with her sensual scent. He ran his tongue around her inner lips while using his thumb to play with her puckered back entry. Jena moaned and squirmed as he bit and tugged her clit. Lubricating his thumb in her pussy juices, he returned it to her ass hole and forced it in while sticking his tongue as far into her pussy as he could. The moaning cry from Jena was raw sexuality to the core and when he placed his mouth around her now erect clit and sucked, she climaxed loudly, grabbing the back of his head and pulling it into her pussy. Realizing she was nearly suffocating him, she relaxed and released her grip. While Jena attempted to control her shaky legs, Rich responded by gently licking and kissing her pussy. Regaining her breath, Jena sighed appreciatively.

He stayed where he was and admired the view. Her magnificent D cupped breasts were lying on her chest only slightly to the side with their brown fat nipples pointing skyward. Her wide full-lipped mouth was smiling at him. The smile continued in her brown eyes. This woman had definitely captured something in him.

He stood and held his hand out to her. She took his hand and stood. While they gently kissed, he cupped a breast and she squeezed his ass. He led her back into the house and had her sit in the living area while he went upstairs. He returned wearing boxers and tossed a pair to her.

“This is what I want you to wear for the rest of the day. I want your breasts visible to me,” he said. She smiled and as she stood up, putting on the shorts. She caressed her breasts, and Rich smiled in approval. Knowing he was enjoying her display, she squeezed her nipple, making it hard. “I had planned on having pizza delivered and watching a movie,” he said. “I hope that works for you.”

She nodded and told him she liked the idea of a simple evening with him. After they agreed on toppings, he called the order in from the kitchen while she sat on the living room couch and channel surfed. Jena heard Rich request a guy named Cody deliver the pizza.

Rich took two cold bottles of beer from the fridge, opened them and headed back to his lovely roomy. He stood behind her, and placed the cold beer on her nipple. She yelped and quickly grabbed the beer. When he sat down, she seductively rolled the bottle across first one then the other nipple until they both stiffened. Then she raised the bottle to her mouth and played with its’ neck by running her tongue around it, all the while looking him in the eye. He smiled and realized again that he had awakened in her his sexual equal. What were the chances?

They watched the news and drank their beer until the pizza arrived. At the sound of the doorbell, Rich told Jena to greet the delivery guy and invite him in – she was to give him his tip. Jena stood and headed for the door. When she opened the door, Cody almost dropped the pizza, but managed a wide grin. He was about 20, 6′ and built like a football player. Jena asked him to come in and Rich would pay him. “I believe he expects me to tip you,” she said with a smile.

Rich took the pizza to the kitchen and returned to the living room. Jena asked Cody if she could see his cock. He quickly pulled his shorts off and displayed a fat hardening hunk of meat. Jena had him sit on the sofa, while she knelt between his knees. She held his cock and stroked it until she held an impressive 7 inches about 4 inches thick. Jena looked up at Cody as she attempted to push her mouth over his cock head. She stroked his shaft while her tongue lapped up his pre-cum.

Cody was in heaven. Rich had worked things out with him sometime ago, allowing him to become involved with some of his repeats. Rich always tipped him well and had told him that he could not let anyone know or their arrangement would abruptly come to a halt. Cody was no fool – he wouldn’t fuck up this deal. Cody had received some great blowjobs and great fucks over the past year, but this was the most gorgeous woman he had seen yet with Rich.

Jena finally managed to get his cock head into her mouth. Her lips hurt, but she did love the feel of this cock in her mouth. Her tongue worked his head while she continued to stroke him. When he began to bebek escort grunt and stiffen, she took most of his shaft in and began to swallow his young cum. Her throat could barely keep up with his blasts. When he subsided, she licked him clean and kissed him on the tip of his cock. Standing up, she said in a slutty voice, “Thank you baby. Momma was hungry.” Then she laughed, bent down and gave him a kiss.

Rich informed Cody that Jena was his new roomy and that she was special to him, not like the others. Unlike the others, Cody could only follow her lead not take it. Cody said he understood, thanked Jena, took his pay and left with a smile.

“You are such a horn-dog. How many more surprises do you have in store for me?” she asked.

“Stick around and you’ll find out,” he said. “Just remember, you can say no at any time. Now let’s eat.”

They ate their pizza and drank another beer while watching a comedy. They seemed to have they same sense of humor as they laughed at most of the same things. When the movie ended, she got up to use the facilities while he looked for another movie. When she passed in front of him, she stopped, bent down to meet his lips and reached thru the slit in his boxers, giving his cock a good squeeze. Before he could grab her breasts, she laughingly ran away.

Jena returned to find him stroking his cock, which was at full engorgement. She stood before him, dropped her boxers and began to tug on her pussy lips. She used both hands to tug and spread her inner lips until her pussy glistened with her moisture. She then straddled him, lowered herself on his cock, and just sat there. Jena was still amazed at how good the fullness felt.

Rich lifted her right breast to his lips and chewed around her nipple before finally sucking it in his mouth and gently biting it. He did the same with her left breast, and let go, allowing his hands to cup her ass cheeks.

With his hands on her ass, Jena began a slow up and down motion. She was already so wet her pussy was making squishy noises as she moved. The pulling on her nipple kept her from increasing the speed of her motion, but when Rich forced a finger into her ass hole, she picked up her pace, forcing him to release her nipple.

Rich lie back against the sofa and let her fuck herself with his cock. Her magnificent breasts were bouncing and swinging while she rode him. He reached out and took one in each hand. The weight pleased him. When Jena began to moan louder, he pinched both nipples until she fell against him and shuddered thru her climax.

Once she was calm, he had her get up and bend over the end of the sofa. Her two fuck holes were presented to him. He grabbed her hips and slammed into her. She grunted and moaned loudly at this assault. He was close; he didn’t feel the need for niceties. He began a forceful attack on her pussy, which resulted in Jena increasing her moans and grunts. Her face was smashed into the cushions. He gave her one monster slam and filled her with his cum. He held himself deep in her. He pulled his cock out of her. Wiping both of them off he told her, “You provide great intermission entertainment.” Still in her original fuck position, her face still smashed into the pillow, she murmured, “Ditto.”

While Rich got two more beers, Jena put her boxers back on to keep from dripping his cum, stretched contently and sat down. They sat close and watched another movie while enjoying their beer. When she finished her beer, Jena stretched out on the couch lay on her side with her head on his lap. This allowed her to watch the movie and feel him.

Rich liked this intimacy. He reached for her left breast and gently lifted and fondled it. He also had her gorgeous ass within reach. Her head in his lap felt great, but he knew after having cum 3 times in the past few hours, his 52-year-old cock would need some rest before it stirred again. But he sure wasn’t going to stop Jena from attempting resuscitation on her own.

When the movie ended he found she had fallen asleep. He gently stirred her until she woke with a start. Jena apologized, but blamed him for using her up. When she sat up, he drew her to him and kissed her neck and forehead. Then he kissed her mouth. “Come on, we’re both tired,” he said reaching for her hand. “Let’s go to bed.”

Gently pulling her off of the couch, he led her upstairs to his bed. She stepped out of her boxers and rolled onto the high bed. He couldn’t get enough of the sight of her on her back. The way her breasts floated just a bit to her sides and rolled on her chest just turned him on. He climbed in the bed, spooning up against her. Wrapping her in his arms, he murmured, “Good night.” She responded with a sigh of acknowledgment and drifted off.

Sometime during the night, Rich was awaken by Jena stoking his cock and placing its’ head at her entrance. She still had her back to him. When her lips parted she pushed her ass back and engulfed him. As she began a gentle rocking action, he came completely awake and pushed to match her rhythm. They gently rocked like this for about 10-15 minutes, enjoying the slippery feelings. As he nuzzled her neck, she reached back and held his head to her. He reached for her hand and placed both of their hands between her legs. Their fingers played as they felt where they had become one. They both enjoyed using their fingers to feel his cock sliding in and out of her.

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