Educating Stephany

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My first sexual experience with a girl was in my senior year in high school. Stephany had been one of my best friends for many years. We were boyfriend-girlfriend back in junior high school and she was the first girl I french kissed but that was the extent of our fooling around. A few months before high school graduation we worked on a history project together that involved a lot of online research so we spent many hours sitting in front of my computer.

We were alone at my house working on the project one day after school when I left to get us some chips and sodas. When came back I heard the unmistakeable sounds of sex coming from my room. I peered inside and saw Stephany watching one of my porn videos on the computer. I was surprised because I thought I had those videos hidden pretty good on my computer and because I didn’t think girls watched porn. The man in the video was kissing the woman’s large tits and Stephany seemed mezmerized. I thought she would be embarrassed to be caught watching a sex video so I backed up and made some noise to let her know I was coming. But instead of shutting down the video she just kept watching it.

“Looks like I found someone’s porn stash!” Stephany said over her shoulder. The woman knelt down and slowly pulled down the man’s shorts to reveal his soft dick. I quickly sat down and reached over to the keyboard to turn the video off but Stephany stopped me.

“Wait. I want to watch this,” she said. “I’ve never seen one of these before.”

I don’t know if she was referring to porn or a cock. We watched the woman stroke and lick his growing cock and my own quickly got hard. I had to adjust myself several times and hoped Stephany didn’t notice.

“Look how big his thing is getting,” Stephany said. The woman was licking it up and down, giving the camera a good view of his nearly erect cock. Stephany glanced down at my crotch and I’m sure she could tell I was hard. I suddenly felt very naked.

“Does yours get escort izmir that big?”

“Stephany!” I put my hands over my lap. I couldn’t believe my friend just asked me if my dick was big. She has always been more out-going and forward than me, but that was way beyond anything I expected from her.

“What?” she asked innocently. “I’m just curious.”

Stephany looked back to the computer where the woman was now bobbing her head up and down on his cock.

“How big does it get?”


“Your thing.”

“Oh my god, Stephany. I can’t believe you’re asking my how big my ‘thing’ is.”

“So? I’m just curious. I’ve never seen one before.”

We continued to watch the woman give the man a blow job until he was fully erect – about ten inches long. The woman grabbed it by the base and wiggled it back and forth.

“I don’t know, but it certainly doesn’t get that big,” I said.

The woman squatted over his cock and rubbed the tip back and forth across her pussy lips.

“That’s good. I think I’d be afraid if I saw one that big. It must hurt.”

The woman slide all the way down on his cock in one slow motion. It didn’t seem to be hurting her – she moaned loudly and before long she was bouncing up and down. It’s one of my favorite scenes because her tits bounce up and down, too. We continued to watch in silence for several minutes. I never imagined I would be watching porn with a girl and my dick was as hard as a rock. Stephany noticed when I adjusted myself again.

“Is it hard now?” She was staring at my crotch. I blushed and squirmed a bit. “Can I see it?”

“What?” You want to see my –, my —” I choked on the right term to use.

“Your thing. I want to see you penis. I’ve never seen one before.”

I was very confused – embarrassed by being asked how big my dick was but also excited by Stephany’s curiosity. Slowly the idea of showing it to her became very exciting so I decided to be bold for escort izmir once. Maybe if I showed her mine she would show me hers. With my heart was pounding I closed and locked my bedroom door and then stood in the middle of the room. Stephany swiveled her chair around to face me. First I took my shirt off. Then I hooked my thumbs inside the waist of my shorts and underwear and slowly pushed them down over my hips. The waistband pulled my stiff cock down until it suddenly popped out. Stephany let out a soft gasp. I dropped my shorts to the floor and kicked them aside. Suddenly there I was – standing naked in front of a girl with my dick pointing straight up. Stephany didn’t say anything at first but then she giggled when I flexed my prostrate muscle and made it dance up and down.

“Well, it certainly looks big enough to me,” she said. That was encouraging but I knew then what I know now – my dick is average at best. “Does it hurt when it is hard like that?”

I shook my head and then pulled it downward. “No, just a little uncomfortable when its bent the wrong way.”

Stephany giggled again when I let my dick go and it bounced up so I did that several times. I grabbed the shaft lightly and began tugging down gently, stretching the head. After several strokes I squeezed a pearl of clear fluid out of the tip.

“Is that…?” Stephany asked quietly.


With my thumb I spread it around the tip until it was shiney and slick and went back to gently tugging. Stephany’s eyes were glued to my cock as I stroked it up and down. With my other hand I cupped my balls and rolled them around.

“Doesn’t that hurt?” she asked.

“No. As long as I’m gentle with them.”

“That’s where your cum is, right?” She kept staring at my cock and balls.

I nodded.

“Are you going to make it come out? Are you going to squirt?”

“Do you want me to?”

Stephany’s eyes grew bigger and she looked up at me, nodding rapidly. Her innocent curiosity and rapt attention was intoxicating and I had lost all inhibition. I never dreamed being naked in front a girl could be so exciting. I got a bottle of baby oil out of my dresser and sat on the edge of my bed directly in front of her. I continued to play with my cock dry – alternately tugging up and down on the shaft and gently squeezing the head. When another drop of pre-cum formed at the tip she started softly breathing out loud.

After several minutes of dry play, I poured oil on my palm and wrapped my hand around the shaft and stroked up and down, letting the tip disappear into my fist and then thrusting it back out. It didn’t take long to get to the edge of cumming so I paused several times to make it last.

“Make it squirt,” Stephany said.

That sent me over the edge and there was no way I was going to stop so I stroked my cock faster and began to breath heavier. Stephany must have been excited, too, because I could hear her breathing, too. After just a few moments I felt my orgasm form way down at the base of my cock and I gasped – “Yah, I’m going to cum.” Then I let out a groan and we both watched in amazement as my first shot of cum flew out of my cock. Stephany gasped as I continued to pump away and squirt a half-dozen more shots of cum onto the floor. Then a few more dribbled out on to my balls.

“Wow.” Stephany said after several moments of silence. “Do you usually squirt that much stuff?”

I sat back on the bed and looked down at my shiney cock (it showed no signs of softening immediately) and then down at all the globs of cum on the floor. Even I was amazed how much there was. But suddenly I felt very self-conscious about my nakedness so I grabbed a towel, wiped up the mess on the floor and went into the bathroom to clean myself. When I returned Stephany had turned the sex video off and was back to researching for our project. We spent the rest of the afternoon studying and didn’t say a word about what had just happened. Later that night she sent me a text message thanking me for “the show.” I wrote back that she was welcome but next time it was her turn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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