Emil has “Special Needs” Ch. 04

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Lara tore off the wrapping paper calmly, half-expecting some random present bought for her in haste at the local drugstore. Instead, however, she found herself looking at a drawing of a young girl with long hair. It was someone she recognized instantly; it was her.

Lara noted the pencil strokes were free-flowing and graceful, accentuated with blending and shading. In fact, the drawing was an impressive rendition of her, done with thoughtful care. The drawing/sketch paper had been mounted on a big sturdy piece of cardboard/canvas, and the drawing itself was framed with white construction paper. At the bottom, it was signed, “Emil”.

Michael and Tom still had their eyes on the blissful couple, and could see the impressive-sized illustration Lara held up. They, too, noticed the undeniable resemblance the drawing bore to Lara. One could easily see the emotions contained on the face of the wistful subject.

While Lara gawked at the portrait lovingly bestowed upon her, she remained speechless; Emil, on the other hand, couldn’t restrain himself any longer. Between smelling Lara’s spicy perfume, feeling the warmth of her sexy body next to his, and of course recalling their shower earlier that morning, Emil was beside himself with desire. He needed to touch her now, no matter who saw them at that point. So right there, with his family scattered around them, Emil began to gently stroke Lara’s hair, silky, soft, and unbelievably feminine.

Tom had recovered from the impromptu hard-on from a few minutes earlier, but upon seeing Emil caressing Lara’s long hair, he could once more feel a boner on its way to his groin. Aw shit, time to turn around again.

Michael, for his part, was truly starting to appreciate the emotions his kid brother was feeling. Strangely enough, at that instant, Mike didn’t see Emil as “special needs”. Rather, he saw him as a sensitive young man who was falling in love, fast and hard.

Meredith observed the couple with a tinge of envy herself, hoping that, one day, a nice boy would feel the same way towards her, and he would treat her with the same tenderness Emil was treating Lara.

Finally, in her own corner of the room, Kate’s eyes welled up with tears. She was witnessing her baby boy growing up, for the first time experiencing full-fledged adult emotions everyone else in the world felt. Truth be told, Kate was surprised things had progressed this far between Emil and Lara. The nurturing mom in her had momentarily doubted the reciprocity of Lara’s feelings towards Emil. In the back of her mind, Kate wondered if Lara had ulterior motives, because of course, as a doting mother, she didn’t want to see her baby boy hurt; never mind what she had told her husband earlier.


It was now past 1 am, the rest of the household now in their bedrooms long ago passed out from the hustle and bustle of the evening’s activities. Mr. Beauchamp finally got home from work an hour earlier. The lights were now off in the entire house, except for the neon glare currently emanating from the den’s TV.

Emil and Lara were relaxed on the sofa, watching some of his favorite cartoons. Well, not exactly. Lara was thinking of the beautiful portrait she had just received, and she was feeling that she wanted to repay Emil in kind. Since going out to buy him a present wasn’t a feasible option at the moment, she opted giving him a treat she would personally deliver: a sensuous massage.

Emil sat on the floor with his back against the center seat of the sofa. Lara sat up above, hovering over him, her legs wrapped around his shoulders and chest. With her calming voice, Lara gradually led him to relax. “I want you to close your eyes baby, and just enjoy what I’m doing to you”. As she said this, Lara could smell the remnants of the body wash and shampoo Emil used earlier in their morning shower, long since overtaken by his natural scent, which she found incredibly sexy.

She began massaging his scalp, using her fingertips to tap into the little pressure points on his head. Then she proceeded to knead, squeeze, rub, mold, and work her magic on Emil’s head, neck, and shoulders. Her skillful hands were performing nothing short of a sensual miracle on the willing young man.

Emil was getting plenty aroused from the scalp massage alone. What’s more, even though she was wearing jeans, Emil couldn’t resist hugging Lara’s legs, which were tightly wrapped around him. He badly wanted to feel her bare legs.

To say that Emil was enjoying this special treatment immensely would be an understatement. Ooh… Lara was driving him crazy. The massage was so soothing, so relaxing. Not surprisingly, he developed an impressive hard-on.

Lara sensed her lover’s arousal by the rate at which he was breathing, moaning, and feeling her up.

“Honey, we can’t touch each other down here. We’d better go upstairs to my room. It wouldn’t be good if your family saw us”, she whispered softly into his ear.

“Ok”, he agreed, so they stood up and started making their way towards bahis firmaları the stairs.

Hand in hand, they walked up the long winding staircase, about to show each other the affection that only two people in love could.


Soon, they were in the guest bedroom upstairs, sitting on the king-sized bed that used to belong to Emil’s parents. Emil wasted no time in re-initiating contact with his girlfriend. He kissed, caressed, rubbed, squeezed, grabbed, fondled, and groped her for a little while, even though both were fully clothed. It didn’t take but a minute for Emil to develop a raging boner all over again.

“Lara, I love you so much…” Emil declared wholeheartedly. He had never felt such strong emotion for another person before, not even his mom.

“Oh, I love you, too, Emil. My Emil…” she responded sweetly, and then gave him the warmest bear hug her whole being could muster.

Before long, he felt the urge to squeeze Lara’s creamy breasts. He also wanted to suck on them.

“I want your tits”, he declared simply, whereupon Lara graciously acquiesced.

In the act of worshiping Lara’s full breasts, Emil spared nothing. He would tease, lick, and suck the hell out of them, one by one, of course. He would hold them up in the highest regard.

However, in the back of her mind, Lara was already wondering; wondering how things would be between them when she went back to school. How would Emil deal with her absence? Surely, she was the closest he had come to having an intimate girlfriend. Would he be fine, what with her being miles away, for weeks, or even months at a time?

As soon as the uneasy thought entered her mind, Lara dismissed it away, because it was too much for her to handle at the moment. For now, she just wanted to enjoy the immensely agreeable moments with her handsome boyfriend.

Unexpectedly, though, Emil lifted his head up from her ample cleavage, in order to ask a question.

“Will you suck my cock?” he asked quietly.

Admittedly a bit surprised, Lara was quiet for a few seconds.

“Yes, honey, of course I’ll suck your cock.” she replied. “It looks yummy…”

Lara quickly planned out which position Emil should assume; the position most conducive to her intentions of devouring his cock. Then she quickly shed all of her clothes.

“Lie down, baby”, she instructed, so Emil stretched out on the bed, laying his head on the pillow. Lara’s face hovered above his waiting cock. She fixed her gaze on him intensely for a good minute.

Slowly, she unlaced his sneakers and pulled off his white socks. Then she pulled and slid off his sweat pants, exposing his long legs.

Lara could already see the wet spot that Emil’s pre-cum made on his briefs, not to mention his huge bulge; currently it was presenting itself to her in no uncertain terms. As she slipped off the briefs, Emil’s hard cock was finally released from its cage and immediately sprung up into action, as if to salute her.

Kneeling on the bed, all bent over, Lara was now in the optimal position to perform fellatio on her man. Grabbing the base of Emil’s dick, she mischievously flicked her tongue at the tip, well moist with his juices. She then rubbed the moistness on her tender nipples, an action of which Emil approved. All the while, he stared down at her, intent on fully communicating his reactions. Lara’s movements were intended for the sole reason of making Emil feel pure carnal pleasure.

Emil’s pubic hair wasn’t as coarse as expected, but rather quite soft and not obstructive to the blow-job Lara was planning to give her man. With her right index finger, using feather-like strokes, Lara lightly caressed Emil’s swollen, tender balls. They were amazingly sensitive, the skin on them quite taught. The young man even winced once or twice at her touch. That signaled to Lara she would have to be extra gentle teasing them, but oh, she was going to tease them, alright… She had intentions of teasing all of him like crazy. Lara then took one exposed testicle into her mouth, her playful tongue moving and sliding it around somewhat, until she eventually released it with a pop. She then gave equal attention and treatment to the other testicle, well deserving in its own right. Incidentally, she noticed Emil shutting his eyes tight at every few intervals, so she was aware of the intense sensations her mouth was causing him.

After much playful teasing, she had a crucial question for him.

“Ready for me to suck your cock, baby?”

Emil gently nodded, still staring at her intensely. He was completely under her spell and at her mercy.

Lara slowly grabbed the base of Emil’s prick with her left hand, and with her right, sturdily held his cock in place for what her naughty tongue was scheming. She lowered her moist mouth onto his rock-hard member, all the while keeping her eyes fixed on his.

While she was seriously giving her man head, Lara stuck her naked ass up in the air; at times she even gave the impression she was intentionally kaçak iddaa wiggling it for him, to create a nasty-girl effect. Meanwhile, her full pendulous breasts swung around heavily, her nipples occasionally brushing up against the sheets.

After only a few minutes of his first ever blow job, Emil couldn’t resist the urge to grab Lara’s head; he sat up and gently put his hands on top, instinctively guiding her head up and down his prick. A third party observing the couple would say the scene looked like an unmistakable precursor to Lara fucking the shit out of her guy.

“You like that, baby?” she asked in a little girl voice, her big brown eyes looking up at him for the response to her silly question. His mouth gaping open, and his eyes glazed with lust, Emil affirmed with a nod.

Amazingly at that point, Lara’s lipstick was still fresh, along with the rest of her impeccably applied makeup. Her beautifully-coiffed hair was still in tact, and her shiny earrings were dangling at the rhythm of her sucking motions. Lara looked like a fucking goddess, Emil thought to himself. In fact, she reminded him of a character from one of his favorite mythology TV shows; the female character always unfailingly dressed to the nines for no other reason than to look gorgeous. Notably, Emil found Lara most irresistibly enchanting when he looked down to see her luscious lips wrapped around his throbbing cock.

For the first time in her life, Lara was ready to go all out in pleasing her man. She carefully guided the tip of Emil’s cock and slowly stuck it down her throat, her eyes watering immediately.

“Lara!” exclaimed Emil, his eyes wide with uncontrollable lust. He felt he was about to explode.

She, however, had the urge to gag, but downplayed it as much as she could, determined that her lover enjoy his first ever deep-throat. She, too, had the feeling he was about to burst…


The next morning, Lara was up extra early. She had a lot on her mind. She fixed herself some strong coffee. As she sat alone at the wide kitchen table, extremely pensive, she sipped her coffee.

At that instant, Kate walked into the kitchen. She was freshly showered and eager to make some preparations for the next few days, because her sister, Teri, and Teri’s husband, would soon be joining them. There was much to do!

After helping herself to a cup of coffee, Kate sat down with her own mug, across from Lara, who, to be honest, didn’t expect anyone else to be up so early.

“Dear, I’m thinking of taking the whole gang downtown today, just to stroll around, check out the lights and decorations, and maybe do some last minute shopping. I’d love for you to come”, Kate offered warmly.

“Sure, I’d love to”, Lara replied with a sweet smile.

As Kate observed the diminutive young lady sitting across from her, she was realizing more and more how nice a young lady Lara was. No wonder Emil was enamored of her.

After a hardy breakfast, the young brothers, cousins, Lara, and Kate all packed into Mike’s huge SUV. They were soon marveling at all the wondrous holiday lights and decorations downtown had to offer.

After about half an hour of strolling together, Michael, Emil, and Tom decided to separate from the women to see what Game Stop had to offer these days, as well as some other guy-friendly shops that were conveniently nearby.

Unbeknownst to the rest of his family, Emil had been saving up birthday money he had received from his grandparents over the years. He had amassed a small fortune, $100, which he figured was enough to buy his girl some nice perfume, along with a pretty little trinket, as tokens of his affection.

When he made his intentions of generosity known to his brother and cousin, Michael and Tom initially planned to talk Emil out of spending so much money in one shot. But, looking at each other for a minute, they figured it was his money, and if he wanted to spend it on his crush, well, then, it was his right to do so. So after looking around Bloomingdales a bit, the two young men helped Emil take his items to the cashier to get rung up.

When Lara received the exquisite gifts from her lover, she remarked in a girlish voice, “Ooh, baby, you’re spoiling me …”


Later that night at the dinner table, Lara was seated between two handsome brothers. On the other side of Emil was his mom. Since Tom and Meredith weren’t joining them for the evening, Kate had made the dining room table considerably smaller by taking out the detachable lengthening panel. That evening, the dining table was circular, not to mention much more intimate.

Lara looked absolutely stunning. Even Mr. Beauchamp, usually quietly reserved, remarked on how lovely she looked.

With the laid back schedule she had settled into the last few days, she felt she had ample time to spend on her long chestnut hair. She had decided to fashion it after a trendy hairstyle she had seen in a magazine while on campus.

Lara wore a red, spaghetti-strap mini-dress, kaçak bahis which did a poor job of hiding her top-heavy assets, to the delight of all the males in the room. She also spent a little more time than usual applying her make-up. Feeling quite coquettish, she put on some deep red lipstick to match her sexy outfit.

Lara proudly wore her sparkling new necklace. The gorgeous gift from her boyfriend even had a daisy pendant daintily dangling from it. Her perfume, Juicy Couture, had also been a gift from him; a particularly sensual fragrance that was housed in a feminine-looking bottle. It was no surprise that when she walked into the dining room to sit down beside Emil, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. Lara’s face was all aglow.

“Lara, dear, you look beautiful!” Kate offered.

“Thanks, Kate, it’s thanks to your son here…” Lara replied, tapping Emil’s shoulder gently. “He got me the necklace”, she held up the shiny flower pendant for Kate to observe. “He also bought me the perfume I’m wearing”, she held out her wrist for Kate to sniff.

“Well, you would look pretty regardless, but with those special additions, you look even more gorgeous!” Kate opined.

“Thanks, Kate! You’ve raised quite a nice young man, here”, Lara added, looking blissfully into Emil’s eyes.

Through the course of the scrumptious dinner, Michael noticed at several instances Lara reaching over to grab Emil’s knee under the table. Even when he tried not to look each time Lara rubbed his brother’s knee, Michael couldn’t avoid it, thanks to his damned peripheral vision.

That evening’s dinner conversation extended past the usual hour or so. Since it would be Lara’s last evening with the family, and Mr. Beauchamp was present for the meal for a change, the whole table was buzzing with conversation, mostly about Lara and the family she grew up in.

Michael and his parents soon learned that Lara grew up in considerable wealth, as St. John was one of, if not the wealthiest, cities in Indiana. In fact, Michael was shocked to learn this piece of information, since Lara was always somewhat evasive when the Gang of Five asked about her upbringing.

“So I’m assuming you work at the deli because your parents want you to earn your own way, right?” Michael asked. Throughout their friendship, he recalled the countless hours Lara spent working at the deli, even through the many Finals Week they all had to struggle through.

“Actually, they didn’t want me to major in Sociology, much less become a social worker. They would have preferred I studied Law or Medicine, at a university close by. So they offered me a free ride if I would change my major and go to school in Indiana. Otherwise, it was no dice. Even now, when I go home to visit, they still try to change my mind with monetary incentives, if you get my meaning…” Lara informed the whole table.

“But you have a passion for social work”, Kate spoke up sagely and understandingly.

“Yes, I do. I think this world needs more social workers, not lawyers.”

“Amen to that!” in unison, the Beauchamps all piped up in agreement.


Michael and Lara were in his car, well on their way to the airport. In just a few hours, Lara would be reunited with her own family in St. John.

“So, have you had enough of us Beauchamps yet?” Michael asked her facetiously.

“No, of course not, Michael; your family is so nice. Everyone, even your cousins, they’ve all been amazing. Your mom, especially, she’s such a sweetheart.”

“Don’t forget my brother”, he pointed out the obvious, with a slight grin. That elicited a big smile from Lara. In fact, she was now beaming from ear to ear.

Although neither she nor Emil had told anyone that they had become boyfriend-girlfriend, Michael (and everyone else) easily figured it out. Hell, the two lovebirds had practically been joined at the hip since Lara first arrived.

After some small talk about the traffic and weather ahead of them on their way to the airport, Lara got serious.

“Emil is so special. He needs someone to take care of him, Michael. I want to be the one to take care of him.”

Michael froze. He didn’t expect that from Lara. He sat there behind the wheel, completely speechless. He was thinking to himself, “Man, Emil was barely an adult and he had already landed himself a good woman ready and willing to share his life. She was prepared to take care of all his special needs. We should all be so lucky…”

“Mike, are you okay? Did I upset you with what I said?” inquired Lara.

“No, no, you didn’t upset me at all. I’m a bit taken aback is all; actually, I was just thinking about Emil and my parents. Someone to take care of him when my parents got too old, well, like I told you on our ride here a few days ago, it’s always been a subject of concern. My mom especially, she would be relieved to find out Emil would be cared for in the future…”

“Yeah, well, I just wanted you to know that I love your brother, and I see myself with him for…well, for a long time.”

Again, Michael sat there, completely speechless. In his head were countless thoughts and emotions, all whirling around at lightning speed. He didn’t know what to think, to be honest.

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