Entrapped in Her Panties Ch. 03

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When Joy and Chantelle spotted the two chaps as they walked into the bar they both looked at each other and smiled. Chantelle instinctively moved her hands to arrange her luscious cleavage in her black lacy bra – just showing in the open neck of her red blouse. She looked over at Chantelle in her skimpy white top over a blue micro-skirt with the reflection of her white panties glinting in the light of the dimly lit booth in which they were sat. Their friend, Susan, had left them to talk to a lone chap that had been at the bar.

“Now we have seen Susan strike it hot perhaps our turn has just walked in” said Chantelle.

Joy twisted a little to see the two guys ordering a drink and sit on stools at the central island bar – one faced them. She turned back “I reckon you could be right – they look lonely enough” responded Joy.

Just at this moment Chantelle noticed a signal from Susan – her flat mate – sitting over the other side of the bar in another booth with a man sat beside her. It was her holding her glass with both hands and meant a meeting in the toilets was called.

“Come on Joy, time to meet with Susan” said Chantelle – they collected up their bags and stood and walked to the toilet – as they passed the two guys at the bar Chantelle looked one in the eye and smiled a little. They entered the toilet. A few moments later Susan joined them and offered up a big smile.

“I think I’ve got him” she said “he’s taken the bait and wants to try on my panties”.

Joy giggled “have you one of your special pairs on?” she asked.

“Oh yes – and he is going to find out what that means big time” responded Susan.

“What do you reckon to the two chaps at the bar?” asked Chantelle to both the others.

“Ready to be plucked” stated Susan “the dark haired one couldn’t resist a good look at all of us as we came in here – the fair haired one will take a bit more coaxing I think”.

“Do you reckon they will come to us?” asked Joy.

“Let’s give them 15 minutes to see” responded Chantelle.

At this point Susan lifted her small black dress to reveal the tops of her stay up black stockings and pink lacy panties, which she hooked with both thumbs and drew down to her feet. Stepping out of them she picked them up and placed them in her handbag.

“I have a man out there gagging to put these on – time to see if they fit!” stated Susan.

“If we go past the 15 minutes without action I will make a move on the guys – Joy have you got your room key?” said Chantelle.

“Yep, I called into Monties on the way here and got room 11” responded Joy.

“Right then – time to play” said Susan rather triumphantly.

With this Chantelle and Joy moved out to retake their seat in the front booth. As Chantelle walked by the two men she looked specifically into the eyes of the dark haired chap and smiled a little. She saw and felt a positive response. They went back to small talk over their depleted drinks in the booth.

After a while, Susan set off to her man in a back booth of the bar.

After a few minutes Chantelle noticed Susan’s man entering the gents toilet and leant over to Joy “Susan has worked her spell” said Chantelle.

Right then the two guys from the bar both went to the Gents and returned after a few minutes – they started talking to the barman. By now the dark haired man was regularly eying up Chantelle and she knew it. “I think we are on as well” she stated.

A few more minutes and the dark haired chap wondered over to the booth with a full bottle of Bacardi and four glasses in his hand – the fair haired guy followed in the shadows carrying an ice bucket full of cokes.

“Have you seen the hot Bacardi TV advert for the drink that makes you a natural at dancing the Samba – we seem to have some here and wandered if you fancied a lesson?” The dark haired guy spoke. The fair haired chap waited in the shadows for a moment. Chantelle looked up, gave a slightly sullen look and asked “what makes you think I am not already the hottest Samba dancer in town?”

The guy looked down – Chantelle consciously muscled up her breasts to ensure he would notice her luscious cleavage encased with the hint of black lace showing around the cut of her blouse. “I sort of thought that” the bloke added “with an outfit like that you clearly have the passion for Latin moves”.

He then moved to sit down, placed the bottle and the glasses on the table and offered his right hand to shake “I was born a Steve and love to dance” – he added. “Chantelle” was the response as she accepted the handshake placing her hand gently in his.

“This is Bob” – said Steve as his friend moved out of the shadows with the ice bucket.

“My name is Joy” – said Joy offering up her hand to Bob. He quickly put down the ice bucket and the opener and sat down beside her, drying his right hand from the ice bucket condensation on his trousers to make a handshake.

The talking quickly split into two separate conversations with Joy and Bob’s body language bursa escort confirming to Chantelle that Bob was the shy one – but she knew Joy would sort that out in time. The drinks flowed – the girls taking care not to drink too quickly, but the boys were knocking back the rum and cokes pretty fast.

Chantelle kept Steve’s glass topped up and their conversation flowed easily.

“So tell me about your home life” Chantelle asked.

“Not lots to say – away from home for work, have been a few days now and thought a bit of company would be fun” replied Steve – trying to avoid talk of his wife and home.

“So you are looking for fun are you?” replied Chantelle “what sort of fun do you mean?”

Steve was already quite horny; in an earlier phone call to his wife she had teased him over the wire about how she was in the nude from a shower and was masturbating herself to orgasm and asking him to stroke his dick in sympathy. He had actually found himself doing just that before he was due out with Bob so had raised a stiffy but not finished himself off.

“Your company is good fun” started Steve “I am happy to be with you for the evening.”

“What about the night?” launched Chantelle “I like to have really good fun in my bedroom at night, just the thought of a good looking man like you turns me warm and wet to the point that I yearn a bit of sexual activity.”

Steve couldn’t believe his luck – she was a beautiful woman and seemed to be opening up for some extra curricular activity. Just her words had his cock now starting to strain within his trousers. She moved closer and leaned closely in toward his face. “What is it that you dream of when you have a wank in your hotel room!” she suddenly said.

As she did this, her right hand gently moved onto Steve’s bulge in his trousers and started to probe and rub, he did not resist – indeed he opened up his legs a little beckoning her to feel a bit more of him. Chantelle recognised the sign and slowly lowered Steve’s trouser zipper to allow her hand to start to feel his cock through the thin material of his underpants.

Chantelle caressed his quickly stiffening cock and pulled the top elastic that allowed his 8 inch cock to escape the confines of the underwear with a couple of inches showing above the waist band. She took the tip in between her fingers and started to move up and down the exposed part, moistening the tip with pre-cum that was starting to flow.

“Bosoms like yours” answered Steve – not comfortable to be admitting he ever wanked – but his wife was of the pert type and he tended to fantasise about a voluptuous woman and Chantelle was all of that.

Chantelle shuffled a bit closer and twisted a bit to emphasise her cleavage further under Steve’s chin “bet you’d enjoy for me to bring you off using these then!” she said “I am an expert in tit wanks!”

Steve had not even thought before of using woman’s breasts as a wanking opportunity but the thought drove him to a new level of sexual excitement – the thrusting twitch in his dick was very noticeable to Chantelle who immediately pinched his erection to subside it a little, sensing Steve was fast reaching the point of ejaculation.

Steve suddenly became aware that he was now yearning for Chantelle’s company and sexual attention – his dick was now talking louder than his conscience and the rum was fuelling his desire for sexual relief. At this time he realised that Bob was back at the bar – getting some more cokes it looked like – and the blonde from the back of the room was leaning over whispering into the ear of Joy – she was grinning at what she was being told. Steve turned back to Chantelle – who was again livening up his cock with gentle strokes after the pinch.

“This fella feels like he would like to play – what do you say – I have a flat just round the corner we could spend some time together?” Chantelle said

Steve looked again at her cleavage and then up to her face. “I am with him – I need to let him know my plans” responded Steve.

“No issue, I’ll get Joy to let him know where we are going” and with this she turned to Joys ear and whispered into it. Turning back to Steve she said “She’s cool with that and will tell Bob what we are up to”. She then increased her hold of his dick along its length and moved to deliver a kiss on his mouth that was soft and really lingering. Steve was now gagging for sex.

Chantelle’s hands moved to seal up his trousers again – although she made no attempt to stick his cock back inside his underpants – the two inches was still sticking past his underwear waist band – but he was now encased again in his trousers. She leaned down to him again and looked him in the eye. “I think you need a little something to keep you excited whilst we walk – come with me” she stated in a fairly firm tone.

With this she arose, picked up her hand bag and urged Steve to stand up – which he duly did although a little shaky as he realised he had consumed a lot of rum. She then led him away from the booth görükle escort toward the toilets – he followed looking over at Bob and Joy – and noticed Joy was rubbing Bobs cock so he assumed they would be making their own fun and decided they would regroup at the Hotel. He moved off hand in hand with Chantelle.

When they reached the ladies toilet Chantelle took a slightly firmer grip of Steve’s hand and almost dragged him inside before he could react. When they got in it was quickly apparent the toilet was empty and she urged him into one of the cubicles – he obeyed already a bit embarrassed by his predicament. Chantelle followed him in and closed the door behind her. She asked Steve to sit on the closed seat and placed her hands on his chest making a circling motion to his nipples.

“You like me playing with these – don’t you?” – stated Chantelle.

Steve’s cock twitched proving he was turned on by the action.

“Well I am now going to release my bosoms from my bra and I want you to think about them whilst we walk back to the flat – so I want you to cover up your nipples with my bra!” Chantelle stated. “Take off your shirt!” she added

Steve though about this for all of 20 seconds – to see her curves in front of him is all he wanted at that moment so he reacted straight away and undid his shirt pushing it back over his shoulders and extracting his arms.

Chantelle undid a clip behind her red top that allowed it to lower itself onto her hips exposing her bosoms encased into her black lacy bra. Looking straight into Steve’s eyes she then reached behind and undid her bra – slowly she took the two straps and lowered it to let her beautiful firm breasts become exposed in front of Steve’s face. He was totally enchanted – especially as her deodorant gave off a lovely fragrance as she moved the bra off her arms.

Moving slowly, she then urged Steve to offer up his hands so she could slip the bra straps over his arms and then leant forward to reach behind him to do the clip up behind him. As she did this, her now free breasts touched the chest and chin of Steve who took in the fragrance and warmth emanating from her cleavage. He couldn’t stop himself giving a small kiss to the flesh whilst it was in range.

“There – this will help you remember me as we walk” she noted as she moved back into the upright position and recovered her red top placing it back in position covering her breasts – clipping it back in place. “You can put your shirt back on now” she added. Steve obeyed.

It certainly felt strange wearing a lacy under wired bra under his shirt but his raging hard on was the clue that it was increasing his build up of sexual tension. Further, he could now make out Chantelle’s nipples through the red top – pert and erect with apparent excitement and with her beautiful full and firm breasts clearly outlined.

“Come” said Chantelle urging Steve back to his feet and undoing the door they walked out of the toilet and toward the door of the bar. As they left Steve noted that Bob and Joy had apparently left already – he also spotted the Blonde in the little black dress at the bar sipping a drink.

They walked out to the street and moved down a few blocks holding hands.

“I love the cool air washing over my uncovered breasts – it always makes them keen for some real action” stated Chantelle “how do yours feel covered in feminine lace?”

Steve reached up with his free hand to feel the bra through his shirt “I don’t know why – but one hell of a turn on” he said.

Chantelle let out a little laugh. “Exciting eh!” she stated “not far now just around the next block” They reached a doorway and Steve was urged by her hand movement to open and enter the door into a dimly lit hallway. They walked along the corridor to a door that she opened with a key from her bag. They entered and as Chantelle closed the door she lifted the latch so that the lock was no longer applied.

Steve looked into the apartment – a sitting area and open kitchenette was before him with a number of doors off the main area.

Chantelle moved close to Steve and brought their lips together – another long passionate kiss that Steve could not resist in any way. As the kissing continued Steve was slowly but surely urged back wards toward a door that Chantelle opened as they reached it. The activity continued – and she slickly undid the shirt – stripping it off Steve – then undoing his trousers and lowering them down his legs. By the time they reached the bed he sat down from the motion of moving backwards. She was towering over him with those beautiful bosoms casting a special silhouette for him to see. As she flicked off his shoes and removed the trousers he complied allowing her to lead. She then pushed him back onto the bed and quietly spoke “I suggest you get comfortable on the bed – it is time for me to take off my clothes!”

Steve shuffled to the centre of the bed and watched as Chantelle moved to a small cassette unit on which she pushed a escort bayan button filling the room with the beat of music – as she did this her body started to sway, her hips moving to the beat with her bum toward Steve and she proceeded to move like a professional lap dancer. Steve’s cock came back to full life quickly with this sight – especially as Chantelle leaned over to touch her toes, giving a sight of her black lacy panties shrouding her bum and showing a hint of the bulge of her cunt – he thought he even made out a little glistening moisture in that area.

The leather skirt was first to the floor as she turned to show her panties from the front and then the red top was carefully removed to expose her beautiful breasts with very erect nipples. Steve’s erection now full on with a vengeance.

At this point Chantelle turned back to the dresser and opened the top drawer. She removed a plastic case and returned to the bed alongside Steve. She climbed onto the bed and straddled him with her panty clad bum in full contact with the tip of his penis that was still poking out from his underpants. The feeling was electric for Steve – his penis throbbed and was totally hard.

Chantelle then retrieved the plastic pouch and said to Steve “If you want my sort of fun you need to play by my rules” – with this she opened a zipper on the small case and extracted a pair of handcuffs – “are you game?”. She kept up a slow rubbing motion with her groin against Steve’s penis, driving him to enhanced hardness. He thought about it for a little and responded “you’re a pretty strange girl”. But the eyes said it all – he was conceding.

Chantelle leaned forward taking Steve’s right wrist and fixing on the handcuff. Then she leaned over again placing her breasts in Steve’s face and manoeuvred the other cuff through the metal bed head and fixed it around his left wrist. As she slipped back down his body she again kissed him passionately and then sat up to look down at him.

Chantelle spoke “My pretty little boy in his brassiere – you do look yummy!”

She moved further down until she was sat on his knees. At this point she peeled away his underpants to expose his raging hard dick stood to attention. She continued to pull down his underpants until they reached his shins and then started to caress his penis with gentle movements and again pinching when she sensed he was close to ejaculation. She was an expert tease.

Steve was beginning to feel rather vulnerable as he realised Chantelle was both in control and able to tease him mercilessly. He tried his bonds but realised he was totally fixed. Right at this point Chantelle stopped the treatment and looked down at him.

“You wanted to be Tit wanked and I think you are now ripe.”

With this Chantelle moved so that her bosoms were aligned with Steve’s dick and leant down cupping them together to form an enhanced cleavage. She then started to rub his dick using her bosoms to rub his penis with the soft flesh. As she detected his penis expanding with excitement she upped the pace a little creating an absolute explosion by Steve. He shot his pent up load all over his chest and groin. Steve thought his first squirt actually splashed just under his chin he was that excited. Once the orgasm subsided she moved backward and demounted the bed and moved through to the sitting room.

Steve suddenly became aware of voices from the living area. It sounded like another woman was there. The voices came toward the door and Chantelle re-entered the room – looking at Steve she said “I think I should introduce you to my flatmate, Susan”. In walked Susan in her small black dress.

Suddenly Steve felt very vulnerable fixed to the bed, wearing a black lacy bra and a whole load of glistening spunk up his groin and chest. “Looks like we have a willing participant here then” – opened Susan.

The girls then returned to their conversation as if Steve wasn’t there.

“So how did you finish up with the back bar man?” asked Chantelle

“He is probably being extracted as we speak – I super glued him to the cubicle fully dressed in pink lace with panties, bra and inserts all glued to him and I jacked him off as I left – his clothes are out the window – he was fully ready to be discovered.” Susan continued “I waited around until someone went into the loo and it was really funny. This guy came out after a minute or so and walked straight to the barman to tell him he had a pervert stuck in his toilet”.

“What happened then?” enquired Chantelle

Susan continued “the barman went over to check out the story and after a few moments returned to make a call to 911 asking for a paramedic. They showed up in about 10 minutes, it was a man and a woman that went in to find out what was there. Once they had worked it out the woman came out to call base on her radio and was laughing like a hyena – had some great fun telling her controller what they had to deal with.

“You know how to truss up a bloke like no other” said Chantelle – laughing at the thought of his ongoing embarrassment.

Steve started to get really worried as this was all said before him. “What have you got planned for me might I ask?” he said to the two girls “and what has happened to Bob?” he added

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