Eta Carinae Pt. 04

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Eta Carinae Pt. 04

Author’s Note:

This is a chronological story of a mother and son’s incestuous relationship. All characters are over 18. I would love to hear feedback! Please vote and comment

David and Elaine’s relationship solidifies with some interesting changes ahead…..

‘Burning through the nebular cloud.’

Sunday morning was lazy with a late brunch. We both caught up on work stuff. I organized and packed the truck. We decided to get out there around 3. The tide will be going out so we’ll be down close to the ‘wet lip’ of the beach. We were in the sunshine between the morning fog and the evening fog. Pulling into the parking lot, there was one truck and a couple surfers working the north end of the cove.

We mounted up and headed toward the south end of the cove. I’ve been amazed at how much I can carry with these rucksacks! It had a small, hook-shaped promontory that was good fishing, but also provide some windbreak. The cove was about 1200 yards wide with nice sand and a rock beach. At certain times of the day, the surf breaks in a way that attracts surfers. The hike down to the spot I usually set up at. We had been camping so many times, that setup didn’t take long. I always took a 2 man dome tent. Handy for winds, fog, mist, etc. I put a line in the water and put the rod in a holder hammered into the sand.

We ate and conversed about several topics. I have been amazed at the new ‘dimensions’ of her personality that have opened up since our relationship shifted. We were finally full and we packed up the food. I dug into my ruck and took out a waterproof match case that contained a joint. We both took 2 or 3 hits and that was enough! Again I reached into my pack and produced a leather case.

“Would you mind if I had a cigar?” I inquired.

“No, not at all! When did you start smoking cigars?”

“About a year ago, Gary and I were fishing here. He had smoked a few cigars and asked me if I wanted to try one. He gave me the short cigar 101, and I tried one. A ‘Macanudo Cafe Corona’. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it! I went down to the tobacco shop downtown and bought a few cigars to try out. I bought these too.” I handed her the leather cigar case. It had a pocket for a cutter.

“This is nice! So, what do you like about cigars?” She asked with curiosity.

“There’s much more complexity with cigars, as compared to cigarettes. It’s like chugging cheap wine and then being introduced to finer vintages! When I smoke one, I want to enjoy it, so I find someplace where I can sit, smoke a cigar, and suck on stones!”

She laughed. “That’s what I like about them. Yes, I smoke cigars. I haven’t done so in some time.” I looked at her with a ‘well’ expression.

“Your Grampa John smoked cigars as long as I could remember. He smoked high-quality cigars, not White Owls or Dutch Masters! In my sophomore year of college, I came home on summer break. He and I were sitting out on the patio getting caught up and at some point, I asked if cigars are really good. He said, “Why don’t you try one.”. He went over the basics, how to cut, and toast the foot. I thought it was a little overwhelming at first, not strong, just complex. Then I had another sometime later. I found out one of the roommates that I shared an apartment with, liked cigars too. We found a secluded spot close to campus where we could study and have a cigar, without everyone staring at us!” She explained.


“Let me see what you have?” I handed her the cigar case. She slid the 2 case halves apart.”A Macanudo Cafe Belicoso, a Cohiba Red Dot Corona, and Romeo and Juliet Reserve Road Corona and Lonsdale. Did you pick these out? Good selection of cigars!” She observed

“Mostly the tobacconist?”

“Mind if I have one with you. This might be good for stone sucking! What were you going to have?” She asked.

“Sure, that’d be great! I was thinking about the R and J Double Corona.”

“Mind if have that Red Dot?”


She removed the cigar from the case and took off the cellophane. She expertly cut the cigar head on the indentation rolled into the cigar. Cut off too much, the cigar falls apart. Too little, it doesn’t draw right. She lit the torch cigar lighter.

“First we toast the foot.” She said rolling the end of the cigar in the flame.

“That’s what the inquisitor said!” I chimed in. She suppressed a chuckle and gave me the side eye. She puffed on it a few times to ensure it was lit, hooked it in her forefinger, and settled in to smoke. Sure looks like she knows what she’s doing! I lit mine and stared at the sun sinking into the sea.

“Good cigar! I think I might have a cigar once or twice a week. It could be our time to talk.

‘Yeah, I’m on board with that! I really like the ‘ritual’ part.” She smiled.

“Sooooo….. here’s the bullet: the company is looking to break into a new market, which means a new division. I’m on a very short list of candidates. bahis siteleri It would mean more money, much more money! There are a couple rubs; first, it’s a big leap! I would have 4 senior managers who would report to me and they would have probably a hundred or so people overall. Second, I’m crafting an ‘initiative’ bonus; I want a house. In the City! This has to be calculated carefully, it could backfire. I’m also a bit intimidated, to be quite honest!”

“OK, let’s break this down into parts….” I offered.

We talked, at length, about the pros and cons of everything, including us.

“So, it sounds like you made up your mind and you’re going to take it?” I probed.

“I think I have to. If I don’t, I’m not playing to the team’s ‘plan’ and not being considered for other positions. If I fail, I have a golden parachute in the making.”

“I’m wondering what to do about my employment. I can’t commute to Marin for the salary I’m getting!”

“Start a business. Something with computers.” She offered.

“Me…… I am really not that good at anything except computers!”

“You’ll find something I’m certain. Coach or play baseball in the spring, build websites, or something else with computers. You’ll figure it out. If nothing else, find some things you want to do.” She said reassuringly.

“Something I need you to know: all of what I am doing is just a means to an end. I’m going to build a ‘war chest’ and when the times right, we’ll go someplace where we can just be us!” She said looking at me with gravity. I nodded.

We finished the cigars and the overcast was turning to mist and fog, so we left. It was still early, so Elaine wanted to stop in town. We went to a tobacco shop where she bought a humidor and a selection of cigars.

“If we’re going to do this, let’s do it!” She emphasized. Elaine was the type who tries something and likes it, she’ll buy and acquire what’s needed, usually good quality! She did it with fly fishing; uncle Ed taught her how and she loved it! She then went out and bought high-end fly fishing equipment. We stopped in a small book store. I found a book on the Kama Sutra. We both flipped through it, maintaining ourselves in the process. I liked the ‘sex twister’ part. Interesting positions to try. We bought it. We picked up a pizza from a brick oven pizzeria which was a favorite of ours. Back at home, we ate and went to bed early.

For the next couple of months, settling into our relationship took its course. We did have ‘strong words’ over something that I can’t remember now. Probably the same crap we’ve butted heads over for a long time.

Being ever paranoid, I was really concerned about being outed, so to speak.

We were at the table one weekend morning.

“You know, with the possibility of inevitable promotion, I’ve realized I’ve become a liability.”

She gave me a curious look.

“How so?”

“If we’re discovered, it would be a mess! You would be destroyed and unemployable, at least at what you’re doing now!” I concluded.

“What’s your plan? I know you wouldn’t have brought this up without thinking it through.” She offered.

“Researching arrests in this country over the last 20-something years, 90 percent of the major crimes are actually child abuse and not a consensual relationship. That’s fucked up! Only 2 were adults and they got caught because the neighbors became suspicious! I think we can do a better job! We both can step in between our 2 relationships in a split second. In the City, yeah we have to play it cool, real cool! When we travel far away, we’ll be different.” I concluded.

“I’ve been thinking along the same lines. I think our non-verbal communication skills will be critical! I also want to protect what have and we can have both!”

“I’ve wondered how many other couples like us are out there? I know in France, there was a mother and son that lived together for 35 years until the mother died and it came out. You always told me: there are doors on houses for a reason!” I pondered.

“I believe that we are not the first, nor last” She offered, smiling.

We talked for a while longer and then prepared for the day. We went shopping, went to the farmer’s market, then ran around taking care of errands. Back at home, put everything away. I put on a pair of the ‘nut sack’ underwear that Elaine bought for me, along with my cock ring. I returned to the front room and she gave me an impish smile.

“Stop! Move back a bit.” I did so and it put me in the light coming from my bedroom.

“You’ve really been working out! You’re cut and it looks good! What prompted this?” She asked with obvious satisfaction.

“Oh, you know, I have a new girlfriend and I want to look good and you know….” I said a bit more bashfully than I wanted.

I did look good. My legs were the result of playing 3 years of catcher in high school. My arms, glutes, lats, and traps are all toned and hard. All the effort I’ve put in paid canlı bahis siteleri off. She glided over and casually pulled my underwear down. My cock immediately went from semi-soft to erect in split second.

“Oh my! This is nice!” She said rubbing the tip of her forefinger on the head of my dick. It felt good and I pushed toward her a bit. She truly had a sparkle in her eye. I feel like my hypersensitivity has been getting in the way. As of late, I’ve felt that she wants me to take more of a ‘lead’. I’m stepping into it.

“Why don’t you take this off and wait for later.” She whispered. I cooled things off and took the ring off.

“Nice. Appears that it’s getting the effect that you’re looking for.” She said with an interesting smile.

“I hope so. I’m tired of the love glove! I feel like I’m playing Tee Ball again!”

She laughed. “Oh, it’s not that bad! You….are….doing…..great!” She said with a finger on my chin. “Let’s have an early dinner.” She suggested.

I broke out the ham-potato-cheddar soup that I had made up a few days before. It was a favorite of ours. We ate and talked. Our conversations cover a large range of topics and having these previously hidden facets of her personality changes everything. We watched some TV and then to bed. I put my ring back on. We ‘warmed up’ in our usual fashion and rolled over on all fours. She reached over to the bowl on my bed and picked up a condom and handed it to me.

“I wanted to go ‘glove-less’!”

“Trust me.” She whispered.

I put the rubber on and proceeded to move her hips in position.

“I want you to stick your cock in my ass.” She said in a subtle growl.

I’ve never performed anal sex, but I had the theory! I pressed my now engorged head against her ‘starfish’ and I popped in.

“OOOOOHHHHHH…………JESUSSSSSS!” She yelled with a shutter.

“Are you OK!

“Babe, I’m beyond OK!” She moaned.

I pushed in and out slowly, amazed how tight her asshole is, and how tight her asshole was! I found a ‘high repetition’ stroke and I was hammering her ass! She was postured like a cat in heat, pushing her ass toward me. I slowed and I lifted her up. She was on her knees on the bed, with my cock in her ass. I cupped one of her tits in my left hand and started fondling her pussy with my right. She was soaked, usual and the slight touch would make her lurch and moan! I rocked back and forth, gently flicking her hypersensitive labia. With a grunting moan, she came! I thought she was going to sheer my dick off! It felt hot!

I pulled out and she fell forward. I rolled her on her back and pushed her forward and moved her thighs up and thoroughly out of the way! Once again, I began my slow, smoldering tease with my tongue and her pussy. Just the lightest touch of my tongue would send her writhing! I pressed deeper into her vagina and she tried to pull away. I grabbed onto her hips and she exploded! I backed off slowly, both of us catching our breath. I pulled myself up beside her, pulling off the condom and cock ring. I moved on top and my cock seemed to find its own way. My rhythm started slow, but gain speed in short order. I was hammering her hard! I was hoping that I wasn’t hurting her. I held on as long as I could, but let go with a guttural yell. Each time I came, I pushed harder, wanting to get as deep as I could into her. I laid down on top of her in a mutually sweaty pile!

Rolling off, I lay beside her and spooned for a few minutes. She grabbed the ashtray and a cigarette. She lit one and we shared it.

“You’re becoming very good at this!” She said, brushing my arm with her fingertips.

“I’m trying a new technique, it’s called not thinking!

“Seems to be working!” She smiled.

We smoked for a couple minutes.

“I had an idea for you and me,” I said cautiously.

“Oh, care to share?”

“I thought about doing something that’s an affirmation of our relationship, and since it’s ‘off the beaten path, maybe how we symbolize it should be too. I would like for both of us to get our nipples pierced.” I said looking at her. She smiled and her eyes lit up.

“That’s almost a jinx! I was thinking about getting my nipples pierced for a while now. I LOVE how nipple rings look. Since rings seem to be a prominent symbol, if you will, for us. Why don’t you do some research and find a piercing shop that fits.

I did a search of several places, and most were both tattoo and piercing. I looked at many bios and settled on this woman named Tiz who worked in a shop up off of Market Street. I got a good ‘vibe’, as did Elaine. I made an appointment for Elaine and me for next week. I took the ferry over to her office on a Wednesday after work. We took a street car that dropped us a few blocks away. The shop was nice. It didn’t have the ‘hang-arounds’ that I’ve seen in shops. The woman at the counter was pleasant. She had some ear gauging, a ring in one nostril, and Japanese-themed tattoo sleeves up both of canlı bahis her arms. It was very nice artwork! We completed the paperwork, then Tiz came out to meet us and we walked back to her area.

We spoke for a bit. Elaine was going first. Tiz measured her nipples. We discuss it and settled on 10 gauge for her and 12 for me. Elaine sat down on the medical couch that had the back up almost vertical. Tiz said she can do a better placement sitting up. Tiz opened all the tools and jewelry out of fresh autoclave bags and set up. The ‘sharp’ that does the actual piercing is a razor-sharp piece of steel tubing. She had a large clamp with loops on the end. Looked kind of medival! She marked both sides of each nipple with a skin pencil. The clamp went on with a pressure enough to immobilize the nipple. Deep breath, let out and it was through. Clamp off, cork on the sharp, and jewelry in. The left side was the same. Elaine didn’t make a peep.

My turn. It was a little different happening to me! I took a deep breath and let it out……BLAM! A strobe of pain that came and went so fast, I didn’t have time to feel it! We dressed and I gave Tiz a $20 tip. She was really good! We got all the aftercare instructions, some sea salt for soaking, etc. On the way home, we both realized that we were on an endorphin high. We were both happy, very happy with the end result. The pain wouldn’t start for a while. It did, but nothing couldn’t be dealt with. Initial soreness was gone in a few days. We were diligent about doing the sea salt soaks and in doing so, started some rapid healing. I bought a box of huge round adhesive bandages to keep nipples ‘out of play’.

In early October, Elaine said that her interviews would start in about a week. We went shopping one weekend and she spent about $800 on 2 suits and a couple pairs of shoes. Both suits were jacket and skirt. She always wore a skirt or dress of some type, 31/2 or 4″ pumps, stockings, and very well accessorized. Like me, she had no interest in fads. She wore nylons because she didn’t think women’s shiny leg ‘dolphin skin’ was all that attractive! Well, she always looks professional…..and hot!

One late weekday afternoon, I was on my laptop looking through some recipe sites trying to for dinner. She came in, put some bags on the kitchen table, and walked toward the hall to hang up her coat. We said ‘hi’ and she brushed my shoulder while walking by. I didn’t really look up.

“What you looking up?” She asked from the closet door.

“Something different to eat.”

Elaine returned to the living room and I glanced up at her and I guess my jaw dropped some.

“WOW!” Was the best commentary I could make. She went to the salon. Her hair was now a dark strawberry blonde with lighter red highlights. It was longer, about down to her shoulders.

“You like?” She asked with obvious want of my approval.

“It’s beautiful! You’re beautiful! It looks great and fits you perfectly! How’d you lengthen it?”

“They used a relaxer that took out some of the natural curls. You do like it?”

“Oh yeah!” I said softly with a modest smile.

She sat beside me on the love seat. I set my laptop on the footstool. She kicked off her shoes and put her feet up on the other footstool. I brushed my fingers tips along her legs. I love feeling her legs in stockings! She placed her hand on mine.

“Wow, you had your nails done too!” I exclaimed! The nail tips were ‘almond’ shaped and ‘fashion’ in length. They were hot!

“Yeah…thought it would be a nice change. It’s nice to have someone to look good for.” She said as she dragged her nails up the inside of my arm.

“Yes, it is…..” I whispered as leaned to kiss her.

We decided to dump cooking and order Thai. During the evening, I found the nails continually catching my eye. Maybe that’s the point. We cleared away dinner and sat in the living room. Elaine wanted to watch one of her British crime dramas. We settled in and she proceeded to light a cigarette. I was transfixed! She saw me looking from the corner of her eye.

“Something intriguing?” She inquired.

“You smoking in the manner that you do, add long red nails and it’s very sexy!” I replied.

“What do you mean in the ‘manner’ I smoke?”

“You’re very……elegant! When you light a cigarette, you never just stick it in your lips, let it hang, and light it. You hold it up to lips, light…… there’s more ” I said surprised at my openness.

She smiled. She continued smoking as normal. I think she liked knowing that she had insight into yet another facet of my personality.

We ate, watched one of her British crime dramas, and headed to the bedroom. She went to the bathroom and returned. She was wearing a baby blue, very shear, nightgown. I was sitting against the headboard. As she came closer, I could see the red lipstick. She slowly took off her nightgown in full view and climbed up beside me.

“How do I look to you now?” She asked with a very smoldering smile.

“Seductive, elegant, erotic, provocative, beguiling, and desirable! I could think up a few adjectives, but I’d rather look at you.” I said brushing her hair with my fingers. I positioned myself to kiss her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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