Ethan and Carrie Ch. 11

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Ethan’s head hit the ice first, then his right shoulder, then the rest of his body. He never saw the hit coming but he heard the cheer when he got it. Whoever hit him connected with his knee first. The pain shot through his entire body as he flipped and landed on the ice. He didn’t know who hit him, but he had a good idea who it was.

He laid on the ice, not moving. His left knee screamed in pain. His body wouldn’t let him get up. He heard shouts and cheers from the crowd and whistles from the refs. He kept his eyes closed. The guys on his team was probably fighting with the other team. He should be in it, wanted to be in it, but when he tried to move, his whole body screamed in pain.

Someone touched his shoulder and asked if he was all right. He recognized the voice of Dave, the team’s trainer.

“No,” Ethan said.

Dave knelt on the ice beside him. “Where are you hurt?”

“My knee.”

Ethan looked away. He didn’t want Dave or any of the other guys on the team to see his tears. He was afraid his knee was blown out for good. He had worked so hard to be a good hockey player and get a scholarship to play in college, and now all that might be gone.

“Can you get up?” Dave said.

Ethan shook his head. He heard the voices of others over him.

“Let’s get you to the locker room. I want to get some x-rays,” Dave said.

He hooked his arms under Ethan’s and lifted him. He put his arms around Dave’s shoulder and Jamie, his teammate. He tried to keep his leg up, but his skate touched the ice and he screamed in pain.

“Karen, hold up his leg,” Dave said.

His wife, Karen, put down an equipment bag and held up Ethan’s leg.

The crowd was booing. The ice was littered with gloves and sticks. Most of the players from both teams were clumped against the far boards, pounding on each other, and the refs were trying to peel them apart. Some of the guys were sure to get game misconduct penalties. It was just as well. It was a vicious, ugly game from the start. Every game against Riverview was ugly.

They carried Ethan to the locker room and helped him sit on a bench.

“Let’s get those skates off so we can get an x-ray,” Dave said. He opened a cooler and picked out two bags of ice.

“Dave, can I go?” Jamie said. His eyes were wide and he had a bit of a grin.

“Yeah. Go,” Dave said. He looked at Karen and shook his head. “That boy can’t wait to get in on a powerplay.”

Dave put the ice on Ethan’s knee and wrapped it with a bandage to hold it in place. Karen removed his skates, gingerly unlacing the skate on his left foot.

Three other guys came in. All had been given game misconduct penalties and had bruises and bloody lips. Karen set Ethan’s skate aside to treat them.

“Dude, you should see what we did to Tokit,” Herbie said. He had blood dripping from his nose and a big grin, like he had just robbed a bank.

Karen gave Ruder an ice pack to hold over his right eye.

“You’re lucky. Coach Riley reamed us out good. He was pissed. He’s gonna suspend all of us,” Ruder said.

“Yeah. That sucks,” Ethan said.

He brushed his hand over his mouth to hide his smile. It was too bad these guys would probably get kicked off the team for a few games. They were good players and he counted on them. It was another thing, though, to know that his best guys would look after him when he took a cheap shot.

“All right guys. Get your showers and get out of here,” Dave said.

All three guys hopped up and trundled to their lockers with their ice packs and bandages.

Karen unlaced Ethan’s padded shorts. He lifted himself off the bench with his hands and she pulled them down. She set them off to the side with his skates and pads.

His jockstrap was tight. He nudged it aside. Karen helped him pull it down and his partly erect penis flopped out. She dropped the strap with his other stuff and turned away to get a towel like she didn’t even notice how his penis hung between his legs and was quickly growing hard. He shouldn’t be surprised. She’d seen it many times when she had to fix his cuts and bruises. What he couldn’t figure out was why it was getting hard when he was in so much pain.

He put the towel around his waist and Karen helped him to the x-ray room. He put his hand on her shoulder to get up on the x-ray table. She started to remove the ice pack from his knee. He laid back on the cold table and his erection pushed up the front of the towel. She glanced at it.

“Ethan, try to keep that thing under control, will you?” she said with a sly smile.


He put his hand over it and pushed it back down. That only made it harder. He let out a slow breath and tried not to groan. Why was he so aroused?

Dave took two shots and Karen helped him off the table and they hobbled back to the bench. She rewrapped the bag of ice on his knee with the bandage. By the time she finished, Dave had the x-rays ready.

“There’s no damage. bahis firmaları It’s a bad sprain. Just try not to move around too much and keep the ice on it,” he said.

He and Karen left to return to the bench. The locker room was quiet. Ethan laid his head back against the locker and closed his eyes. His knee throbbed. He could hear the noise of the crowd through the walls, and the drip of water from the shower.

His penis was still mostly erect. He remembered the look in Karen’s eyes when she looked right at it and he smirked. His penis throbbed and became a little harder. She had seen it before, but never erect. Was she curious? Most girls were the first time they saw it. Some liked it and some didn’t, but most wanted to try it at least once.

Would Karen want to try it? He hoped so. She was at least as twice as old as him, but he didn’t care about that. For so long he had thought of her as one of the guys. She never seemed sexy until now. What happened to change that?

The creak of the locker room door opening echoed through the quiet room. He made sure his penis was covered with the towel. How weird would it be if Coach Riley or one of the other guys saw him with his hard dick standing up in the air? Maybe it was Karen coming back to check on him. Maybe she would touch it. It stiffened a little more and he had to push it down to keep it from showing.

“Hi, Ethan.”

He opened his eyes. It was Michelle, in her blue and yellow cheerleader uniform with a short, pleated skirt. She had long, wavy brown hair that fell past her shoulders on either side of her face.

“Hi,” he said.

She stepped toward him. Her brow was creased and she had a pained look in her pale, grey eyes.

“How’s your knee?” she said, and sat on the bench beside him.

“It hurts,” he said, holding his penis down with both hands.

He watched her out of the corner of his eye. What was she doing there? Of all the stuck up cheerleaders she was probably the most stuck up. He studied her eyes a little closer. She’d already slept with a few of the guys on the team. Was she there to see him because she was genuinely concerned, or because she wanted to add him to her list? Did that even matter?

“Are you going back in the game?” she said.

He shook his head. “I’m done for a while.”

“Oh,” she said in a disappointed tone.

She touched his leg, just above the bulge of the ice pack.

“Is it broken?” she said.

“No, just sprained.”

“Sprained,” she repeated. “I never saw anyone get hit so hard. I thought it was broken for sure.” Her fingers moved up his thigh to the edge of the towel. “This hasn’t been a good year for you, has it?”

“No. I haven’t had much luck.”

Her fingers slipped under the towel.

“I think I can give you good luck,” she said.

Her fingers brushed his penis and she gasped. Ethan removed his hands from his lap.

“It’s true,” she said.

“What’s true?”

“What the girls say about you. You’re built.”

She put her hand around it and stroked lightly like she was handling delicate equipment. The towel fell away and his erection rose from his lap, curving slightly to the side. Her mouth fell open.

Ethan sighed. He forgot about the pain in his knee. Michelle wasn’t a girl he liked that much, but she had a hot body, and he was not against screwing any girl who wanted it, as long as she didn’t expect him to marry her afterward.

That was what he worried about with Carrie. He loved her, there was no doubt of that. She had a great body and she was smart, and she made him laugh. But did he love her enough to marry her?

It probably wouldn’t be much longer before she expected him to marry her, and he wasn’t sure he wanted that. He liked screwing girls too much to give it up yet.

“I heard you’re fucking Carrie now,” she said.

Ethan looked at her, and her eyes turned up to his. How did she know that? How did people find out these things about him?

“We’ve done it a few times,” he said. Did she also know he had fucked Pam? If she knew all of this, how many other people knew?

Michelle let the tip of her pink tongue graze over her lips.

“Do you think she would mind if I did it too?” she said.

Before he could answer, she stood up and lifted the front of her pleated yellow and blue skirt. She was wearing tiny blue panties. She pushed them to the floor, picked them up and dropped them on the bench beside him.

She turned and lifted the back of the skirt.

“Carrie’s real pretty. Does she got a hot ass like mine?”

“Yeah, you got a nice ass,” he said. He squeezed his cock and pumped firmly.

She dropped her skirt and giggled.

“I know,” she said. She put her hands on his shoulders and lifted her leg over his waist, straddling him. “I bet Carrie knows how to move her ass too, right? I bet she knows how to fuck real good.”

“Yeah, she does,” Ethan said.

He swallowed hard. It kaçak iddaa felt odd to be talking about Carrie this way when he was getting ready to fuck another girl. He put his hands on Michelle’s bare thighs. Was he starting to feel guilty about cheating on her?

Michelle reached under her skirt, put her hand around his penis and touched the head to her wet pussy. She was breathing hard and her face was only inches from his. She hesitated. Was she nervous about putting his penis inside her? Was she scared that it would hurt too much?

The head of his penis pushed between her pussy lips. She winced.

“Oh, Ethan,” she said with a faint gasp.

She hovered over him with just the head of his cock stretching her tight pussy open. The fingers of her left hand dug into his shoulder. Her mouth hung open, like she was in shock.

He moved his hands up her thighs to her ass. What was she expecting? But she must have been having second thoughts. He wasn’t going to let her end it there, though, not after she was so intent on adding him to her list.

He squeezed her ass hard and pulled her down. Her knees resisted for a moment, then gave out. Half of his cock plunged into her pussy, and she groaned. Her wet cunt was warm and smooth, like a snug velvet glove sliding over his cock.

“Oh God. Ethan. You’re fucking me,” Michelle said in a high voice like a young girl.

She was motionless with her legs spread and her knees bent in an uncomfortable position. He was unable to move himself up and down. He shifted a little and a twinge of pain shot through his knee.

“Come on down here,” he said.

He slipped his hand around the back of her neck and bent her forward. Her lips brushed his and he kissed her.

“Does it hurt?” he said.

She nodded. “A little.”

“Are you afraid you’re gonna hurt my knee?”


He turned her head and kissed her ear.

“Just go slow. It won’t hurt that much.”

“For you or for me?” she said.

She was tense, and he got the feeling she was sorry she had gone this far.

He used his hands to rock her ass back and forth. She moaned and bit her lower lip. Her eyes glazed. She laid her head on his shoulder. Her warm breath tickled the side of his neck.

He pushed her sweater up over her boobs. Her hips started rocking on their own, like she was beginning to enjoy the feel of his cock stretching her open. He was in no hurry to let her get away. He liked the feel of her tight, warm body around his cock.

“Ethan, baby? Do you make a lot of cum?” she whispered.

“Yeah. A lot.”

She giggled.

“I like it when a guy fills me with his stuff. It gets me off,” she said. Her voice was soft and breathy. Their lips touched lightly and she moaned.

She kissed him again and pushed her tongue into his mouth. Her fingers pulled his hair. Her hips pumped a little harder and a little faster, and she was panting.

“Oh God. Ethan baby. Fuck me. Fuck me,” she said with a soft moan.

He grinned, even though she didn’t see it. He wasn’t the one fucking her. His knee wouldn’t let him move. She was the one fucking him. And it didn’t take long before he was ready to cum. He let out a low groan and let it happen.

Michelle purred like a happy kitten.

“Oh yes Ethan. I can feel it,” she said.

Her hips kept pumping, and then she laid her head on his shoulder and moaned into the side of his neck like she was cumming, too.

Her body trembled, then her knees gave out and her weight dropped to his lap. She let out a grunt.

“Ow. My knee,” he said.

Michelle was looking at him with wide, frightened eyes.

“What happened?” he said.

“Your cock. Oh my God.”

Her voice was weak and she blinked a few times. She lifted the front of her skirt. Her pussy was around the base of his cock.

“I can feel it up here, all the way up inside me. Oh my God,” she said, and pressed into her bare belly with her fingers.

Ethan rubbed her back. Her whole body was warm and her face glowed. She was breathing hard like him, and her soft breasts were flattened against his chest. The throb of his aching knee returned.

“I never felt anything so deep inside me. I never felt so filled with a guy’s cock. How come you’re still hard? You should be fucking me, not Carrie,” she said, and wiggled her hips.

He was about to tell her how hot Carrie was in bed when the door opened again with a loud creak. He turned to see who had caught them in that position. It was Karen. She had a look of shock in her eyes that quickly turned to anger.

“Ethan! What do you think you’re doing?” she shouted.

Michelle lifted her head from his shoulder, and Karen put her closed fists on her hips and shook her head.

“Michelle Porter. How many times have I told you to leave the hockey players alone?” she said.

“I know Mrs. Duvek. I just-“

“I talked her into it. It was my idea,” Ethan said.

“Never kaçak bahis mind that both of you are too young to be doing this. Don’t you think you’re going to hurt your knee even worse?”

“It doesn’t hurt right now,” Ethan said. He grinned real big at his own joke, but Karen’s face turned black.

“Michelle, I think you’d better leave now,” she said.

Michelle pulled her sweater down over her tits and lifted herself from Ethan’s lap. His wet cock slipped out of her pussy and a flood of sperm ran down the insides of her legs like she had pulled the cork out of a bottle. She wiped up a thick drop of cum and licked it off her finger.

“That was for me. I need good luck, too,” she said, and picked up her panties.

She ran out with her tiny blue panties dangling from her hand.

Karen glared at Ethan, her hands on her hips. He hated the look of disappointment on her face. She sighed.

“We’d better get you cleaned up. If Coach Riley finds out I let one of his players have sex in the locker room, he’s going to skin us both alive.”

Ethan started to get up. Karen put her hand on his shoulder and pushed him back down.

“You stay put. I don’t want you putting any more stress on that knee.”

She went to the washroom area and came back with a wet towel. Her eyes watched his erection. For some reason, he was ashamed that she had to see it so hard and standing straight up, dripping with his cum and Michelle’s juices. She crouched between his legs, put one hand around the shaft and wiped it down with the warm towel.

“You know, that was pretty dumb. You could get in a lot of trouble for doing that. She’s only eighteen. What if you get her pregnant? You’d have to give up playing hockey,” she said.

Karen lifted his penis out of the way and wiped the sticky juices that had dripped over his balls. He groaned. His hands squeezed the edge of the bench.

“Don’t give me any of that crap. I’m not doing this to make you feel good,” she said.

But her other hand squeezed around the middle of the shaft and moved slowly up and down.

“I know it’s hard to resist when a pretty girl comes on to you, but you’re going to have to try. All they’re interested in is your cock … I mean, what you have in your pants.” She looked into his eyes, then at his penis. “You don’t have to give in so easily.”

She pumped his cock harder. He moaned from the back of his throat.

Her soft lips parted. Her eyes were fixed to the head. She leaned forward. Her eyes closed as her lips smothered the head, then encircled it and her jaw opened wide to take it into her mouth. She moaned. Her head moved back and forth, sliding the head over her wet tongue. Ethan gritted his teeth and groaned.

She yanked it out of her mouth and stared at it with wide eyes, panting.

“Oh my God. What did I just do?” she gasped.

“Don’t stop, please,” he said, touching her cheek.

She shook her head.

“I can’t do this. It’s so wrong, so wrong.”

He turned her chin up. Her eyes were wide, like a frightened child.

“Just because it’s wrong doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it,” he said.

“I know, I know. I could lose my job for this. I could get my husband fired.”

He moved his left leg between her spread legs and pressed the top of his foot to her crotch.

“Ethan,” she said with a gasp.

She grabbed his ankle, but instead of pushing it away, pulled it harder against her crotch, rubbing herself on his foot. She licked her lips, staring at his cock. Her puffy lips opened wide again and closed over the head, and her eyes stared up into his.

He groaned again. She was sucking him deeper. The head touched the back of her mouth and she gagged, but kept sucking in long, wet strokes.

“Oh … oh man,” Ethan groaned. He squeezed the edge of the bench in both hands, and he was cumming.

Karen’s eyes opened wider. Her cheeks puffed out with the thick cum that filled her mouth.

The door of the locker room opened with a crash and the rest of the team burst in, shouting and screaming. Karen jerked her head back, spilling his cum down her chin, dropped his ankle, and stood up in a hurry. She looked around for somewhere to spit out her mouthful of cum. Ethan pulled the towel over his lap and pushed his penis down.

Dave appeared around the end of the lockers, followed by the coaches and the players, who went to their lockers. She swallowed and wiped her chin with the back of her hand.

“How’s that knee doing?” Dave said.

He knelt beside Ethan and touched his knee to make sure the ice was still on.

“It’s a little stiff,” he said, and glanced at Karen. Her face turned deep red and she looked away.

Dave nodded. “We’ll keep you off it for a few days.” He looked at Karen. “Can you put some more ice on this, please?” he said, and went to check on another player.

She leaned over Ethan to unwrap the bandage.

“This never happened,” she said, her voice low.

He nodded. “I’ll remember that for the next time.”

Her eyebrows crossed. “Next time?”

He rubbed the inside of her leg with his knee.

“I hope I get a chance to return the favor,” he said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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