Eve’s Discovery

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We all know the story of Adam and Eve: the first man and woman created by God who communicate with the Devil and are thrown out of the Garden of Eden. Because that story’s common knowledge, this is the story of how Eve learned about herself; before she ever met Adam. The story starts off with Eve awakening in the Garden of Eden the day she arrived there. She sat up and took in the scenery; it was a sight to behold for sure. She slowly got to her feet and began to explore her surroundings. She passed the beautiful animals and plants until she arrived at a river around the middle of Eden. There, she saw her reflection in the water. Eve was startled at the sight of a nude woman who looked exactly like her.

Every time she moved, the woman on the surface of the water moved with her. After a few moments, however, Eve saw she too was nude (this was before clothes, remember) and realized the woman in the water was just her. She sat down on the riverbank to relax for a bit. As she did, Eve looked over her body and wondered why she looked like this; this would be explained later in history. After a while, Eve felt how dry her skin was. Out of curiosity, she stood up and stepped into the water; it felt great to cool and moisturize her feet. Eve took a few more steps further into the river. When she stopped, she noticed the water was up to her waist and stopped before she went under.

The water was cool and clear; Eve could see fish swimming around her feet at the bottom of the river. Her curiosity got the better of her again and she tried to grab fish after fish as they swam by, without success. It was at this point that Eve could feel her mouth was dry. This was a new sensation to her and she wondered what she could do about it. Looking down the riverbank, Eve saw a horse drinking the water from the river. Following the horse’s example, she leaned over, put her lips to the water and began drinking. “That tastes good,” Eve thought as she drank one big gulp of water. There was a problem though: Eve had drunk so much water, she felt her stomach begin to hurt.

She stopped drinking after this and walked out of the river to dry off. Eve then walked along the riverbank until she arrived at a forest. She cautiously ventured into the forest to see what could be seen in there. In the forest, Eve saw birds flying overhead, chipmunks running across the forest floor, and a small pond located in the center. Eve felt the water in the pond and when it felt just as cool as the river, she drank a big handful of it. As soon as this gulp of water hit the bottom of her stomach, however, Eve felt another new sensation. This sensation was between her stomach and genitalia – the location of her bladder, which she didn’t know about.

This one also hurt worse than the one in Eve’s stomach from before. And furthermore, it seemed to intensify when Eve tensed her muscles out of reflex. She decided to relax her muscles, hoping that would help. A moment after Eve relaxed, however, she was shocked to see what looked like a stream of water shooting out from between her legs and onto the ground by her feet. Eve watched this, wondering what was happening to her. After close to a minute, the water stopped coming out of Eve: “What was that?” she thought to herself, “Is something wrong with me?” What happened, of course, was Eve had peed after drinking so much water, and she didn’t know about it; she had only just arrived in Eden a few hours earlier.

Still startled by what happened, Eve stepped back from the pond to gather her thoughts. This incident scared her to the point that she didn’t know what to do, and she afraid more water would rush out of her again. Eve sat down under a tree beside the pond and began to relax again. Slowly, her anxieties about the water coming out of her subsided and noticing it was getting dark, she decided to sleep where she was. Eve laid down under the tree, covered herself with leaves, and fell asleep. She slept soundly and awoke refreshed the next morning. Eve left the forest to look around more, remembering seeing hills in the distance the day before.

As Eve stood up, however, the same canlı bahis sensation that led to the water coming out of her the day before came over her. She tried to ignore it as she walked out of the forest, but try as she might, Eve couldn’t fight this. She stopped and watched another stream of water shot out of her crotch, her anxiety returning in the process. Eve noticed this stream of water looked dark yellow – about the same color as the flower it soaked in front of her – while the previous stream looked as clear as the water she drank leading up to it. After this second stream, Eve began to wonder what was making her do this. These thoughts resonated in her head as she walked from the forest to the hills.

Sitting atop one of the hills, Eve began putting together this mental puzzle of her’s. The incident from the day before happened after she drank a lot of water and was clear. The one from a few moments ago happened after she woke up from a sound sleep and was dark yellow. Both times, she experienced a painful sensation that got worse when she tensed up to fight it and led to the water coming out when she relaxed. Eve knew this, but still didn’t have any answers at that moment; she would as the day went on, however. In the meantime, Eve ventured back to the river to cool down after walking for a while. She stepped into the water and sat down this time, so the water was up to her chin.

Eve also took a few drinks of water as she relaxed again, stopping when she felt her stomach hurt. After a while in her personal oasis, she stood up and got out of the water, sitting on the riverbank again. As she took in the scenery again, a familiar feeling came over Eve again: the sensation between her legs. It once again got worse as Eve tried to fight it and when she relaxed, there came the water, right out from between her legs. The water was clear again and as she watched it, Eve began putting some clues together. This stream of water and the one from the day before were both clear, and both clear streams happened after she drank a lot of water.

“This clear water comes out of me after I drink a lot of water,” Eve said to herself as her latest stream stopped. “So why was the one from this morning so dark and yellow?” she then wondered as she stood up to explore the meadow she saw from the top of the hill. Eve walked down the other side of the hill and entered the meadow, where she frolicked among the flowers. She was having so much fun, she lost track of time. The next thing Eve knew, it was nighttime and she laid down on the flowers, sleeping the night away peacefully. Eve awoke the next morning ready for more frolicking or soaking in the river. But as she walked up the hill, guess what?

Yup, that sensation between her legs had returned. This time, Eve decided not to fight it and just relaxed, watching another stream of yellow water shoot out from between her legs. Remembering she let out another yellow stream the previous morning, Eve began thinking as this one stopped. “The two streams after all the water drinking were clear,” she thought, “while this one and the one from yesterday morning were both yellow.” And that’s everything it hit Eve.

“I didn’t drink any water before the yellow streams,” she thought, “so the more water I drink, the clearer the water coming out of me is. And perhaps water needs to come out of me after I wake up from a deep sleep.” Eve was relieved about this realization – in more ways than one – and no longer afraid. Her body releasing its own water after a long time or a lot of drinking was perfectly natural; she actually found herself looking forward to her next stream and knew she needed to drink up for that to happen. She reentered the forest and walked back to the pond so soak there. Eve sat down in the shallow water – which came up to her breasts – and began drinking handfuls of it, excited for her next natural stream.

The sensation came to Eve after a while of sitting in the pond, so she stood up and got out. She looked around for a suitable place to let out her new stream, finding a small tree behind the pond that looked perfect. She stood with her bahis siteleri legs spread and relaxed her muscles again, letting out her body’s natural water onto the tree. This time, Eve made a mental note of how the process felt. Seeing her body release water of its own was not only comfortable – as it hurt when she fought it – but also euphoric; she hadn’t felt this way before. All the while, though, Eve wondered if this phenomenon had a specific name. “This has to have its own name,” she thought as she drank more water to get ready for another one.

After all, “water coming out of the body” didn’t sound right. Eve continued to wonder about potential names for this as she walked back to the river and sat down beside the same horse she had seen many times before. After a few moments, the horse took a few steps away from Eve and she was surprised to see it release water from what looked like a shaft between its legs, just as she had been doing. “Horses do this too?” thought Eve. “There must be a name for it if more than one kind of species do it.” After watching the horse release its own water, Eve felt she had to do so as well. Rather than stand up, though, she released this stream of water while still sitting in the grass.

Eve watched in awe as the water come out of her crotch again. She still had no idea if this discovery of hers had a name, but she would have her answer that night. In the meantime, Eve decided she would sleep with the horse she saw earlier that night. As night fell, she got herself comfortable, watched the horse release its own water again, and fell asleep shortly after. At one point in the night, Eve was awakened by a deep booming voice calling her name. When she answered, the voice – coming from up above – explained it had something to say.

“Listen, Eve,” said the voice, “you’ve seen water come out from between your legs over the past few days, right?”

“I have,” Eve replied, “do you know what it is?”

“Yes,” the voice explained, “that’s the process of what’s called ‘urination’. “Urination happens when the urinary bladder – located between your legs, just below your stomach – cannot hold any more urine. The urine is what the water that comes out of you is called. Urination can also be called ‘peeing,’ while urine is also called ‘pee.’ The need to pee increases when you drink a lot of water or after an extended period of inactivity. The color of the urine also depends on how hydrated you are; the more water you drink, the clearer your pee ends up.”

Finally, the voice said: “Understand this, Eve: every living mammal, including humans like you, urinates – or pees – a few times a day; it is perfectly natural and nothing to worry about. Have I explained everything you need to know?”

“Yes, you have,” Eve replied, “thank you!”

“Okay, this is where I leave you for the moment,” the voice said, “you’ll hear from me again the next time you have some serious thoughts to be answered.” Eve bid the voice a farewell and went back to sleep, sleeping undisturbed for the rest of the night. In the morning, Eve woke up refreshed, and not only from a restful night’s sleep: the voice she spoke with the night before explained everything she needed to know about what had been happening to her over the past few days. She finally knew the “water coming out from between her legs” was actually called urine – or pee – and the process of expelling it from her body was called urination – or peeing.

Jubilant, Eve stood up to begin her day, feeling the need to pee once again. She walked around the horse, who was grazing on the grass around them, stood by a bush and emptied her bladder again. Seeing her pee was dark yellow again, Eve knew she would have to drink plenty of water to rehydrate. As she returned to the river, Eve’s confidence about her body was at a new level. She knew about something her body did regularly and wanted to share it with someone else. The problem was there were no other humans for her to talk to… until to Eve’s disbelief, she saw what looked like another nude human figure approaching on the opposite side of the river.

Eve waited until bahis şirketleri the figure was close enough for her to see it clearly, drinking the water from the river the whole time. After a few minutes or so, the figure came into focus: it was another nude human who looked different than Eve. This one had no breasts and what looked like a long piece of skin between its legs; Eve had only a small slit between her legs. Unfamiliar, but wanting to find out more, Eve introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Eve,” she said.

“Hello, I’m Adam,” the figure replied. “You’re a strange-looking man.”

“Man?” Eve asked.

“Yes, aren’t you a human, like me?” Adam replied.

“I believe so,” Eve said, “Why do we look so different?”

At that moment, the voice Eve spoke with the night before bellowed out: “Okay, Adam and Eve, it seems you need to learn something else.” Focusing on Eve first, the voice said: “Eve, you’re a woman. That means your body displays breasts on your chest and a vulva between your legs.” The voice then focused on Adam, telling him: “And you, Adam, are a man. Your body has no breasts on your chest and a penis between your legs.” After this, the voice explained further: “These body parts differentiate the male (or man’s) body from the female (aka woman’s) body. That should do it, do either of you have anything else to ponder?”

Adam and Eve both said they had nothing else to ask and the voice bid them farewell once again. After their conversation with the voice, Eve had to pee again, so she asked Adam: “Hey, do you want to see something I can do?” Adam said he did and Eve stood up with her legs spread slightly apart and let out her latest urine stream.

“You can do that, too?” Adam asked Eve excitedly.

“Wait, you’re saying you’ve done this before?” Eve asked Adam.

“Yes, I have,” Adam told her. “Let me show you.” He then stood beside Eve, held his penis in his hand, and unleashed his urine stream in the grass. Eve watched the sight of another human urinating in awe; Adam was peeing just like her and this was causing her strange feelings. Adam remarked that Eve’s face was turning about as red as the flowers on the ground beside them. “That’s okay,” he told her, “it just means you saw something that you like to see: me peeing.”

“Really, Adam?” Eve asked.

“Yes really,” he replied, “when I see you pee again, you’ll see my face will turn red as well.” Eve took Adam up on this and said she would let him know when she had to pee again. In the meantime, she took Adam into the forest to look around. Adam hadn’t seen the forest before, so exploring it with Eve was just what he needed. The couple walked past the trees and stopped at the pond to relax. Eve slid into the water, Adam joined her, and they began to drink she told Adam so.

“Let’s get out and I’ll pee behind those trees,” she said as she got out of the water. Adam followed her behind the trees. Eve got into position and turned her head to Adam, so she could see if his face would turn at the sight of her peeing. She started her stream and sure enough, saw the red appear on Adam’s face. “You’re turning red,” she said mid-stream.

“I told you my face turned red,” Adam replied. The couple sat down at the base of an adjacent tree after Eve’s urine stopped. When they got comfortable, Adam spread his legs slightly and peed in the ground in front of Eve. “Do you like the slight of me peeing like this, rather than standing up?” he asked Eve.

“I do,” she replied, “I think the sight of you peeing is beautiful.”

“Well Eve, I think the sight of you peeing is also beautiful,” Adam said. Eve leaned in and gave him a hug for this.

“I always liked seeing myself pee but never knew how another human would like it too. Thank you, Adam,” she said. Over a few days, Adam and Eve, the first humans on Earth, had learned that all living beings – including humans like them – peed and it was perfectly natural. The couple spent the rest of their days in Eden enjoying each other’s company, exploring their surroundings, and of course, taking in the sight of urine leaving their bodies when the need arose. Their life was picture-perfect… well until they spoke to the Devil, were kicked out of Eden, and made every subsequent human born evil as a result, but who wants to read that story when you can read this one instead?

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