Fair Trade

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‘Damn this quitting smoking thing sucks,’ Davis thought, ‘I can’t wait for my reward though. My real smoke is waiting at the park-and-ride, if we ever get there.’

Venting his impatience with an imagined outburst at the bus driver really did help a little, even though he knew the driver couldn’t do anything about the gridlocked traffic.

He had taken one cigarette to work that day, and all morning he had been looking forward to enjoying it right after lunch. Now he was anticipating his after-work puff as a reward for doing so good the rest of the day. The e-cigarette and nicotine gum helped a lot, and it was enough to get him down to less than five real smokes a day. The only side effect of the nicotine substitute was some minor anger issues, and luckily all the yelling he did was in his head.

“Come on, come on,” he mumbled, tapping his foot impatiently, “five more minutes dude. You got this.”

Those five minutes felt like fifty, but they finally pulled into the bus depot at the community college. He was the first one off of the bus, almost jogging to his car in his hurry to inhale real smoke. Practically jumping down into the front seat of his lowered performance import, he picked up the nearly empty pack before the car had stopped rocking from his grand entrance. Using his breathing trick, he forced himself to calm down before taking a coffin nail from the package.

Lighting up, he inhaled deeply, resting his head back on the seat in relaxation. The taste was magical, and as he exhaled through the open door, he got a slight buzz from the long-denied drag.

“Oh crap this stuff stinks,” he mumbled to himself before starting the car. Rolling down the window and turning the fan on high speed, he held the burning stick out the window between short puffs, leaning his face outside for every drag. Davis knew that looking stupid, plus making it more difficult to do would help him want it less.

Once the newness of the smoke wore off, Davis took a moment to look around. The crowd of commuters had cleared out, taking about one third of the cars from the lot. About fifty yards directly in front of him, exposed by the recently departed cars, was a group of six people sitting at a park bench. The part that got his attention was that one of them was walking towards him. Right away Davis assumed it was a girl, the flowing knee-length skirt and long brunette hair was a good indicator.

“Well I hope it’s a girl, but you never know with college kids these days. I wonder what she wants.”

By the time the person about ten yards, Davis had no doubt it was a girl, and a beautiful one at that. Trying not to stare and creep her out, he was making a point of looking away to mess with the stereo, finally looking back at her when she called for him from near the bumper.

“Hey mister, got a spare smoke I can have?”

Shaking his head slowly, Davis sighed before answering. “Seriously? Aren’t you a bit young for this? You shouldn’t smoke in high school.”

“Very funny,” the girl replied, crossing her arms in annoyance, “I’m in college, if you must know. And I’m nineteen, so yes I am old enough, I don’t have enough spare cash to get a pack. Everyone knows college kids are always broke.”

“I’m trying to quit this crap, and so should you. Do yourself a favor and quit while you can, please. But seriously, I’ve only got three smokes left here, and they need to last me until tomorrow.”

“Well that’s perfect,” she smiled, “I can help you quit faster if you give me one or two. It’s not just for me, my friends over there wanted me to ask for a few for us to all share.”

“It’s a good thing it was you that came over. If it was one of the guys I wouldn’t have said more than ‘no go away’. Being a beautiful woman gets you an extra minute or two to plead your case before I send you away.”

“So is that a yes then? For all three?”

“Nice try. How about maybe one? These things are my handle on sanity right now, which means they are a lot more valuable than usual. Why should I simply give you one? You can’t buy it with a smile, even as pretty as yours is.”

“Buy? What do you mean?”

“You’re asking me to do a huge favor for you, but I get nothing in return? How is that fair? I had to earn money to buy them, why shouldn’t you have to pay for it too?”

Still standing with her arms crossed, she cocked her head and smiled with one corner of her mouth.

“Pay for it? You know I’m broke, so cash is out. I’m not painting your house or washing your car, so that doesn’t leave much. What else is there?”

“Oh I don’t know,” Davis smiled back, “use your imagination. I really didn’t have an idea, I wanted to see what you would do for a smoke.”

“How about this? If you roll down the other window where you can’t reach me, I will lean through the door and show you my boobs. You can pay one smoke for every five seconds. How does that sound?”

“Oh hell yeah, that sounds awesome. Totally worth it.”

As Davis rolled the window down, the girl walked around the car, waving bahis firmaları happily at her friends. Leaning her arms on the door, she shook her head and rolled her eyes.

“I can’t believe I’m going to do this again. My friends are going to bring back my slutty nicknames for doing this.”

“I’ve got a few smokes that will promise they say it with a smile. But remember, there are only three in here.”

Tossing the pack on the dashboard, Davis looked at her expectantly. She blushed slightly, then reached one hand up to unzip her hoodie all the way, then she unhooked the front of her bra. The cups fell quickly to the side as her full breasts succumbed to gravity, swaying gently.

“Holy shit…” Davis whispered reverently, “Damn that’s a beautiful sight.”

She giggled a little, interrupting his stare, and he glanced up to see her looking at his crotch as she bit her lower lip. Suddenly his mind latched onto the ‘do this again’ that she had said a moment ago, and in an instant had a better idea. Turning his head away, he looked straight ahead.

“I took a five second look, so you bought one smoke. How about stepping up the stakes a little?”

Pulling the sides of her hoodie together, she sighed deeply. She had a slightly bad feeling about this change, but since he hadn’t set off her ‘creeper’ alert yet, she waited for him to continue.

“Here’s the deal,” Davis continued, turning to face the coed again, “I’ve actually got more than three smokes. I have two packs in the center console, and I’ll trade them for more skin.”

“Ummm, what do you mean?” she asked nervously, “And I’m warning you, if this get too weird, I’m running away screaming for help.”

“Don’t get the wrong idea. You said you had done this before, so I was thinking we both could benefit from a little bit more of a show. I will give you two full packs of smokes if you will sit in the car, with your hoodie and bra open, your skirt pulled up and panties off, while I watch you use your fingers to get off.”

Her jaw dropped open in shock and she pulled her hoodie tighter against her body, as if trying to keep Davis from seeing any skin at all.

Seeing her discomfort, Davis pulled the two packs out and put them on the dash to prove his claim. Realizing that a pretty girl getting into a stranger’s running car was usually a very bad idea, he turned off the engine and tossed the keys in the back seat.

“See? I wasn’t kidding, there’s the smokes. Now the ignition key is hard to get to, so I’m not kidnapping you or anything. The windows are down and the doors are unlocked so you can run off, plus your friends can hear if you think you need to yell for them. What I’m getting at is that I would love a show, and I’m not some serial killer. What do you think now?”

“I still think you’re one crazy guy. I don’t know if this is such a good idea, but it sure is tempting.”

“Tell you what, I’ve got one more goodie for you and your friends if it will help make up your mind.”

Reaching into his backpack, he pulled out a full bottle of vodka, placing it in the cup holder. Davis didn’t want to get rid of it, but in the heat of the moment he no longer cared, knowing he could pick up another one on the way home. He laughed in his head as he saw her eyes flip back and forth between the alcohol and tobacco, then out to her friends.

“So let me get this straight. If I get in the car and put on a show for you, I get those two packs of smokes and this fifth of vodka? Just so you know, I wouldn’t be doing anything to you, this is only for your eyes.”

“That’s the deal. And no, I don’t expect you to touch me, and I won’t touch you unless you want me to.”

Clearly torn between her desire to feed her bad habits and her modesty, she stayed bent over on the door for a minute before looking up at Davis with a shy smile.

“Oh what the hell,” she laughed nervously, “I guess this could be fun.”

More than a little surprised that she said yes, Davis’ heart started to pound heavily as he hit the button to unlock the doors. Holding her jacket together, she quickly opened the door and slid in halfway before mumbling “Oh shit, hold on.”

“Give me a few minutes,” she yelled across the parking lot to her friends, “I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Sorry about that,” she mumbled to Davis as she closed the door, “we can’t have them coming over to check on us. So how do we get started? This is so weird, I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.”

Watching her body language as she hugged her jacket tightly and stared at her feet, Davis got a little worried that she might not be ready for this. If she felt trapped and called her friends or the cops, this could turn out badly for him. Talking softly to keep her calm, he hoped to encourage her to continue.

“You don’t seem very comfortable. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes and no. Oh hell, I don’t know. It sounds like fun, and the prize is worth it. My boyfriend and the others would be upset if I didn’t bring back the goodies, and I think all of them kaçak iddaa have done stuff like this at one point or another.”

“Don’t do this for them,” Davis replied quickly, “do it for you. Well, I guess you can do it for them if it makes it easier. I really hope I’m not talking you out of it.”

She stayed silent, staring at her feet. Davis could see her nipples pointing through the thin cotton and hoped he could keep her interest.

“Has anyone ever seen you having sex with your boyfriend? Like in your dorm room?”

“Oh yeah, plenty of times. In the room and at parties too. Being drunk helps let my freak flag fly a bit.”

“Does someone watching you turn you on?”

“Usually, yeah.”

“This is kind of the same thing. What’s different is this time you don’t have to feel weird about worrying if the guy watching will give you a hard time the next day in class or follow you around campus like a stalker.”

“Good point. It is hot to think of you as a stranger watching, especially knowing you will go home and jerk off thinking of me.”

“Damn right I will be. How about this? My cock is still happy about seeing your boobs a minute ago. Can you let me see again?”

Looking around to make sure no one was watching, she turned slightly, resting her left knee on the console. Lowering her hands to her lap, she let the hoodie drape open, barely enough to show the inner curve of her breasts

“Damn that’s hot, it’s a nice tease. Want to show me some more?”

Her eyes stayed closed, and Davis peeked up long enough to see a blush spread across her cheeks as she breathed heavily, her chest rising and falling, her nipples drawing lines up and down under the thin hoodie.

Hesitantly pulling at the bottom of her jacket, she pulled the sides apart just far enough for it to rest across the outside of her breasts. The zipper on one side dragged across the skin, drawing a moan from her as the teeth scraped over her firm nipple.

“Do you like the view?” she whispered, “Is this what you wanted?”

“I’m loving the view, but we both want more. Lift up your skirt too, I want to see what’s hiding under it.”

“It sure isn’t hiding any sexy panties.”

“Maybe you should take them off then. Show me how wet your pussy is.”

“Oh fuck. You just made me even more wet.”

Her eyes popped open, her widely dilated pupils focusing intently on Davis’ eyes.

“You dirty old man, is that what you want? You want to see my nineteen year old pussy?”

“Damn right I need to see it. Then I want to see your finger slide in and out of it too.”

Her modesty gone in a quick surge of passion, she pulled the loose skirt up to her waist. Closing her legs, she lifted her ass and a second later was holding her sensible white panties on the end of her pointer finger. Turning again to face Davis, she looked down to see her hoodie and skirt had fallen back into their proper places. Fixing him with a sultry smile, she pulled the sides of the hoodie back over her shoulders, fully exposing herself from the waist up.

“Holy shit this is amazing,” Davis breathed, “you’re so damn hot. I could stare those beauties all day. Watching them, touching, kissing, squeezing, anything and everything. I know, I know, you don’t have to say it. Our rule says no.”

“That’s too bad mister, you can’t play with them. I thought you wanted to see my pussy.”

“Damn right. Put one foot up here on the steering wheel, the other one on the side of my seat. Yeah, that’s perfect.”

Tossing her panties to Davis, she smiled widely as she adjusted and spread her legs widely for him. “You asked if my pussy was wet. Take a smell and let me know.”

With his eyes locked on the half naked college girl next to him, Davis brought the panties to his face, burying his nose in them. The musky odor of her arousal flooded his senses, making him reach down to adjust the painful lump in his jeans. This didn’t escape her sight, causing her to giggle softly. Twisting her nipples, she shook them gently to make her bare breasts bounce.

“Mmm, that gives me an idea. I want to see what I’m doing to you. Take out your cock and wrap my wet panties around it.”

Without a word, Davis ripped his jeans open, his hard cock springing up in freedom. He let her stare for a moment before placing her wetness over the head of his cock.

“Very nice cock,” she whispered, easing her skirt up her legs, “besides the color, that looks just like my favorite toy. When he is buzzing inside me tonight, I’ll think of you.”

Davis looked at his cloth-covered cock, then back between her legs just in time to see her pussy make her appearance. With her fingers on either side of her lips, she spread them slowly, giving her admirer a clear view of her glistening womanhood.

“Rub your clit, baby.”

“Yes sir,” she replied, gently pulling back the hood as she eased her finger side to side.

Without speaking, they matched the pace of each other masturbating. Davis couldn’t keep his eyes still, switching rapidly between kaçak bahis her pussy and breasts. When she dropped one hand to slide a finger inside of her sex, Davis licked his lips, wishing he could taste her. She brought her finger up to coat her nipple with her wetness, and he actually reached out halfway to her before remembering the ‘no touching’ rule. Alternating her touch between nipples, she gave Davis a sly look.

“Did you want to help with this? They both need attention.”

His answer was to reach across the seat slowly, giving her plenty of time to change her mind. She watched his hand with a smile as he made contact with her open nipple, gently sliding a fingertip across it’s rubbery hardness.

“Be nice,” she whispered, covering his hand with hers, “a little touching is fine, and so is pinching. I like it, but don’t get greedy.”

He groaned softly, shifting his hips as he tried to thrust into her panties. Taking a quick sideways glance through the windshield, he could see the people at the picnic table were all staring at them. At this distance it was hard to know how much they could see though. Now that she was fully involved with her show, Davis wanted to see how she would react with being on display for more than just him.

“You know your friends over there can see what we’re doing. What do you think your boyfriend will say about you spreading your legs for another man?”

“Oh shit,” she whispered, closing her eyes and laying her head back on the door, “they all have an idea, but he doesn’t have to know everything. I’m so close, but I need to see you cum first mister. Open my panties and let me see you cum all over them.”

With a final grope of her breast, Davis took his arm back to stroke with his best hand. Holding the panties wide, they could both see the large wet spot where his pre-cum was mixed with her juices. His eyes back on her body, Davis’ hand stroked rapidly for half a minute before his body froze in ecstasy. With a groan, thick streams of semen shot out, coating her panties after the first spurt hit the steering wheel and her foot. Breathing rapidly, he started to recover while watching the teen passenger’s finger speed across her clit.

“You had better cum for real,” he breathed heavily, “no faking it.”

“Damn right… this… is real…”

“Prove it.”

“Oh fuck,” she whispered intently, “feel me!”

Sliding his hand up her silken leg, Davis was surprised when she grabbed his wrist and yanked his hand between her thighs. She latched onto his two middle fingers and pressed them onto her entrance.

“Feel me!”

Plunging his fingers effortlessly into her tight center, he sank up to his knuckles as she fought back a scream. Her eyes rolled back in her head before her lids closed, her face tightening into a grimace of restrained pleasure. Davis felt the muscles in her tunnel pulsing in release, her thighs springing together to trap his arm in place.

When the unnamed girl’s knees finally eased apart, Davis didn’t move away, leaving his fingers inside of her pussy to feel the residual spasms. A minute later, her eyes were able to focus on him again, and she smiled shyly again as she pulled her hoodie closed to block the sight of her breasts, trying to smooth her skirt out over her thighs, ignoring the fact that his hand was buried beneath it.

“Slowly,” she whispered, the sound barely reaching Davis’ ears. Holding onto his hand, she gingerly pulled his fingers from her sensitive pussy, whimpering sadly as her wetness let out one last faint juicy squick.

Resting his arm on the console, Davis waited for his last chance at a peek, holding up his hand as she reached to her sides to close her bra.

“One last rub?”

“What do you mean?” She asked suspiciously.

“You liked it before, so why not let me give your nipples one last coating of your flavor?”

Despite what had happened in the past ten minutes, she actually blushed slightly as she pulled apart her jacket, giving Davis full access to her bare breasts. With the softest touch he could give, each wet fingertip swirled across her puckered nipples, making her suck in her breath sharply as she shuddered.

“OK mister, the show is over,” she said in an almost normal voice, “now I have to act like nothing happened. I don’t think my boyfriend needs to hear all of this, so let me recover real quick. I know my friends over there could see my feet and knees and maybe my boobs, but they have seen it all anyway, they just don’t need to know everything we did.”

Making a show of licking her moisture from his fingers, Davis smiled at her and nodded. “Thanks for the taste too. Makes me want more. I’m not asking or making a deal, just saying.”

The blush on her cheeks came back as she giggled softly. “That reminds me, I almost forgot about the present you gave me.”

She reached for her foot, wiping up the drop of Davis’ cum that had missed her panties, then another finger wiped up what she could from the steering wheel. Copying his motions, she licked his seed from her fingers while looking at his softening cock.

“You kids these days are crazy,” Davis laughed, “but anyhow, here are your evil smokes and the bottle, you sure as hell earned them. Damn that was hot.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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