Family Pets

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Family Pets

Another entry in this series. The entries are not related it’s more linked by theme. Not a lot to say on this one, just trying to keep up a reasonable output after about year of very little.

Marcus shifted restlessly as he tried to sleep in the cramped position of an airplane seat. He was going home on break from his second year of college. He was not looking forward to his return. His father had recently remarried. It wasn’t that he disliked Ayane, she wasn’t half his father’s age even, only about ten years younger, still old enough to be his mother. Truthfully it was his new stepsister Yuuka that he hadn’t taken to. It wasn’t that she was unpleasant or an annoying younger sibling. In truth she was almost a year older. The problem was she referred to him as “big brother” in a voice that bothered him, although he couldn’t say why. He tried to ignore this, after all she might just be using it literally as he was nearly six feet tall and fit, while she in contrast was just under five foot and petite. Her size was hardly surprising as she was Japanese. At last the flight was over and as it was late he took an Uber straight home.

Once he arrived he unlocked the door and quietly moved to his old room. He merely set his suitcase aside and undressed before crawling into bed. He was asleep almost before his head hit the pillow.

He wasn’t initially sure what had woken him, until he tried to move. Marcus found straps strategically placed to allow him some movement, but only to avoid cramping. He also found a ballgag in his mouth and he felt something in his ass. His eyes shot open and he looked around wildly. The bedside lamp was on, but it was the only illumination. However the room appeared empty, but his racing thoughts were interrupted by a voice. It was apparently to the right and behind, suggesting someone sitting against the headboard.

“Awake at last, big brother.” He groaned as he recognized the voice. It was Yuuka. “Don’t bother speaking, I think I know what you’d say, but I won’t understand.” He attempted to shout at her and escape from his bonds. However he found both of these attempts to be useless. She giggled softly and tapped his head lightly.

“No, no, no none of that. Now you’re going to by my pet.” He shook his head and attempted once again to escape his bonds. Suddenly he felt something smack against his hip with a sharp sting. He groaned in pain and she moved to where he could see her. “Naughty, naughty. Give in. It will be fun.” He shook his head again. She sighed.

“You are such a tease. Whenever you showered last year you would only wear a towel in the hall. I got so wet I would have to go back to my room.” This time it was his turn to sigh. She nodded slowly. He felt a hand on his cock. She rubbed him. He moaned and he was soon hard. She grinned and slowly stroked him causing further moans. Soon he felt himself tensing up, but she immediately let go shaking her head. Still escort ataşehir not speaking she once again smacked his hips and thighs with a paddle. He once again groaned and struggled in his bonds.

She leaned into lick up the sides of his face and he attempted to shake her off, but the straps restricted too much for this. She grinned and moved to alternatively pinch and suck on his nipples. This elicited a muffled moan and more struggles. She giggled softly and moved to a sitting position where she lightly stroked between her legs. Now it was her turn to moan softly. Despite his best efforts he continued to try to get a good look at her. She smiled and lightly tugged on a nipple.

“See something you like, big brother?” He groaned and turned away. She laughed for several moments. “Give in and I’ll make you cum.” He shook his head. She licked a hand and rubbed it along his shaft, producing a moan. She pulled her hand back as he struggled in his bonds. She picked up the paddle and smacked him several times. He groaned. She removed the gag as she spoke.

“Will you be my pet? Say ‘yes, mistress’ and you can cum.” His response was immediate.

“Not a chance you crazy bitch. Now you’ve had fun, let me go I…” Any further outburst was cut off as she held his nose until he allowed the gag back in place. Just as she was settling back into a sitting position he heard a voice from the other side of the bed.

“Not quite there Yuuka?” He felt the bed shift as his stepmother Ayane came into view. “Remember you promised to share.” Yuuka smiled.

“Of course mommy.” Suddenly Ayane tapped the plug in his ass, prompting him to moan and writhe in his bonds.

“You must really like him, his ass too?” Yuuka laughed softly.

“Can you blame me? His ass is so cute.” Ayane leaned in and licked his shaft from base to tip. Marcus moaned and attempted to thrust his hips in her direction. However she pulled back and he reached the limits of his bonds. He groaned his frustration.

“No, I can’t. His cock is really leaking you have him so worked up.” Yuuka laughed and softly tapped his balls before removing his ballgag again.

“Are you ready to be my pet, big brother? Remember, just say “yes, mistress’.” He stared at her a moment before speaking in a soft voice.

“Yes, mistress.” Yuuka grinned and moved to straddle him. Ayane held his cock in place while Yuuka lowered herself onto him. He moaned and she gasped softly as he penetrated her. She hesitated a moment once she was resting in his lap before she began moving up and down. She soon worked up to a swift pace and was moaning loudly. Ayane reached over to massage his balls as Yuuka continued to ride. He moaned and struggled to thrust into Yuuka despite the straps. She moaned as she rode him harder.

Marcus moaned as he felt her pussy tighten around him. Yuuka leaned forward, hands on his chest as she attempted to get more speed in her thrusting. Yuuka suddenly kadıköy escort slammed down on him as she cried out her orgasm. However just as Marcus thought he might cum as well Yuuka pulled off and Ayane squeezed until the feeling of approaching orgasm passed. Marcus groaned and struggled harder than ever to escape his bonds. Almost immediately he felt a sting on his hip as Ayane used the paddle.

“Not yet. Turn over.” Before he could object as the straps prevented this, she disconnected the straps from the bed and he struggled to turn over. Yuuka stirred and they helped Marcus up onto his knees. Once he was in position the straps were reattached to the bed. He did not have long to wait before he felt a smack against his rear. He flinched and she continued to swing, producing moans. She laughed softly, but continued the spanking for a bit longer. Once his moans had become particularly loud she set the paddle aside. He flinched as he felt a hand examining his reddened cheeks.

“Big brother, you look so adorable like that.” She tapped the plug a few times eliciting further moans. He felt a shift in the mattress as Yuuka climbed off the bed. Ayane meanwhile shifted her position so that she was in front of him and with a little effort on her part he found his head between her legs.

“Yuuka will be a minute. Why don’t you help me? You have me so worked up.” He looked up momentarily, but he said nothing as he extended his tongue. He was no stranger to giving oral to women and he had received compliments in the past. He licked on the surface, at first contact she gasped. Once he had completely explored the surface he shifted to exploring the folds. Ayane made a sharp intake of breath and a momentary laugh.

“Wow, you were made to serve. You belong to Yuuka, but I’m certainly going to enjoy you as well.” Once again he felt a shift as Yuuka climbed onto the bed. Marcus was just shifting to penetrate her pussy when he felt hands on his rear. Suddenly the plug was removed from his anus and his head shot up as he cried out. They both laughed softly and Ayane pulled his head back between her legs. He was just pushing his tongue between her lips when he felt something being spread on his hole. An attempt to raise his head again was stopped by Ayane.

“No, stay focused.” Once more he focused his attention on her pussy. The penetration of his tongue elicited more audible moans from Ayane. It was only her hands that kept him in place as Yuuka began thrusting a finger into his ass. He moaned into Ayane’s pussy as Yuuka added a second finger and thrust harder. Marcus’ thrust reached speed when he suddenly felt Yuuka’s fingers withdraw, however he did not have long to experience the unexpected emptiness when he felt something pressing against his hole.

It was larger than her fingers and initially could not penetrate, but she was determined. She continued to push holding his ass cheeks as far apart as possible. Suddenly she gained maltepe escort bayan entry and he moaned loudly. The moan was only in small part due to pain. In a short time it slowly slid forward until he cried out in a loud voice as she fully penetrated. He turned his attention to sucking Ayane’s clit while Yuuka remained motionless. Yuuka slowly pulled back and Marcus whimpered softly as he felt his ass empty. He continued sucking Ayane’s clit as hard as he could and Yuuka slowly pushed forward until he full again.

He moaned and Ayane grabbed his head with both hands. She moaned as her own orgasm hit and she held on for several minutes before releasing him and he collapsed against the headboard. Marcus rested his cheek on the bed as Yuuka slowly pulled back, but this time she didn’t hesitate before thrusting back in. He moaned as she began moving a little faster. Soon she was pulling out and slamming back in at full speed. He moaned as he felt his cheek pressed into the bed with every thrust. Just as he was becoming used to her thrusts he felt a sharp slap on his rear. She was smacking his rear with every inward thrust.

“Cum, big brother. Cum and be my pet.” He cried out and slammed back as he felt his cock erupting on the bed. She made a further series of thrusts before using both hands to smack his rear with the dildo buried in his ass. “So good, big brother.” He soon nodded off, barely registering the fact that she was removing the straps.

Marcus’ eyes slowly opened and he attempted to gather himself. He found he was lying on his side with the dildo still in his ass. Reaching back he carefully pulled the dildo out. He whimpered softly as it slid out. Not sure what else to do he dropped it on the bed. Moving with care he lowered his feet to the floor and stood. Still in a bit of a daze he stepped out into the hall. He checked Yuuka’s room, but found it empty, so he continued downstairs to the kitchen. He found Ayane at the stove and Yuuka eating at the table. When he entered they looked up. Yuuka laughed and Ayane smiled.

“Marcus I know Yuuka exhausted you, but you should still have put something on. Fortunately your father isn’t here. Have breakfast.” He sat at the table and Ayane put food on a plate. As he ate he struggled to ignore Yuuka grinning at him. Finally she finished eating and spoke up.

“That was great big brother. Next time I’ll let you fuck me. You make such a good pet.” He nodded and finished eating.

“So, next time…mistress?” She smiled and nodded.

“‘Course. Next time I’ve got a friend joining us. Go wash up.” He took his dishes to the sink and went to the bathroom. As he showered he examined his hole and moaned. However he realized that Yuuka would be upset if he played with himself so he focused on cleaning himself. Marcus considered how things had changed in such a short period of time. Although if he was honest he would say he had enjoyed it. As he finished he thought about what Yuuka still had in store for him. He hadn’t met any of her friends so he had no idea what to expect. In the end he knew one thing for certain, well two things. First he knew he would do what she said and two, that he was going to enjoy it.

To Be Continued

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