Feels Like the First Time

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This is a story modeled after an experience I very much enjoyed, I hope you enjoy it too. Let me know what you think, I appreciate feedback and constructive criticism.


Shauna was the kind of women who shared her skills and talents with all who asked it of her. She neglected herself often in her giving to others. Especially when the asking was from those close to her. It was easy to give but not so easy to get what she needed. She had been raised to please others and not to heed her own desires, and she had lived that way for a long time. She had let go of this notion when she was in college and in doing so found the pleasures of having men want her. Using her sex appeal as a vice to get the things she wanted. They looked at her and getting her in bed was their main drive and she used that to her advantage. She liked having that control because it was the first time she was the one getting. Then she met her husband. He knew she was the one but it took her time to find those feelings for him. When she did they where married and over time she started to live the life she thought she had let go of forever.

She gave of herself to his ever need, want, and desire but that left little room for her self. Shauna was being consumed by him and his demands on her. He dictated her life to her and limited her activities. She lost so many friends because of him. Her mother kept telling her that that was unimportant; his happiness was what was. So she was the perfect wife. She was becoming a woman she hated and didn’t like very much. His attentions were for his gratification alone and she withered under his touch. She remembered when sex was fulfilling and purely pleasurable. She longed for that again.

They moved once again. She lost what few friends she did have and he left her alone in a strange place and again limited her contact with others. She had a few people she spent time with but over time the Internet became her friend. She met many different people who touched different parts of her. Wes was one of those people. He saw the person she longed to be again. He cultivated many desires in her. He also sparked in her a desire for submission for pleasure sake. She knew how to submit, she had been doing that regularly for many years now, but this was different. When they talked she wanted his pleasure to be her own. She wanted to know what it was like to give yourself to another for their pleasure as well as her own. They planned and found a way to meet. She was nervous as she drove but the excitement within her pushed the nervous feelings deep down. The closer she got to him the more her passion rose.

She pulled up in front of bahis firmaları the restaurant he had designated as their meeting place. She took her panties off before she got out of the car. She was to be naked beneath her skirt. She felt the cool air hit her as she stepped out of the van. She was walking toward the door when she heard his voice. This time “Hello Darlin’ “ sent quivers down her spine and brought moisture between her legs. She turned to face him for the first time and smiled. She had been waiting for this for a long time. They went in and sat down. The conversation was light and when he looked at her she dropped her eyes out of the fear of him seeing just how much she wanted this. He smiled at her and gave her directions, which she followed with pleasure. She played with herself at his request and when he asked to taste she gave him her fingers which he took into his mouth locking eyes with her as he had his first taste of her passion. She closed her eyes and savored the sensation of his tongue on her fingers, imagining what it would feel like between her legs. She was getting wet as these thoughts filled her head. She blushed deeply and apologized to him for this indiscretion. He had not told her she could get wet. His eyes became wide and he stood quickly pulling her with him. He paid the bill and told her to follow him.

The hotel was not far away. The room was just the right temperature. He sat in a large chair that was facing the bed. She was ready to sit down when he told her to get undressed, slowly. She did as she was told. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and allowed it to fall to the floor as she took a step closer to him. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall as she let it go. She moved to unhook her bra when he told her to turn around. As she unhooked her bra she felt his hands run over her ass. She stepped back toward him and at the same time let her bra fall. He pulled her to him and eyed her up and down seeming please with what he saw. He pulled her over his lap her arms and legs dangling and talked to her in a very soothing voice. She didn’t expect the first strike and she screamed more in shock than in pain. He explained that she was not to do that again. She shook her head in understanding as his hand hit her bottom again. She tried to compose herself but the contact of his hand on her ass was a bit much and she squirmed on his lap. The more she squirmed the more she could feel him. He was getting hard and his cock felt good to her. He ran his finger down the crack of her ass to her pussy, which was wet. He smiled.

He pulled her up and told her to lie on the bed. This was what she wanted… for him to take her. He told kaçak iddaa her to play with herself making sure that he could see all she was doing. She closed her eyes and imagined his hands on her as she rubbed her clit and slid her fingers into her soft lips. She ran her fingers over her lips and down between them. She moaned softly as the sensation was building in her. She spread her legs further apart and ran her other hand over her body. Her back slowly arched and her eyes closed. She was not expecting what came next but she should have. The ice cube began to melt almost immediately upon his pushing it into her warm pussy. The one he pushed into her ass was harder to hold but she did hold it as he told her to. She stopped all movement in order to concentrate on the task at hand. The ice was something he had instructed her to use many times before in their chats and phone conversations. They still sent chills through her body as they melted. She just lay there, eyes closed…waiting for whatever was to come next.

She felt the heat from his body before she felt him. She opened her eyes and came face to face with his cock. She had been admiring it for sometime now and smiled as she realized she was finally going to get to taste him. She looked up at him and stuck her tongue out. He moved in closer and she began to show him her appreciation for this time they had to spend together. She took him into her mouth and run her tongue all over savoring him. She liked it. She sucked on him till she heard him moan and that fueled her desire to have this be one thing he would not soon forget. She sucked and licked him like a babe suckles its mother’s breast, and enjoyed every moment. He pulled away from her and in shock she looked up at him. He positioned himself between her legs. She closed her eyes and soft whispered “Yes”. He buried his head between her legs, which was not what she was expecting but very good none the less. He didn’t touch her clit at all. He licked and sucked all around her sweet lips but not once did he touch her clit. And when she didn’t think she could stand it anymore he licked her clit and she cam so hard it surprised her. He then moved up on her and as she spread her legs she felt the pressure of his cock at her opening. This was going to be good…she knew it. As he pushed into her she gasped as she felt his cock spread her open. She grabbed hold of him and prayed she could handle all of him. He slid in slowly. It felt so good. He fit perfectly. His thrusts were slow at first as she adjusted to him. She tightened her muscles for him and smiled to herself as he moaned softly. She could feel him inside her so snug. He took her and did not rush in kaçak bahis doing so. Long strokes. Feeling every inch as he pushed into her time and time again. She wrapped her legs in his and moved her hips with his. She could feel things within her building. As he reached for her leg and pulled it up she gasped once more as he got deep in her. This was all she had wanted…and more.

He looked at her and kissed her deeply. He pulled away from her and sat up on his knees. Watching as his cock disappeared in her. He pulled out slowly and told her to roll over. She had wondered if he was going to take her ass or not. She should have known he would. He ran his hands over her ass. He waited. It took her a minute to figure out why he had not taken her and then it dawned on her. She leaned forward and rested on her shoulders. She reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks for him. Exposing her tight hole to him. She looked back over her shoulder and licking her lips told him to take her. It had been so long since she had a cock in her ass that the anticipation was driving her crazy. She closed her eyes and leaned back slowly saying please. She felt his cock touch her and whispered softly “yes”. But he didn’t. She began begging, then pleading. He still waited and teased her by running his cock over her ass and over her hole. She began moaning and moving her ass around trying to entice him in. And just when she was on the verge of giving up she felt the pressure of him pushing against her tight hole. She pushed back and cried out as he stretched her and her ass engulfed the head of his cock. It was so tight that it reminded her of the first time. The first time had been filled with that pain that paralleled pleasure just as it did now. He had told her that the ice would tighten all those muscles up and that coupled with the fact that it had not been touched in more than a few years. He took her slowly allowing her ass to adjust to the thickness of him. He knew just what she needed and he was giving it to her. He told her he would make it all worth while and he was keeping that promise. He took her, getting harder. Deep long strokes. She was on the verge of exploding from all the sensations she was feeling at that one moment when he told her not to cum yet. She swallowed hard and tried to do as she was told. She closed her eyes tight and concentrated. The sensation of his thrusting was becoming more than she could handle. When his movement became more insistent she began bracing herself and begging him to let her cum. She was to the point of screaming when he finally said yes. The release came for them both. He moaned as he filled her with his cum and she screamed in total sexual release. He had told her that she was his and would always do as he told her but she had doubted that until now. She realized at that point that she would forever be his and his alone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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