First Massage

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She took a chance. Not knowing if he was the real deal. He seemed nice enough. Very attentive but she wondered if she was repeating an old pattern with him.

Well, he had offered and a massage would sure be nice. She worked so hard and she deserved it. But she knew he would probably get horny and try something.

Hoping he might, she asked him to come over.

An hour later, after frantically cleaning then showering, she was naked on a massage table with some guy who could be an axe murderer for all she knew.

But he had kind eyes and she wanted kindness for a change.

His hands moved across her body with a knowing strength. He knew how to relieve her tensed and bunched muscles. She kept thinking this might be a mistake, to be here with this man. They had only just met. But she felt her trust build as his voice washed over her and he paid attention.

My god he paid attention. So intensely as his eyes never left hers. He even remembered where she left off her story when they were interrupted by the waitress at dinner two nights ago.

He really was listening. “This is new”, she thought. It can’t be real. But his eyes kept focused intently on hers. That was dinner and this was now. An entirely new level of intimacy.

Now she was on ‘his table’; his realm and he knew it.

Relaxing slowly, she began to give herself over to the need to be touched. She felt the expert way he found sore spots and hidden hurts relieving them with deft fingers.

He was, above all, respectful and caring. But this was only a massage, right? It would end and he would go, after he saw her flaws. Once her body was revealed, he would run.

But he stayed.

And he never let his focus pull away. He stayed. Touching her. Feeling her.

And she gave in even more. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri

He asked if she was comfortable. He checked in with her. “Who does this with such masterful control?” She thought. Head to toe, he had done a thorough professional massage.

Moving above her head, looking into her eyes, he asked if she would like him to massage her breasts. This man who she had just met wanted to give her pleasure. Afraid, worried, she swallowed and said a breathy “yes”. It’s only her breasts after all.

He took his time. No quick rush to awkwardly fondle like some teenage virgin.

He knew where and when and how hard. God, she needed this.

Oiled hands moved across her breasts, touched her nipples, rubbed her “mother’s battle scars” he called them. Said they were a badge of honor. He took his time, she became warm and wet as she felt her lust rising.

He made sure that she felt safe and warm. He asked her if what he was doing felt good.

He was learning her. All she could reply was a low sound of “Mmmm”.

As he continued, his hands worked all over her body, came back to her eager breasts, then moved again,but she trembled when he touched her thighs or rubbed across her stomach.

He watched. She trembled. More warm oil spilled down between.

Then he asked her the question she wanted yet feared to hear. “Do you want me to go further?” He asked. Did she want him to go further? Hell yes-God no!

She amused herself with her thought. How much did she trust him? It was so new and her life was so full already. A new man to get in her way of raising kids, her work, someone else demanding her attention. That’s all she needed right now.

Then she heard herself say – yes.

And his hands moved.

Down güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri over her legs, across her hips.between her thighs. Oh, his hands knew a woman’s body well, her body, so well. No rushing, exploring.

Slowly and rhythmically. Patiently and intensely. When she opened her eyes, he was looking right at her face. She was surprised, he smiled. He was learning her.

The waves of pleasure were building, tides of warmth and love and safety and more. So much more. He slipped in and out. Felt her swell, her legs parted as he gently guided them to move.

Thoughts came and went, fleeting across her awareness like a movie of her life.

Fingers soothed her and excited every millimeter of her skin. She began to smell her own arousal. Musky and wet.

Then he began in earnest sensing the time was ripe and that she was ready. His fingers became direct and pressed just a little firmer. He widened her, moved in and out of her. Stroked her, found the connection between her clitoris and her G spot. Never before had she felt that.

The first time she came was like a song. A concoction of desire moving in her belly. The slow stirring of all her inner needs in a black cauldron, smoldering, heating up and bubbling. An intoxicating brew that became immediately addictive.

But he didn’t stop.

This place was usually the end. That’s where she could bring herself from her own masturbation and some others had too.

But he didn’t stop.

He was going further. She felt something she never had before. A new pleasure that was only ever hinted at. Where other lovers were never as knowledgable or attentive, he has a skill. Where did he learn this?

He was teaching her something and this was unexpected. She thought she was in güvenilir bahis şirketleri some kind of control with him, that she could tell him to stop at any time if it began to feel awkward. That particular power had left her a few minutes ago.

She learned that she could never bring herself to this level of ecstasy on her own. As soon as she reached a certain point where she could leave her body and float, her hand would falter and slacken.

This level of pleasure required someone else. Someone who paid attention and created trust. Someone who cares, let her fears sleep for a while. What ever it was, she wanted, no, needed more of it.

Then, the realization of what she had been missing crept in just as her awareness melted away.

Another orgasm.

Toes curling, hands moving to find his strong arms. She had to touch him to reassure he was in control, to ground herself. She felt the muscles under his skin tighten and flex as he kept his focus on her pleasure.

She came quicker, one right after the other. Cresting and floating on wave after wave. Then finally, the dam broke, any more stimulation and the world would cease to exist. One more…oh.

Silence, no sound. No table under her, no light in the room, no smells. Just her body completely free of all that made up her life.

Thoughts were gone.

Time was gone.



Heart beats.

Then touch.

Still, warm hands on her skin.

She became aware of light, slowly dawning through her closed eye lids.

His smell, heat from his body. Every sensory experience was heightened.

Then she felt his gentle lips on hers. The world came in slowly. New feelings replaced the old.

She pulled him in deeply and passionately. Longingly.

He had reset her.

Her arms wrapped around his neck. Hanging on like a child. His eyes, blue and gold still looking into hers.

He let her return little by little. Slowly remembering who and where she was.

Her life would be so different after this.

“This needs to happen again” she thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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