First Orgasm

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I had been dating Tony for a few months. I was only 19 and he was 28. We lived next door to each other. Well, more specifically he moved in next door to the place I grew up. He was a very sexual and sensual man, whom I had many ‘firsts’ with. This is my favorite.

Tony got paid every week on Thursday, so for a few months he got into the habit of bringing home a little payday cocaine and we would party together. This being one of the indulgences I allowed myself at that age. Every time we got wired, Tony got even more sexual than usual. To be specific, he loved to lick my pussy. He’s the first man who performed oral sex on me who really knew what he was doing. And I always enjoyed it immensely when he went down on me.

This particular Thursday was really something. He was all over me within minutes of my arrival at his place. He kissed me so passionately, his tongue moving quickly and intently in my mouth. We were making out on his couch for a few minutes, then he stood up in front of me. He tore my pants off so fast, I didn’t even have a chance to realize what was happening. Not that I would have minded had I realized. He knelt down on the carpet there in front me and spread my legs.

“Wait…” I began to mumble, but instantly lost myself in the dreamy feeling that began to overtake my senses. He touched me briefly with his fingers, rubbing the slick place between my güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri lips. Then he moved in closer with his face. He stuck out his tongue and began to lap at my pussy. He forced his tongue deep into me, then began an amazing rhythm of clit licking.

Tony pushed my legs farther apart and rested his shoulder against my right thigh. He kept looking up at me, to watch the pleasure that showed on my face. He smiled up at me then darted his tongue over my clit again and again.

He reached his hand up and ran it along my inner thigh. He slowly and intently let his fingers make their way to my dripping wet pussy. He slipped his forefinger into my hole, sliding it in and out. He spread my lips and continued to lick me like I had never been licked before.

My whole body sunk deeper into the couch, as my legs relaxed and fell further apart. My head rested against the back of the sofa and my eyes closed, as I was taken higher and higher with these intense feelings of ultimate pleasure. Tony continued to lick me as I began to moan a bit louder.

“I could lick you all night,” he said with such enthusiasm it sent shivers up my spine. His hands on me, his tongue working furiously at my clit, my mind floating off further and further with each moment of pleasure, was the combination of things that brought me over the edge.

My mind began güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to forget that the entire world even existed and the feelings that were taking place in my loins were feelings I had never really felt before. It was beyond what I had even imagined. I began to realize at that moment that I had never really orgasmed before. I mean really orgasmed; true pussy throbbing, mind blowing, blood rushing orgasm.

The feelings of intensity continued to grow and my mind didn’t know what to make of it. Was it the blow? Or was it simply the fact that I was right there on the verge of the big O? He continued to lick and flick his tongue over my clit.

“The man in the boat is standing up now. That feels really good, huh?” he knowingly asked. I barely heard his words, as my mind was slipping in and out of reality. This was the best feeling I had ever felt.

And then it happened. I let my mind go completely blank and didn’t allow myself to think of anything but the pure ecstasy that I had begun to experience. Tony continued to work my clit masterfully, licking and lapping, pushing at my clit with his warm wet tongue. The feeling, although I knew was being generated in my loins, seemed to start at my toes and race up through my whole body all the way to the top of my head.

My pussy muscles began to contract and then all the muscles güvenilir bahis şirketleri in my body began to tighten. I was moving my hips in unison with the awesome feeling I was experiencing, and my entire body began to shake and quiver. My pussy continued to throb uncontrollably as my body continued to shake.

My mind was in a place of pure pleasure. I could barely comprehend what was happening because, for one thing, I had never really cum before. Not like that. Not true orgasm with the throbbing and the shaking and the intensity that made my mind slip to another reality.

I basked in the glory of pure pleasure and ecstasy and knew at that point how wonderful sex could really be. All along I thought I had understood how good it felt to share intimacy with another, but at that moment I realized how much I had been missing out on. Tony brought me to the next level. He brought me to intense orgasm with his mouth.

After it was over, I continued to lay sprawled out on the couch, my head back, my mouth hanging open, my legs spread. I felt so good, I think at that very moment I fell in love with him. I figured a man who could bring me such intense pleasure had to be worthy of my love. Not to mention the fact that I wanted to repeat this new exotic feeling on a regular basis. It was like opening Pandora’s box. I was set free and wanted to orgasm all the time.

Tony looked at me and smiled. “You really liked that, huh? You were shaking like a squirrel on the side of the road who just got hit by a car.” I didn’t much care for the analogy, but it was true. My whole body had shaken uncontrollably from the orgasm he gave me. It really was the best feeling I had ever experienced.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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