First Time at Hedonism – Day 04

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It was early in the morning of our fourth day at Hedonism II, an “adults only” anything goes resort in Jamaica which would become famous over time for it’s ribald adventures and no-holds barred revelry. We hadn’t really understood what we were in for when we booked our trip here, but now we were thick in the soup of it all.

The prior night had seen our friend Dan lose track of his wife – last seen sharing a “hands in each other panties” type of make-out session with another woman amongst the crowds of a “Naughty Nighty” overnight party – and my descent into the ranks of cuckoldry later in the evening when Dan chose to crawl into bed with my wife while his wife explored her lesbian side.

It had been a big night, and my wife Sherry and I had seen and done a lot over the last few days, It seemed time to take stock of our relationship and our lives. Any hurt feelings? Jealousy? She said no, I think honestly.

I admitted that there had been a bit of jealousy toward Dan as I watched them in bed, but felt that was perhaps supposed to be part of the whole cuckoldry experience. I was glad we had one it, but was still processing it a bit.

Sherry admitted that was feeling a bit embarrassed about the night before – especially the last part – of which the less is said the better. I let her know that it had been her night and I wanted her to set the rules and do what she wanted. We had been willing partners in our adventures so far, and if some of it left a bad taste in my mouth, well, that was just part of trying new things.

She pointed out that I had been relatively chaste the whole trip – not having any sex partners but her. I said “We’ve been doing so many sexual things I’m not sure I even noticed.”

She laughed at that and called me a liar – which was a little bit true I guess. I had been in bed with the brassy blonde Brenda in little more than her bra and panties, and watched naughty nurse Michelle eat my wife out for half hour, and still hadn’t gotten to first base with either. I admitted that this was a bit disappointing.

“And Julie – you wanted her bad I could tell.”

Well, there was that, but Julie seemed to be firmly into women only. I seemed to always fall for the ones that I had seemingly the least chance of ever getting.

We talked more about our little adventures – dissecting again the hot tub disaster, the porn movie night, the Naughty Nighty party and the cuckold experience. Sherry decided that we needed to try harder to get me laid. (Sherry and I had had sex more than three times a day since coming to Hedo so I was getting laid, but I got what she meant.)

She promised she’d “try harder to make that happen – even if it meant she would have to make some bold moves” she said that with a sparkle in her eye. “Just maybe not today. I’m kind of “fucked out” and I need to recover.”

She told me that if I saw something I wanted, she considered it to be open hunting season, which made us both laugh. I thought about Julie and about Brenda – but figured Julie didn’t swing my direction and Brenda probably wouldn’t take me seriously. Otherwise I had no real thoughts on anyone that might be interested.

Our feelings in the open, we decided to start our day and hopped in the shower together. I couldn’t help but notice that Sherry was getting a little bit of sunburn in areas where we perhaps hadn’t slathered on enough of the SPF-50. When she was going down on me I noticed she actually had some sunburn on the top of her head where she parted her hair.

Post shower we did another sunscreen application party and wound up in bed again. We finally made it out the door to lunch somewhere after noon.

Sherry was concerned about Dan and Brenda and wanted to drop by their room on the way to eat, but I was hungry and figured we’d see them at the buffet. We finished our meal. No Dan and no Brenda.

We went to their room and saw that the maids were cleaning it. Then we got closer and realized the room was empty and being prepared for the next guests. Only then did we realize that they had left for the airport. We hadn’t even exchanged phone numbers or anything. Heck we didn’t know their last names.

It was a bummer way to lose a couple we had enjoyed being with, especially with no way to connect after the big night, but I think we understood why they left they way they did. “What happens here stays here” was a motto at Hedonism for decades before Las Vegas picked it up. They didn’t want anything to follow them home.

We promised ourselves this wouldn’t get us down, though to be honest we didn’t have much planned. We were both sleep deprived and planned to head back to the room for a nap, but found that there was a big party blowing up on the beach next to our room. Loudspeakers, dance music. Lots of cheering and screaming. We’d never be able to sleep through that, so we out to the beach went to take a look.

We found that there was a contest going on and what we saw were basically a dozen women shooting “blow jobs” – a mix of liquor that casino siteleri was served up in a test tube. The trick was to drink it with no hands. You had to put your mouth on it, jerk your head upwards and hope you could swallow it all without it winding up all over your face. It was easier said than done.

We were standing in the small crowd and it was a combination of naked people and others you could tell had just come in from the airport – fully dressed for travel and kind of sticking out a like a sore thumb. They were the ones that were checking out the blowjob competition, the nude beach and sometimes the naked person standing next to them and were so overloaded that they didn’t know where to put their eyes. We had been there just a few short days ago, so we totally understood their befuddlement.

A young couple walked up at one point and stopped to watch with a look on their faces approaching horror.

She was in a long white dress that came to her knees, sleeveless in recognition of the heat, but with a very high neckline and otherwise practically shapeless other than a slight tapering at the hips. White closed toed shoes with very small heels. Her hair was long, straight, and chestnut in color. Very light make-up.

He wore the black slacks and white shirt not unlike that of a Mormon missionary or perhaps just an IT worker with a bad sense of fashion. Blonde with very short hair and a face that looked like it saw more light from computer monitors than the sun.

Together they would have fit in well at a post church get together at the local pancake house or perhaps a PTA meeting. They stuck out like flowers in a septic tank amongst the horny, hung-over Hedo crowd.

So a small aside…

We all have our kinks and hot buttons. I had developed a fetish early in life for what I referred to as church women. I had grown up in a very conservative community and these women were prevalent, and usually the most desirable in the church groups.

I had even lost my virginity to my high school sweetheart, who was in every way a proper, upstanding Christian soldier right up until the day she invited me into her room and shared herself with me for the first time.

I actually even met my wife Sherry at a church function at a catholic church outside of Los Angeles. It was love at first site seeing her in that angelic white lace dress and sensible heels. (A story for another time.)

So to summarize, I had a thing for the kind of woman that would never engage in the kind of deeply nasty kinds of things that I would want to do with them. I had a thing for church ladies.

So, back to the story, this conservatively dressed beauty was exactly that kind of woman I had always had a fetish for, and I was smitten.

I had no idea who she was or anything about her, but I suddenly had my sights set on her. It was perhaps a foolish idea, but sometimes the cock wants what the cock wants. That Sherry had given permission – actually even encouraged me to be aggressive – felt like there was karma to this that I felt like was worth pursuing even if the odds were small.

I am and always was an accountant type. Not exactly Don Juan and I have always felt like I was luckier than a man has a right to be to have landed Sherry. I didn’t have a lot of confidence that I could do this, but I decided that if she were here at Hedonism there might be a chance, and if there were a chance I’d take it.

Despite their look of horror before, and their whispering to each other in that shocked way that church people tend to whisper to each other when the story is really good, they were still watching as the drinking games got more outrageous.

It was the men’s turn at taking a drink, and the trick is that the cups were to be secured in the cleavage of their partners. Obviously, some women were much better equipped to make this happen than others – and some had shed their blouses, bras and bikini tops in order to be competitive.

I sidled up next to the couple and casually opened a conversation “First time here?”

They both were spooked like bunny rabbits to hear someone talk to them and it took a second to recover. The man finally said “About an hour actually” with a sheepish smile.

Sherry had followed me and I think she got it (she and I had discussed my thing for the clean and proper looking girl before and she actually dressed the part sometimes just to make me crazy.) She kind of laughed at me, but winked and let me know she had my back.

She said “Let me guess. You got a brochure. Saw it was in the Caribbean. Saw that it was an all inclusive. Saw the price and booked it, and didn’t read up on what this place was like, right?”

They both shook their heads – part in shared amusement and part a “we didn’t do our homework” kind of shame.

Sherry give them the same smile back. “Yeah, us too.”

It was exactly the right opening – and I saw both of them lose some of the tenseness in their shoulders and take what might have been güvenilir casino their first deep breath since getting off the plane.

“I’m Jay, this is Sherry. We too, didn’t do our homework, but we’re surviving. ” I stuck out my hand in my best church going voice. “You’ll have to excuse our attire. We were just going over to the exercise room.”

(We had both adopted the Hedo ethic and were both in gym shorts and cotton shirts. Sherry had worn a bra this AM, mostly because she said her nipples were raw.)

“Janet and Michael” Michael spoke first. “Is it always like this?”

Sherry smiled. “Oh, this is fairly tame. After a while you just get used to it.”

We watched for just another minute more, and Sherry put her hand on Janet’s arm.

“Honey you haven’t put sun screen on have you. You are going to burn up in minutes out here. Let’s get you some.”

Sherry led Janet away from the partiers, and Michael and I followed behind. I knew that Sherry was leading them to our room, and was panicked for just a moment, but remembered that we had cleaned up a bit that morning. We just are naturally neat people.

Michael volunteered as we walked that they had told him that his luggage would be in the room soon, so they had decided to take a quick walk after being cooped up on the plane and bus since waking up this AM. The look on his face made it obvious he knew that he wasn’t in Kansas anymore.

I felt a need to rally the troops and gave a small pep talk. “Listen, you are basically where we were a few days back. Don’t get shell-shocked. It’s a beautiful resort with a nice beach and lots to do.”

Sherry jumped in, adding “The food isn’t fantastic but it’s good and hey, no dishes!”

Sherry led Janet into the bathroom with a bottle of sunscreen, and Michael and I walked into the main room. He was looking up at the mirrors on the ceiling then down at the ground where I realized that the black panties I had been wearing were still sitting on the ground. We must have missed them the night before. He looked embarrassed. I’m sure he thought they belonged to Sherry – which they really did I guess.

There were no beer bottles lying around, no roaches in the ashtrays and the bed was in better order than it had been since arrival, so all in all it was presentable. I was glad the curtains were closed. At least for the moment.

I explained that all the rooms at Hedo were the same – and he admitted that he and Janet had already taken a peak at their room. “It’s not as close to the beach” he said. “The mirrors thing is pretty different, huh? I guess it’s not all bad.”

He smirked a bit. A shared moment among men. I could tell he felt like he was being naughty bringing up the implications. There was hope for him yet.

Janet and Sherry walked out of the bathroom, both shiny from the layer of sunscreen that they had lathered on. Janet looked around the room and didn’t look offended and returned my smile when I told her that she looked like she was better prepared for the sun now.

Sherry handed the sunscreen to Janet and said “You should get Michael too. The sun sneaks up on you. We had sunburns in places that we didn’t know the sun could reach after a day here.”

Janet grabbed the sunscreen and had Michael stand up while she did his arms and face. “Back of the neck” Sherry and I both said almost in unison. (That was the place the sun bites worst.) Putting on sunscreen is always one of the most intimate of non-sexual things that you can do with another person, so I watched closely while Janet put a coat on Michael. She did it like a wife – not like a mom – slowly and with some intimacy to it. I saw reason to be encouraged with her as well.

We talked for a while and it turns out that the two of them were from a small town not far from where I had grown up, and from there it just turned into the standard “get to know you” kind of conversation that probably happens a thousand times a day at resorts all across the world.

One thing we discovered was that Janet and Michael hadn’t eaten, and though we had, we led them up to the common area and sat with the while they had a quick bite. Just so it wasn’t awkward, we got some fruit and nibbles, and when the time came Sherry looked at the couple and said “You are on vacation and in Jamaica. Would you like a Daiquiri? They are good here – really cold and not too strong.”

(Note: The Daiquiris were very strong, but I understood why Sherry said that.)

They looked at each other with the “why not” look of a couple asking each others permission, and then smiled and gave a shake of the head.

“Jay, you want to help be a set of hands. We’ll let these two finish their lunch.”

As soon as we got to the bar, Sherry gave me that impish face she gets when she is giving me a bad time. “Never in a million years Jay. Give it up.”

“Daiquiris Sherry? Liquor is the great panty dropper.”

“Not a chance Hun.”

I adopted a conciliatory tone and said “You are right, canlı casino but I think they are nice people and probably legitimately freaked out here. It could be fun just to see this place from their standpoint again. You’re fucked out anyway. Let’s hang out with them for an evening.”

“You think they’ll have the comedian with the horse cock tonight?” Sherry mocked me softly, referring to some particularly lewd Hedonism entertainment from earlier in the week. “I’m sure Janet and Michael will just love that.”

“As long as Janet does, then I say we keep going.”

“You mean a grand tour tomorrow? Like Dan and Brenda did with us?”

“Exactly. It will be fun. Besides it goes Dan laid didn’t it?”

We grabbed the drinks and headed back to the table. The drinks were the standard straight from a machine with package mix, but they went down easy and they were stronger than they tasted. In the hot sun both Janet and Michael finished theirs in a few minutes and Sherry and I went back for seconds before they could say no.

After two drinks, their lunch was done. “Your luggage is probably here. Want to take some time to unpack and perhaps we’ll meet you around 5 and give you a grand tour of the place? We can have dinner after. We’d love to hear all about your trip here. I’m sure it was an experience.”

Janet laughed at that – I’m sure she did have some stories to tell as we had done the same bus ride a few days before. She got up and looked a bit wobbly as they agreed on the meet up later. Those drinks packed a wallop.

We walked them to their room, said our good afternoons, and then headed for ours. On the way back to the room, Sherry was poking fun at me a bit, but I could tell she was mildly into it and when we got close to the room, she started doing her by now traditional slow strip on the way to the door. She was topless by the time we reached the room and bottomless by the time we reached the bed.

“I thought you were fucked out?”

“Well, for you I make allowances.”

I laughed and took off my clothes. Sherry was a little sore I could tell – she had grabbed a tube of lube from the bedside drawer and started without me.

“Will I have to fuck Michael?” Sherry laughed as I took my place between her legs and started to work myself into her.

“Do you want to?”

“Well, we have to do something to keep him busy while you make your move.”

“I really doubt it will ever get that far.” I had resigned myself to the idea that this was a fools errand.

“Start with “Let Us Pray.” She suggested. “That will get her onto her knees.”

She giggled that evil giggle of hers while she pushed up to meet me. God I loved this woman. So much naughty in such a little package. She was still laughing as we got down to some good afternoon pre-nap sex.

When it came time to get ready to meet our new friends, Sherry didn’t have to be prompted to dress up a bit for dinner. We were, after all, meeting a new couple who had expected to spend a week in a resort – not a den of sin. We really wanted to ease them into the situation.

Sherry looked great is a peach sundress that was perhaps cut just a bit more provocatively than Janet might approve of, and sensible heels that were proper – but still made her ass and legs look great. I went safe in a tan golf shirt and brown slacks. It would have been a great wardrobe for an evening at the Colonial.

We popped over to the bar and ordered a couple of Red Stripes. It didn’t take long for Michael and Janet to arrive. Dan was in a generic golf shirt and tan slacks, but Janet had changed into a most interesting red dress. It was classy, but very much off the shoulder and boldly cut at the bodice, and the matching skirt repeated a pattern like a modern day Indians blanket. If was a very unique dress, sexy but it looked almost like something tribal that a very hot squaw might wear out on a big night on the town. They joined us in a beer, which we took along for our quick tour before dinner.

I let Sherry plan the tour route. She seemed to have a plan that I lacked and was always a good ambassador when we met new couples. She led the two through a lot of the attractions on the tame side of the island, but took a few turns to tell stories that tested the waters of what Michael and Janet might be shocked by.

Walking within view of Peter’s suite at the top of the property, Sherry mentioned that the software mogul who was staying in the VIP suite was always happy to share his home movies of Hedonism and other resorts, but to be very careful as he had his projector set up in the bedroom and you know what that means.

Neither Janet nor Michael dared to ask how anyone would know that, but you could tell they wanted to.

After we showed them the exercise room and the small business center, Sherry veered off course to the center area’s underground bar where the Naughty Nighty party had taken place. “This is a very happening disco at night, but you have to be careful and match the theme for the evening. The doorman is very picky about attire.”

I knew that comment was just for me, but within the next few days Michael and Janet might learn enough to get the joke. In the meantime, we stopped at the bar, dropped off our empties and re-loaded with new drinks.

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