First Time Fuck

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I am 55 and teach introduction to accounting. Styles have changed skirts get shorter blouses get tighter and girls have fewer limits. One thing is consistent. All girls want cock as much as men want to give it.

This was taught to me when I took this course. I was 18 shy awkward and the only man in the class. The other 12 girls and Ms. Butter, made the class. After watching me try to get a date with no luck for a week or so. Ms. Butter held me back after class to talk.

Trembling and cock hard. I sat in my seat as she sat on the edge of hers. Her skirt raised to show the top of her nylons and garter clasp. Her satin blouse hugging her big round breasts. Enough buttons undone to show her cleavage and lace bra.

“Tom. Would you mind stopping by my house Saturday? I have some things that need a mans attention. About 10?”

She got up. Walked over. Leaned over. My eyes widened as her tits were there in full view and threatening to fall out.

“Don’t be late.”

I knew where she lived. I had been there many times with my father. He was a handy man and I would go and cut her grass and yard work while he would go in and help her. I assumed I would be doing yard work again.

She greeted me at the door. Wiping her hair with a towel in a white satin robe that clung to her wet body. My cock instantly hard as her nipples visible through the light fabric were pointing straight at me.

“Tom. Come in. You know. As much as you want pussy. We want cock. Actually. As woman it is in our DNA. You see we were created to please men. It is the only reason we were created. Oh we have orgasms without men but never feel fulfilled unless we feel a strong hard cock exploding in us or on us. I’ve seen you in class awkwardly trying to impress the girls. After today. I hope to give you the confidence to know your place and ours.”

I stood there trying to process this, when the light went on.

“I’m going to walk around the block. When I come back. I want you to be dressed appropriately to meet your student for my training.”

I went out around the corner of her shed and jerked off. Shooting my cum on her rose bush. I had hoped I sounded stern enough to make her change and not lock me out. Sweating I walked around the block trying to grasp that all I had to do canlı bahis was assume that all girls wanted was to get fucked. Why hadn’t my father ever told me?

After about 20 minutes. I put on my best confident face and rang her door bell. Knees trembling. She opened the door. My eyes bulged as I saw what was standing before me.

Her hair hugged her chin line revealing her slender neck. Her satin blouse showed ample cleavage and a white lace bra was visible through the light fabric. I don’t know what the button holding her tits in was made of. I was sure it was going to pop off with every breath she took. Her plaid skirt covered her panties but not much more. There was about 2″ of bare thigh and then white thigh high stockings tucked into black pumps.

“I wasn’t sure what to wear that would send a clear message that I want you to fuck me today. I see by the nice bulge in your shorts that I chose well.”

Smiling she turned and walked to the kitchen. I could see the bottom of her ass cheeks as the slutty skirt flipped up and down while walking.

“Ms. Butters. I want you to suck my cock in the kitchen before I lick your cunt and suck your tits.”

“Call me Lisa. We are not at school. Just a couple of adults having fun and fulfilling our purpose in life.”

“Lisa! Suck my fucking cock NOW!”

Pushing her down. Taking my cock out. My fucking God. I could never have imagined the feeling of her warm mouth sliding down my cock to the base. Looking up with her deep brown eyes, and pushing to take me deeper still. As she came back up to my throbbing head. Lisa dragged her teeth along just hard enough to give me sensations never felt before. I was ready to blow my load. She pulled off. Shaking her head. Spittle running down her chin onto her blouse.

I lifted her up by her hair. reached down and pulled hard on that button. It sailed past my shoulder releasing her fabulous tits. I took one in my mouth and lightly bit her hard nipple. I heard a throaty moan as I pinched the other one. Running my hand up her thigh to her pantie. It felt wet as I pushed my finger against her slit. Lisa arched into me as my finger pushed her pantie in her cunt. I hooked my thumb into her waist band and pulled hard. The elastic band snapped. Her flimsy covering hung to the side giving me full access to her moist cunt.

I turned her around. bahis siteleri Put my cock head on her slit. Pushed it in. Lisa pushed back. Forcing the length of my cock deep. My cock throbbed as her satiny smooth warm cunt enveloped it. It felt like nothing I had ever experienced before, as her warm hole contracted on it.

“Fuck it Tom. Please fuck it hard. Your big hard cock feels so good stretching my fuck hole. I haven’t had a big one like you for a long time. Fuck me stud.”

Encouraged by her words I began fucking her. In deep out slow faster, faster. Her throaty moans gave me more momentum as my groin slapped against her firm ass. Lisa’s cunt farted and her sloppy juices escaped with each thrust.

My wildest fantasies while jerking off. Never matched what my cock was feeling now with her silky smooth cunt massaging and her throaty vocals brought me to cumming. My cock tightened as my cum rose from my balls and spurted in her cunt. My knees weakened as my cum drained out.

Holding and leaning against her for stability. I felt her tense and shudder one last time as she went limp under me. I pulled out and sat on the floor trying to catch my breath as my cock went limp.

“My fucking God Tom! You need to be fucking every girl you see. Don’t keep that beautiful gift to yourself. I expect you to be fucking all your classmates starting Monday.”

Then she took my cock in her mouth and sucked me dry. To my surprise she cupped her hand under her cunt and pushed my cum into it and proceeded to eat it.

“Tom come over tomorrow after church. I want to show you some more fun to have.” Now go home. I have to rest and clean up for my date tonight.”

I arrived after 1 and was met by Lisa wearing a pink lace baby doll that did little to conceal her tits and short enough to show the bottom of her cunt. I noticed it was leaking down her leg.

She grabbed my hand and led me to her living room.

“You remember Bertie.”

Bertie was 18 and one of my classmates and not my first choice of fucks. She was over weight and socially challenged. Her face was pretty but she did not flatter herself with what she wore.

She was sitting on the floor. Fingering her cunt and her saggy tits hanging with a stupid grin on her face.

“I was just letting Bertie know what a beautiful cock you have and how good bahis şirketleri you fuck with it. Tom I want you to fuck her so she has a reason to get into shape. She reminds me of me when I was her age.”

Lisa had my pants undone and was massaging my cock as she spoke. My cock hardening and Bertie’s eyes grew big as Lisa led me to her. She knelt down pulling my cock to Bertie and pushing her head to it.

The fat cunt lunged for it like a starving dog. Taking it as deep as she could. Slobbering and choking as Lisa pushed her head. Wanting more. Lisa pulled her off. Turned around and guided me into her fat hair pie.

I thought it would be sloppy like her body but it was surprisingly tight. Not like Lisa’s but enough to give sensations on my cock shaft. I drove it in to my groin hard enough to make her plump ass jiggle. Again and again. Her hole began gushing as she moaned and groaned before screaming as her body seized and she fell into the back of the couch.

“Keep fucking her Tom. Fuck her till you cum.”

Then Lisa drooled on her ass hole and stuck her finger in. I slapped her ass as we fucked her in her stinky hole and cunt. Wanting to degrade her more. I pulled her hair to make her turn around. I knew I was close feeling my balls tighten and I wanted to cum on her face and saggy tits.

Lisa squeeze my cock building pressure until my cum began dribbling out. She released my cock and it squirted a long stream. Hitting her forehead and splashing in her eyes. I stepped closer aiming at her open mouth. Perfect score as she lunged toward it catching it in her mouth and clamped her lips on my throbbing spewing cock. Like a champ she sucked it dry as it began to shrivel she reluctantly let it go. Swallowed and started to clean the cum off her face.

“Okay. Tom! That was a good fucking cum shot. Bertie you really like cum. If you want to get fucked and eat cum on a regular basis. You have to get into shape. I can help. I used to look like you when I was your age. Got a mercy fuck and by graduation I looked like this and had a gang bang for graduation gift. Been fucking sucking and eating cum ever since. To give you incentive. I will give you a frozen cum treat to suck on. All you have to do is lose a pound to get one. I’m going to push you hard to reach your goal. Tom come back tonight so I can start her suppl of treats.”

I left thinking. Wow! In 24 hours I got fucked twice and will be fucking the rest of my classmates and whoever they brag about me to. Don’t imagine I’ll be jerking off on rose bushes fantasizing about fucking anybody again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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