First Week Being Single

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When I married Susan, I had known she was bisexual. For most of our marriage it had been exciting and different. I had known that she would occasionally cheat on me with girls, and she had let me cheat whenever I was out of town. We always shared the details with each other, and it usually led to really hot sex. On occasion, we had even cheated with the same girl, which I found to be even hotter.

One such girl was Rene. Rene was a lawyer with a big corporation in Atlanta, and lived across the street from us in one of the endless suburbs. Although Susan had seduced Rene into having a threesome with us once, it had never happened again. Rene and I had both been interested, but Susan had drifted off into another relationship with a couple from downtown.

At first, I thought Susan was going to get into swinging, because she told me some of the stories about having sex with Brad and Terry, but it turned out that Brad was not interested in sharing Terry with another guy. That left me at home with John Junior for quite a few nights. Although I would have loved to have Rene drop over after John Junior went to bed, it never felt right. I always felt like it would be letting my son down, or being disloyal.

When Susan started talking seriously about divorce, it was almost a relief to me. She was moving in with Brad and Terry, and even though I still loved her, I was ready to let her go.

By September, Susan was already moving her stuff out. On a Friday, Susan came over with a small moving van to get the rest of her stuff. I had taken to hiring a baby-sitter on those nights, because I was worried that Susan and I would fight, but it never really came to that. Instead, we were both friendly and a little bit sad, and she spent extra time playing with John Junior. By the time she left, it was nearly 8pm, and I had let the babysitter go home so that Susan and I could put John Junior to bed.

After he went to sleep, Susan kissed me, and then left quietly. Although I had not had a drink in a long time, I poured myself a beer, and sat down with a good book.

Just a few pages in, I heard a soft knock on the door, and got back up to see what it was. I assumed Susan had left something, so I was shocked to see Rene at the door.

Rene had a dark complexion, hinting of what might be Middle-Eastern family on one side of the family. Her hair was naturally dark, with a slight curl that looked like a magazine advertisement for expensive shampoo. Her body hinted of many hours of exercise, because she was tight and toned. Even though she was almost my age, she looked much younger because of good diet, plenty of exercise, and good genetics. Her face was far and away her best feature. She had TV-star good looks, even though she had a small mouth and a “resting bitch face” frown, she smiled easily, and her smile made her look younger. Her eyes were kind of deep-set, and even without makeup her complexion was smooth and tan. In short, she was a fantasy girl, and not the kind of person you would expect to ever be free on a Friday night, much less knocking on her neighbor’s door.

“I saw the moving truck, and I was worried about you guys.”

“It’s OK,” I answered. “Susan has been moving out for a long time, this was just the last of it.”

“Sorry. Can I come in?”

I realized that I had just been standing there staring at Rene. “Sorry, of course.”

I moved out of the way to invite her in, but she hesitated. “I understand if you don’t want company right now.” She offered.

“No, some company would actually be nice.” I said. “Let me get you a beer.”

Rene came in, and I noticed again how attractive she was. She had on a relatively short dress, with patterns of light and dark blue, and a simple white shirt with a high coller but no sleeves. “It looks like you are on your way out.” I said.

“Yeah, I am going out with a few friends from work.” She answered. She was looking at me kind of funny, as if she was trying to decide whether to say something or not. She finally must have decided to bring it out in the open. “Did you know I was moving?”

“No.” I answered a little too flatly. It came out sounding like I was upset, so I tried to cover it up by asking the next question in a lighter tone. “Where are you moving to?”

“New York City”, she replied. “The company is promoting me, but moving me to HQ.”

It took me a few seconds to figure out what that sentence had to do with the other. “Oh, so you were on your way out to celebrate.”

“Yeah,” she admitted, as if she was sorry for feeling happy while I was clearly not. “But you are invited if you want to join us.”

It didn’t sound like a real invitation, so I wouldn’t have gone anyway. I just smiled. “Thanks, it is really nice of you to invite me. But I am going to hang out with John Junior tonight, have a beer, and read ‘The Life of Pi’ .”

“I didn’t even realize John was upstairs,” she said, smiling back.

“She said I can have custody. It really is a pretty friendly divorce. bakırköy escort I thought I was going to be pretty torn up, but so far, I am just relieved.”

As I was talking, Rene had walked over close to me. I was going to sit on the couch, but she was still standing, so it would have been rude. Also, though, it felt good standing so close to her. I figured out that she was standing because she was going to leave soon, but she didn’t seem to be in any hurry. She was drinking her beer slowly, and looking in my eyes to see if I was really doing OK, or just pretending.

I enjoyed looking in her eyes as well, so I stood there and casually drank my beer while we talked about her job, my job, and the advantages of a friendly divorce. During the conversation, she got gradually closer and closer, until I could almost feel the heat coming off her body. Her breasts were smaller than average, but had a good shape and sat pretty high on her chest. Because she was standing way too close to me, and I was about four inches taller, I had a slight view of the smooth curves beneath her shirt.

Her best feature was here eye, though. Dark and expressive, her eyes made her look much younger. Her skin was also clear and smooth, adding to the effect. She wore a simple necklace made of thin dark brass, or possibly gold, with a handful of tiny beads that appeared to be enamel. I wanted to lean over and kiss her, and work my way down to the breasts that seemed to outline and display that necklace.

Rene talked quietly, as if trying not to wake John, even though John could sleep through a thunderstorm. I played along, though, because it gave me an excuse to maintain the “invasion of personal space” distance between us.

Finally, she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. Not too quickly, but not too slow, either. “I guess I better be going,” she said. The kiss was almost electric. It was the first time I had kissed anyone but my wife in many months, and the feel of her soft lips was sensual and sexy.

“Thank you for coming over.” I replied. I wanted to thank her for the kiss, too, but I didn’t know what to say that wouldn’t sound stupid.

She started to leave, but paused, and stepped back toward me, and put her arms loosely on my shoulders, and then tightening a little, drawing her face very close to mine. “Can I come back later?” She asked. Her smile and whispered tone implied that she was about half serious, but I had no idea what “later” meant.

“Of course.” I tried to imitate her smile, but I was pretty sure that it was only sexy on her. The smile that she delivered looked casual, bemused, and flirty at the same time. On me, my guess is it came off as confused, sad, and desperate.

She giggled slightly, and then left. I was hoping she was giggling with me rather than at me, but there was no way to tell.

I watched her cross the street and get into her car, and tried to figure out if she was serious about coming back “later”, or if that was one of those things that would fall through once she was one minute away. I finally decided that she would not be back. Girls that hot get to choose any guy they want at any given moment, and spending time with a sad sack on a Friday night was the last thing she needed or wanted.

I read the Yann Martel book or a while, but it was not holding my attention. I kept hoping that she would come back, even though it seemed less and less likely with each passing hour. I tried to maintain the illusion that I wasn’t “staying awake waiting” by not going to bed, but eventually fell asleep on the couch.

About 2am, I woke up and decided the show was over. I checked on John Junior, and was headed for bed when I heard a soft knock at the door. I practically raced downstairs, trying to figure out a good lie to convince Rene that I hadn’t been up waiting for her.

Rene stood outside as before, looking fantastic, as usual. She was not wearing the dress from before, though. Instead, she had changed into an oversized Boston Bruins hockey jersey and apparently nothing else. (This was the black jersey with the yellow “B” that Esposito and Orr wore when they were on away games in the 1970’s, and she looked like a fashion model in it). Rene was almost 5’10” and the jersey barely covered her ass. If she had lifted her arms, I could have known for sure whether she was wearing underwear.

Her legs were smooth and thin, and almost impossibly long underneath the jersey. She had to know the effect it had on me. The fact that she was barefoot added to the whole effect of wearing the jersey as pajamas.

This time I avoided my earlier mistake, and invited her in.

“I hope it is OK to come by this late,” she said. “I saw the lights on.”

It was kind of an exaggeration. I had a reading light on over the sofa, and I had left the bathroom light on upstairs. But other than that, the house was completely dark.

“Its not a problem,” I replied. “I was just thinking up lies to explain beşiktaş escort why I was awake.”

She laughed. “Well, I wanted to give you a reward, and tomorrow I am moving, so this might be the only night.”

“A reward? That sounds nice, but for what?” I was hoping I knew what she was talking about, and I had led her into the kitchen and held up a Double Diamond, to offer her my favorite beer.

She came up to me and hugged me, as a way of waiving off the beer. And put her face inches from mine.

“I know you were faithful to Susan, even though she was cheating on you. I think that means you deserve a reward.”

I didn’t ask how she knew Susan was cheating, or that I was faithful, but I am guessing she must have asked Susan. Susan and Rene had carried on at least one fling, and the night that Susan and I had both fucked Rene still stood out as one of the best nights of my life. I hadn’t exactly been faithful that night, except to the extent that Susan had given permission (and even instructions) for everything that happened. But since then, I actually had been faithful. Even when I was on the road, I had not touched a single girl besides my wife. (I had not had the opportunity, but still, I like to think that I got at least partial credit.)

Rene did not seem drunk, and in fact, I could not smell alcohol on her at all. Instead, she smelled vaguely of cinnamon. I looked down at her, and she was simply stunning. I realized I hadn’t said anything.

“Yeah, she told me,” Rene said, reading my mind. “You have been home taking care of John, while she has been across town fucking a couple of teachers from Fort Wayne.” I had no idea where Brad and Terry were from, but it sounded like Rene did.

We spoke for a while. Not as long as before, but it seemed like a long time to me, because I was hoping the conversation would turn back to sex. Rene had moved one of her hands off my shoulder, and almost casually, she started rubbing my dick through my shorts. This might sound like it was really sudden, but it felt to me like it had taken forever. She didn’t have to touch me at all, though, I was already hard as a rock.

“I already forgot what you were talking about,” I said. “I was distracted.”

“I will distract you even more.” She said, and unsnapped the waist on my shorts. Again, she didn’t have to. I had strategically worn loose shorts without a belt, and she could have just pulled them down without even bothering with the buttons.

When she slowly pulled my shorts down, and finally released my dick, I backed up against the kitchen counter for support. It wasn’t far, but she paused in the darkness, and turned away, leaving me standing there with my dick sticking out. I almost thought she was going to change her mind. Instead, she said “Come join me on the couch…” as she walked toward the other room.

I was a little unsure as to whether to pull my shorts back up, but I really needed to sink my dick into her. I finally decided to pull them back up, but to leave the snap open. It was kind of a stupid move, but I didn’t want to suddenly start offering to be a “nice guy” at the moment.

When she got to the sofa, instead of sitting down, she took off one of the pillows, and sat on the floor, facing the sofa. And honestly, thank God she was sending clear signals, because I was so horny I wasn’t thinking straight.

When I stood in front of her, she told me to sit on the edge of the couch. The way I sat put my dick at a perfect level for her mouth, and she leaned forward as if she was going to take it all in at once. To prolong my agony though, she just barely licked the tip of my shaft, and teased my balls lightly with her fingers. She could tell how horny I was, and she was clearly enjoying it.

“Sorry,” she finally said. “I bet you haven’t had a blowjob in a while, and here I am teasing you.”

“I don’t want to say anything that ruins the moment, but you don’t owe me anything.”

I was getting ready to be honest, but it occurred to me that if Rene knew about the teachers, then she also knew that Susan has been giving me more sex since she moved out than when we were together.

“If you are trying to get a sympathy BJ, your technique needs some work.”

“You are the hottest women I have ever met. I just didn’t want to mislead you.”

“Nice save,” she smiled. “But you might want to stop talking.”

That seemed like a good suggestion. Instead I leaned forward and cupped Rene’s breasts. Through her jersey I could feel that she wasn’t wearing a bra. It was pretty warm in the house, so I grabbed the jersey and gently lifted it over her head, exposing the fact that she was completely nude underneath.

Rene’s breasts in the half light were the same, slightly smaller than average, but firm and well-shaped. She was also an exercise freak, and I could see the “V” shaped stomach muscles that pointed down toward her pussy. I couldn’t tell in the light, but it looked like she had a very beylikdüzü escort small patch of hair directly over her pussy, and was otherwise clean shaven. “Wow, you are beautiful”, I said.

“Don’t talk,” she repeated, and leaned forward, taking the head of my dick in her mouth. She started moving her head up and down very slowly, trying to work more of my shaft into her throat, and I was surprised how far she was getting. I liked to think of myself as pretty big, but she was getting almost my entire dick down her throat.

When she started bobbing her head up and down on my shaft, I was worried that I might come right then. I was debating whether I should warn her when she came up just long enough to take a deep breath, and lowered her head down around my dick again, almost touching my balls with her tongue. It felt amazing, and I was kind of surprised that it didn’t send me one the edge.

Nearly a whole minute later, when she came back up for air, I leaned over and kissed her. She sensed that I wanted something more than the blowjob, so she kind of gave me a confused look, and waited to see what I was going to do. Without talking, I guided her up and onto my lap. She could tell what I wanted by the way I adjusted my position, and she straddled her legs over my crotch, and looked directly into my eyes while she climbed on with one leg on either side of my ass.

Not only did I get to see her stunning body positioned for fucking, but I got to watch her bite her lip and then smile as she lowered herself down on my cock.

She felt wet already, and I was pretty close to coming from the blowjob, so I started fucking her slowly by pulling my ass down, and then rising up to plunge deep into her. Rene responded by wrapping her legs around my waist, which changed the position a bit, and kept me from fucking her fast. “Wow, that feels great,” she said. “I guess you can talk now.”

She had deliberately slowed down my pace so she could take her time. Now that my dick was deep inside her, I didn’t feel the urgency to orgasm quite so badly, so I adjusted my pace as well. Instead of talking, though, I leaned forward, and sucked one of her breasts into my mouth, licking it and playing with the nipple, before switching to the other.

“I kind of expected you to cum during the blowjob?” she said it as if it was a question. She must know from talking to Susan that I sometimes come really fast during a BJ.

I smiled back: “I have been warned not to mention that.”

She kind of giggled. “So Susan came over to pick up her stuff, and then gave you a BJ before she left?”

“Not today.” I replied.

Which was the truth. But it led to sort of an odd conversation. While Rene sat on top of my lap with my dick buried deep inside her, she started asking me questions about sex with Susan. Since Rene seemed to be getting excited from the sex talk, I added some details, but she prodded for even more.

“Does Susan still come to your office and give you a blowjob at work?”

I admitted that she had. Rene wrapped her legs around my back and continued asking questions. “Can she get your dick all the way down her throat?” So I described Susan’s normal blowjob: “She usually doesn’t even try. She puts the tip of my dick in her mouth, and jerks me off with her hands. I usually come in about 30 seconds.”

“Does she swallow the whole load?”

“Usually yes. But sometimes she will spit some of it out in the trashcan, and tell me to leave it there for everyone to enjoy.” Rene laughed when I said that, but I noticed that she shivered a bit, and her whole body stiffened slightly.

It was kind of an odd dynamic, but I could tell she was enjoying it, so I just kept answering while Rene continued fucking, and asking me questions about Susan. After a while, it was pretty obvious that Rene was either building to an orgasm, or actually having tiny orgasms just from talking about sex.

Some of Rene’s questions were really detailed, while others were pretty casual. “What is the best sex you ever had with her?” It was kind of a funny question, because all I could do was stare at Rene’s tits. The look of her body as she gently moved up and down on my lap was mesmerizing.

“Well, one time, Susan and I fucked the next door neighbor on this very sofa.”

“I remember,” She giggled. “But I meant besides that.”

“Well one time we fucked in the hot tub at the gym.”

Rene stopped her slow motion fucking for a minute, and had an odd smile on her face. Maybe she was intrigued, or maybe I thought she didn’t believe me. “Really? Where was Johnny?”

“They have a babysitting service,” I answered. “They will watch him for an hour while we work out, but we went to the hot tub instead.”

“Was there anyone else in the hot tub?”

“No, but there were two people in the pool. If they had stopped swimming laps, they would have caught us. Susan sat in front of me and pulled her bikini to one side, and tried to act casual, but it was pretty obvious what we were doing.”

While I was talking, Rene had increased her pace, and was practically bouncing up and down on my dick. She finally (kind of) got to the point: “Susan told me about that…”


“Yeah. She told me the story more than once, because she knew I was jealous and horny.”

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