Forbidden Filming

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They had remained just friends for many years, despite the strong sexual attraction between them. When they were younger they dallied occasionally, but believing they were too different to make a relationship work, neither would openly admit how intense the desire was they felt. As the years passed they both got married and built up their own separate lives. Recently, however, they had renewed their friendship, mostly online. In this distant yet intimate environment their conversations quickly became more personal, and they felt able to share their feelings for the first time.

As time passed they described their lust in increasingly explicit detail, surprised and delighted to discover just how similar their sexual longings were. They shared fantasies and risqué images, masturbating at the same time but in the privacy of their own homes. For a time this was enough, but soon they wanted more. She yearned to give herself to him fully; he to enjoy the body that had remained tantalisingly beyond his reach for so long. Both were nervous of what would happen should they succumb fully. So they devised a plan which, they reasoned, fell short of adultery, but would allow them a taste of that which they desired whilst indulging their mutual fantasies. They agreed two rules: he could not touch her throughout; and she must do exactly as he instructed.

She opened the front door, nervously and without a word. He paused to catch his breath – she looked stunning. She was fully made up and looking slutty, her full lips pouting beneath brick red lipstick. Her dark curly hair bounced gently as she walked. He followed her into the room admiring her tall slim body, her legs elongated by the staggeringly high heels she was wearing. The room was exactly as he had wanted: softly lit by candles, the air scented with sensual oils and a single chair in the centre. güvenilir bahis In the corner was a video camera on a tripod. She leaned against the wall coyly, clutching her silky dressing gown tightly around her waist. “Remove it” he told her. With hands shaking she slowly untied the cord and let it slip to the floor.

He eyed her up and down. She was wearing a black lacy bra through which he could see the faint outline of her breasts. Her panties were sheer and skimpy, with a tiny bow on each of her hips holding them in place. He positioned himself behind the camera and carefully switched it on to record. “Walk around the room.” Cautiously she teetered across the wooden floor, slowly turning so he could see her body from all angles. She heard him inhale deeply and realised he was as nervous as she. “Come towards me.” With greater confidence she strutted over to him, swinging her hips purposefully as she moved. She circled him deliberately – he could feel her breath on his shoulders and smell her light perfume. He must contain himself!

“Get over to the chair.” She reached it and looked defiantly back at him and towards the camera, daring him to move up a level. “Bend over. As low as you can go.” She did as instructed, the tips of her fingers reaching the floor, her backside high up above her head. It was her arse that had always got him. This was his weakness. He left her there for a few moments, savouring the view. “Now stand up and face me. Take off your bra.” Slowly she lifted herself up to standing, and reached behind her back. In seconds she was topless and he took in the fullness of her breasts. “Squeeze them.” As she took them in both hands her face flushed, but she did what she was told. “Now play with your nipples.” She trailed her fingers around them, then pinched, letting out a murmur of pleasure as she did. He watched as türkçe bahis those beautiful red cherries hardened under her touch. She moistened her fingertips on her tongue then ran them over her erect nipples. It felt fantastic. “Good girl. You are doing well. Now sit down on the chair.” She lowered herself down, becoming aware as she reached the seat of how moist she was. She wondered if he was hard yet.

“Take off your knickers, very slowly.” One by one she undid the bows at her hips, letting the sheer fabric fall loosely away. Then ever so gently she pulled them out from between her legs, just letting the ribbons run across the lips of her pussy. “Spread your legs.” Eagerly now she moved her knees wide apart, tilting her pelvis backwards on the chair so he could see everything. She felt exposed and vulnerable, naked in the chair while he stood behind the camera fully clothed. But she had never been so aroused in her life. She wondered if her wetness was visible to him. “Touch yourself.”

Looking straight at him she rubbed her fingers along her pussy. She moaned with anticipation. “Slide a finger inside.” Willingly she did as he told her, pushing it in as far as she could. “And another.” She began to work the two fingers inside herself. She slid them back out and prised her pussy lips wide open, before inserting her fingers back deep inside. From behind the camera his view was amazing. The beautiful glistening, pink pussy that he had longed to become familiar with was now openly on display for him. He felt his cock swelling inside his trousers. It was going to take a lot of willpower to resist this temptation.

“Put your fingers in your mouth.” She tasted her own pussy juice and lapping it up, sucked on her fingers. He imagined how good that would feel on his cock. “Now rub yourself harder.” She leaned back in the chair, forcing her güvenilir bahis siteleri legs even wider apart and pleasured herself. She had done this many times before, but never had it felt so good. Then, seemingly from nowhere, he produced a large purple vibrator. He tossed it across the room at her. “Use it.”

She looked at him pleadingly and for the first time since he arrived she dared to speak: “Fuck me….. please” she begged. His desire for her now was almost unbearable, and she knew it. With all the willpower he could muster he denied himself the opportunity. “Do not talk to me. Do as I tell you and nothing else” he barked at her. She plunged the vibrator into her hot cunt, thrusting it back and forth, squirming in the chair and moaning loudly. He zoomed the camera lens in for a close up. As she reached orgasm she screamed out, gasping his name, lost in the moment.

His mind raced. They had agreed he would not touch her, but he didn’t remember anything about not touching himself. He ripped open the buttons on his jeans and his cock burst out, throbbing. He ran his hand up and down its length forcefully, imagining the warm, wet, tightness of her pussy consuming it. At this moment she opened her eyes and saw him wanking. Reaching a new height of excitement, she began fingering herself wildly, aware of the juices that were flowing down her thighs and buttocks. She came again and watched as he released hot spunk across the room, and felt deep satisfaction at seeing his pleasure.

Afterwards, she stood by the front door, dressed in jeans and an old t-shirt, her hair dishevelled, her make up mostly gone. He looked at her and thought she looked lovelier now than she ever had before. He couldn’t quite believe what had just taken place, and felt for the little video tape in his pocket. This, he thought, will become worn out with viewing. She looked up at him and smiled naughtily. He allowed himself to kiss her once on the mouth. Briefly their tongues met and lingered for a moment. “You are gorgeous” she said. “I’ll be back” he replied, and slipped out the front door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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