Forever Yours Ch. 09

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Another chapter has begun but there is a twist. Tell me what you guys think but don’t forget to vote as well. Enjoy…


5 years later

Marcos entered the house, a new house which they had bought over four years ago and he was sweating like a man in a race. His whole body felt warm and he was breathing so fast. He quickly sat on the couch trying to catch his breath after a long morning run which he has been doing for quite some time. It helps him relax and forget about certain things which seem to bother him all the time, Ramon for instance.

He has tried to forget about Ramon but all that has happened to him is fall deeper in love with Ramon. He still doesn’t understand why he loves Ramon that much. Ramon had hurt him but he is still the one he loves.

It’s been five years, 4 months and 7 days since that fucking incident but nothing has changed. Five years ago, he had gone to Australia to forget about everything but all that happened was make him fall deeper in love. He had almost gone crazy as he saw Ramon everywhere he looked and that was when he realized that he had been fooling himself. He couldn’t forget Ramon no matter what he did. Ramon had hurt him a lot but he still loves him.

He had come back after two years of trying to forget the inevitable and found that many things had changed. Martinez Shoe Company had fallen badly from the market out of the blue and it was not doing well. They had lost many partners and investors and were really getting a loss from everything. They had sold the smaller companies but nothing was really working.

There was no other way but to sell most of the shares and it was bought by the owner of a high rising company. About 70% of the shares belong to that company and the Martinez is still important board members with small shares in the company.

Since then it has risen again and is doing well though they had lost the presidency after selling most of the shares. For three years now, it is still Martinez Shoe Company though it will soon be changed when the son of the acting president shows up. Marcos has never seen him but he is looking forward to the day he will meet the guy.

About three business men have invested in his hotel and it is doing well. He owns the majority of the shares, 60 % and the 40% is shared among the other three. Marcos has met up with two of the investors but he has not yet met with one. It is his assistant who manages everything for him, strange.

To be honest, the Martinez is stinking rich but not as before since they do not have their biggest company. They have sold their small companies and now it is only the food company and the hotel plus the shares they own in Martinez Shoe Company which will lose its name once the president comes.

Marcos stretched his arms in readiness for his morning shower when he felt arms wrapping around him.

“Hey baby,” He heard the voice which he had been expecting since he came back from his morning jog, Dan.

“Hmmmm, morning,” Marcos said, holding on tightly to the arms of his boyfriend.

He could feel Dan’s hot lips on his neck giving him shivers as he felt his body vibrates. His brain went blank when Dan licked his neck sensually making him wish to turn and kiss his boyfriend. It went miles of thinking of Dan until something unexpected happened. Instead of Dan, he thought of Ramon licking his neck and kissing him until they made love.

Marcos quickly withdrew from Dan and went a distance from him.

“I am sorry,” Marcos apologized to Dan who was looking at him surprised in his sexy t-shirt and blue short. He could see from his eyes that Dan was mad by what he had just done.

“It’s okay.” Dan said as he moved closer. “I understand.”

I know you guys are probably wondering how Dan became Marcos’ boyfriend and what the hell this is all about. Well, I guess it’s time to visit the past.

3 months after staying in Australia, Marcos had almost gone crazy as the thoughts of Ramon kept on coming to him. He had tried everything to get Ramon out of his mind. He had even tried to fuck some guy from a bar in Australia and he had almost done it. He ended up yelling at the guy to get the fuck out of his room as he got such a headache as soon he tried to put on a condom. Dan was the only one who was there for him through thick.

Four months later, after getting drank while trying to get Ramon out of his mind, he woke up the next morning with his dick in Dan’s ass. He had removed the dick with loads of cum escaping Dan’s ass. He had been so devastated for he felt like he had betrayed Ramon.

He had asked Dan about it and Dan had told him that Marcos had taken advantage of him at night and they had sex twice. Marcos had spent most of his time being absent minded and Dan had told him something that left him feeling guilty,

“We had sex but you don’t have to worry about it.” He smiled. “It shouldn’t make you worry. It was just sex and we did that a lot in the past. I shouldn’t casino şirketleri have given into your pleas but I just couldn’t see you in that state. I just want to see you happy. This shouldn’t ruin our friendship. Forget about everything and just focus on your goal. I will find love someday and so will you. Just think of it as a one night stand.”

Though Dan had said that to him, Marcos saw that he was sad and hurting and he had more to worry about. For six months, they had remained friends though Marcos saw that Dan was hurting inside. He loved Ramon but maybe he needed to give Dan a chance at love though he didn’t really love Dan.

It was also a way of forgetting Ramon so he had proposed to Dan a year after and they have been dating for four years now. Marcos still loves Ramon but he knows Dan loves him and he can’t betray him. Marcos feels bad for using his friend to try and forget his lover which has not even worked.

Marcos has even tried to look for Ramon but unfortunately, he is nowhere to be seen so he has decided to stick to Dan. The most shocking thing is that he has had a low sex drive for four years now. They have sex quite alright but it is nothing more than sex. It is awful and he doesn’t want to do it anymore but he pretends to like it so that his boyfriend will not be offended. Anthony has helped him out but it seems like he is alright.

Dan tries everything to make him excited sexually but nothing really happens. Who would have known that someone like him, a former playboy would have a low sex drive? It really scares him as he wants to be normal again. He prays for the day everything will go back to normal again.

Marcos entered his room and it was filled with Dan’s cologne. Early morning and the guy had his cologne on. He entered the room quickly and stripped everything off and ran to the shower. He switched it on and let the warm water massage his body. It felt so good on his well built, muscular body which has remained in shape for five years.

He took the soap and slowly slipped it on his hard chest softly and closed his eyes. As soon as he had closed those eyes, he imagined that Ramon was in the shower with him, caressing his chest and making him moan. He heard the swooshing of the water and he came back to reality. Why was it always like this whenever he was in the shower, he wondered?

He had a boyfriend but it was like Ramon still owned him. He didn’t even know if the guy existed or died somewhere but he was still controlling him.

Marcos took a quick shower and he got out of the bathroom to his room naked. He picked up a towel and run it in his hair leaving it a mess. He quickly opened the drawers and got out a grey boxer and slipped it on quickly, another memory. He would definitely go insane if he continued like this.

Still in his boxers, Marcos picked up his laptop and was just going into one folder, his music library. He had become so fond of music ever since he listened to one of the songs of Ramillio Castra. The guy had a voice which he really adored and his songs were magnificent. Marcos had all of his songs and they were quite many.

He had been so excited the first time he heard Ramillio Castra’s songs and he found himself on the internet searching for Ramillio Castillo but got disappointed as he found many articles about Ramillio Castra but nothing was telling him who he was. His songs were the most sold but the guy had never for once released a video and his fans were eager to know who he was, including Marcos.

Ramillio Castra’s songs had a connection with him and he didn’t know why. Instead of going into the music library, Marcos found himself in the picture library and a picture of Ramon smiling popped up. This was the only photo he had of Ramon and he couldn’t bring himself to deleting it. Even though the pictures opened old wounds, it also brought him immense joy.

Marcos looked at the picture closely and almost got drawn into it. He wanted to touch that face again and kiss it even though he had been hurt and probably hurt Ramon. That was the face that had showed him how to love and he would love him for the rest of his life. He wanted to give Dan all his love but Ramon still had most of it. He loved Dan but not as much as he loved Ramon.

Marcos took his hand and passed it on the screen making sure that he touched the lips and then the…the door opened and Marcos quickly closed the laptop while he raised his handsome face to find his boyfriend coming in the room.

“Are you hiding something from me?” Dan’s face was completely puzzled and Marcos knew he had to come up with something.

“No…no,” Marcos stuttered. “Well, yes. I have a surprise for you.”

Dan was now on the bed really close to Marcos.

“Really,” Dan hollered in excitement. “May I see?”

Oh no, Marcos was going to be in hot soup once Dan saw that photo. What was he going to do now, he thought?

“Well…actually,” He cleared his throat to sound more clear. “I want to casino firmaları buy you something so…”

“That is so sweet.” Dan said happily as he gave Marcos a quick kiss on the lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Marcos said as he smiled sheepishly. “Can you go now so that I can finish with the surprise?”

“Sure,” Dan said with a wonderful smile and he left.

Marcos took a deep breath and his heart was now calm. That was a close one. He quickly closed the photo and went to the music library and played, ‘forevermore by Ramillio.’ All of Castra’s songs were interesting and entertaining.

Marcos started dressing while he listened to the song. He took out a blue skinny trouser and a white shirt which showed his sexy abs and he lay on the bed while the song took him to miles and miles of thinking. He stayed in his room for about four hours listening to the music which inspired him and he went downstairs only to find his twin and her fiancé, Anthony just entering the house.

“Hey, love birds.” He said as he came down the stairs. “What’s up? Done enjoying each other’s company?”

These two were getting married after an engagement party and Marcos was happy for his sister. At 30, she was getting married to his good friend. Had he been with Ramon, he would have made sure that they were married by now. They stayed in the living room and chatted over lunch until Barry came with his wife, Jessie which made things spicy.

He could see all of them kissing while he watched but they made him kiss Dan and they were so happy. Barry’s wedding had been two years ago and they had lived together in the same large mansion. His mother always insisted that no one would leave the house. They chatted for long but it was all about relationships especially Marcos and Dan’s relationship.

“Hey, why don’t you and Dan get married on the same day as us?” Anthony said before he burst out into laughter.

Marcos wasn’t ready for marriage. He wasn’t even sure if he wanted to marry Dan. Throughout their relationship, Dan had been a good boyfriend but that didn’t mean that Marcos would marry him. This was a topic which he did not like.

“Ha ha” Marcos chuckled. “My boyfriend and I haven’t talked about that but when we are ready, we will let you know.”

Marcos was glad that topic was dropped immediately. He didn’t want it to be repeated again. They talked the whole afternoon as couples until their parents came which made things better as his mom talked about her grandchild who was in Jessie’s womb, Barry’s wife. It was always good to have Olivia around. She really liked Dan just like her son and they talked a lot.


“Ramon,” He heard Eduardo shouting for him. He looked and saw him coming towards him. Oh how he had missed his brother.

Ramon quickly rushed to his brother and gave him a quick hug which was both joyful and emotional.

“Welcome back home, bro.” Eduardo said as he gave him a very beautiful and bright smile.

“It sure feels good to be back.” Ramon said gracefully with a smile that showed that he was really happy to be back.

Ramon has just arrived at the airport from New York for the first time in five years. He had been missing this place already and it was a wonderful feeling to be back. He has changed a lot in five years. He is well built, sexy, has gained some weight but he is still the same boy who had left five years ago. He has very long hair which reaches all the way to his back with strands of blue. He is perfect though he has still not grown a beard.

He was dressed in the most expensive clothes he could find and I mean, come on. The guy is a celebrity and he needs to look like one though people do not know him personally but for the last five years, he has kept his identity a secret. That was until about a week ago, he shot his first two videos and they will be out in a few days.

Now that he is back in the country, he will have a lot of videos to shoot and photos as well. This video which will be out in a few days will show his fans that exactly he is but first he has to do a photo shoot. He has been a mystery for five years but now it is time to show everyone who he really is. Almost every magazine about celebrities that came out was asking about his identity,

“Ramillio Castra, a celebrity who is yet to be known.”

That was the way he liked it. He has decided that before the video comes out, he would have a photo shoot which would be published in the RLC celebrity magazine introducing him to the whole world. He is coming back home, he is super rich with a net worth of 765 million dollars. He will soon open his own company in the country which will make it easier for him to operate.

When he had gone abroad with Eduardo and Mark, he had a hard time managing the time between school and music. It was hard but he managed to pull through as one of the best students three years after. While on campus, he lived like an ordinary person and no one knew who he was up to güvenilir casino date. He was the talk of the school, well Ramillio was but it was still him and he was happy that he was that famous.

At first it was difficult to hide his identity as other celebrities who worked at RLC knew but they promised to zip their mouths. Most of his songs were done privately as his employers understood his reasons for being in the closet.

After graduation, Ramon stayed abroad when his brother and friend came back home. He needed to focus on his music full time and he has been with RLC for five years now and the contract will be renewed in a matter of days with millions of money coming. He has figured that the videos will generate a lot of money making him more famous.

He has had contracts with RLC’s partners but he is still the star of RLC and he couldn’t have liked it more than that. Somehow, his secret identity made him more famous as the demand for his music kept on increasing drastically.

Now that he is back, there is a lot of work waiting for him because the next day, he is going to the photo shoot and many more after that.

Ramon could hear people talking about how he was looking. It felt good to be admired by people. Now he knows how it feels to be super rich.

“Wow,” He heard someone say at the airport. “He looks like a celebrity.”

“He is so handsome,” He heard some girls gasp.

Ramon told his brother he wanted to go home and they began walking hand in hand with wind blowing in his hair making it rise. He could see many girls and guys looking at him in a seductive way and it kinda felt good to see people have that kind of impression. People did not know who he was and they were reacting like that, what if he did that photo shoot the next day? It was going to be a bomb and he couldn’t wait to do it. He couldn’t wait to see Mr. Robbins who had returned about a month ago.

The journey home was a bit long but it was good to be back in the country. It was pretty much still the same, the same boring capital where he had once lived in as a peasant but will now be probably the most famous person. They are now living in the capital as he is ready to face whatever it was that he was hiding from.

“Here we are,” Eduardo said as the car parked in front of a large blue gate which opened revealing a beautiful white mansion that left his mouth wide open. It was a really beautiful, three floor house which seemed to sparkle in the sunlight.

The compound was huge with a lot of car brands and it was really beautiful. There was even a large green house which looked like a forest. Now this was a house that a celebrity would live in and it was magnificent just like those castles which had diamonds on them. He got out of the car and he was already running inside shouting for his two fathers. He might have changed a lot but at 24, he was still the same old Ramon who loved his family a lot.

He didn’t need to shout a lot because as soon as he opened the entrance door, he found his family together with Mark with open arms waiting for him. He almost shed a tear when he saw how wonderful they were looking. They were all so elegant and classily dressed. He hugged his father Ben first and then his dad, Ryan and finally his best friend Mark who had become his second brother.

“How is my celebrity, son?” His father asked while holding his cheeks sweetly.

“Come on, father,” He chuckled. “You know you don’t have to call me that. I will always be your Ramon no matter what.”

“But you are a celebrity.” Mark said with grace and poise.

“A celebrity who is still acting like a child,” Eduardo teased as he came inside which made everyone laugh.

“Leave our son alone,” Ryan said which made everyone laugh.

He sure missed these people whom he had not seen for two years for a reason which he was yet to know.

As Ramon started going to the living room, he couldn’t help but stare at how magnificent the house was. The two chandeliers were magnificent and they sparkled as the light hit the glasses. OMG the living room was huge and decorated by blue elegant couches, a large TV and everything else that he could ever want. It had a large space which would be helpful during a party. The damn house even had two elevators, how cool is that.

He didn’t even have the time to sit and he was exploring the rooms, with his family following. The rooms were luxurious and they were quite many that he got tired and asked the question which he was supposed to ask the first time he entered the house,

“Where is my damn room?”

“I was thinking you were never gonna ask.” His father said followed by, “Follow me.”

Ramon followed his father until they reached a room with a golden knob. He quickly opened the door and he almost passed out at what he saw. The room was magnificent, the bed was massively big and it had everything, TV, a large room where he would keep his clothes, a large wardrobe and another room which would be his office. How cool was that?

The bathroom was a killer as it had a Jacuzzi, a hot tub and a shower. He later found out that there was a little conference room on the third floor for all their business meetings.

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