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Authors note.

Sorry about the cliffhanger in chapter twenty. The thing you need to understand is that when I did it, I had no idea what was about to happen either. The way I write, sometimes I need to take a break from it so I can figure it out. I wanted to get a chapter out to you so I chose to end it there until I could figure out how the story would progress. I must have read the last few chapters ten times before it told me where to go from there.

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As always, a big heart filled thank you to “R” my editor and friend.  

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Chapter 21

The Call


We waited nervously on the sofa with Ma. I had no idea what was going on but figured it must be something big. Why else would we have had to leave the movie in the middle? I guess the thing that made me most nervous we the fact that Ma, Owen, and me still had our clothes on. I knew that was not allowed in the house, I guess that was the real question that was bothering me the most. Did we do something wrong at school that we were being sent back tonight? I could not think of anything. That is when we heard Pa say, “Boys, can you please come into your room?”

Our room? Did we leave a mess? No, that can”t be it. Why would someone call Pa about a messy room? We walked down the hall to the room we shared and found Pa sitting at one of the desks by an open laptop. I started panicking thinking that one of us went to a website that we were not allowed to see. Then it hit me, Owen and me never opened the laptops this morning when we did our homework, we didn”t need to.

Pa stood up from the chair and waived his hand towards the laptop. We slowly move into the room until we could see the screen.

That is when I heard this scream. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was me screaming. “Mom, Dad, Donny I was so worried about you, it has been so long since I heard from you I was so scared.”

“Hi baby, we missed you too. Are you ok?” My mom asked.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye Owen was backing up out of the view of the camera. Pa grabbed the chair from the other desk and Ma pushed Owen into it. I heard Ma lean over and whisper in his ear, “They asked to speak to both of their sons.”

I guess my mom heard that and said, “Owen my sweet boy how are you doing?”

Shocked that she was actually talking to him, “I am doing good Mrs. Burke.”

“Mrs. Burke? You can just call me mom if you want to.”

“Really, you mean it?”

“You are our adopted son aren”t you?”

Owen could not speak he just nodded his head.

Then mom turned her attention back to me, “Sorry baby, how are you? I am so sorry I was not there for your surgery. We didn”t even know about it till today. I am so sorry you had to go through this alone.”

“I hurt for a bit, but as long as I don”t do anything crazy or lift anything heavy I am ok. I wished you were here though. But…”

“But what baby?”

“Nothing mommy.”

“Brian, I know you are holding something back.”

“I just don”t want to make you mad or sad.”

“About what baby, just tell me.”

“Well… Since I didn”t have you here with me even though I wish you were, I was not alone. I had Ma and Pa with me, and they helped me through the worst of it. I also had Timmy, Owen, Tyler, and Tristen.”

My mom got a surprised look on her face, “Ma and Pa?”

“Please don”t be mad mommy. Mr. and Mrs. Walters were there with me so I would not be alone. I stayed at their house last weekend and we watched this old move called Ma and Pa Kettle. They said that they would be my temporary family till you guys get back. So I just started calling them Ma and Pa instead or Mr. and Mrs. Walters. I am sorry, I won”t do it no more.”

“Brian calm down and take a breath. I am not mad at all I am so thankful that someone is looking out for you till we come home. I owe the Walters so much for filling in while we are gone. I am happy that you are going to that school, but a boy needs a mother figure and from what the Headmaster told us earlier, I could not have asked for a better woman to be that for you.”

“So you”re not mad?”

“Not at all my sweet baby. I will let your “older” brother talk to you now.” She said with a smile.

Donny came on the screen with a big smile on his face. “I hear you have had a tough week little bro.”

All of a sudden I started crying hard. Owen wrapped his arms around me, “Brian, what”s wrong.”

Donny was also asking, “Brian, what”s going on. What happened?”

I could see concern on my parents faces when I said, “You called me little bro, but I”m not anymore. I don”t have balls no more, so I can”t be your brother anymore.”

“What in god”s name are you talking about. You will always be my brother, balls or not. What happened to you will never change that.”

“But you don”t understand, I wanted them gone. I was just waiting for dad to get home so I could ask him.” I said still crying.

“Brian, why did you want them gone?”

“Because they always hurt. I hated them. I am sorry Donny, please don”t hate me.”

“First I want you to calm down and listen to me very carefully.” I tried to get my breathing under control. Even though I was afraid of what he was going to say next. “Ok Brian, I want you to listen to me now. First, with or without your balls, you are still my little brother and my best friend, nothing will ever change that. Second, you losing your balls is not a surprise. We always knew that they may have to come off someday.”

“Wait, what? You knew they may have to come off?”

“I was selfish on this one. The doctor told mom and dad that he thought you may have issues with them and that they should come off. I prayed every night, hoping that they would get better. I thought they were since I never heard you talk about them. I am so sorry for what you have gone through, it is all my fault.”

With that he got up and ran off. “Donny, don”t go please.”

My dad sat down in front of the camera, “Don”t believe a word your brother just said, it is not his fault. I am the one who decided to afyon escort hold off on having my son castrated. Donny and I never really talked about it, but the fact is that we were both praying for the same thing is not a surprise. We both hoped you would grow out of it. Your mother and I both knew the trouble you were having socially, and new it would only get worse if the other kids found out you didn”t have any balls. We are trying to figure out what we need to do now.”

Still crying a little, “What do you mean do now? Are you going to give me up?”

“Oh god son, never even crossed our minds. We are just worried that you will start getting bullied, get into a fight and get kicked out when the other kids learn about this.” Owen started laughing, “Owen, I don”t see anything funny about this.”

Owen sat up straight and said, “I am sorry Sir. I was not laughing at Brian I was laughing at what you just said. Everyone in the school knows, and no one cares. Heck, half the school probably stopped by to wish him well when he was in medical.”

“Are you telling me no one is making fun of him?”

“No, I can”t say that, but if they are they are doing it in private. After Kyle and a few others got their butts kicked out because of bullying, and Kyle going to jail, no one in their right mind would say something about Brian. The school is very strict now, and a guy can get kicked out faster than a horse swats a fly with his tail.” Owen said giggling.

“Brian, are you ok to stay there then?”

“Oh yes daddy, please don”t take me out. I have friends here and I am doing well in my classes.”

“Did you fall behind while you were recovering.”

Ma passed me a warm towel to wipe my face and I guess I smiled for the first time. “That is the problem with this school daddy.”

“What”s the problem son?”

“I was in medical in the main building. All of my teachers stopped by and went over the days lesson and even gave me homework. Even sick I could not catch a break from school.” I said giggling. I spent so much time worrying about how my family would feel about me losing my balls without their permission, that now I feel like this huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

“Ok then.” My dad said, “Since we are talking about schoolwork, let”s go over some reports I got from your teachers.”

“You got reports from my teachers? How?”

“Brian, there is the new-fangled thing called the internet and email. Your school sends me a report every week on how you are doing. It may be weeks till I actually see it, but it is there. It includes comments by your teachers. Like this one from your Computer Science teacher Mr. Cohen. He says, “Brian is a wonderful boy with a bright future. He pays attention, asks questions, and is already writing some code.” Your History teacher Mr. Michaels says, “Brian is a joy to have around, he asks interesting questions, and is always helping other students study for upcoming test during study time. When we play our game show, he has so much fun it becomes infectious and is felt by the rest of the class. Many of my students are to serious and Brian has a way of helping them get into the game.”

I could not believe that my teachers said all that about me. Then My dad says, “I need you ask you a question now, and I need an honest answer.”

I was a little nervous about the way he said it, “What do you want to know daddy, I will answer you honestly.”

“Who are you and what did you to with my shy, nose in the book, smart mouth little boy? You are not the boy I left at that school a few months ago. Where is my Brian?”

Owen and I were giggling pretty hard when I said, “It”s me daddy, I am your Brian.”

Laughing my dad said, “Yep, I would know that smile anywhere, you are definitely my boy. Now, on to my other son. Owen, let”s go over your reports.”

I had to look at Owen chin because I was sure it hit the table. “My reports, they send you my reports too?”

“You are our adopted son aren”t you?”

Owen sat up straight and said, “Yes Sir.”

“Just so you know Owen, the Headmaster told me that your dad also gets sent copies of these reports through his lawyer. So he knows what is happening with you.”

Owen self-consciously looked at his wrists. “He knows everything?” Tears started welling up in his eyes.

“Of course he knows Owen, and I am sure that it broke his heart to find out what happened to you and that you felt the only way out was to hurt yourself.” Owen was looking down at his wrists when my dad said, “Owen, please look at me.” Owen looked up and at my dad through tear filled eyes. “Owen as a father hearing that your child was in so much pain that they attempted to hurt himself, and that there was nothing you could do to stop it is gut wrenching. I am not saying this to make your feel bad, I am saying this because I would like to share with you what he is seeing now. Would that be ok?”

Owen nodded his head as he said, “Yes Sir.” I could see how sad he was and now it was my turn to put my arm around him.

“Your teacher Mr. Walker says, “I have been Owen”s teacher for two years now and over the last year I have been so worried about him. He always seems so sad and although he does well with his schoolwork, I worried that he was suffering socially. However, since his release from medical he is like a whole new boy. He participates in class and always seems to have a smile on his face.” Wow, how about that? This next one is from your drama teacher. She says, “When I first met Owen, I met a shy and scared little boy. I am not sure where that boy went, but I am glad he is gone. In his place I found a happy, outgoing, and fun boy who is now the lead in our play the Music Man.” That is really good Owen I am so proud of you. You should know that I am adding this stuff all up, so be ready for lots of hugs when we get back.”

Owen wiped his eyes and smiled this huge smile, “Then you need to hurry back, because I need all the hugs I can get. I can”t…” We both looked at each other and turned to Ma. “I am the lead, really?”

All the adults broke out in laughter and Ma said, “Yes you are. It was a three-way tie between you, Brian, and Jake but your voice is just a little better for the part.”

I guess it was shock because it took us a few seconds to react. We were jumping around hugging each other I said, “I knew you could do it I am so proud of you brother.”

Ma said, “Brian, you will be playing Winthrop.”

We started dancing again when we heard, “Boys, excuse me boys. We don”t have much time left and I think that Brian and Donny need some time to talk. Brian, your mother, and I are so proud of what you are doing there at that school, but also being Owen”s agrı escort friend when he really needed one. We spent a lot of time worrying if we made the right decision to leave you there. We know now that it was absolutely the right decision. As for your recent loss, there are a lot of people doing a lot less with a lot more, so don”t ever worry about us thinking any less of you. You are an amazing son, brother, and now who would have guessed, an amazing friend.”

I started tearing up again, “Thank you daddy.”

“As for you Owen, I have never had the pleasure of getting to meet you in person, but from what I have read here and the fact that my son loves you like a brother tells me all I need to know. You may think that Brian had a lot to do with helping you open up like you have, and helping you become the happy boy we are now seeing, but don”t for a minute think that you have not had the same effect on Brian. He spent nine years not letting anyone get close to him but his family. For him to become the boy that I read about in these reports is because of friends like you and Timmy. It is you two that have made him the amazing kid I am looking at now. Thank your Owen, we owe you so much more than we could ever repay.”

Owen was in shock and had no idea how to respond so he said, “You need to hurry back, because I really want to hug you guys really bad.”



Ma and Pa came up behind me and led him from the room. We went into their bedroom where he all stripped out of our clothes and climbed into bed. I was snuggled up between them when Ma said, “You are very quiet Owen, are you ok?”

“I guess I am a little confused.”

“What about?” Pa asked.

“Well Brian”s dad said that I helped Brian, but that”s wrong. Brian helped me. I was so sad when I met him, I was only thinking of how I was going kill myself where no one would find me till I was dead. Then I met Brian and I have not thought about it hardly at all since then. Between Brian, Timmy, Bobby, Tyler, and Dr. Butler I can”t even imagine wanting to do it. Brian always challenges me to do things like the play. I would have never even thought of getting on that stage that day if Brian hadn”t tricked me into it. He has done so much for me, but I haven”t done anything for him. I don”t understand what his dad was talking about.”

Ma said, “Do you know if it were Brian laying here right now he would be saying the same thing.”

Pa said, “I was Brian”s teacher in his old school. Did you know that Brian manipulated his grades so that he never got above a C in any of his classes?”

“No how did he do that?”

“As I am sure you know, he is very good at math. He worked it out so that he never got above a C. That way no one would pick on him for being too smart. Something else you may not know is that he hid behind a tree on the playground so no one would see or talk to him. There he would read a book till the bell rang. He was a very lonely kid, but he had been picked on so much that he withdrew into himself where no one could hurt him. Because of you and Timmy, that Brian does not exist anymore. Your friendship was his way back into the world.”

“Remember when Brian had his first video call with his family, and how when it was over could not stop crying?” Ma asked. Owen nodded his head yes. “It was you and Timmy that pulled him back. It was your friendship that helped him move past it instead of falling into that depression you know so much about.”

“I guess you”re right. I love Brian and I hope we stay friends forever.”

“There is not much chance of it happening any other way.” Pa said.

Pa turned on the TV to the Disney channel and we watch Hanna Montana. I had never seen it before, but it was not bad, her dad is cute.



“Thank you daddy for not being mad at me for this.”

“Stop it Brian, unfortunately this was always going to happen. Once you are fully recovered, there will be no more of that pain you were going through and not telling us about.”

“Sorry daddy, I didn”t know you knew. With everything else that I thought was wrong with me I didn”t want to add that to it.”

“Baby, you know that there is nothing wrong with you, right?”

“Yes mommy I do now. My friends and Dr. Butler have shown me that I am ok the way I am. It was those bullies at my other school that had the problems.”

“You are so right son. Baby…”

“Yes mommy?”

“I don”t want you to be embarrassed by this, but can we see?”

“See what?”

“Your crotch?”

“Ok.” I pulled down my sweet pants and positioned myself, so the camera was focused in.

“What did they do with the extra skin? It looks like you never had any balls at all.”

I could see Donny looking too. “I had two surgeons, one that removed the balls and the other was a plastic surgeon who removed the sack.”

“Why did they need to remove the sack?”

“They said that unless they put fake balls in there the sack would look really bad. I was not going to get fake ones, and I liked the way Timmy looks all flat like this.”

“Timmy does not have any balls either?” My mom said looking shocked.

“Nope none at all. He had a bike accident a few years ago and they got crushed. He said they tried to save them, but they were to damaged and were dead. The same guy that did Timmy”s did mine.”

My dad asked, “Brian, are you really ok? I understand you were in pain, but you just lost a part of your body. This was not something internal like a kidney, this is something that people think makes you a boy or man. I just need you to tell me you”re ok. We don”t want you to feel like Owen did and want to hurt yourself. If you need us, we are on the first plane home.”

“Daddy, I wish I could lie to you and tell you that I need you to be here with me, and that it is more important that you are here instead of there, but I can”t. I miss you guys so much every day. I am ok though, and I have lots of people around me that make it easier to get through the day without you. I am where I need to be, and I think we both know that you are where you need to be to. Just so you know that I have never thought about killing myself. I have been sad like Owen, but I had you and that was enough for me.”

“Ok buddy. It was hard for them to get in touch with us when you needed us. It was our fault for not coming into town more often so that we could stay in touch with you better. We will work harder on making into town as much as possible. We love you so much Brian, and we can”t even express how proud we are of you.”

“I love you too, I can”t wait to till you get home.”

Mom and dad left the room and Donny sat down and looked at me through red buffy akdere escort eyes. “Do you hate me for what I did to you?”

“I could never hate you; you are my brother and I love you with all my heart. You were looking out for me like you always have. If I had been honest with you and told you how much they hurt, you would done everything you could to help me. It was my fault for not telling you.”

“Brian, I wanted to do this with mom and dad so much, but I hate that you had to go through all of that without me there. You have had a lot of health issues in your life, and I have been there with you every time. You can”t imagine how much it hurts me to be so far away from you.”

“I understand. I had so many people around me, watching out for me, and giving me their shoulder to cry on. As much as it helped, yours was the only shoulder I was missing. You may not think I remember those times in the hospital when you would not let anyone hold me but you during the shots and tests. You have always been there for me, and even though you were not here in person this time, you were the one I felt holding me. This may sound stupid, but when they put the mask thing on my face so I would go to sleep before the surgery, I thought you were home. Donny, I swear I felt your arms around me. I felt your breathing in my ear, and heard you say, “I am here for you little bro, I got you.” I told you it would sound stupid.”

“No it”s not Brian. No matter what I will always be there for you, if not in person, then god will put me there in spirit.”

“I love you Donny.”

“I love you to little bro. We have been so busy lately. We just finished working with a company that has dug a well in the village, and now we have clean drinking water. There is another company planning to start setting up cell towers. When that”s done I will call you every day.”

“In all that digging did you find my friend the cockroach? I asked giggling.

“Brother, I am sorry. I found him, but it turns out he was only saying he was your friend. He was trying to use us to get him in to the U.S. Once he was there, he was going to run off. I was so mad that stomped him.” He said with a serious tone.

“That low life jerk, trying to use us like that. I guess he got what he deserved.” By this time I was laughing so hard it hurt.

“Brian, I hate to say this, but I have to go. Till the cell towers are built, I will fight to get them into town more often. I love you little bro.”

“I love you to too Donny” I clicked the stop button and the screen went blank. I was so tired and drained that I stripped off my clothes and crawled into bed. I thought if I just laid down for a few minutes things would be better.”

“Brian, wake up. Hey Brian.”

I opened my eyes to see Owen smiling down at me. “Wow, I just laid down to rest and must have fallen asleep.”

“Yeah you did. Now get up and get your bed made.”

“Why would I make my bed just to get back in it? I thought we were going to watch a move before bed.”

“Hey nutbag, you missed all that.”

“What are you talking about bonehead.”

Giggling he says, “Dude, it is seven in the morning. I came back to the room to see if you were finished with your call. I found you asleep. I told Ma and Pa and they told me to leave you alone let you sleep. So, we went back into their room where I got to spend a long time sucking on Pa”s cock. I was licking his balls when I felt someone touching my butt… I mean cunt. I tried to look, but Pa held my head on his cock. Then I felt something cold on my hole and then pressure as Ma slid a finger inside me. It hurt a little at first, then she found that place inside and my whole body started tingling.”

“Don”t stop there, tell me what happened.”

“Well, I was trying to concentrate on sucking Pa”s cock which was not easy with her fingers inside me. Then Pa started cuming and I started seen the stars in my eyes that I used to get when my daddy would lick my butt. It was so awesome.”

“You really like sucking cocks don”t you?”

“Yes, a lot.”

“Did you sleep with them or in here?”

“”Well after we recovered Pa took me in the bathroom and into the shower. Then he had me get on my knees. I knew what was about to happen and didn”t want to do it, but I didn”t want to say no either.”

I headed into the bathroom to pee and Owen followed me to do the same thing. “Keep going, what happened next?”

“Well, I was on my knees and listened to him tell me how to control the flow. Then I took his cock head in my mouth and felt him start peeing in my mouth. I tried to swallow it as fast as I could, but even with trying to control the flow I couldn”t keep up. I pulled off and he landed up peeing all over me. I waited for him to yell at me, but he didn”t.”

“He wouldn”t yell at ya, but you tried and just need some practice. I was drinking the golden water for a while at all the meals before I had to take it from the cock.” We walked back into our room where I made my bed. “I can”t believe that I fell asleep like that.”

“Pa says that you were so stressed out over confronting your family with what happened that your body just shut down.”

“I guess, anything else happen when you were in the shower?”

Owen”s face turned red and he said, “Yeah, he stuck a hose in my cunt and cleaned me out. I didn”t like it at all.”

I laughed and said, “You better get used to it because it was going to happen twice a day every day.”

Once our room was clean and the beds made we headed into Ma and Pa”s room to say good morning. This time I got to suck the cum out and Owen took Pa into the shower and worked on his technique for drinking golden water from the tap. I followed them in and watched as Owen swallowed almost all of it but wore some at the end. We were both given a cunt wash and a shower. When we came out we could smell bacon cooking and we rushed getting dry so we could get to it.

When we got to the kitchen we were greeted with a table set with plates of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and even some sausage. “Brian, can you please get some cups for Juice and milk.”

“Sure Ma.” I said as I grabbed four cups for juice, two glasses for milk, and two coffee cups.

“Owen, would you please grab the milk and juice out of the refrigerator?”

“You got it Ma.” He grabbed the milk and juice and took them to the table.

I went back to the kitchen and took a cup of coffee to Pa, then placed the other a Ma”s place. We sat down and had a great breakfast. Pa said, “Boys, you have about two hours before we have to go.”

“Where we going Pa?”

“Well Brian, Tyler is competing in a swim meet at eleven and I thought you guy might like to go.”

“Really? I have wanted to watch him swim since I first got to the school.”

“Well, today is your lucky day.”

Owen and I chose to watch one of the Kettle movies until Ma told us to get our clothes and get ready to go.


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