Friends with Many Benefits Pt. 01

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One night, my friends and I were studying. After a long study session, the alcohol came out and we all started playing some drinking games and eventually started feeling ourselves. Some secrets were spilled and past experiences shared. Everyone now knew I was a freak.

A different night, I was at his apartment alone to study. He fell asleep at his desk while I kept studying. After a quick power nap, he sent me home as he planned to go to bed. I texted him that I had gotten home safe and he apologized for kicking me out. He had gotten too tired and he couldn’t do what he usually does to stay awake…jerk off. I told him that it usually makes me fall asleep.

Our conversation continued down this path as he admitted to me he was attracted to me. If he didn’t have a girlfriend, given how much of a freak I am, we would have some real fun. I played in a little as I was very attracted to him as well, but I tried to hold back. There were so many things I could’ve said to get him hooked, but I didn’t out of respect for him and his girlfriend.

Our conversation teetered on the line of inappropriate for friends as it got interesting. My blowjob skills came up and then our plans to play solo before falling asleep. He was getting too worked up as it was approaching nudes and sexting. I knew that was too far and he was about to feel real guilty about this conversation so I cut him off and told him to go to bed.

Since that night, I couldn’t shake it. I wanted to fuck him! I kept imagining what he’d fuck like and how his 7″ cock would feel sliding in and out of my tight pussy. But he had a girlfriend…until he didn’t. She had broken up with him because of long-distance struggles and feelings of distrust. He was heartbroken for a while but eventually began picking up the pieces. I gave him his space.

A while later, I was studying at his apartment, just the two of us. I was standing at his kitchen bar with one headphone in as he sat at his desk scribbling on his whiteboard. I looked over at him to see him slumped. I threw a pencil at him and he sat up and glared at me for a second with a smirk. I went back to studying as he got up to stretch. He came up behind me to look at my computer to see what I was working on. That’s when I felt it…his cock lightly pressed against my hip. I looked up at him and he waited, glancing down at my lips. I turned to face him and stood there, waiting for him to show me what he wanted.

He grabbed the base of my neck and pulled me in for a strong kiss. As soon as our lips touched, we sunk into it. I ran my hands up his arms, back, nape of the neck and through his hair as he wrapped his around my waist pulling me in. I arched my back as I pulled into him further, wanting more. His hands traveled down to cup my ass as I felt his cock begin to press harder against me. I grabbed at his shirt and pulled it up as he took it off. Back to kissing, he slid his hands down my leggings to really feel and grab my ass. I ran my fingers up and down his back and chest as my hands explored his body further. I moved lower to feel the bulge in his pants. I rubbed lightly as I felt it stiffen even more.

I kissed down his neck and chest as my hand stayed cupped over his bulge. Once down to his waistband, I stopped and looked up at him. I got down on my knees and ran my hands up his thighs and stopped just short of his crotch. I grabbed at his hips lightly and I licked up his shaft through his grey sweatshorts. He ran his fingers through my hair. I pulled his waistband down just enough to show the first inch of his cock. I licked it and followed up to his belly button. His cock twitched in anticipation. I pulled his waistband down further and further as my eyes started to widen. He had told me his length, but I was not expecting how thick it was.

His cock finally sprung free from his shorts. I looked up at him with a smile on my face as grabbed the base and I licked the tip. I teased him a little as lightly stroked his shaft slowly, twirling my tongue around his tip. I lifted his cock and licked from the base to the tip of his undercock. Looking at him, I wrapped my lips around it. I slowly began sucking his cock, getting digitalbahis yeni giriş lots of spit and moving my tongue along his shaft as he began to moan quietly. I cupped his balls as I moved a little faster, taking more of his cock into my mouth. He held my hair to keep it out of my face.

I propped his cock up against his stomach as I gently stroked. My tongue ran down, around the base of his cock, and down to his balls. I slid my tongue in and out between and circled around his balls as I ran my thumb in circles around the tip of his cock. Then I lightly sucked one of his balls and then the next. He threw his head back and groaned, “Holy fuck!”

I smiled as I pulled back up to his cock and swallowed almost his entire length in one go. I followed my mouth with my grasp around his shaft as I bobbed my head. I started bobbing slightly faster as my drool began dripping down my chin. In one final bob, I took his entire length down my throat. My nose was pushed against his pevis as I looked up at him and held his cock in place down my throat. I gaged slightly and pulled away for a breath. I went back to sucking his cock as normal.

He lightly grabbed a fistful of hair as he began guiding my head back and forth again. I continued to drag the tip of my tongue as I took his cock down my throat. Faster and deeper, he started bucking back into it. He held me for a few seconds and let me up for air before plunging back in. He began to get more animalistic as he got lost in pleasure. I started tearing up as his cock plunged deep down my throat over and over. My drool was dripping down and making a mess as he fucked my throat.

One final stroke and he pulled his cock out of my mouth. A string of saliva still connecting me to his cock. He grabbed me lightly by the throat and pulled me up to standing. He pulled me in for a strong kiss and grabbed my ass. He spanked it before wrapping his arms under it and lifting me up. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist as he carried me upstairs to his lofted bedroom.

He threw me down onto the bed and slid my leggings off then my panties. He spread my legs and looked at it in disbelief as he muttered “God, it’s so wet…” He rubbed up and down my thighs as he watched my cunt clench and drip in desperation. He kissed up my thighs and cupped my ass as he continued to tease me, pulling me further into him. I was getting so worked up, a whimper slipped out and he gave in. He began rubbing my clit in circles and sliding his thumb inside of me gently as he explored between my legs. After a bit for teasing, he started eating me out.

He started easy, gently licking up and down, flicking his tongue softly over my clit. I watched him as he started tasting my juices. Without warning, he latched onto my clit. He sucked on it as he flicked his tongue. He cupped my ass and pulled me in closer. I grabbed his hands as he made my back arch in pleasure. I started moaning slightly as he slurped up my juices hungrily. I grabbed him by the hair as his tongue continued dancing between my pussy lips. He slipped a finger inside me and curled it against my gspot as he continued. All the teasing and excitement, I was so close. I wrapped my legs around him and begged him not to stop, “Right there…fuck…don’t stop!!” He ate my pussy more hungrily, using his entire head to slurp and flick hard and fast as he pushed me over the edge. I threw my head back and groaned as my body convulsed in pleasure. I grabbed and pulled on his hair while squeezing my legs together holding him locked in tight on my pussy. As I calmed down, my legs and fingers released. He continued to apply light pressure and kissed up and down my thighs as he waited for me to recover.

He crawled up and kissed me. He pulled his legs up and spread my legs, tucking his knees under as he held his cock above my cunt. As I caught my breath, he gently slid his shaft up and down my slit. As he slid up, he’d clip my sensitive clit as he coated his cock in my juices. I kept squirming under him as I spazzed from sensitivity but also in attempt to get him to slip inside me. After multiple tries, I get desperate for his cock. digitalbahis giriş I groan and say through clenched teeth, “Fuck!…I need your cock in me now!!” With all the teasing, I guess he got worked up as well because he didn’t hesitate to slide his cock inside of my pussy.

I gasped as I felt his cock spread my walls. He slid in slowly a bit at a time, pulled out and back in. Once his cock was completely covered in my juices, he picked up the pace. He grabbed my tits as he started gradually fucking me harder and faster. He pinched and sucked on my nipples as I held onto his back and arms enjoying his cock. It slid so easily in and out of my swollen hole. He grabbed my legs and pinned them down onto the bed, forcing my pussy to open even more. He propped himself up and used gravity to plunge his cock balls-deep over and over and over. I was nearly screaming as his cock rammed deep inside my cunt again and again.

He started to slow down and pulled out. He let his juice covered cock hover over my cunt for a second as he spread my pussy lips to see the mess he had made. He got back down and started slurping my cunt again. Two fingers inside my pussy as he scraped the sides of my walls with his fingertips. Flicking his fingers over my gspot and twiddling his tongue over my clit pushed me into another orgasm. My back arched as I threw my head back. I groaned in pleasure as my body convulsed once again. I couldn’t help but giggle from absolute happiness in the moment.

He came back up and kissed me again, then flipped me over onto my stomach. I picked up myself and got on all fours as I spread my legs slightly and waited for his next move. He spread my ass and licked up my slit, sucking and slurping on my sensitive clit some more. He smacked my ass and watched it jiggle. He kept playing with it like he had been dreaming of it for months with complete captivation. He smacked it harder a second time making me wince. He grabbed my hair and gently pulled me up onto just my knees and nibbled on my neck before asking me if he’s being too rough. “Fuck, no…spank me harder,” I practically whine. He threw me back down and pushed my chest into the bed. He smacked my ass again just a little harder than the second and I loved it. He kept smacking and got a little carried away as he watched my cunt start dripping grool from his spanking. My ass started turning bright pink from his slaps and he rubbed it to cool it down a bit. He was completely filled with lust as he got lost in how horny I really was.

He smacked my ass one last time, and quickly grabbed his cock and, without warning, plunged it balls deep inside my dripping cunt. I gasped and arched my back eagerly. He grabbed my hips and started pounding into me. I grabbed at the bed the best I could to stabilize myself. I bit down into the pillow to keep from screaming in pleasure. He slowed down just enough to reach down and grab me by the throat. He pulled me back up onto my knees and held me tight against him with my back arched to allow his cock to plunge as deep as he could get it. My hands went up and grabbed his wrist as he held my neck in his grasp. His other hand traveled down my stomach and found my clit. He started rubbing it in circles as his cock continued to be buried deep inside me. I grabbed onto him as my pleasure skyrocketed.

After a bit of extra stimulation, he brought his hand up to my lips. I opened my mouth and I gladly sucked my juices from them as he continued to fuck me. He held his hand there, forcing my mouth open as I pant from pleasure. I melted into him more as his cock continued to plunge in and out, his pelvis smacking against my ass making his pink handprints bounce. I had been dreaming about this happening for months and it’s finally happening…and so much better than I could’ve ever expected. I couldn’t get enough.

He threw me back down and pushed my face into the pillow. My back arched as much as it could, he grabbed my hips and plunged deep and hard still at a steady pace. I slid a hand under me as I grabbed onto what I could with the other. My fingers found their way to my clit. I started rubbing in circles as I felt his cock slide digitalbahis güvenilirmi in and out, my juices dripping and coating my fingers in no time. He spread my ass and watched his cock disappear and reappear inside me. He started fucking me harder. I matched his rhythm with the motion of my fingers. As he fucked me harder and faster, I rubbed my clit harder and faster.

He noticed my pattern and pulled all the way out. Confused, I waited. Then with one smooth thrust, he grabbed my hips and rammed his cock deeper than he had the whole night. I felt his cock spread my tight pussy walls and ram into my cervix. I screamed in pleasure. He didn’t wait for me to comprehend what just happened. He grabbed my waist and started ramming my cunt over and over hard and fast. I tried to keep up with my fingers but he was fucking me so rough. I felt another orgasm building and yelled, “Don’t stop!!…Don’t fucking stop!!” It only made him fuck me harder. With one final blow to my cervix, I came. My pussy clamped down around his cock and spasmed. I screamed as he continued to try to fuck me through my orgasm. My legs started shaking and I fell onto the bed, unable to really move as my pussy calmed down enough. He took a second to catch his breath, his cock still buried inside my cunt as it twitched.

He pulled out and stood on his knees over top of me, his juice covered cock standing still rock hard. I flipped over and sat up quickly as I took his cock into my mouth. Trying to push past my last orgasm, I needed to please him. I sucked his cock and bobbed my head, taking his entire length down my throat. I gagged and choked on his thick cock as I tasted my juices mixed with his precum that was stirred up inside me.

I hungrily sucked as I fondled his balls practically begging for his cum. He grabbed my head at the base of my neck and pulled my head into him. My nose on his stomach and his balls on my chin, he held me there. He fucked my throat in short deep thrusts as I looked up at him, tears welling up. I reached up and started fondling his drool-covered balls. He could tell I wanted his cum and he exploded. He threw his head back and groaned in pure bliss as I felt rope after rope shoot down my throat. I attempted to swallow every drop as I choked on his warm cum. He held his cock down until he had unloaded every drop. He released and I pulled away and gasped for air. I smiled up at him and wiped all the slobber from my chin.

He collapsed next to me and I laid back with him. Both drained and in a moment of pure bliss, we laid there together. As he tried to catch his breath, “Holy shit, you weren’t lying…” I giggled and curled up next to him. He looked at me and kissed my forehead. I started reflecting on it all and realized what just happened. I loved having him as a friend, plus he had just gotten out of a long-term relationship. While I wasn’t opposed to a relationship with him, he definitely wasn’t ready. I figured we should get this all out of the way sooner rather than later so as not to hurt anyone, “What was this?”

He looked at me and thought for a second. “Honestly, I just wanted to see how much fun you really were.”

I laughed and asked, “And?”

“Oh, way more fun than I thought. Blowjob rumors definitely held up, you are the queen of blowjobs.”

I laughed and smiled proud of myself. “Well you made me cum three times so, that was definitely a surprise for me!”

With that he realized what I had said the other night, “Fuck, I forgot a guy has never made u cum before!”

I laughed, “Total game changer…you’ve got me fucked up now. I’ll never be able to be with a guy who can’t make me cum.”

He smiled all proud of himself, “You shouldn’t have to be with a guy who can’t make you cum, period.”

After a second of silence, “But seriously, was this a one-time thing, a friendly thing, or a possibly serious thing?”

He looked at me as he thought about what to say next, “Well I definitely hope it happens again, obviously. But I honestly just needed to be with someone and not just my hand. I’m not ready for anything serious though.”

I laughed and told him I understood and definitely wanted it to happen again as well. We decided to be friends with benefits and try and keep it a secret from all our friends. There’s been so much drama with other couples and so much nagging, probing, and teasing that neither of us really wanted to deal with. I am definitely looking forward for more to cum!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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