From Sales to Gym Ownership Ch. 08

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Next Morning

The smell of coffee, bacon and scrambled eggs entered my nostrils when I started to wake up slowly. I stepped out of bed to make my way to the kitchen. Destiny just got done setting the dining room table when I heard the clanking of her shoes on the tile floor. When I turned the corner, there she was, standing tall in her entire beauty.

She put on a pair of stiletto high heels and the skimpy string bikini set I ordered for us online.

“Good morning sexy,” I said. “I thought I picked those out for you.”

“Good morning sexy to you,” she said and gave me a wet one on the lips and grabbed my morning boner. “I know, I was just far too curious so the kid in me couldn’t help it. Doesn’t look like he minds,” she said referring to my hard member.

“He was hard when I woke up. But I know breakfast will taste that much better,” I responded.

Breakfast was delicious and staring at her nearly fully exposed tits that stood up proudly gave my cock no break. Her tits were similar in size of the model that wore it online but I didn’t remember the model’s nipples showing slightly past the edge of the thin material.

I ended up eating far more than I should have while Destiny stuck to a rather small portion.

“You feeling ok?” I asked. “You aren’t eating much.”

“Yeah, I am really thinking about running this weekend so I think I should watch what I eat,” she explained.

“Oh yeah,” I said and I really wasn’t sure if I was a fan yet of the thought of her going for a long run while we are on vacation.

“So what do we want to do today?” she said while crossing her sexy legs and adjusting her bikini straps.

“Well, we could start with finding a home for him while you bend over in your outfit by the pool,” I flirted.

“I knew you would have something dirty on your mind. I have a challenge for you,” she said.

“That is?” I wondered.

“I am going to tease the crap out of you, have you take care of my sexual needs, but you have to hold off until tomorrow,” she said confidently.

“And why would I want to do that? You are talking like we have sex every day,” I countered.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but we both know that sex is always on your mind and that any sexy babe will catch your attention,” she started.

“And?!?” I said not agreeing or disagreeing.

“I know I can trust you wouldn’t cheat on me, but I want you to know that even if you are tempted like crazy, you can wait until I am ready for you. And asides, I want to tease the crap out of you.”

“I don’t think I would have a problem with waiting a day. But what’s in it for me?” I asked.

“Well, I read up on the whole anal sex stuff and my thought was you can help me get prepped a little today and then tomorrow night, I wear the hottest outfit we got for you and you get to take my virgin ass,” she suggested.

“I guess I like the sound of that,” I responded.

“You guess?” she hissed and kicked me with her high heels.

“You know I can’t wait. I mean, I will wait,” I said. “So let’s get dressed and go sightseeing or something.”

“Not so fast. Wearing this sexy outfit did get me wet so we need to address that problem. I would love to catch the morning sunshine while you eat me out,” she teased.

I didn’t even get a chance to respond when she stood up and walked towards the pool area. Her ass looked rock hard and perfect in her bikini and when I felt precum sticking to my stomach, I wasn’t sure if I could wait 24 hours plus.

Destiny wasted no time and lied back on the lawn chair and grabbed the back of her knees.

“Come here, pool boy, you have some cleaning up to do,” she yelled.

I wanted to kiss her on the lips first but she immediately instructed me to start on her clit. I lied down in front of the lawn chair to have the easiest access to Destiny whose hips were at the edge of the chair. I shuttered when my cock made contact with the cool concrete. Right then I smelled her sex for the first time that morning. With my face buried between her thighs, I licked her pussy through the spandex material of her bikini. The mixture of her wetness and my saliva soon soaked the entire material.

After a minute or two I pulled it aside to expose her naked sex to the cool morning air. Her clit was as swollen as ever and so were her nipples when I pinched them underneath her bathing suit. I kept grinding my hips into the ground while keeping my tongue busy.

“That’s it baby. I am almost there,” she moaned and moments later, she let go of her legs so she could pull on my short hair as hard as possible. I didn’t hear much else of her moans and cries since she pushed her thighs against my ears with all her might.

Right when she came back to earth, she got up and laughed when she saw the wet concrete by where my cock was. “I am pretty sure you will either force yourself on me or whack off by the end of today,” she teased.

Destiny ended up going on a 5-6K run after an hour and I was home alone watching TV. I could not get my hard-on to subside and canlı bahis was almost angry at myself. I kept catching myself with my hand inside my shorts before I finally contained myself. Destiny finally came back drenched in sweat. Her loose running shorts were extremely short so she proudly showed off her muscular legs that were covered in sweat. What was more disturbing was the fact that she decided to take off her top and must have run a part of the trip in her revealing sports bra only.

“How was the run?” I asked.

“Great. I feel like I did great with my time,” she said exhausted but still with a smile on her face.

“You ran like that?” I asked.

“You mean with my sports bra? It was getting way too hot and the t-shirt I put on was too thick. Don’t worry, I only let people stare but not touch,” she teased.

“I don’t blame them for staring. You could have caused accidents with that body,” I said.

“Stop it. Does it turn you on to think that men were checking me out?” she asked.

“Not sure. I think so, I guess. How would you feel if I teased and flirted with other women?” I countered.

“Who said anything about flirting?” she asked.

“I am just saying. You running around like this gives men the impression that they are allowed to look twice,” I said.

“I think someone is jealous. This is coming from someone who made me have group sex not too long ago,” she reminded me of the time when she came to visit for my birthday a few years ago.

“Nobody made you do anything. You didn’t have to come back to the hotel room,” I said.

“That’s not fair. You knew I was in love with you even with Sara around,” she confessed for the first time.

I didn’t know how to respond but didn’t want any hurt feelings to arise. “Let’s change subjects. I am guessing you need to take a shower. Is there anything I can get you in the meantime?”

“Make some sandwiches for lunch and then we can go to the beach for a little bit,” she said and kissed me on the cheek. Minutes later she came out dressed in a more conservative bathing suit compared to the one she wore this morning. She also wore a sexy skirt and even the basic flip flops made her manicured feet look sexy. After lunch we found ourselves by the beach which was getting pretty crowded.

Destiny took advantage of her task of putting sun screen lotion on me by grinding my butt first while massing my back. She made matters worse when she slid her hips over my raging hard on while rubbing in lotion on my chest. She even made it a point to squeeze her black swim top covered tits together with her biceps while massing my nipples. I looked around and at least a handful of people took notice.

“How is that?” she asked before climbing off of me.

“Your turn,” I said in response. She lied on her stomach first and I spent a good five minutes massaging her legs and feet with the lotion. I briefly unsnapped her top to cover her shoulders and back. I even managed to trace my finger tips to the side of her tits. Before we got carried away she turned to her back and applied the lotion to her front herself.

We were silent for a while and soaked in the afternoon sun when Destiny opened up a can of worms: “Let me ask you something. You don’t expect us to have an open relationship, right?”

“Uhm, where is that coming from?” I asked confused.

“I mean with your history of sleeping with different women and multiple women at the same time, are you going to be ok making love to me only for the rest of your life?” asked Destiny. I knew with where this relationship has gone, we are in it for the long-haul but we haven’t discussed any future plans in detail.

“I love you Destiny and would never want to do anything that could jeopardize what we have going on,” I said sincerely.

“That doesn’t answer my question,” she responded.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Will you be happy with me in a long-term relationship without any other women jumping to bed with you?” she asked.

“Why not? You are an amazing woman. Not just physically but you are sincere, smart, loving…anything a guy could ask for,” I complimented her.

“I have done a lot of reading about men and their sexual desires, even before I moved to Seattle. The bottom line is that men always will want sexual adventures and if they will always be attracted to more than just the woman that they are with,” she explained.

“Being attracted to another woman doesn’t mean we have to act on it,” I said in defense.

“The last two relationships I had were torn apart because the guys were cheating on me. You are an attractive man with lots of money and clearly a very strong sex drive. I am not trying to excuse your sex drive but it’s an innate part of being a man and I don’t want to have this unrealistic expectation of you,” she said.

“So you are saying that staying faithful to you is an unrealistic expectation? That doesn’t sound right,” I said.

“I am not naïve. I know if you were given the opportunity to be with another hot woman, you could do something bahis siteleri in your weakest moments,” she said.

“You are starting to worry me. You don’t think I can stay faithful to you?” I asked.

“Ok, let me ask you this. Since I moved here, have you checked out any other woman,” she asked.

“Well…,” I hesitated.

“Common Don. I see you checking out Teresa and Jessica all the time, for example,” she accused me.

“Ok. I guess I am making it too obvious,” I said worriedly. Destiny didn’t seem tense or upset at all which was the only reason why I wasn’t overly panicking.

“That’s my point. I don’t think I can blame you. You had sex with both of them and they are extremely hot and don’t hold back their bodies with the stuff they wear,” she said.

I wasn’t even sure if I discussed who I had sex with so she caught me completely off-guard with her last comment.

“Don, I am not trying to pick a fight or embarrass you. I want to make you happy and continue to be happy with who we are together. I guess where I am getting at, I think the more openly we talk about what our desires, weaknesses and expectations are, the less chances there that we hurt each other,” she said calmly.

“Makes sense, I guess. But I am not sure what you expect of me,” I pondered.

“To be honest with me about what you need Don. I honestly don’t get that jealous when you check out other girls because I know that you are mine. I took off my top during my run this morning because I like to be wanted by others. Women like that stuff Don. That doesn’t mean that I have sleep with anyone that checks me out but there is something deep inside that is very satisfying to know that we have men wrapped around our fingers,” she said.

“Are you speaking for yourself or women overall?” I asked.

“Common, think about it. Do you think women wear leggings and cleavage revealing tops and push-ups bras and what-not just because it is comfortable?”

“I get your point,” I said.

“Jessica and Teresa, for example, want you to check them out. I knew if I wasn’t around, they wouldn’t just tease you and flirt with you innocently,” she explained.

“Who said they are flirting with me?” I said defensively.

“Ok, a guy like you should be able to tell that by now. Either way, there will be women that will want to seduce you and I know that you, as a guy, will be tempted at a minimum,” she explained.

“Maybe I don’t know anymore where you are getting at,” I said confused.

“Ok, I am just going to say it. I read about a bunch of studies about dating couples, marrieds, reasons for divorce, couples that swing, couples that have an open relationship and others. And the one big thing I got out of it is that couples that are willing to be adventurous and communicate very openly are the happiest,” said Destiny.

“What do you mean by adventurous?” I asked.

“Take anal sex for example. I read about women who hated it when they tried it and other who rave about it. The ones who hate it seemed to be the ones that were pressured into it by their partner and didn’t really feel like doing it to begin with. The ones on the other side of the spectrum love to please their man, are more open about trying new things and in the end, enjoy their sex life more. That’s why I am ok with trying anal sex with you. And not just try it, but really get to the point where I will enjoy it for you,” she explained.

“So what does that have to do with being attracted to another woman?” I said still confused.

“There is that segment of people that are sexually very open and statistics says, that hardly anyone ever regrets choosing that lifestyle. There are far more relationships that fail because boundaries, both spoken and unspoken, were crossed than couples who have clear boundaries that are further out there if you know what I mean,” she said.

“Are you asking if we should have an open relationship?” I asked surprised.

“To be honest, that thought was running through my mind but I don’t like the thought,” she answered.

“So there is your answer then,” I concluded.

“It’s not that simple. I think an open relationship is on that far end of the spectrum and there are other options in between,” she said.

“Such as?” I wondered.

“Take Jessica for example. Would it surprise you to know that her and I have made out a couple of times?” she asked suddenly.

“You did what?” I said surprised.

“Ok, I didn’t. But I would lie if I didn’t dream about it,” she admitted.

“I thought you had no interest in other women,” I said.

“I never said that. I definitely don’t like the thought of being with a random woman,” she said.

“Well, I think you know that it’s a bit of a turn-on for most men to think of lesbian interactions,” I admitted.

“What if I told you that I am attracted to my client Ben and that I get excited when he flirts with me?”

“Hmm, not sure. I definitely think I would be jealous if I saw that,” I admitted.

“So you are saying that you would never be ok with another bahis şirketleri man doing anything with me sexually. Even if you were there with his wife at the same time?” she probed.

“I don’t know. Now you are talking about swinging. That thought never crossed my mind,” I lied.

“I want you to think about it. I want to make this clear. To ensure that we stay faithful to each other long-term, meaning not to sleep with another person behind the other’s back, I would be ok with bringing other people into our bedroom. That might shock you to hear, but the statistics don’t lie I think and you and I are two very sexually driven individuals,” she explained.

“Wow, that’s a lot to chew on. You know that I love you so I want to do whatever to make you happy while, I guess if want to call it that, stay within our set boundaries,” I said.

“Exactly, and looking at your boner you cannot deny that the thought of any of this doesn’t turn you on,” she teased.

Our conversation soon ended and while not having anything particular agreed upon, we were heading in the right direction. We cooled off in the water before heading back to the house.

“Still the same rule, you are to please me while you continue to build up your sperm bank,” said Destiny when we got back to the house.

We decided to go out to dinner and with Destiny wearing a pair of fuck-me heels along with a very short dress I knew she was going to tease the shit out of me. It was after the appetizer was gone when she handed me a little black remote control.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“There is a vibrator pushed against my clit. I want you to slowly make me cum while sitting here,” she said and handed me the remote.

I didn’t hear anything when I turned it up slightly but Destiny quickly turned her demeanor. She rolled her eyes and leaned back. I left it at a low setting for a while and through the delivery of our chicken dinners. She even managed to eat part of her dinner when I started stroking her naked thighs underneath the table. I sat right next to her and she moaned straight into my right ear.

“Turn it up baby, I want to cum for you,” she moaned.

For the next minute I gradually increased the speed until I hit the max. I could finally hear and feel the vibrator and right as she was cumming silently, she pulled my head close to her mouth and moaned and licked my ear until she reached between her legs to pull off the egg.

The rest of the evening was amazing and after an excruciating round in the hot tub of much nudity and touching but no sex we ended up in bed. An entire day went by and Destiny got to cum twice while I was wiping off precum the entire day.

I heard Destiny’s alarm go off at 6 am and I just fell right back asleep. Next thing I knew I was greeted by a set of wet lips wrapped around my morning boner. It was the mixture between the warm sensation and the sound of her gagging throat that quickly got my adrenaline flowing.

“Good morning,” she said after coming up from an especially deep descend on my cock.

“Good morning,” I said smiling from ear to ear. I finally looked at her and noticed that she wore some lingerie already.

“Your patience and control shall be rewarded. I spent two hours getting ready so let’s have some fun,” she teased.

“I am already having fun. Nice outfit by the way,” I complimented. She wore black lace lingerie consisting of a bra, garters, stockings and matching 6-inch heels. She turned her butt towards me and climbed on top of me.

“Can you make sure the butt plug is in there the right way,” she teased. It was then when I saw the little black handle sticking out of her butt. My hard-on just grew another twenty percent it seemed. I moved it back and forth a little causing her to tense up immediately.

“Pull it out and make sure it’s clean,” she ordered.

I pulled back slowly and her sphincter kept grabbing the plug causing it to stretch quite a bit before it finally let go of it. It was barely bigger than my thumb and well lubricated. I sniffed it and smelled nothing but the lube.

“I read guys like this,” she said and grabbed the toy out of my hand to suck on it.

“Hell yes, it does. That’s fucking hot,” I admitted.

“I am glad it doesn’t take like ass at all. I was really worried. I must have done a good job cleaning it,” she explained.

We were still in a 69 position when she started deepthroating me while I got busy with her clit and asshole. My tongue pleased her pussy while I started probing her tight hole with my finger. It was tight enough for me to worry that I was hurting her. I don’t remember the last time Destiny was able to deepthroat me as far as she did that morning. I was overwhelmed with the different emotions and anticipation that I completely missed her announcement that she was cumming.

I was still licking her clit feverously when she jumped off of me completely short of breath. I was rock hard and didn’t waste another second to mount her and start penetrating her missionary style. Even though it’s only been a little over a day since our last intercourse, all the teasing and sexual energy made it feel like we hadn’t had sex in weeks. I was so close to cumming when I stopped deep inside of her and kissed her gently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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