Fun for Himself

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It has been a while since either Carrie or a guy has fucked my ass. I am spending some time studying at a high school far enough away from Carrie that I can’t see her that often and it is killing me.

“Then why did you choose to go to that school?” Is what you are probably dying to ask me. I needed the quality education here so I can finally get my real job, besides, it is on a fully paid scholarship.

I see Carrie in about 4 weeks and I stupidly make a deal with her. I can’t successfully jack off or even have a wet dream until I see her. If I live up to it then she will get dressed up for me, dance for me, let me cum on her face and body and then fuck my brains out with her vagina and then her strap-on.

The thought is nice but to not touch myself is torture. When we are with each other we go nuts and have so much sex and love and pleasure that when I come back to school, at night, my cock says “Ok, lets go vagina time!” I look down at “Richard” and say, “Dude, she isn’t here right now, you will have to settle for my hand.”

Now, my penis controls me a lot. But the one thing he doesn’t control me with is other women and men. He sees a hot girl and says “Jay, dude, go for it. Carrie won’t know.” Or if he sees a sexy looking guy who looks like is up for some head, Richard says, “Come on, Carrie won’t know, and if she does find out, it isn’t like your cheating on her because he’s a guy!”

Both situations I tell him, “NO! I Love her and I won’t do anything without her here except please myself.”

So since the pact was made I have been getting hard over everything. Every guy that I see almanbahis giriş makes imagine seducing him into finding a spot where I can suck him off and get fucked. I let that image stay in my head and touch myself all over when I shower.

Now, I haven’t fingered myself since I was 18, when I first realized I was interested in guys, but last night, I couldn’t help but just shove two fingers into me. Then I realized that if I put some soap on my hands I can fit 3 or 4 fingers and fuck myself.

When I get a nice little rhythm my cock gets really hard and the pre-cum leaks out. With my free hand I take the juice onto my fingers and lick it off. Though, I do not let myself fully climax.

Tonight I felt like going all out and brought the bottle of dry skin lotion into the shower. I put heaps of it on my hands and just massaged my cock and balls. I would stroke on over to my grundle and then play with my ass-pussy. Then I finger fucked myself again until my dick was oozing with my pre-man-juice and I ate it up like it was my last meal…or so it seemed.

I called Carrie the moment I got out of the shower and told her that I have been fingering myself for the past few nights. She got really turned on by the idea and said I could masturbate this one night and she won’t hold it against me.

I thought she was going to hang up and let me get to it but she insists on talking to me while I jerk off. So I lay in my bed naked and begin to touch myself while she tells me a nice little story:

“I walk into your room wearing my usual, jeans and a t-shirt. You are wearing a miniskirt and a almanbahis güvenilirmi tank top and you come up to me and kiss me passionately while I grab that fine ass of yours. I move my hand to your slowly hardening cock and start to slowly stroke you, outside the skirt. Once you are hard I let go and push you by your shoulders to your knees. You undo my pants and pull them down thinking your going to get some peach but you see this big long dick just hanging there winking at you. Instinctively you take it in your hand and stroke it until it gets hard. You play with the tip a little. Just poking your tongue on the mushroom. Like you couldn’t resist you begin to make a meal out my dick and suck it intensely.

You’re such a good cocksucker, it’s making me so hard. You massage my sack while deep throating me. I take your head and force you to suck harder and harder. You grab my ass and pull me closer. I begin to fuck your face like the cock slut I made you into. Your rhythm is so perfect and good that my cock pulses in your mouth. Right as I am about to cum I pull out and cum all over your face with your mouth wide open. Some of it goes in, the rest hits your cheeks, chin, nose, neck, chest and forehead. You smile, swallow, then kiss me getting it all over my face too.

I stand you up, but don’t let you wipe your face. I wipe mine because I am in control and you are my bitch. Right as we got to the end of your bed I push you over and expose your ass to me and I fuck you without permission. I get so turned on from seeing the skirt ride up your leg that I pump away at you like the slut you are. almanbahis yeni giriş

Just when I could tell my cock is getting ready to shoot again, I take my cock out, pull your skirt down and tear your tank top off. You fall to your knees and suck me a little until I lift you up and throw you on the bed. I lift up your legs and I fuck you like there was no tomorrow.

You jerk off all the while. I tell you how amazing it feels to shove my cock up your ass. How much of a slut you are and that I am going to cum so far up in you, you will taste it. Then, after what seems like hours of ramming your man-gina I give one hard long push and cum so much. Quickly filling your ass it sprays out of you like a valve and starts to run down onto your bed. I make you cum all over yourself and you eat it up because you love the taste of jizz.

I get on my knees to suck my juice out of your ass only to share it with you. It oozes out of our mouths and onto my tits. You clean up the leftovers. I get so exhausted but not tired, so I lay back and you suck me until sunrise. But while you slurp away, your roommate and all of his friends take their turn on your ass. You let them do as they please. Some cum all over your back and on your ass cheeks, others cum right up in you. Yet, you keep on sucking me. So much cum is in you and you finally get your fill. You lay on your back for a moment, to find every guy standing around you, jerking off onto you while I watch and jerk off as well…”

I came all over myself when she said she gave me one, long, hard push up my ass.

“How are you feeling honey?” She asks.

“Great, I came everywhere, there is so much!”

“Well get to work slut!”

I scoop it up with my fingers and suck them clean. I can’t help but love the taste of cum. She knows that. Thankfully, she takes advantage of it so that we both benefit.

I Love this woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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