Gemma’s Sexual Awakening Ch. 02

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This is the second installment of Gemma and Jason’s steamy affair. For the first chapter, read “My Dad’s Friend Takes My Virginity.” However this can be read independently as well without plot holes. Thanks for reading!


Although it had only been a few weeks since I first hooked up with Jason we had taken stolen opportunities to be together. I was beginning college in the fall and only had a matter of weeks before I was to move away from home and Jason. We hadn’t discussed yet what that would mean for us and had a sense we were both putting it off as long as possible. I often went over to his house while my parents thought I was at friend’s. Jason took my virginity a week after I turned 18, since then I couldn’t get enough of his mouth on me and cock inside.

Jason is 39 and my dad’s business partner. They have worked together for years and now own a home development company together and have both done well for themselves. Jason never settled down. No significant relationships, no wife or kids. I was the closest thing he has had to a committed relationship in the past decade and he treats me like a goddess. We hated keeping this secret however we knew that my parents would be less than thrilled about the newfound nature of our relationship. My father and Jason had worked together for nearly 20 years and their professional relationship had also made them close friends. Dad would not take kindly to his trusted friend fucking his only daughter.

My part-time job at the development firm my father and Jason owned quickly turned to full-time that summer. My parents were proud of the effort I was making to gain valuable work experience. Although I enjoyed the work I did at the office the experience wasn’t the reason for the extra time. Jason was the reason. Jason was the first man I had been intimate with in any capacity other than a make-out session and a blowjob I gave some jerk named Joey.

Jason proved to be a thoughtful lover and very meticulous. I was never left feeling unsatisfied which was the opposite of what my other girlfriends could say about their boyfriends, fuck buddies and random hookups. Jason wanted to take me out and we knew that was not possible near home for risk of exposure. But he offered an alternative.

Jason had a cabin on a lake about two hours north of the city. That was the perfect place for us to get away for the weekend before I left for college in August. With that we made plans for a weekend getaway. As far as my parents were concerned, next Friday I planned to go to my friend Jess’s cabin one more time before my whole friend group left for school. In reality when Friday arrived I had driven only a few blocks to Jason’s before heading to a lake house in the opposite direction. Upon my arrival the garage door was open. I pulled in and the door closed it behind me.

“Hi you,” Jason greeted me as I got out of my car.

I smiled back and pecked him on the lips “Hi you.” Jason was already packed and ready to go. We moved my stuff to his car and we were on our way. Parked in the garage, my car was out of sight in case anyone drove by.

Cruising down the road, our hands clasped, I was wondering what room Jason would ravage me in first. I had been to his cabin several times in the past but it had been a few years and even then it was never in this way. The convertible’s roof was down and the noise of the wind made conversation difficult.

We were well on our journey when I glanced up to see a billboard advertising an adult toy store at the next exit. Jason caught me noticing. “Did you bring a vibrator for the weekend?” he asked.

I laughed and replied sarcastically “Oh darn, I guess I left it at home.” He quickly crossed over two lanes and got on the exit ramp right as it approached. Luckily there were no cars in our way or I’d have been more concerned. “What are you doing?” I asked. Without answering me he turned right and I saw the as-advertised adult super store. My heart immediately skipped a beat as I realized where we were heading. I had never been to one of these places and certainly had never bought a dirty sex toy. I wasn’t sure what to expect. He put the car in park and exited. I was speechless but soon followed Jason and hopped out too.

Nothing was said while we passed a woman by herself and one lone man on our way to the door. When we walked inside, I was immediately met with the sight of dildos, vibrators, slutty costumes and lingerie, adult party favors, phallic shaped toys, and other various sexual novelties. I was out of my element and by the way Jason looked at me he knew it too. He smiled at me and asked if everything was alright. “Yeah, just never been in a sex store before. I have no idea what to look for. What should we get?” I asked anxiously, trying to cover up my immature nervousness.

“Look around. See what gets your attention and interests you.” Jason followed me silently güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri while I browsed the shelves lined with toys in all colors of the rainbow. As I took it all in I was encouraged to find something that fits my personality and body. “This is for you, to make you feel good when I can’t…or if I just want to tease you…” Jason whispered in my ear. I could feel the heat rise in my cheeks. He let me be for a few moments to let me explore on my own.

I ended up picking out a hot pink Rabbit vibrator and one tiny Silver Bullet. The Rabbit was a dual vibrator that had penis-like appearance with textured bumps to be inserted inside and a knob on top with two little “rabbit ears” that were designed to vibrate against the clit for dual pleasure. The Silver Bullet, a tiny chrome vibrator approximately the size of a tube of lipstick was meant to be much more discreet and compact. A girl could take it anywhere without drawing attention to herself. Once we were back in the car we both grinned and continued on our way to the house without another word on what just happened.

Forty-five minutes later we got off the interstate, took a county road for a few miles and soon were pulling down the winding driveway of Jason’s lakefront property. The house was set back quite a ways from the road and was not visible unless you knew where to go creating the perfect environment for the purpose of this weekend’s visit. Jason grabbed our bags from the back and we strode toward the house. “I forgot how tucked back this place was” I mused as we walked from the garage into the house.

“Yup, perfect place for a romantic getaway and lots of places for me to do some naughty things to you. I’m going to expand your horizons beyond your wildest dreams,” he grinned and slapped my butt playfully. Throughout our encounters Jason had been incredibly patient with me while I learned how to give and receive pleasure and the passion that surrounded both. For that very reason I couldn’t help but wonder how many other more experienced lovers he brought up here for a weekend of sexy shenanigans.

Jason led me down the hall into the master bedroom. I realized then I had never been in this room of the house. I never had a reason to before. It was his bedroom – where he changed, showered, slept and most certainly had fucked.

“How many other girls have you had up here?” I blurted out. Then I realized how accusatory and petty I sounded.

Jason put the bags down on the ottoman at the end of the king bed and looked very uncomfortable suddenly. “I – uh – Just, um. There have been -“

Poor guy. He doesn’t need this from me. I smiled at him and could feel myself grow red from embarrassment. “That was not fair of me, I’m sorry. I know you have been with other women. How could you not have been? This is all so new I don’t know how to curb my jealousy of old lovers I guess.” I was jealous of Jason’s past partners, but I am with him now and his reaction told me it had been quite some time since he had brought someone else here for any action. Even when I visited as a child with my family, I didn’t recall Jason ever bringing a girl beyond once or twice and we were usually here with him.

His gaze softened and he walked over and kissed me. “Gemma this is new for me too and there is nobody I would rather have here than you. You have nothing to be jealous about. Just so you know, I haven’t brought anyone else up here in a long time. Now let’s get some food going. I’m starving…” a grin spread across his face as he guided me out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. I smiled back and was only a little disappointed when we went to the kitchen and began cooking and didn’t pause for some sex first. After buying sex toys for the first time less than an hour ago and not seeing Jason outside work for a few days prior to our drive up I was horny and was in much need of release.

We made dinner together while sharing a bottle of wine. By the time we sat down to eat our dinner salads and ribeye steaks with potatoes overlooking the lake the wine had already begun to take effect. My inhibitions were lowered and I was feeling flirty. Not to mention the aching desire between my legs. We finished eating our meal and consuming a third bottle of wine and I got up to get another. Jason caught my hand when I walked by and pulled me between his knees.

My hormones and emotions were beginning to take control. I wanted to fuck. Even though Jason and I had been together before I was excited for this weekend; he decided to bring me to his cabin, just me alone, not as a family friend but as a lover. Aside from our initial weekend together it was hard for me to get away for any real length of time without my parents wanting more details of my whereabouts so our encounters were limited to private lunches and the occasional evening at his place and sneaking back in the morning.

“What are you doing?” he asked me playfully.

“Getting another güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri bottle?” I questioned flirtatiously.

“You don’t need any more to drink.” He put his hands on my hips and looked up at me from his chair.

“No? Do you want to switch to liquor instead?” I asked innocently and Jason smirked at me with those smoldering eyes. I could feel my clit tingling. I wanted him – bad – but I was in the mood to tease him for a while longer. “I need to go to the bathroom and freshen up. The wind did a number on my hair from the ride up here. I’ll be back,” and I wandered off to the master suite. I quickly stripped off my shorts and tank top before changing into the magenta lace babydoll slip I had brought. I dropped my panties exposing my bare pussy, powdered my face, applied more lip gloss, brushed my hair and ran my fingers through my hair for the tousled look and spritzed myself with perfume. I was bordering on drunk but and had just the right amount of liquid courage to put it all out there and fuck this man like a fiend. This was only our second weekend together after the first time we were together in such a physical way.

I went back into the kitchen and saw Jason from behind pouring another glass of wine. His ass looks hot in those jeans. He had opened another bottle after all. When he turned around he saw me standing there. Without acknowledging my changed attire, he asked “Feel better?”

“Yes, much,” I replied. I was slightly perturbed he didn’t say anything but knew I would eventually push him to want more.

He slowly sauntered in my direction and handed me the newly poured glass. “That’s good. Should we go down to the dock? The stars are pretty out there. It’s dark enough outside now.”

“Sure,” We grabbed hands and took our glasses of wine with us down to the private dock. The dock was more like a sprawling patio with a boat slip and a couple jet ski lifts. The centerpiece of the dock was a gigantic inset couch with massive cushions that created a three-sided patio-like alcove. In the middle was a firepit that contained a glowing, dancing flame. Jason must have done this when I was in the bathroom. How long was I gone for? Obviously longer than I originally planned. Is he finally going to fuck me? This provided the perfect space for conversation, intimacy and seduction.

He sat down and got comfy in the corner. Before I could take a seat beside him he stopped me by putting his hand up. “You think you can parade around in front of me wearing something like that and have there be no consequences?” A sly smile grew across his face. “Turn around, slowly. Let me see you.” I slowly turned in front of him letting him inspect the lingerie and my body against the flames. My self-consciousness grew but so did my desire to fuck him. I felt myself getting wetter at the base of my thighs. “Mmm Gemma – I like you on display for me. You were always a pretty girl but you’ve grown into a sexy woman. And now you are mine. Come over here.”

I strode toward him and he reached up to tease and twist my nipples, feeding a hunger in my body making me crave more. Then he turned me around, so I was facing away from him. His hands moved up and down my body, caressing the most sensitive of places. He slipped his hand inside my slip and squeezed my breast. He pulled the lace cups down and played with my exposed nipples, already hard knobs from the cool summer air and the onslaught of twisting by Jason. Finally, he settled his hands on my hips and buttocks. His fingers sent electricity across my skin. He pulled me closer and began kissing the small of my back and down to my cheeks. I was so turned on; the buzz of the alcohol only fueled my internal desire. I felt Jason’s hand snake around to my front and reach underneath my babydoll to feel my wet, naked lips. I let out a moan.

“And no panties either…mmm. Now bend over…” Jason teased. I playfully leaned over and revealed my already wet pussy. “Get over here temptress” he growled

I pushed back toward him while he pulled me onto his lap, pleasuring me. As Jason was trailing a finger up and down the slit of my pussy I leaned into his chest and tipped my head back on his shoulder. My hips settled between his legs. His fingers were doing wonders, I don’t even remember him adding any more. I was so wet his finger slid right inside “Jason…” I moaned. First, he was using one finger now it was obvious he had slipped more fingers inside me while his thumb massaged my clit. His cock was growing harder in his pants. I could feel it against my back.

All of a sudden, I heard a buzzing sound shortly followed by feeling a shudder run through me starting at my clit. Jason had revealed one of our earlier purchases, the Silver Bullet. My hips moved in circles to the rhythm of Jason’s wrist movements. The tiny vibrations reverberated through my core. The intensity was building, and I couldn’t help but to move my hips faster against the small toy güvenilir bahis şirketleri in the palm of his hand as he fingered me. I let out moans as he continued. “That’s it. I knew you’d like a vibrator,” Jason encouraged.

“I’m so close…I’m going to cum” I let out an exasperated sigh. I was breathing harder as I approached orgasm. I stifled a scream it felt so fucking good but were out on the deck and I was not going to have the neighbors hear me cum out loud. Sweat was beading on my forehead and on the back of my neck.

Almost as if Jason read my mind, he alleviated all worries I harbored. “Yeah, that’s it. Cum for me, baby. Let it go – nobody is around for miles.”

That’s all I needed to hear for my body to respond. “OHHHH Jaaaason….OHHH Yessssssss!” Jason kissed my neck while he held the vibrator against my clit and ran two fingers in and out of my pussy. I had a strong climax making my toes curl. I reached by arms back around his neck and buried myself into his body. I shuddered with sweet release and began to come down from my orgasm.

Jason gently kissed my shoulder and turned the silver bullet off. He slowly guided me onto all fours while he continued stroking my wet opening from behind. My clit was sensitive and all my senses were heightened. Jason stayed away from my sensitive clit so I could recover but he thoughtfully massaged my opening and occasionally dipped a finger or two inside my wet pussy as my contracting walls relaxed.

I was more than ready to return the favor while my body recharged. “I want to suck you off.” I breathed heavily. I turned to fumble with Jason’s belt and jeans so I could release his cock from the restriction of his jeans. I knew he was hard and was eagerly awaiting the feel of him in my mouth.

“No objections here,” Jason answered as he moved around to stand in front of me. He wriggled his thick length free of his boxers and his pants dropped around his ankles. I was still on all fours on the cushion. Now the round head of his cock was right in front of my face. I took his shaft in my hand and guided it to my lips before taking him whole in my mouth. The feeling of his length in my mouth had become one of the things that turned me on most. I felt his thick head slide past my lips as he entered my mouth inch by inch. He had taken the time to teach me how to properly deepthroat his 9-inch cock and it only became easier the more I practiced it. I was learning to suppress my gag reflex so I could take him deeper. Not only did it feel good for him, but it was a major turn on for me. Jason was at full hardness and I could feel his veiny rod pulse against my tongue as I traced the tip up and down his shaft. He reached back and slapped my ass firm enough to leave a hot sting on my skin. Then he returned the attention of his fingers to my dripping wet cunt.

My pussy was saturated and was slicker than an oil spill. The juice from my pussy was soaking into the cushions of the couch. His fingers felt so good, but I was not prepared for what came next. Jason’s finger was at the entrance of my asshole pressing against the opening. “Woah there! That is NOT my pussy,” I laughed and looked up at him. At first, I thought he had made a mistake after drinking copious amounts of wine now fumbling around in the darkness of night.

I looked up to see Jason’s wicked grin. “I know…is this okay? Or should I move on to other things,” he asked me. He continued to apply pressure with his finger against my virgin entrance but waited for my reply before advancing further. I focused on the foreign feeling of something that was close to an intimate part of myself and decided I wanted to know what this would feel like. So far it was different but not something I was against. I paused then nodded my head tentatively giving him permission to continue.

Jason stopped abruptly and gently placed his hands on my face, “Gemma, I want you to enjoy this. You deserve to be pleasured and intend to see that you get what you deserve. If you’re not okay with this you need to tell me. I don’t want to hurt you and I promise to take things slow.”

“I trust you. Jason – Please show me how to enjoy this. I want to learn whatever you can teach me. Show me how to make us both feel good. I want to be your dirty little secret, your personal slut, your intimate lover. I know you would never hurt me. Please go slow though”

He smiled and slapped my ass again. “MMMM, Gemma – we’re moving back inside.” Jason pulled up his pants and fastened them in no time. He took my hand and helped me up before I could even comprehend, we weren’t staying out here. I let out a shriek then giggled as he threw me over his shoulder and hauled me back up to the house. Jason had one hand on my ass, the other resting between my thighs and teasing my already sensitive sex organs. He was getting me ready for a night of being fucked. I was hungry for more.

I was carried through the house and we quickly arrived in the bedroom. Jason laid me down on the bed and used the remote to turn on the gas fireplace that was mounted on the wall beneath the TV. The flame came to life. The room was shrouded in a soft glow of the moonlight streaming in from the window and the shine cast from the fireplace created muted shadows across the room.

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