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Gerri was in the Music Conservatory while I was in the Design College a year ahead of her. We still traveled in the same circles none the less. Being a Midwestern City University and having very little on campus housing, most lived at home or in off campus housing of some sort.

Gerri has a most interesting personality that I am attracted to in a strong subconscious way. Though she’s not model beautiful there is a most appealing and pleasant quality about her. Thin, broad shouldered and 5′-9″ with small breasts she has a pretty, thin featured face, bright very blue eyes, long nicely arched neck, very full medium brown wavy just-over-the-shoulder hair, a nice frame and fine long legs. She never wore makeup and never seemed to need it, a healthy, lightly freckled, fair skin country girl look. Gerri is also extremely intelligent and quite talented. She started school at age five and skipped a year in High School. She had just turned sixteen starting college.

When very young Gerri and her younger brother would be left to fend for themselves when their parents, being fairly well off, would go on one or two month “spiritual” trips to India, Cambodia or god-knows-where. Left with only a few friends to look in on them from time to time. Living in a small southern college town this created a dependency to her older brother who she oddly took care of. This rather peculiar situation created an insecure void in her. She was very self conscious of what others thought of her leaving her with a somewhat shy quality. Otherwise she was very independent and self-sufficient by necessity.

She had a decided bent to the strange, occult and offbeat, looking for something to fill the void. She had frequent horrific nightmares. Gerri was truly horrified of horror films. Her smile was big and sweet but with tight corners. At the same time there was a naivety and freshness to her. She always dressed tastefully and mostly wore very nice sweaters with miniskirts, sometimes with leotards and slacks on occasion. Even with her tiny tits, shy and plain demeanor she was very attractive. There was always a well arranged and tasteful hair tie, hair-clasp or hair-piece of real fur which she would unconsciously stroke often humming Bach, Mozart or other tune-of-the-moment as she did. Her brother joined the Army after high school leaving Gerri to deal with the last year on her own.

I was 5′-11″, medium build, broad shouldered, short brown hair, hazel eyes and a short cut beard from freshman year on. Khakis and a sweatshirt for classes and the tweed jacket look for “dress up” was my general attire. I was generally liked and was always into philosophical and political trouble. Most thought me reasonably handsome. Some, sorority girls in particular, considered me weird. Having also grown up in a small southern college town I already knew I was too mature for fraternities. Though I was very good at sports in high school I didn’t have time for that in college. There were too many other important things to do to play second string. I had to work a year before starting college and had to work my way through so I wanted the most from my experience. That didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy myself. Learning should be

Gerri and I first met at the Music Conservatory since I liked to go to student and staff recitals, often during the class day. I also went to music performances off campus as well. I started to run into her with some frequency after that by chance for the first six months or so her Freshman year. She first questioned me why, as a Design student, I was so interested in classical music? I told her the only thing that exceeds my passion for Design is Classical Music and I wasn’t real sure about that. In our socializing we would see each other in the same groups and events, sometimes singing in the same choir. She was animated and passionate in conversation. Gerri is very curious and inquisitive as am I. We became good friends.

For a little over a year at that time I was involved with a raven haired beauty and we were headed for engagement. We had much in common, she was in Design as well and we were both top of our classes. We had lots of mutual friends and she was the love of my life. All was not quite right in paradise, however. We never had “sex” though we frequently engaged in heavy, intimate and extended foreplay with lots of very intimate fondling. It was never consummated; her choice. She eventually broke off the relationship and I was heart broken! Our mutual friends were very surprised and disappointed. Some mutual friends still mention it.

After that I had a series of brief romantic episodes with a wide range of women with different interests, different looks and styles all being very interesting to gorgeous. Most were intelligent and talented and none lasted for more than a few dates.

There was a gorgeous blond woman in Liberal Arts who always wore a simple, classic dark mink coat on campus. After trying for weeks to meet her we met quite by chance at one of my regular social meets where she happened to be present. The conversation lasted for all of five minutes. She was a New Yorker with an ego a mile wide, talking only about herself, not very smart and NO personality. casino siteleri I found out as soon as she walked away from a friend next to me that she couldn’t get into Columbia which was why she was at our University and the football team was her playpen. None of the women I dated really felt right and none led to a sexual relationship. Something was missing with them all. My friends were as perplexed as I. I was really not liking this dating thing and I was beginning to think that the one I wanted to be with or could be with was unattainable or unavailable, whoever she was.

Gerri and I continued seeing each other as usual at our various social and musical events and the chance meetings on campus. Many of the musical events for her were course requirements such as the Symphony. These I regularly attended and we started to attend together regularly. I don’t think either of us considered it a “Date”.

We spent time afterwards discussing and analyzing the performances often over a late dinner at a favorite restaurant or Dinner. I know she loved doing this as she would get very animated, smiling sweetly, in our discussions. In hind sight our discussions over music were actually much more than that. In our analysis of the works we would talk about our own feelings, many of which would touch on intimate thoughts which we would resolve leaving us with mutually warm feelings and certainly levels of satisfaction. How do you describe making love? You talk about Vivaldi Concerto for two Violins musically intertwining without bringing up making love. That’s implied. Later on we would realize the significance of these “agreements” made and how they would mesh with future mutual “discussions”. I am sure that is why we continued to enjoy these sessions so much. Music has much to offer. Sometimes a second safe language.

We had known each other for two years by then and we were spending more and more time together at lunch or just hanging out in the park feeding the ducks. We talked about many things, not just about music. Her interests were as broad as mine, quite unusual for a Music major. I began to hum in counterpoint or in harmony when she fiddled with her fur piece. She would blush and continued humming and fiddling. I should have given up to her then.

Gerri knew of my interests in other women but it didn’t seem to bother her when we were together. We were friends after all. We didn’t really date as such and or relationship didn’t seem romantic. Many things we did were often with other friends as a group. When we were together by accident, casually or at an event or gathering she was my interest to the exclusion of any other unattached females present. Gerri knew and relished this.


One Tuesday I invited her over to my place for a Friday night dinner and movie or jazz club afterwards, our first “date”. At the time I didn’t know exactly what to expect except for a pleasant evening and enjoyable time together as we usually would have. I didn’t consciously think much about it. I shared an apartment with a good friend, Bob, in Engineering. Bob loved jazz, though he was tone deaf. We had gone out to jazz clubs with him and his girl friend, Fran, a number of times before. Fran is beautiful, intelligent, very interesting and decidedly off the main road. Bob and Fran’s relationship was quite advanced. Though I was still a virgin I had no big moral issue about it. I had been trying to get a regular lay myself after all. I did find their bed room activities disconcerting and would find other activities out of the apartment for that time. Fran rarely stayed overnight as we had a one bed room apartment being poor undergrads. I would stay overnight with a friend when prearranged.

I made dinner as usual that evening which all enjoyed. I made a beef curry with appropriate side dishes. Gerri had not eaten my cooking before and she was very impressed. Bob couldn’t boil water and Fran burnt the toast. Their idea of making dinner was to order a pizza. Conversation was energetic as it often is in college.

That night Gerri wore a dark brown, soft wool V-neck sweater with thin crimson stripes and dark brown wool slacks, it was a cold night. Her hair was down with two large, fat crystal fox tails as hair pieces, Indian style to her left side. With her energetic and animated gesturing they swung with her hair in a very provocative manner brushing over her breasts. Her smile was radiant. I had not seen those fox tails before and it was most disconcerting. I was suddenly having very erotic feelings toward her. We talked about everything from the environment, astronomy and jazz to religion and back again. We tapped out and da da da the parts to “Take Five” and ended on wine making as we polished off the third bottle.

Bob and Fran retired to the bed room leaving us in the living room. I had turned on the campus classical music station a bit earlier. We sat quietly listening and a bit uneasy which was unusual. I found out from a mutual friend the next day that she was bent on getting laid that evening now that she was legal. It didn’t do me much good then. Gerri made her move in response to me suggesting we leave for a movie. She put her arms around güvenilir casino my waist and gave me the deep “kiss me” look, pressing our bodies together. This was unexpected of her since we had not kissed and only held hands and hugged in a friendly manner before. This evening I didn’t need much persuasion as I found her much more attractive than ever and warmly erotic that evening compared to the women I had been dating. I was immediately stiff as we began kissing and fondling each other while standing, getting very hot very fast. I was running my hands up her sweater fondling her bare firm breasts with full aureole and large, hard nipples she had my belt undone and pulling off my shirt.

We moved to the couch and continued. The evening progressed into very heavy foreplay encouraged by the music and occasional sighs an moans from the bed room. I was all over her, pulling down her slacks and panties, lightly nuzzling her sweet fragrant muff of very soft light brown curly hair, fingering her moist clitoris which she pressed up against my hand quivering slightly as I did. The other hand was caressing her breasts and I was kissing her neck with my face in her hair and the fox tails. I am off in another world unlike any sexual encounter before, including the raven haired beauty. She has my pants down with her hands around my cock, her fingers caressing my testicles and she is shifting her vagina closer and closer. My heart was racing and I was hard as a rock, leaking slightly, trying not to blow it all over the living room. Gerri is softly moaning, oh please, and whispering my name in my ear.

The conflicts of taking her then was too much for me. She seemed so vulnerable, soft and fragile. What about our friendship? This was a big commitment particularly with the sensitivity of her vulnerable psyche. I wasn’t prepared at all for this turn in our relationship. I made some lame ass excuse about not wanting to hurt her which is exactly what I ended up doing anyway.

I walked her home, we paused several times to kiss, getting aroused again. We were both very frustrated. The kiss at her door lasted about half an hour with Gerri pressed hard against my stiff cock slightly rotating her hips and moaning near climax.

I walked back totally confused, frustrated, perplexed, mad as hell at myself and horny beyond belief. I was sure I had blown it beyond repair. I had a fitful sleep and distressful dreams of “missing and loosing” things mixed with the sweet smell of her muff and hair with the fox tails lingering in my thoughts and of my fingers in her soft, moist vagina, my cock aching to be in her. I woke several times just before loosing it, oops. God I wished I had not stopped. I want her NOW! I had never been this sexually aroused and excited with anyone. The hook was set firm. It was so unexpected. What could I do or say to redeem this screw up? Maybe I could ask her for next Friday or Saturday? That seemed like an eternity. Get Bob to disappear for a change and pick up where we left off tomorrow night? Calling her will be very awkward but I have to do it. I’ll call after my class in the morning; 7:30AM Saturday is a bit too early to be calling. What do I say or do when I see her this coming week?

Gerri’s landlady, Donna, is a Professor at the Conservatory and local Diva. She is from old money, living quite comfortably in a Victorian period house of her parents near the Music Conservatory. Gerri was asking around later in her freshman year for a place to live. She was living in the on campus dorm at the time and wanted nicer and less restrictive accommodations. Donna asked her if she would like to live at her house in exchange for doing some chores and nominal rent. Having been there before for a group singing practice Gerri eagerly accepted. Donna likes Gerri, a lot. Though sexually knowledgeable, Gerri was very naive and doesn’t have a clue.

Donna had other students that spent considerable time with singing lessons at the house, overnight on occasion. Most were Gerri’s classmates, all female. Gerri found it curios when they were at the house since they seemed more attentive to her than normal, touching her body, stroking her hair and hugging her often. Some wore fur which Gerri found particularly pleasurable. This was in some of her dreams from which she would awake strangely excited.

On her return that evening Gerri starts talking to Donna and gradually the events and her intent for the earlier evening begins to unfold. Gerri has become very trusting of Donna and spares no detail. She is getting aroused all over again just talking about it.

They are sitting on the sofa which has a Badger throw with four large Red Fox pillows, one in Gerri’s lap which she is nervously stroking and hugging partly wrapped in the Badger. Gerri likes sitting on the couch a lot, sometimes without any panties under her miniskirt. She rarely wore a bra sometimes no panties and always barefoot around the house. It’s a southern thing.

I had met Donna a number of times at the music school and though she was not my type, older, bleached blond, big busted and 5′-2″ and very sexually attractive. She almost always wore fur of which I was acutely aware and I’m sure she canlı casino sensed this interest.

I have had an active and secretive interest in fur from a very early age but had little opportunity to act on aside from some pictures and seeing women in fur. When I was eight or so an Aunt came to live with us for a few years and she had a mink coat, gift of a boyfriend, that I was able to fur myself in when I was home alone on occasion. My first ejaculation, much to my overwhelmed astonishment was while furring myself one day. I thought I was coming apart. I didn’t believe it until I did it again and again and again until I got caught. Oh, the shame. It felt so incredible.

My fantasy life and view of sex was never the same after that. Growing up and in school I always thought there was something abnormal about my fantasies as I never heard a mention of it overhearing adults or in the locker room talk amongst the guys. But the urge was undiminished as I grew older, in fact it grew stronger. I was no less attracted to girls, in fact, I fantasized making love to them all the time … in fur.

I would always stand or sit close to Donna so as to touch her fur. Donna would, from the very first, always brush or press up against me in a very casual way sometimes holding my hand on her fur or holding my arm in hers. She would give me very long goodbye hugs pressing her fur against me. I made no effort to resist, running my hands over her fur. I never sensed she was coming on to me, but a kind of secret she knew and abetted with a smile.

Gerri was also very close on those occasions as I would recall a little later, sometimes arm in arm in arm with Donna in the middle. I felt my secret safe as a Diva is expected to do those sorts of things, kiss, kiss you know. When Gerri and I were with each other afterwards, in retrospect, she seemed much more placid and calm. Normally she had a little nervousness around the edges.


While consoling Gerri, Donna has a plan. Donna says softly, stroking her fox tails and hair with both hands, pressing them against her face, looking fully into her eyes; “if you want to seduce this guy I have a guaranteed way for you to do it.”

Gerri gets a big open mouth totally naive smile. Donna was very aware of her repressed fur fantasies from Gerri’s first day at her house. One of the reasons she invited her to live with her. To Gerri it was, subconsciously, like a kid in a candy store. Donna would watch Gerri on the couch watching TV with the foxes. It was like she had no idea what her nervous hands were doing as they stroked and fondled and hug the Fox pillows and as she slowly moved on the Badger spread, fondling her body with the Badger while humming her latest music lessons. Gerri has perfect pitch but not a clue about the true nature of her feelings about fur. Donna would get rather excited just watching her. Gerri loved to see Donna in fur, not knowing quite why, except that she was very pretty in fur with the folds, vibrancy and the rippling movement of the fur which Donna would exaggerate especially for her. Gerri is compelled to touch the furs and Donna would surreptitiously rub the fur against Gerri’s bare skin frequently hugging her in her furs. She loved it and found it very comforting and very softly exciting. Gerri had a strong repressive element to her personality towards anything “not behaviorally normal” and would rarely take direct action on her feelings. Donna was pleased to give Gerri her regular fur fix. She found it just as stimulating experiencing Gerri’s response, like petting a cat.

“Gerri, you know I have many furs in my closet. I want you to go upstairs and get whichever fur you like best, put it on and come back down and we will talk.”

Gerri’s heart starts beating wildly as she blushes. Gerri’s blush is always very red and very obvious and Donna couldn’t help but notice, almost laughing, gesturing to Gerri “go, do as I say”. Gerri practically runs up the stairs wondering, “why is my heart beating so fast and what is Donna up to?”.

Nearly an hour goes by before Gerri is able to make a choice. She is in the closet surrounded by mostly fur trembling with excitement. She feels fur under her bare feet from the thick fur rug with a mattress-like pad under, that she is standing on. She had never been in Donna’s closet before. It’s as big as a regular bedroom. While deciding which fur to choose she is leaning against the hanging furs. Unsteadied with all the sensations, she accidentally slips in between two Fox coats getting slightly faint from the sudden rush of being engulfed in the furs. The fur is pressing against her breasts and butt as well as her back through the sweater and her pants. She impulsively pulls off her sweater and the furs are caressing her bare skin, breasts and nipples. She even feels the fur through her slacks against her Venus mound and she slips her slacks and panties off letting the two Fox fur coats press against her full nude body. The furs rub against her muff and slip between her thighs front and rear. She is getting uncontrollably stimulated in a surreal and very erotic experience. Gerri is transfixed in this sea of overwhelming sensations and is writhing in between the furs impulsively, breathing heavily. It is as though she is drugged with strong physical sensations welling up from between her thighs. Without fully comprehending she has a soft orgasm while moaning over the sensations of being so fully swaddled in the furs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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