Happy Ending Ch. 08

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This is a work of fiction, based on no true experiences or actual people.

** The Happy Ending 8 – Ami Trains, Raina Works **

Ami immersed herself in the book of notes Michele had provided, reading carefully as she learned more of the theory behind the therapy and the syndrome it was being developed to treat. She hadn’t realized that the success rates of the various prescription medications for Erectile Disfunction (ED) was so poor, with no single product able to show greater than fifty percent. While the sample size was very small, Michele’s therapy was showing far better results. It was indeed exciting to be involved at this level in something that could be so significant. Out of the corner of her eye she caught the ‘kit’ Michele had sent her with. Maybe I should start…

She opened the kit, staring at the four ‘tools’ with each in it’s own compartment. She pulled out the largest one, turning it this way and that, comparing it to the size of her thickest finger, and finally sliding it into her mouth. Hmmm… might be a bit big – back there she thought. She carefully wiped it, replacing it in its compartment then selecting the smallest one. She examined it much the same way, then decided she would go with the small one at first. After all, I won’t be putting a big cock up my butt any time soon. She decided to get comfortable, pulling off all of her clothes to don only a long T-shirt. Then she took the bottle of lube from the kit, coating her finger and sliding it up into her butt. Ohhhhh feels nice… she thought, withdrawing the digit, wiping it, then coating the tool she had collected. Here goes… she thought, pressing the tip against her little brown starfish and tentatively applying some pressure. The narrow end of the tool slipped easily into her snug chute, and Ami was comfortable sliding it in until it was close to its widest point. Oh damn… this thing is bigger than it looks! she groaned. Gotta get it… INNNN she gave a twist and a final push, her anal ring clenching down into the narrow ‘retaining groove’. Ooooo… that feels good in there…

Ami gave herself a few minutes to let her asshole adjust to the intruder, then stood up to walk to the kitchen. She fixed herself a cup of tea and went back to her reading. This time she lay on her belly, her perky rear sticking up in the air with the little plug in it. She could feel the effects of the various compounds in the lube, and her asshole tingled. She got through about half of the notebook before sleep beckoned. She fell asleep without removing the tool, and had dreams of kinky sex all night. When she woke up she was still on her belly, her rear channel still tingling with the tool inside. She left it there as she showered, removing it as she finished up, washing her privates and the tool before turning off the water to towel her lithe form dry. Even without the tool, her bottom tingled. This should be an interesting day! she thought, pulling on a simple T-shirt, basic panties, and a pair of cotton shorts.

Michele went through her usual morning routine and was waiting when Ami Park arrived. “Good morning Ami. I hope you slept well, it’s a full day today.” she said.

“Oh yes. Slept like a log.” Ami replied. “So what’s on the agenda this morning?” she asked.

“First thing is my massage.” Michele chuckled. “I’m ready when you are.”

“Okeedoke. I’ll get things ready.” Ami replied, heading into the therapy room. She put fresh linens on the table, adjusted things to suit her, selected music and a mellow incense and went back to the lobby. “Come on in Michele. I’ll be back when you’re ready.” she said, giving Michele a wink and a smile. She watched her new boss walk into the room, her eyes somehow drawn to her backside. Damn cute little tushie! she thought, watching the door close. Now why would I be… then she realized her anal channel was still tingling…

Ami went through the routine, finding a few spots where Michele’s body needed some focus. “So… did you do some reading last night?” Michele asked.

“Yes, I did. Also tried out one of the prep tools.” Ami replied. “I never realized the success rate of the ED meds was so poor.” she added.

“Yeah, that whole thing is a scam to give a bunch of aging pervs a hardon.” Michele laughed. “So how did you find the tool?” she pursued.

“Well I chose the small one for my first try.” Ami began. “and left it in all night.” she added with a giggle. “Felt nice once I got it in there.”

“Good girl!” Michele said. “So you’re ready to start training this afternoon.”

“Sure… I mean… I guess I’m ready for that.” Ami responded. “I still don’t know…”

“Don’t worry about it sweetie. It will become more clear once you begin.” Michele answered her.

Ami worked on Michele’s lean thighs, finding her fingertips in close proximity to the woman’s pussy. She casually flipped up the sheet, revealing the smooth cheeks of her firm derriere. Her fingertips brushed the moist canlı bahis lips of Michele’s pussy. “Ooops. Sorry about that.” she mumbled.

Michele had to admit, the touch of the pretty Asian woman’s fingers sent a brief wave of lust through her body. She hadn’t been with a woman in a very long time – years in fact – but the idea still sounded good. “Oh that’s okay sweetie. One of the risks of bein’ naked here.” she laughed. You could do it again if you wanted she thought, wriggling her hips.

Ami had Michele roll onto her back, catching a glimpse of her tiny titties as she did so. Damn, and I thought mine were tiny! Ami thought. She finished up the massage, ending with a good workout of Michele’s neck. “There we go. I’ll see you when you’re ready, no rush.” Ami said, letting her fingers trace the length of Michele’s thigh as she walked by on her way out.

Michele swung her legs down from the table and pulled on her shirt and shorts. She really didn’t need panties for the rest of the day. She walked out to the lobby to find a smiling Ami Park standing behind the reception desk. “Okay Ami. You passed my massage test as well. Good job. Nice hands. Great technique.” she told Ami. “Okay… time for you to have your first cavity cleanse.” Michele said.

Ami knew it had to happen. The only enemas she’d ever had were forced on her by that bastard caretaker more than ten years ago. She’d hated it, probably because it meant he was going to sodomize her afterward. “Um…. okay…” Ami stammered.

“Is there a problem?” Michele asked.

Ami explained the history behind her aversion to enemas, letting everything out.

“Oh sweetie. This won’t be anything like that at all.” Michele said, giving Ami’s shoulder a squeeze. “First of all, nobody is forcing you to do anything here. The cleanse is a step in our process that’s really necessary for health reasons. We have a recommended volume, and we suggest you do two passes. The first is a cleanse using a specially-formulated solution. Then you follow that with a rinse.” Michele explained. “Now just relax Ami. If you like I can show you with a personal demonstration” she added.

“That might help.” Ami replied. “I mean… I know it’s something I will need to do, so…”

“Sure. And it really isn’t a big deal.” Michele told her. “Come on. Let me show how it’s done.” she took Ami’s hand to lead her into the lab. She opened the cabinet labeled ‘Supplies’ and pulled out a box labeled ‘Cleanse Kit’. “Okay. Each kit is self contained and sterile right out of the box. You don’t need to worry about cleaning anything before or after.” she began. “We have a special basin over here just in case you’re worried about a mess; but Raina and I haven’t used it so far.” she went on. “I’m going to be pretty open and graphic here, just to make sure you see everything and are comfortable to try it yourself, okay?” Michele warned.

Ami nodded and watched as Michele sat on the perch at the edge of the basin, lifting her knees up to expose not only her anal port; but her pussy as well. Ami could see the glistening inner flesh as her boss pulled the large bottle of solution from the kit, inserting the sleder tip into her bottom. “It’s a good idea to push this guy several inches into your rear, just to make sure the solution goes where it’s supposed to go.” Michele chuckled. “Then you just hold the bottle as high as you can and squeeze. Control the flow with your pressure and the bottle position.” she explained. “Once you get used to it the cleanse phase only takes a minute or two.” Michele said, the bottle draining completely as Ami watched. “Then you position your butt over the bowl and pull out the tube.” she demonstrated. “and empty your bowels as thoroughly as you can. Even this will get better after training, by the way.” Michele smiled. “Any questions so far?” she asked, tucking the used bottle and attached tube back into the bag.

“Um… no… I guess.” Ami replied.

“The rinse step is even easier.” Michele told her, holding up what looked like a turkey baster only much bigger. “Fill this with warm water, slip it into your butt, and squeeze.” she laughed, demonstrating the quick process on herself. She finished up on the toilet, then gave herself a thorough wipe, showing Ami the used paper. “See?” she said. “Squeaky clean” Michele giggled. She stood up and pulled on her shorts. “Okay sweetie. Take your time and give it a try. Any problems just yell and I’ll be here.” Then she headed out to the office to check her messages.

Ami got through the cleanse process on her own without problems, wiping thoroughly before she pulled on her shorts – taking Michele’s lead in doing away with the panties. Then she went out to the lobby to let Michele know she was ready.

Back in the lab together, Michele suggested that for the first session Ami mount the Syb horse; but Michele would be behind her controlling the insertion manually. Ami was okay with that, and climbed aboard after doffing bahis siteleri her shorts. She’d never used a Sybian, and this one was far larger than any she’d ever seen; but that made it a pretty comfortable perch. She sensed Michele behind her, then felt her fingers on either side of her rear opening, spreading her cheeks. Her buttocks clenched at the touch that was still foreign to her.

“Ahhhh relax now Ms. Park. I’m not going to bite you.” Michele said, giggling. “At least not yet.” she added, giving Ami a playful swat on the butt. She parted the silky cheeks again, admiring the dark brown star of Ami Park’s anus. “Mmm… looks very, very tight Ami.” she said softly. She picked up the bottle of lube, flipping open the dispenser tip. “Relax now sweetie. Gonna put some lube in there.” and she pushed the dispenser an inch or so into the snug little hole before giving the bottle a healthy squeeze. Ami’s butt cheeks trembled with the new sensations, and Michele eased the plastic tube out of her ass, positioning it to apply a dollop to the S/S tool. Then she used her fingers to spread the viscous fluid around the shaft. She wiped her hands and reached over to start the data capture process.

“Okay Ami. You officially start learning right now. Relax. I’m going to insert the tool into your bottom. I’ll go slow; but it needs to go all the way in for this first session, okay?” Michele said. Ami nodded and mumbled an affirmative response. “Here we go.” Michele said, pressing the tip against the little brown ring and applying a gentle pressure. She watched as the tip distended the Asian girl’s snug outer ring. Ami moaned, her hips wriggling at the intrusion. “Relax sweetie. Watch the display and try to focus on correlating what you see with what you feel back here. That’s the first step to understanding it.” Michele explained, easing another inch of the tool into Ami’s asshole. “reeeeeelaxxxxx Michele encouraged the girl, easing the tool in and out in half-inch strokes. “Okay now sweetie. We’ll go half way this time.” she said, pushing three inches of the tool into Ami’s clenching bottom. “See honey?” Michele said. “Your muscles are doing all of that.” she said, referring to the dancing traces.

It was a bit uncomfortable; but Ami had to admit the penetration of her bottom was starting to feel pretty good. She swayed her hips from side to side gently. “Mmm…” she moaned softly. “M-more?” she queried.

“Ready for the whole thing?” Michele asked her, not waiting for a response. She gently pushed the remaining three inches up into Ami’s receptive rear, holding it there as she watched the display. After the reflex spasms subsided she gave Ami’s tush a squeeze. “Okay Ami. Now watch the display and focus on relaxing all of the muscles back here.” Michele suggested, eyeing the monitor. “That’s it… just relax” she encouraged, her free hand stroking the girl’s back and buttocks. “All the way sweetie. Just let your body relax.” she said. It took a couple of minutes; but Ami got there, the capture traces showing only very low-level muscle activity and no consistent pressure. “Okay, now let’s see if you can clench just the outer ring.” Michele suggested. “Easy now.”

An hour later and Ami was ready to stop. Michele was pleased with the progress, easing the tool from Ami’s butthole. “You know, this probably sounds a little weird coming from another woman; but you really do have a sweet ass.” she laughed. “Such a perfect shape and luscious cheeks.” then she used a thumb and forefinger to spread those cheeks. “And such a sexy little hole.”

Well.. yes… it does sound a little weird… but I’ll take it. Ami thought, wriggling her rear to dislodge Michele’s fingers. “Uh… thanks…” she said, giggling nervously. “Are we… um… done?” she asked.

“Sorry.. of course. Come on down whenever you’re ready sweetie.” Michele said, wiping the tool and shutting down the capture process. “You did really well for a first session Ami. Might only be a week before you’re ready to try the real thing.” she added.

“Really? A client?” Ami queried.

“Well.. it will be Rod, our test client. He’s the gent we practice on.” Michele chuckled.

“A guinea pig, huh?” Ami laughed. “I’ll bet he loves that.” she added.

“Well he doesn’t seem to mind. The real plus is that he’s very clinical about things. Gives us excellent and detailed feedback about our performance.” Michele said. “And if you’re not ready, he’ll tell you.” she added.

“So… he’s the final exam?” Ami asked, climbing down from the Syb horse. “He has to approve me for real clients?” she pursued, wiping herself before she pulled on her shorts.

“Yeah, I guess that’s true.” Michele replied. “Raina had to do his therapy three times before she was ready for her first.”

The two women went over the data from Ami’s session, Michele pointing out each step she’d taken, and finally the successful controlled clenches of each muscle group along with the full relaxation bahis şirketleri at the end. Michele sent the new girl on her way with her own personal reuseable cleanse kit and her assignment to finish reviewing the notebook and reference material for the next day.

After Ami left Michele picked up the phone and dialed Raina. She just wanted to make sure Raina was ready to meet Jim Wilke, a new LSR client referred by the APT. Michele had interviewed the man on the phone, and reviewed his profile online before accepting the appointment. Raina said she was ready; but wanted to do that same profile review this evening. “I’ll shoot you a PM with a link.” Michele said. “See you in the morning.” The call ended and Michele went back into the lab to clean things up, then moved to the therapy room to do the same before she headed next door to relax and work on the project update.

Raina arrived at home, knowing Bill would be spending his evening with male friends. She pulled some leftover chicken salad from the fridge and sat at her computer to check messages. She opened the one from Michele and clicked on the link to Jim Wilke’s profile, logging in when prompted. She started reading, good stuff first. He was forty-four, an active outdoorsman who enjoyed everything from running and kayaking to climbing and parasailing. In good physical shape – other than his obvious problem. He’d been diagnosed with ED two years ago, and four different meds had all failed to produce results. He found the Association of Physical Therapists white paper on LSS, and gone through the interview process to be recommended to Michele and the Foothill Therapy Center for admission into the LSR Therapy program. Looks like he might need my help! Raina thought. She finished up the chicken salad and headed to the sofa for an evening of drama and hit the sack early.

Michele heard the gate chime and glanced out through the window. She didn’t recognize the car; but was expecting Jim Wilke and pushed the button to open the gate, rushing to pull on her ‘uniform’ to head next door. She looked at the clock. If it was Jim Wilke, he was more than an hour early. Walking over to meet the car, she was able to make out the face she’d seen in the profile. It was him. He opened the door to the rental Chevy. “Mister Wilke?” Michele asked, holding out her hand. “I’m Michele Hollenbeck” she told him, shaking his hand. Sure has a nice firm grip she thought.

“Jim Wilke. Pleasure to meet you Ms. Hollenbeck.” he said with a smile. “And please… call me Jim.” he added.

“Okay Jim – if you’ll call me Michele.” she replied, returning the smile. “Come on in. You’re a little early, and your therapist hasn’t arrived yet.” Michele told him.

“Yeah, I’m sorry for being so early; but I came from the airport and my flight was early.” Jim responded. “I hope it isn’t any trouble.”

“No, no. Plenty of magazines over there, or you can join me in a cup of tea on the deck” Michele suggested. “I always begin my day that way.” she added, walking to the break room.

His eyes wandered down to watch her curvy little butt as she moved away. “Um… sure, I’d love some tea” he told her, jumping up to follow her.

“Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Peppermint Herbal, or Green with Lemon?” Michele asked for his choice.

“English Breakfast sounds good, thanks.” Jim replied, accepting the cup with tea bag and spoon.

“Hot water is right there, sugar, cream and milk over on the counter.” Michele said, preparing her Green Tea. She waited for him to be ready, then headed out the door. “Walk this way.” she said with a giggle.

Her twitching rear was undeniable as he followed her out onto the deck. He had the desire; but felt no response from his loins. And that is why you are here! he thought, sitting opposite her.

“So Jim, has anything changed since we spoke last week?” Michele asked, taking a sip of her tea.

“No, not really.” he replied. “I took a short leave of absence so I could come here and get some help without worrying about things at the office.” he told her. “I hope that isn’t a problem for you. I know we didn’t talk about it.” he added.

“I think we can work things out, as long as you’re not planning on staying here.” she replied.

“I have a small apartment down the hill.” Jim said. “It’s not home; but it’ll do for a month or so.” he added. “I can walk into town, Jackie’s is just down the block, and I have a nice little balcony overlooking the creek.”

“Sounds nice.” Michele said. “I think we’ll go through a few days with daily therapy sessions and see where that puts us. I know we can handle that.” she told him. She heard a car turn into the gravel drive and glanced over to see Ami Park’s Camry. She waved as the new team member drove up and stopped.

Jim Wilke saw the slinky and exotic young woman as she emerged from the silver Toyota. “Is she my therapist?” he asked softly, hoping that was the case.

“Uh.. no. Ami is new, she’s in training at the moment.” Michele replied, hearing another car as Raina drove in. “That’s Raina, your therapist.” she said. “Hey Ami, come on over and meet Jim Wilke, a new client referred to us by APT.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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