Hema – Vivacious Beauty Ch. 08

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The scene shifted to the house for a Hindu ritual which was five kms from the Temple, and Arjun offered to drive her. Hema quickly accepted. But he had only driven one block before he veered off into a bye lane and sped off towards Adyar, and stopped exactly after 10 minutes in front of a huge building and pulled her out just to make sure, they get into the lift with the watchman just glaring at the couple and he didn’t have to say anything. The guy was used to Arjun’s lecherous behavior.

Upon reaching a particular flat which belonged to him, Arjun barely opened the door and he and Hema grabbed each other and began kissing feverishly. He got one hand up her dress and under her panties immediately again.

“You’re so wet, baby!” he whispered.

“I thought I was going to come during the ceremony, just from looking at you!” Hema murmured. “Ahhhmmmm!”

His fingers on her clit drove her crazy. She arched her back and squirmed her juicing cunt down onto his probing fingers. At the same time, she unzipped his fly and took out his cock. It throbbed hotly in her hands. She squeezed and caressed it, making Arjun pant and clutch her body roughly.

Arjun groaned as his smooth body glistened with sweat. His chest was wide and deep, his dark flat surface hard and hairless. He closed his eyes and groaned loudly, his hips grinding down hard as though he intended to drive his entire being into the beautiful mouth of Hema who lay luxuriously next to him.

He was slightly exhausted and felt spent after the heavy fucking in the Bathroom at the Convention Hall, and sank onto her, and kissed her gently, his tongue slipping into her mouth. She held his sweating body, tenderly caressing his head and his powerful back, her fingertips contouring his fine physique. Her breasts pressed hot against his chest. His cock began to rise inside his underwear again and slowly, he slipped it out and rolled over onto his back beside her.

She wondered if he had the stamina to fuck her over again. She felt good. It was great sex, satisfying hard and demanding. Her body still tingled, and there was the deliciously sticky crawl of his spunk on her thighs, streaks of it on her breasts and her lips from the time when he had sucked her mouth and breasts in the bathroom. Hema was stinking and she liked it and so did Arjun, he loved the grime and dirt on a Woman.

She turned to him, rising on an elbow. Arjun thought she was one of the loveliest women he had ever seen. He cupped the side of her face. She kissed his groin tenderly, and then rose to kiss him on the mouth with gentle longing. Her tongue slipped into his mouth. His hand slid down her lovely long neck to the superb swell of her breast and cupped the warm flesh. Her nipples were still stiff. He smiled to himself. He would enjoy fucking her again.

“C’mon,” he murmured. “Suck my cock again, my darling.”

Hema giggled in pleasure, her eyes shining. She bent her head and lasciviously licked and sucked his nipples. He sighed in pleasure. Slowly, her tongue trickled down his hard body, swirled through his navel and dipped lower to nuzzle his crotch. He spread his legs wide and pulled her head into his groin.

“Do you want me to suck you?” she asked softly with mischief written all over. Arjun swore but nodded.

She bent her head down into his lap. Holding his jerking cock in both hands, she fed the swollen head of it between her sensual lips. She took it deep into her mouth. Hema’s stunningly beautiful face was turned to one side, her lovely eyes closed and her lips parted in passion. Her breasts were swollen and hard, her nipples erect. The lust-heat was overpowering. Her body flamed with lust.

She licked and sucked his heavy balls delicately and then slowly took his cock in her mouth again this morning. He murmured his pleasure and closed his eyes in surrender. She was an incredibly sexy piece of ass and sluttish as a bitch in heat.

The memory of that long hot afternoon of glorious sex stirred their libido. Hema in particular was very aroused and her nipples stiffened as a breeze from the open window plucked at them. A thick river of sweat trickled sexily through the valley between her breasts. Hema’s lips parted. Slowly, she drew her hands up over her thighs and firm belly to her breasts. She fondled them, and they swelled and grew turgid. Her pulse began to quicken. She squeezed the fleshy mounds together, rubbing and rolling the hard nipples under her palms. Her elegant fingers pinched her nipples, kneading and tweaking and plucking at them, and she bit her lower lip as a sudden jolt of electric lust flickered through her loins and breasts. Her legs split apart and she felt the first, delicious dewdrop of cunt-juice ooze between her thighs after they came into the house and into the bedroom.

“Please lick my cock, please!” he pleaded.

She looked at him holding his cock delicately and gave the cum drenched balls a swipe with the fingers running a tremor in his groin. She had stopped ataşehir escort bayan licking and it was troubling him. She wanted to tease him and torment him. She did not want to be easy this time. The soft, well-sprung bed on which they lay bounced and bucked with her lover’s heavy, insistent rhythm.

Hema slid a finger down her crack, parting her cunt-lips gently with one hand, the other still on her nipples. Her finger curved into her cunt. She arched her back slowly, in exquisite delight, and slid her finger in deeper, to the knuckle, feeling the moist heat of her cunt and the hard tongue of her clitoris. She began to masturbate slowly.

Hema’s stunningly beautiful face was turned to one side, her lovely eyes closed and her lips parted in passion. Her breasts were swollen and hard, her nipples erect. The lust-heat was overpowering. Her body flamed with lust. Behind her, Arjun, too, was masturbating. His eyes were riveted on her body. His cock glistened with pre cum gunk as he stroked its enormity and his cock and fingers soon grew sticky with pale secretions. He groaned softly. His penis was rock-hard and hot, throbbing and pulsating excitedly in his pumping fist.

On the bed, Hema’s hips lurched at her wrist. Her shoulders were hunched; her head flung back, her lips parted in a wide ‘O’. She mauled her breasts with mounting excitement, pumping the other hand between her legs. Her hips jerked up and down. Without pausing in her masturbation, she groped in her handbag with her other hand and pulled out something. Arjun squinted, trying to make out what it was. She pulled it free of the bag and he gasped when he saw that it was a fake Cock, a dildo. What he didn’t know was that it was a vibrator as well one of the latest creations and it was ten inches in length, with a two inch thick shaft. It was dark, the color of a black man’s penis. The shaft was ingeniously ribbed and spiked. It was of good rubber, and the surface looked flexible.

Hema looped the strap over one wrist and flicked the switch. It hummed softly and shook in her hand, growing hot and hard, like a real cock. Arjun looked at her curiously, wondering what she was up to. Moaning to herself, Hema kissed the cock-head, and licked and caressed its shaft. She slid the dildo over her breasts, rubbing it over her nipples, shivering in delight. Then she dragged it lower yet, down her belly, caressing the insides of her thighs and her cunt-lips.

She paused with it between her thighs. Her legs split apart and hooked over the arms of the chair and she slouched in the chair next to the Bed with her shoulders hunched, her breasts squeezed together, both hands holding the shaft. Slowly, she forced the cock-head into her cunt, and gasped loudly as the big cock-head stretched her cunt-lips open and bit into her flesh. Her back arched, her breath hissed between clenched teeth and her body tensed. She forced it deeper still, jerking it slowly from side to side, moaning and gasping, her head arching back. She licked her parched lips, murmuring in pleasure.

Her cunt flamed with lust. Her thighs trembled with tension. Slowly, they yielded and relaxed and spread further apart and she pressed the vibrator deeper into her cunt. It felt good, big and hard and thick, filling her cunt to the brim, the spikes and hard knobs scraping and pressing on her gorged clitoris as she slid it in deeper. Inch by inch, the dildo disappeared inside her till at last it was fully embedded in her cunt. Hema moaned loudly.

Arjun gaped, stunned. He had never even imagined anything like this.

“Like it, well I believe your Order is with no discount and for the good margins, we need to give you an incentive. This is the 1st installment, something to make you feel out of the World” she winked at him.

He rushed at her and took the dildo into his mouth and licked the creamy juice off the instrument and took her face in his two hands and kissed her feverishly, pulled her hair apart and sucked her nose nearly tearing the nose ring away from the hole. She was bursting in the heat equally and tore her nails into his vest and left a huge blood mark on his chest. Slowly after dipping the dildo in his saliva – he inserted it back into her pussy and slowly ran his thumb and index finger around her bung hole. She liked it and in no time she was plugged at both the ends and was generally enjoying it.

Arjun felt the hole to be ejecting some muck and slowly he realized that bung holes will contain muck – and removed the finger only to put it in her mouth – Hema loved the dirt and suck on the finger. It was easy to digest her own muck.

“Suck my cock,” he commanded, finally trying to take control.

Hema’s breath was short with excitement. She stepped forward and slipped to her knees before the Big Client. He waited, feet apart, head bent, watching her. She reached up and with trembling fingers slowly peeled down his huge cock, bigger than she had dared in the morning Bathroom interlude, she escort kadıköy hoped. Now in the light of the room she could clearly see the prick which was still limp, it was at least eight inches long and over an inch thick, larger than most men’s cocks were in full stretch. His balls were heavy and low. She noticed with a rush of pleasure that his entire cock-shaft and scrotum were closely shaved.

She slid her hands up his strong, muscular thighs, surprisingly thinly haired, to his crotch. Her fingers encircled the thickness of his penis. Arjun grunted. She groaned and pushed her face into his crotch, nuzzling the springy darkness of his pubic hair. with a deft flick, she pulled back his foreskin. His cock-head was bulging and thick, bright and moist. Hema whimpered and, her eyes half-closed, her lips apart, caressed her face wantonly with his beautiful penis, jerking it deftly in her fingers. Arjun waited. His loins flickered with arousal. His penis quivered and began to grow slowly.

“Come my pussy! Suck it!” he snarled at her. “Suck my cock, my Darling!”

Hema moaned at the rough, sexy words. Her lips parted further and her tongue slipped out and swirled over his cock-head. Arjun grunted, his belly rippling with pleasure. She swept her tongue over his cock-head again and yet again and then, opening her mouth wide, took his penis deep in her mouth and began to suck it, jerking it constantly in her fist. Arjun grunted loudly, his head arching back. His hand fell to her head and he began moving it to and fro to suit his pleasure as he pumped his hips back and forth, fucking her face. His cock grew and grew, distending her face. Her cheeks billowed with its size.

“Yeh … mm … oh fuck yes oh fuck yes!” he muttered, fucking her mouth unhurriedly.

Hema’s head rocked back and forth before her lover’s crotch. The musky taste and odor of his cock made her head swim. Her hunger mounted and she sucked harder and faster, moaning and whimpering deep in her cock-filled throat. Her mouth was wonderfully warm and moist and there was an electric cunning in her tongue that took his breath away. Arjun kept up his obscene utterances arousing her further, the words even more erotic in his own language Bengali.

“Suck it … hanh … uhhh hanh … uhhh suck … suck harder, whore … suck, slut, and suck!!” he grunted.

The lust fire raged in her body. She moaned, lasciviously dragging her tongue over his cock-shaft and balls, lapping and sucking the heavy orbs by turn. Arjun grunted in pleasure at the feel of her soft face and hair between his thighs. She dragged her tongue up through his groin to his belly, sweeping her tongue through his stinking navel, caressing her face and neck with his cock. Taking the thick, throbbing dick now fully grown and long and correspondingly thick – in her hand, she pushed it down the open neck of her bra into her cleavage. Arjun groaned at the softness of her warm breast-sheath. She squeezed her breasts over it, groaning and whimpering her pleasure. He felt her hard nipples rake his shaft and, looking down saw that she was wearing a mangalsutra. She was married! The knowledge aroused him even further. A grin of delight split his face. He loved fucking married whores, and the married ones were the best, hungry and insatiable. He pushed her head down again. She moaned thickly, sucking his cock hungrily, fondling her breasts, rubbing the rough beads of her long mangalsutra over her aching, rigid nipples, squeezing and fondling her turgid breasts. Arjun kept fucking her face, rocking her head back and forth, pumping his hips to and fro, and reaching down now and then to fondle her breasts.

“Just keep sucking, bitch … just you keep sucking oh fuck yes, that’s good. That’s it, whore … suck it … come on, Hema, suck harder! Suck harder, whore! Harder! Keep sucking!”

It took several minutes longer before he pushed her head away at last and motioned her to the Sofa at the other end of the room. They tossed the pillows to the floor and Hema went down on the sofa on her back, spreading her legs wide, lifting and bending her knees, offering herself to Arjun.

“Fuck me,” she said her voice husky and sibilant. “Fuck me hard!”

Arjun grinned, flashing his strong teeth. He moved over her and, bending his head, kissed her hard. This surprised her. Most guys like him didn’t bother. She arched steeply under him, responding at once, caressing his dark hair, sucking on his tongue as it invaded her mouth, jerking his cock with her hand. Arjun broke the kiss and moved his lips to her breasts. Hema moaned shuddering in pleasure as his thick, rough tongue swirled over her quivering breast-tip, whipping it rapidly. Then his lips clamped on her breast and he sucked hard, let go, sucked again, nibbled her nipple, and dragged it across his teeth and the roof of his mouth. Hot lust leaped from her breast and she gasped, arching under him, her hips writhing erotically.

“OHHHHHH hush yes ohmauhhhhhyes hush OH hushes maltepe escort yes!” she moaned. Arjun moved to the other breast. He thought her mangalsutra looked very sexy on her creamy, fair skin. He plucked the long chain in his lips and sucked her nipples and breasts through it, rasping the metal over her tender flesh. Hema whimpered, twisting and writhing under him, her face flipping from side to side, creased in a radiance of excitement. Arjun’s fingers dipped down over her belly to her crotch. She groaned, arching her hips and he slid a thick, long finger into her cunt and began masturbating her slowly, knuckling her gorged clitoris. Hema cried out, her hips bucking and lurching under his arm, her head flipping from side to side, her face a mask of lust. Her cunt streamed with juice and her breasts felt hot and swollen, the nipples aching stiff.

“Oh hush yes … oh god yes hush yes hush yes … ohm hush yes!” she cried.

Arjun chuckled dryly and, releasing her breasts from the torment of his mouth, moved down and thrust his face into her crotch.

“Ohmauhhhhahhhhhh huhhhohhhhhuhh Hahn hush Hahn hush Hahn hush Hahn hush OHHHHHH!” Hema cried.

Arjun’s tongue was thick and heavy and relentless. It slipped into her cunt with his fingertip, probing and exploring her slick cunt flesh, flickering over her stiff, quivering clitoris, whipping it back and forth, sharpening and curling in on itself and pushing in further still. Her hands twined in his hair and she moved his head round and round in her crotch, her back arched, her head flung back, her swollen breasts thrust up and out between her spread out arms. The heat was insurmountable in her cunt. She moaned, caressing her swollen breasts with one hand in a sensuous shameless fashion. Arjun lapped at her juices, toyed with her clitoris, gently rolled his tongue up and down along her tender cunt-lips. Her cunt-juice was heady and sticky and its taste and smell aroused him.

Hema was on the verge of a violent orgasm when he stopped, sensing the quickening convulsions of her cunt on his finger. He moved up over her on the sofa. She hissed in pleasure, arching her in to his, her hands running up and down his thick biceps and broad shoulders, over his deep chest. He knelt between her thighs, bent over her on his outstretched arms. She reached down and guided his cock to her cunt.

“Fuck me,” she hissed through clenched teeth. “C’mon … fuck me hard lover … I want your cock! Fuck me!”

Her voice, husky and low, and her words, outrageous in a Vendor employee’s mouth and utterly erotic, inflamed his passion. He paused with his cock-head at her cunt-lips and then, flexing his buttocks, thrust down into her in one smooth, piercing stroke. His cock burst into her tight, wet cunt and surged inexorably deeper and deeper, plowing into her flesh. Hema gasped, her back bowing steeply under his, her groin meshing against his, the breath hissing from her throat, her head arching back, her mouth flat open with lips glimmering in the lush lipstick. Her cunt convulsed in a strange frenzy on his raging cock.

She gasped in delirious joy, her fingers tightening on his bulging biceps. “OHHHH fuck me you Bastard uhhh yes! Oh God yes!”

His cock felt like an iron poker in her flesh. Arjun groaned softly, his eyes hooding, his head arching back as the heat of her tight, wet cunt enveloped his throbbing penis. His buttocks flexed taut, and, burying his cock deep in her cunt, he paused, his chest heaving, pursing his lips in tension, fighting the roiling fires in his loins. Hema drew her feet up the backs of his legs, heaving her cunt to his cock.

“Oh god yes!” she gasped. “Yes, baby yes! Fuck me! God that’s good! Fuck me, lover! Fuck me hard! C’mon, baby … fucks me! Take me! Fuck me like a whore!” And then, “Ohhh hush ohm hush Hahn hush ohm hush Hahn hush OHHHH!”

Arjun grunted and began fucking her with deep, thrusts, plunging fiercely in and out of her cunt, his hips snapping evenly with each thrust, his buttocks flexing and undulating in a powerful rhythm. His buttocks rose and fell, bobbing up and down over her heaving thighs as she moved in unison with him. His cock glistened with their coming led coital juices as it went in and out of her cunt. Straddled between them was her bra and blouse, they watched the rumple in fascination as Arjun fucked his prize Corporate Whore like a smut slut.

He could feel his heavy balls pressing to her cunt-lips and saw, too, the radiance of sincere lust on her lovely face as it flipped from side to side, her eyes closed, her mouth open in loud, lewd lust screams.

“Fuck me bastard, fuck me she called.”Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Arjun!”

“C’mon whore … take it … take my cock, bitch! Take it! Take my cock you fucking slut! Take it!” Arjun responded.

The pace increased, faster and faster Arjun went, and Hema’s wheat-skinned body jerked and lurched on the sofa under his thrusts, her large breasts wobbling and jiggling furiously, her nipples rigid and quivering, her long mangalsutra dancing on her dusky skin. Encouraged by her loud cries of joy, Arjun moved faster still, with crushing, ramming thrusts now, reaming deep into her, each thudding thrust drawing a choking, broken cries of pleasure from her throat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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