Her Petite Possession Ch. 12: Final

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“Congratulations Katie!” one of her friends called.

Kate grinned a wide, cheeky smile, her certificate clutched tightly in her hand. She had removed her hat, but still wore her graduation gown over her new, expensive white knee length dress.

From inside her dress, Brad listened patiently to the excited chatter, knowing that Kate was far too excited and distracted to talk to him.

It had been five years since the transformation; the day when Kate had turned him from male form in a pair of women’s panties. Pink silk underwear that Kate had worn every day and every night since. His disappearance had been explained away, leaving him in a world where he only existed between Kate’s legs.

When Kate was wearing him, they could talk, and they would chat for hours. He could twitch and tighten his material slightly, enough to arouse her sexually or even bunch up a little between her cheeks, but certainly not enough to escape from her hips.

The arrangement had been mutual. A fun way for them both to enjoy a lifetime of touch and sexual arousal. To two 21-year-old lovers, it had seemed the ultimate thrill. It was also the ultimate power exchange, with the difference in their positions only amplified with time.

Kate now had a house, a job and a university degree. Brad had nothing, including no human rights. On a whim, Kate could lock him away in her safe, slam the door shut and never open it again. Or even just condemn him to life in her panty drawer. What little freedom Brad had was controlled by Kate and at any moment she had the power to snatch it away.

“Congratulations, I guess” Brad called unenthusiastically, his voice only audible in Kate’s head.

“What’s wrong darling,” she whispered behind her cupped hand.

“I would have liked to be there today.”

“Oh, but you are,” she giggled as she felt him trembling again her, “You really are.”

Kate turned to accept a kiss from a friend, her long silky hair flowing as she turned, until her underwear twitched in an attempt to get her attention.

“Oh, come on Brad,” Kate mouthed, “You get a day in the sun and out of my dreaded jeans.”

“Is it sunny?”

Brad sighed. He was pulled tight around Kate’s hips, his silky body hugging her buttocks and stretching between her legs. Her tight dress formed a sheath, hiding him from the world and pressing him closer to her flesh. His view of the world was a chink of light down between her toned legs and out through the hem of her dress. Right now, in her defensive posture, her legs were almost closed, giving him a meagre slither of sight down to her heels and the ground beneath.

“Smile darling,” Kate giggled as she posed for yet another photo.

There was kissing and joking in the real world as Brad tightened up to pull a little deeper between her cheeks, “Oh don’t sulk,” Kate whispered discretely.

“I wish I had a degree,” her lingerie replied.

Kate laughed out loud at the thought, drawing some surprised looks from her friends.

“What about all my hours of study?” she breathed from behind a curtain of brunette hair.

“I was there! Crushed inside your jeans.”

“Yeah, and aroused like hell most of the time.”

“Well, I was there.”

Kate looked down at her tightly fitted dress as she pictured Brad beneath, “I’m sorry, you have served me very well.”

“Served you? We were supposed to be a team!”

“You’re my fucking panties,” Kate mouthed, “And there’s no escaping that!”

Brad was silent.

“Oh, come on, why would you want me to let you out?”

Kate’s heels clipped away from the group as she swished back her hair to take a pretend phone call, “Brad, you have nothing out here in this world. The only place you have any purpose is between my fucking legs.”

Brad didn’t reply, instead pulling deeper between her cheeks as he always did when he sulked. Kate wondered whether this might show, but the smooth fabric of her white dress was impregnable, keeping him a secret between her and her body.

“I haven’t forgotten you, darling” Kate whispered, “I love having you pressed against me.”

“But are we partners?” Brad retorted, struggling as always with his identity as both Kate’s boyfriend and sex toy.

“I love you,” Kate sighed, “Now will you come out from between my cheeks?”

“I just get jealous when you’re with other people.”

“Well, I’m a free woman and can talk to who I like,” Kate hissed while incongruently smiling at a friend and waving her certificate excitedly.

“I can’t,” Brad moaned.

“We agreed that you would live this way,” Kate snapped through pursed lips.

“As your prisoner?”

“No, as one with me!”

“As one? I obey your every command, serve your body twenty-four seven and meet your bahis şirketleri every sexual whim. In return you occasionally lift your skirt in the evening to let me watch a movie.”

“You enjoy that,” Kate countered petulantly.

“And if I show any interest in the actress, you cross your legs and crush me between your thighs.”

“Well, guess where you’re going,” Kate hissed, returning to her car and sinking down into the hot leather car seat. She squeezed her thighs together to plunge Brad back into the sealed and sultry world inside her dress.

Brad was quiet as the heat of her body overwhelmed him.

“You know I’ll never release you from this spell, so please don’t ask,” Kate sighed, running her fingers around her hips and butt to arouse him.

Brad relaxed, but with Kate sitting on him, he could no longer pull his bunched-up fabric free from between her cheeks. It felt as though half of his body was tied up and with her bottom crushing down on him there was no way out.

“But what have I achieved?” Brad called.

“You give wonderful orgasms,” Kate smiled encouragingly, stroking her dress in the hope her lingerie would return the favour.

“Am I just your sex toy?”

“No, of course not!” Kate countered, although that was increasingly how she treated him, “Anyway, why would you want to escape when you have everything you need in there? My body, my sexuality, my love.”

Brad was starting to vibrate against her.

“Mmm… I know that the steamy atmosphere of my perfume and scent arouses you,” she mouthed, “My hot body is clinging to you and is yours to play with,” she breathed seductively, “Touch me darling…”

She was now craving his touch, desperate for them to climax together. They loved each other and they had a wonderful life, and she hated these rare moments when Brad doubted that.

“Please, I love you,” she whispered into her lap.

“And I love you.”

‘Yes,’ she mouthed, her lingerie vibrating gorgeously between her legs. She knew Brad loved to listen to her cries, and with no one nearby in the car park, she flung back her head and cried out in delight.

She climaxed and felt Brad follow seconds later. She flung her head forward to hide behind a curtain of hair. She panted quickly, her body starting to perspire in the airless heat.

“You said that one day I could serve you as a one-inch tall man?” Brad ventured nervously, his words carefully chosen, “I could touch you deeper.”

Kate was silent. She had sworn that she would never release him from her panty spell. While she held him in this form, he was utterly helpless, and she could convince herself that he didn’t really exist. Yet, the thought of having him inside her was making her tingle.

“You would still be confined to my body,” she finally whispered.

“I don’t want to be anywhere else.”


Kate sat down to blow dry her hair. Despite her casual outfit, of high-waisted blue jeans and a tight white top, she wanted her make up to be perfect.

Brad was now in human form, but only one-inch tall. Apart from a few short toilet breaks, where she had scrunched him up in her panties, Brad had been trapped in her lingerie for over twelve airless hours. Her scent was now well and truly baked through his tiny body.

It was no coincidence that she had chosen to sit down just after Brad had climbed up to explore between her cheeks. The crushing weight of her body had locked her buttocks closed around him like a vice. It was fun having Brad clamber around between her legs and he had given her a wonderful orgasm, but it wasn’t the same as having his silky form stretched around her body. She was also worried that she might lose him.


After a long and carefree hour, Kate climbed to her feet and walked to the kitchen. She poured herself a large glass of red wine before flopping down on the soft cream couch. Her tight jeans, combined with the fact that Brad was now almost in her butt hole, meant that he was still safely wedged in place. She rolled on to her front and tensed and released her cheeks, sucking Brad and her underwear further in.

She finally rolled on to her side and released her glutes with a sigh. She scooped waves of dark hair to one side from where it cascaded down her white top. She then waited as Brad fought to climb out of her crevasse, mischievously clenching her cheeks to lock him up every time he was about to climb free.

Even Kate was impressed when he finally escaped and struggled down between her legs. She tightened her thick brown belt to secure her jeans even more tightly around her slim waist and then tucked her trouser legs into her furry white socks. She was ready.


Brad waited excitedly inside the crotch of her white sport bahis firmaları briefs. This pair was deliberately tight, clasping Kate’s bottom within its embrace. The Lycra stretched and moved with her body, but the hems that ran across her butt and around her waist never parted from her body and were a constant lock between Brad and the outside world.

“Ready to come out and play?” Kate teased.

“Oh yeah,” Brad called. He had spent the day gazing out through the closely woven Lycra and dreaming of having the run of her blue jeans.

Lying on her side, Kate lifted her top leg, unzipped her fly and reached in to pull her panties away from her crotch. She could feel Brad’s tiny body squeezing underneath the smooth fabric and dropping down to stand, wobbling, on her lower thigh.

“Hi,” she smiled shyly, glimpsing in at him through her open zip.

“Hi!” Brad was so rarely allowed to look into her eyes that it left him speechless, “You look wonderful.”

“I feel embarrassed seeing you in human form,” Kate smiled shyly.

“But we know everything about each other,’ Brad breathed.

“That’s why…” she whispered, biting down on her lower lip, “I’m not always… good.”

“Can I come out there with you?” Brad asked looking longingly out through the open zip.

“Okay,” she replied nervously.

Brad steadied himself on her upper thigh that was now hovering dangerously close to his head and looked out of the open zip.

“You’re so small, I hope I don’t lose you or sit on you,” Kate replied.

“You’ve sat on me before,” Brad smiled, looking up at her big brown eyes that to him seemed even bigger. She shook her head to drape him in the tips of her silky hair.

“Well, you’d better come out before I zip you in again.”

Brad hesitated. He no longer felt confident in the outside world. It felt cold and the unaccustomed daylight hurt his eyes.

“Your cat?” he trembled.

“I’ve locked her away.”

Again, Brad waited.

Kate’s manicured fingernails were poised on the zipper, “Come on or I will zip you in!”

“Can I explore your jeans first?” Brad whispered.


Kate giggled as Brad lost his balance and fell down on to her inner thigh. She lowered her top leg until nothing more than Brad’s head showed from between her clinched toned thighs.

“A bit squeezy?” Kate asked knowingly.

“That feels nice.”

At one inch high, Kate’s sculpted abductor muscles felt like a pneumatic car crush, from which there was just as much chance of escaping. Once engaged by the operator, they were impossible to release. Brad tried to stretch out an arm, but the release trigger was way out of reach behind beguiling eyes which gazed quizzically through her open zip.

“That’s just the weight of my leg… what if I was to really squeeze?”

Brad just stared into Kate’s big brown eyes as her thighs tightened. He was totally crushed, his flattened body aroused and warm from her heat.

“Can you lock me in,” Brad panted.

“Lock?” Kate smiled quizzically, “These are just my jeans.”

Kate peered through the small opening and into the warm darkness of her jeans, “I do rub myself there,” she whispered like a shy teenager, “Maybe the denim will wear thin one day… but until then.”

Brad watched Kate’s fingertips pull the zip to seal him back inside his darkened cell. Only then did she part her thighs.

“Enjoy the run of my legs darling, before I put you back inside my undies,” Kate called, her phone in her hand, but her mind obsessed with every movement, touch, and tickle of her tiny, gorgeous man inside her jeans.

Making the most of his relative freedom, Brad climbed along the inside of Kate’s trouser leg, climbing over the folds of denim by her bent up knee and on along her calf. Kate felt his every step and she swished back her dark hair to watch carefully until he managed to squeeze into one of her socks. It was surreal feeling as his body tickled the sole of her foot.

“Mmm, wanna languish inside my boots!” Kate called, stretching for her brown ankle-high leather boots.

As she pulled them on, Brad became pinned between her sole and the boot, the leather tightening as she zipped him in. Happy that he wasn’t going to escape, she lay back on her bed, aroused by the taut leather sculpting perfectly around her feet.

“What a wonderfully secure prison.” Her nipples were pushing against her top. “You really can’t get out.”

Kate climbed to her feet, her tight white t-shirt stretching over her breasts as she rolled back her shoulders. She could feel her right foot moulding around Brad’s tiny body and could hear his aroused and pained cries in her head.

“Shall we go for a walk?” Kate teased, gently placing her boots on the kaçak bahis siteleri ground.

“Katie, I can’t move at all,” Brad panted, overwhelmed by the smell of leather and Kate’s feet.

“Want to spend the day in there?”

“I feel a long way from home,” Brad mouthed.

Kate turned to look at her boot. Brad hadn’t wanted to be freed from her jeans and even in her boot he wanted to come ‘home’. Maybe he needed her as much as she needed him.

“How can I serve you sexually from down here?” he called; his voice tone increasingly desperate.

Kate lay back down on the couch and stretched out with a satisfied smile on her glossy lips. Just the anticipation of having him back there was turning her on. She had become addicted to the feel of Brad between her legs and felt naked and exposed without him.

She unzipped and eased out of her boots and waited as her tiny man exhausted himself struggling back up the inside of her jeans. He was now tickling his way up her inner thigh and stopped, panting heavily by her underwear as he waited for her to let him back in.

“This might be a very long stay inside?” Kate whispered; her mind overtaken by her libido.

“Can it be forever?” Brad called.

Oh Brad, you may have just sentenced yourself to life imprisonment, Kate smiled to herself as she unzipped her fly and reached in with a single finger to lift the hem that ran between her legs. She felt Brad squeeze inside and then let the tight elastic snap back into place.

“Click,” she mouthed dreamily, her lingerie every bit his jail cell.

Kate lay on her side and traced her fingertips across the tight denim that enclosed Brad’s world. Her nails ran up her thigh, over her hips and around her bottom and down between her legs where Brad’s tiny form was working its way along between her crotch and her lingerie.

Brad wriggled forward and dropped to his knees on her damp, shaved vagina.

“Go in,” Kate mouthed, rolling on to her back with her legs parted.

“Does that feel nice?” Brad gasped, sinking down into her.

“Fuck, yeah.”

Brad felt her hand press through the denim, working him slowly into her body. Her cries built as he moved up and down with her thrusting hips. At his size, it was a wild ride and he braced himself as her high-pitched cries reached a crescendo.

With a dreamy grin on her face, Kate rolled on to her side and hugged her knees into her body. She could feel Brad still deep in her vagina.

“There are too many distractions in human form,” Brad called.

For Kate, this was going gorgeously to plan.

“Lingerie only has one purpose in life,” he panted.

“Mmm, long hours of tight touch and worship in a secret and sultry underworld,” Kate purred, “… no other use at all.”



Kate grinned. Her lover wanted to be transformed back into her lingerie because he wanted to serve her! How perfect, a lover that she could wear and touch forever.

“Lingerie can look out and admire your legs when you wear a dress,” he mouthed

“Lucky lingerie,” she smiled, “Sounds as though you and my tight sports briefs aren’t getting on.”

“They’re so tight!”

“I know.”



“Can you transform me back to lingerie?”

“You really want to be my panties forever?” Kate asked.

Kate mouthed her spell and instantly felt Brad’s tiny body disappear and her lingerie come to life, twitching and teasing against her skin. She rolled on to her front and massaged her butt while he vibrated against her clit. Brad smelt her arousal, felt her thrusting hips and listened to her increasing cries until they climaxed together.

“How do you feel?” Kate asked.

Brad tightened around her hips, his way of giving her a hug.

He couldn’t see from inside his denim cell, but Kate smiled back. She loved him this way. The feel of his silk body kept her constantly arousal, plus in this form he was helpless to escape her body. Even so, she tightened her belt by one more notch so that her jeans pulled him even closer.

“You know that was the last time I can use the spell?” Kate murmured, “Its permanent, darling.”

“I know.”

She stripped off her clothes, and kissed Brad before dropping him into her lingerie drawer, “Wait for me,” she whispered as she slid the drawer closed. The drawer locked with a small key. Completely unnecessary but locking him in was now one of her rituals.

She brushed out her long brunette hair, sprayed perfume between her legs and slipped on a pink lace nightdress that hid little beneath its expensive fabric. She dimmed the lighting and poured a glass of champagne.

She was ready to make love all night.

Kate unlocked and opened her drawer, her hair and nightie flowing as she gave Brad a teasing twirl. She eagerly whipped him up and glided him along her toned thighs and into place between her legs.

“Happy anniversary,” she purred as she admired her forever companion in the mirror.

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