His Toy

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She knocked on the door and waited, still nervous despite it not being her first visit. He opened the door and smiled at her, standing aside and letting her in, moving across so that he could shut the door behind her. She stood still and let him pass her, looking up at him as he did. His massive 6 feet 3 inch frame towering over her own 5 feet 2 inches. He smiled down at her and gathered her close, wrapping his arms around her and enclosing her, she breathed deeply, the smell of him and fresh laundry, burying her head in his chest. She snuggled against his towelling robe.

They stood silently wrapped in each other, the only noise was the sound of the fridge chilling. Taking a deep breath she looked up at him, he looked at her and smiled.

“Hello.” she said and stood on her toes and kissed him.

His arms came around her and pulled her close, kissing her deeply, his tongue sliding into her mouth, exploring, his arms tightening around her even more. He broke their kiss and smiled at her, a kind of sideways smile, she knew what was coming. He let her go.

“Strip.” One word, curtly delivered as he watched her.

He stood back and watched as she took off her clothing one layer at a time, folding it and putting it on the shelf by the door, finally taking her shoes off and leaving them neatly stored. Standing naked she waited, watching as he pulled himself to his full height, taking in a deep breath, his cock nudging the edge of his robe. Her body, round, folds creasing down her back, her large breasts sagging slightly, her stomach large, made his breath catch. He loved his women big and this one was large, smooth and round, everything he wanted.

“Crawl.” Nothing more. Nothing more was needed.

She quickly got to her knees and waited for him to move. He turned and went down the hallway, she followed him on her knees, not looking up, simply following his feet as he walked towards the bedroom. He stopped at the door and stood to one side, she stopped at the side of him, her head against him, his hand reaching down and stroking his hair.

“In.” Another single word. She complied.

He followed her into the room and closed the door, standing behind her, watching her wide backside as she crawled across the room towards the bed. Her stomach swung pendulously as her large thighs hit it, her breasts swinging the same way. Normally she would be excruciatingly embarrasssed at the thought of what she was doing, but this man, this complete bear of a man made her feel like no other had for a very long time, safe, secure, wanted. She had no thought for what she looked like, just a simple desire to please. They were play partners, nothing more, but his dominance easily slipped into their days together as did her submissiveness.

“Get on the bed.” He growled as he removed his robe. His cock stood proud as he watched her crawl onto the bed.

Unable to contain himself any longer he took hold of her ankles and twisted them until she had no choice but to turn on her back. Not stopping to make sure she was comfortable or fully on the bed he spread her legs wide. She yelped as he pushed them to their widest extent and beyond, ignoring her he moved in and stood with the tip of his cock at the entrance to her already soaked cunt. She was always ready for him, always eager to accommodate and please. He slid into her with ease, bending his knees slightly as he did, making sure he was able to get full access and thankful, not for the first time, that his bed was so high.

Looking up she watched him, his arms holding her wide, making the muscles on the insides of her large thighs scream, his large frame and stomach against hers, she loved watching him as he fucked her, a fierce need on his face, watching himself as his cock slid in and out of her, her cunt depositing juices all over his cock and she shivered as it ran down over her ass. He watched her, her stomach moving fluidly, her breasts in time with it as she moaned loudly, her large thighs wobbling, driving him on, his need for her taking him. He slammed into her cunt, over and over, each stroke harder than the last, more wanton, more needy.

A myriad of thoughts went through his mind as he watched her, suddenly wanting to do everything all at once, needing to take her and use her, abuse her and cherish her all at once. He pulled out of her abruptly and leaned over. Grabbing her hair he pulled her upright and then forward, pulling her into him. Her mouth opened automatically and she took him deeply into her mouth, his width making her open her mouth wide, as he pushed and pushed, making her gag on him, her chest heaving as she took him as deeply as possible. Pulling out of her she coughed as he threw her backwards on the bed, taking bursa escort her ankles again and pushing her legs up again. Ramming himself into her once more, he let go of her ankles and she wrapped her legs around his hips as much as she could.

Leaning forward he put his hand on her throat. Panic rose in her and she tried to twist away. He hushed her softly but continued to stroke into her, his hand just resting on her neck, not moving at all as he continued to take her. As he fucked her he slowly tightened his hand around her throat, she watched him, his face calm and in control as she gave herself over to him, lifting her head, closing her eyes as he listened to her moans. Her hand came up and closed over his, pressing him into her throat, blocking her airway, the tingle of oxygen starvation running through her body, hightening her need, her arousal, making her hypersensitive to everything. As he stroked into her she started to see spots, his other hand pinched her nipples hard as she attempted to moan, her body squirming under his as she looked up at him again.

“Cum for me.” he said. “Now.”

She obeyed without question. Letting herself go she felt her orgasm run through her deeply, years of training with previous Doms had taught her how to keep her orgasm at bay until told otherwise and now she let it course through her, her cunt swelling to grip his cock tightly, her hands reaching forward to pull at his arm fruitlessly. He was not about to let go until her orgasm had passed, if she passed out, so be it. Her body convulsed as he watched, each shudder wracking her deeply, his hand still around her throat, her breasts and stomach swaying back and forth in ripples. He pulled out, looking at her, his cock twitching, his breath shuddering as his need ran through him.

“Turn over. NOW.” He growled.

She flipped herself onto her stomach, lifting herself as she moved, her stomach dropping, her breasts hanging. She parted her knees and lowered her shoulders to the bed waiting for him, her legs open, her cunt and ass fully exposed to him. Moving himself in behind her, he positioned himself between her calves. Sliding his hard cock between her cunt lips he made himself wet once more, before sliding up, bringing it with him to sit with the tip of his cock against her tight puckered asshole.

“Push back slut.” He said, his voice shaking slightly, his breath coming deeply.

She bowed her head and closed her eyes. Not obeying was not an option. Gritting her teeth she pushed back against him, feeling her tight ass opening to him. She moaned deeply as he did, taking him slowly, his girth stretching her completely. She stopped to let her ass get used to it but he wasn’t about to stop. He pushed into her hard, once, twice, she screamed in pain as he pushed into her, but still he pushed. She wanted to stop but didn’t, a combination of need to obey and a need to feel the pain. She called his name, sobbing, begging him to stop but knowing he wouldn’t. Her tears drove him on harder, his cock buried deep in her ass, stroking, over and over, slamming into her. His balls tightened and he growled as he filled her with his stream of cum. Under him she shuddered as he fell towards her, still moving inside her slowly, stroking himself into her, filling her. He leant forward and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her with him as he moved onto his side. His softened cock now leaving her.

Curled up together, he wrapped his arms around her tightly, pulling her into him. She wriggled her backside into him as his fingers trailed over her stomach, making her moan softly and ripple against him, his face buried in her neck. She closed her eyes and turned herself inwards, her nipples hurt, her cunt felt bruised and her ass was both sore and aching, but every single ache and pain was welcomed, made her feel wanted, needed, cherished. She longed to ask him to mark her but the words caught in her mind, not wanting to push the boundaries of what they already had, not wanting to change the status quo. She contented herself instead with cherishing his arms around her, his hands on her, tracing absent whorls over her skin, her backside and back again. He kissed the back of her neck.

“I love your skin,” he said softly. “So smooth, so soft, pliable.”

She smiled and giggled, turning half towards him, smiling at him. She leant over and kissed him softly, moaning as she always did, kisses were more to her than sex was. They had the ability to bring her to her knees and take her to places that she only remembered in dreams, she loved kissing and she especially loved kissing him. She nuzzled her backside into him, putting her legs over his hips, wriggling herself closer. He moaned, a creamy growl leaving him bursa escort bayan as her backside squirmed into his softened cock, his arms tightening around her once more, a mischevious grin spreading across her face.

Abruptly he turned and got off the bed. Walking across the room he looked in a drawer and pulled something out. She watched him quizzically as he did, wondering what he had in store for her next. Turning, he bent down and plugged something into the wall and then stood and looked at her.

“Close your eyes and open your legs.” He said.

She did as she was told and was rewarded with a buzzing sound. Feeling his weight getting on the bed he leant over and applied something to her cunt. She moaned and squirmed against him, lifting her hips towards him.

“Don’t move or I will make sure you can’t.” He commanded.

She lay still and felt him get on the bed at the side of her. Curling in close, he pressed the large vibrator down onto her clit, she moaned again and bit her bottom lip.

“This,” he whispered, “is my wand.”

She moaned.

“Do you like it?” a smile was in his words.

She nodded and squirmed again. He tutted.

“Close your legs on it, tightly.” He growled.

She closed her legs and her hips automatically started to move, moving the buzz around her clit, moaning softly as she did, his hands occupied on her skin, her breasts, his breath warm on her shoulder as he watched her. One of her hands came down to hold the wand, he caught it in his and very precisely put it back at the side of her body. Her knees came up as she humped the wand, the vibrations running through her. Her orgasm was swift and deep, travelling through her from top to toe before she had a chance to breathe fully. Unseen at the side of her he lay, watching, enjoying her.

Removing the wand, he deliberately ran a finger across her super sensitive clit, his nail scraping. She whimpered as he did and squirmed into him. Her eyes opened and she turned her face to him again, watching as he kissed her softly. She purred and curled into him. He growled in her ear, suddenly taken by need.

“Turn over you slut.”

She rolled onto her side and then her stomach, he moved behind her ample backside and smacked it hard, she moaned and squirmed back towards him, her thighs parting for him as she wiggled her bum, inviting him to slap her again wordlessly. He raised his hand and brought it down hard, over and over until her backside was red with imprints. His hands moved to her hips and pulled her into him. His hard cock nudged at her cunt lips and she pushed herself back into him, his cock sliding up and down her, soaking him. As she moved forward again, he lined his cock up with her cunt and nudged her opening. With one thrust he slid deeply into her, their moans echoing each other. Once, twice he moved into her deeply and then pulled out and buried his cock deeply in her ass once more.

This time she moaned deeply, her ass relaxing, still on the waves of her orgasm, she was able to take him deeply, his balls slapping against her once more. As he pistoned into her, expletives flowed from his mouth.

“You fucking dirty little bitch, you love it don’t you?” he said visciously.

Unable to form words she just moaned her assent.

“Little whore.” His breathing hard, grunts leaving him as he fucked her hard.

She moaned and squirmed, her hands on the wall, pushing back against him hard, slamming into him, almost crying with need of him. He reached forward and grabbed a handful of hair, making her moan even deeper, pulling her head forward to increase the pain of him. He pulled out of her ass and pulled her hair hard, pulling her up towards him.

Not letting go of her he climbed off the bed and walked around it, she had no choice but to follow it, kneeling in the middle of the bed, her stomach swinging, her breasts swaying. Reaching over he grabbed the blindfold that he had been looking for. Pulling her forward he pulled her off the bed until she was standing upright. His hand still wound in her hair he put his face level with hers.

“Sit.” he commanded.

She sat on the edge of the bed and he let go of her. He put the blindfold on her and her world went dark. Tightening it around the back of her head he buckled it up then grabbed her hair again and pulled her down towards him.

“Suck, cunt.” He said as he pushed her down on his cock.

Her mouth opened and she took his girth into her. With no thought of her he simply skull fucked her. Thrust after thrust over and over. She put her tongue out and licked his balls as she took him throat deep into her mouth. He moaned and thrust harder and deeper, his free hand pinching at her nipples, escort bursa digging his nails in, making her moan around his cock. Letting go of her hair and nipples he locked his fingers at the back of her head and rammed himself in deeply. She gagged but took him, unable to breathe once more.

Feeling his balls tightening he knew it would only be a matter of time before he came. Thrusting into her he held his cock where it was, blocking her airway as she tried to breathe around him. Her hands came up in and tried to push him away but he was too big to move. He pushed her head down onto him further, balls deep in her throat he groaned, knowing he needed to pull out but not wanting to. Pulling back she took a big gasp of air and pulled all the way back coughing.

“Like that bitch?” He spat.

She nodded mutely and he pushed her back on the bed, She lay back and waited for him. Grabbing her legs once more he lifted them and pushed them open wide. Her muscles screamed in protest once more at being spread so wide and she tried to wriggle back to ease the pressure. He growled and she stilled, her backside on the edge of the bed. Standing close to her once more he thrust his cock deeply into her soaking wet cunt, eliciting a deep moan from her as she felt herself stretched to full capacity once more, her breasts swimming back and forth, her stomach doing the same. Lying in darkness she could only imagine the expression on his face, she knew it would be one of determination.

Reaching forward he placed his hand around her neck and slowly started squeezing as he watched her body move fluidly under him, her large stomach, breasts and thighs drove him on, his for the taking, his fuck toy. Pistoning into her he tightened his grip on her throat, squeezing and squeezing. In his mind all he ever wanted to do was rape her, lose control of himself in her, he knew she would take it if he did, she was as needy as he was. Her hand came up and rested over his, her signal that he was getting close to the mark. She never protested, never told him to stop but he knew she had her signals that he had reached the threshold, this was one of them.

Keeping his grip on her throat, he fucked her hard and deep, her strangled moans driving him on, his own grunts and growls as he fucked her making her cunt contract around him. He felt her cunt ripple the length of his cock and his balls tightened, with 3 final thrusts he rammed his cock home, the final one ramming against her cervix, taking her breath away completely as he emptied his cum deep inside her, his hand tightening a little more aroud her throat. Small thrusts followed as each spurt of cum found its home, his mellow growls of satisfaction as he watched her hand tighten over his, her nails dig in as she attempted to make him release. He had no intention of doing so until he was sated.

Standing watching her, his cock pulsating inside her cunt, he took pleasure in her need to be released.

“What do you say?” he asked, a note of cruelty in his voice.

“Please.” she whispered

“Good slut.” He replied and immediately released his grip on her throat.

Letting her go, her feet dropped to the floor, her breathing coming in gasps as she filled her lungs again. He took hold of her hand and pulled her upright. She sat quietly as he took off the blindfold and she looked up at him. Pulling her to her feet her gathered her in once more, kissing the top of her head gently.

“Bed.” He said softly, his voice like cream.

She moved to the side of the bed and got in it, he followed her and opened his arms to her. She immediately moved into them and held onto him tightly. Lying still he stroked her hair, both of them simply content just to be. After some time he spoke.

“I don’t know what it is about you that simply makes me want to rape you, take you, break you completely.” he said

She looked at him and smiled.

“I’m yours to take, do with as you will. We both know the limits, we both know the rules, other than those we can do as we wish.”

He kissed her and looked at the clock.

“Its time.” he said with a little regret.

“Nooooooo” she said and buried herself in him.

“Come on, you know you have to get back.” he said gently

“I know I do. I’m up.” she said, resigned.

She followed him off the bed and went to the bathroom. When she came out he had got her clothes and put them on the bed. She stood and dressed while he watched, covering up the skin he loved to touch. Turning, she looked at him and smiled shrugging.

“Ok, ready to go.” she said.

He turned and walked out of the bedroom and she followed. At the front door he hugged her close once more and kissed her. She picked up the bag and opened the door.

“I’ll see you soon.” He said as she let herself out..

Smiling, she nodded and turned to walk back to her car, not looking back, she heard the door close behind her and she went back to reality.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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