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We can feel the anticipation building as we take the elevator up to the room I’ve procured earlier…we wait in the lobby for to make sure we can get one, alone. I take your hand and lead you in and the doors close behind us. We look at each other and begin to passionately kiss, our tongues probing. I can smell your scent now that I’m closer to you, not just your cologne but the smell of you underneath it. We gain a sense for being close to each other; we’re both of a different height that we might be used to with our current partner and this only adds to the sense of differentness and intoxication.

I reach down and begin to massage your lovely breast thru your blouse. I can feel a nipple hardening under the fabric and pinch it lightly. A moan escapes from your lips and you whisper something filthy in my ear.

The elevator doors open and i put my arm around your waist and guide you out. You ask for the room number and I give you the key and tell you. You run ahead, with a spring in your step and I admire the swing of your hips and ass as you move in front of me and I imagine my cock buried inside those luscious pillows.

I hear you find the room a few yards ahead of me and around a corner and open it. You hold it open for me with a smile on your face, and I walk in. We’re in a narrow passage way that leads into the room and I grasp those amazing hips and swing you towards me. You smile in anticipation.

We begin to kiss again, roughly…i bit your lower lip, hard, and you gasp. My hands are moving indiscriminately over your body. No permission asked; bursa escort it belongs to me. You kick your shoes off and I admire your stocking clad feet with lovely painted nails. I turn you around and unzip your skirt, pulling it quickly down. I see your hose-covered ass and appreciate you’ve worn no panties. My hand reaches down over the top of your hose and I begin to roughly squeeze your ass. A finger reaches down to your dripping pussy, lubricates itself and enters your tight anus. You gasp and moan and plead that I fuck you. Your voice trembles as you beg.

As I’m probing your backside your ass wiggles and you unbutton your blouse tossing it carelessly into the room. I pause from my fingering and unsnap your bra. You take this occasion to kick your way out of your pantyhose. The bra drops to the floor.

We hear someone outside the door, coming down the hall. We don’t care and we continue. You’re now completely naked and turn to face me. I admire your amazing body and I almost literally lick my lips.

I pull you close. You can feel my bulging cock thru my pants and begin to imagine how big it is and what it looks like…I suck one nipple into my mouth. Then the other, biting them and the sucking noise fills the room loudly and we giggle.

We pause. You unbutton my shirt. I fumble with my belt and remove it and you say to wait….you want to reveal me. You unsnap my pants and slowly unzip….I’ve kicked off my shoes and you pull my pants down. My cock is fully erect and creates a tent in my underwear. You fondle me thru the fabric and pull them bursa escort bayan down. About 6 inches and a thick girth with a purple head. You smile.

I pull you close again and push you up against the wall. You can feel the length of my erect dick against your belly. I’m pinching your nipples with one hand and the other roughly explores your pussy. I’m pressing up against you urgently. I pull lightly on your swelling labia and comment that they are unlike any other I’ve seen.

You’re sopping wet and I’m biting your neck and ears, whispering in your ear that I intend to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. Urgently. Demandingly. Completely at my desire and with no permission asked. You whisper back that you’ve dreamt of this and I should take you completely.

With this i pull you up and probe your glistening hole with my throbbing cock. Your hand comes down and guides me in and I feel those lips pulling me in and caressing my erect member. I pull you towards me and as I do I slide in completely. You gasp as my girth spreads those amazing lips. I press you hard into the wall to gain the leverage I need to fuck you mercilessly.

Your hips wriggle against me, grinding your pubic bone and clit into me. My hips, meanwhile are beginning to rotate against your swollen pearl and you moan. I pull you up further and begin to move in rhythm. Your head moves from side to side; you’re pinned up against the wall and my cock and have no where to go from my attack.

My hips now move more urgently; I begin to slam into your cunt and the unique escort bursa noise that a cock makes as it moves in and out of dripping pussy fills the room and you smile, knowingly. I pick up the pace and reach down to take a fully erect, pink nipple into my mouth and bite it, roughly.

My hips now are a blur. I’m mindlessly fucking you and we lose a sense of ourselves and identity. We’re simply a hole and a rod meeting each other and all our consciousness is linked to our genitals.

You feel an orgasm building in your core; that tingling that tells you this will be unlike any you’ve had before. You ass is slapping against the wall. If there is anyone in the next room they surely must be hearing this and the knowledge further excites you.

A scream begins to come up your throat. You shout out for me to fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you…

I feel your cunt clutch at my cock as the waves of your orgasm begin to build and your lips pull me in, almost like a vacuum, and clench and caress my dick. You slam your head against the wall and a primal moan emerges, animal like. I stop thrusting and push my pubic bone against yours and trap your clit in the middle of both. I wriggle my ass to tease your clit while i reach down and finger your asshole.

This does it and you scream, mindlessly as your orgasm pulsates through you. Waves of pleasure like you’ve never known fill your body. Your toes curl involuntarily. You push against my cock, looking to wring every possible cum wave out of our fucking.

With this I then cum myself and you can feel my hot semen squirt into your walls and this alone is enough to elongate your cumming.

We stop, our breathing shallow and rapid. I kiss your neck. I pull you off against the wall, still impaled on my cock and we fall onto the bed…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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