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“A Puppy sitter needed immediately. This weekend only. Good Pay. Nice House with an ocean view!” It hadn’t been that long since I’d been in college. I knew an ad like this would surely get the attention of some kid looking to get out of the dorm for the weekend and make some money.

I had only been in La Jolla for a month, recently relocating from the East Coast. I was still settling into my new house with the promise of no road trips for the first two months. Well, a deal I’d been working on before moving west was falling apart and I needed to make it right. I needed someone to watch my puppy over the weekend. My assistant, Marla, suggested I try the college since it was near my house.

I got a couple calls in the morning, but Marla was screening the applicants for me. It was Tuesday and I had to leave Thursday morning so I couldn’t be too choosy, but I didn’t want to leave my puppy with just anyone. I was just getting out of a meeting a little after two when Marla stopped me. “You should take this call. She sounds like a good candidate.” Marla directed the call to my office. She sounded like a nice girl who was studying Biology. It was her second year in school and she liked the idea of a paid weekend out of the dorm. I told her to come by the house at seven and we could talk for a few minutes and I’d introduce her to Terry, my puppy. I got busy preparing for my trip and realized it was after six. I phoned for some Chinese and picked it up on my way home.

I had only been home for a couple minutes when I heard a knock at the door. I’d barely sat the food on the counter and said hello to Terry. I looked at the clock and saw it was just after seven. Opening the door, I saw a fresh-faced young girl wearing cut-off shorts and a t-shirt. “You must be Mindy. Come on inside. Have trouble finding the place?”

“No, it was pretty easy. We come this way to the beach.” She walked inside and bent down to scratch Terry’s belly. They seemed to get along nicely.

“I just walked in and I’ve got Chinese. Hungry, I’ve got plenty for both of us?”

“Sure, if you’re sure you’ve got enough.”

“I always order way too much.” I opened a bottle of Heineken for me. “Would you like one?” I didn’t even think she probably wasn’t twenty-one.

“A Heineken would be great.” I handed her mine and opened another one for me.

“I’ve got to get as comfortable as you. Why don’t you take the food out to the patio and I’ll join you in a couple minutes. There are plates outside.”

The house is “L-shaped” to the right so I had a great view of the setting sun from my bedroom. I quickly stripped out of my business suit and looked out the window at Mindy and Terry. Mindy was looking out over the cliff at the ocean down below. I stood near the window in just my Calvin Klein undies, my fingers lightly stroking my nipples as I watched Mindy. I knew she couldn’t see inside due to the reflection of the setting sun, but the thought of it did give me a shiver. I do prefer men, but Mindy had such a sweet and innocent quality to her. I tossed on a pair of workout shorts and light cotton pullover. I walked out through the kitchen, grabbing two more Heineken’s from the fridge as I did. Mindy turned to face me as she heard me exiting the house. Two hard nipples brought on by the cool ocean breeze rose from two small breasts pointing out from her t-shirt.

“The view is awesome.”

“I’ve only been here a month, but I do love sitting out here in the evenings.” I handed her the beer. “Let’s eat, I’m starving.” We shared the broccoli beef and the steamed rice. I asked her about school and where she was from and why she chose La Jolla. She seemed like a really nice kid. “Okay, here’s the deal. Stay here with Terry Friday night through Sunday afternoon and I’ll give you $100.”

Her eyes lit up. “That’s way too much. I’d be happy just to stay here!”

“Don’t be silly. You don’t need to stay around during the day, but I’m sure Terry would be happy to have the company if you don’t have any plans. Feel free to invite a friend or two over.” It was moving past nine and I knew I had some work to get finished.

Mindy rose, “I should get going. I’ve still got some homework to finish.” I gave her a key to the place. I’ll leave you the hotel number on the counter and my flight info just in case you need anything. I walked her to the door and headed off to the study.

It takes all day to fly west to east, so even though I left San Diego at nine, I didn’t arrive in Boston until almost five o’clock. I caught a taxi to the hotel and got settled. I called my counterpart to confirm our meeting for nine the next morning. We worked through the day, not even stopping for lunch. We had it delivered the office. By six that evening, we had made substantial progress on the deal and everyone felt like we could conclude by early Saturday afternoon. We decided to break for the evening. A couple of the guys offered to stay in the city and have dinner with me. I didn’t really want to keep them from their families on a Friday night. Jim said his wife was out with her friends, so he really didn’t have anyone waiting at home. Conversation is always nice at dinner, so I took him up on his offer. Jim drove us back to my hotel and we had dinner at a little restaurant around the corner. It was small and casual with a slightly intimate feeling to it. Neither of us had anything in mind beyond dinner, it was just real convenient bahis firmaları and the food was always excellent. There was a short wait for a table, so we grabbed a table in the bar while we waited.

The waitress came over quickly and we ordered a round of drinks. When she brought the drinks, she lingered for just a moment. She was very beautiful with long blonde hair. She made quick conversation with us, but nothing more. Jim and I had dinner and by the time the check arrived, it was after nine. We said good night and I went up to my room. It felt great to get out of the suit I’d been wearing all day. I sat on the bed in just my panties and bra listening to my voicemail. The last one was from Mindy. She just called to tell me she was in for the evening and Terry was doing fine. Her roommate was going to bring a couple videos by and they were going to bunk at the house for the evening. I was happy Terry wouldn’t be home alone.

Even though I was tired from the days meeting, I wasn’t really ready for bed. I slipped on a pair of jeans and a pullover and headed back downstairs. The neighborhood was very safe, so I went for a short walk, probably twenty minutes or so. I was walking past the restaurant I’d had dinner and saw the blonde cocktail waitress through the window. I don’t know exactly why I did, but I decided to go inside and have a nightcap before turning in for the evening. The place was not very busy as it was now past ten and this wasn’t exactly a hot spot for business travelers. That was one of the appeals to me.

The waitress saw me as walked into the bar; “Did you forget something?”

“No, just feeling a little restless. I thought a Gin and Tonic would help get me to sleep.”

“That could do it. Why don’t you grab a seat and I’ll bring your drink to you.” Once again, I noticed how young and attractive she was. Her long curly blonde hair flowed down onto the shoulders of her white dress shirt that was filled nicely by her shapely breasts. She had very attractive curves that led to her short black skirt. I sat down in a corner booth that overlooked the street. It started to rain and I watched the drops hit the street under the streetlight. “I brought two, do you mind if I join you? Or do you care to sit alone?”

“Don’t be silly. Are you closed?”

“In about ten minutes, but we don’t get much traffic the last hour. And now with the rain…”

“I’m Stephanie,” extending my hand to shake hers.

“Candace. Here on business I’m guessing.”

“Yes. I had a deal start to unravel and had to fly in for the weekend to put it back together.”

“Where’s home?”

“I just recently moved to San Diego. I’ve lived in New York for the last five years.”

“San Diego. Is it as pretty as everyone says?”

“From what I’ve seen of it, it’s even prettier. Are you going to school here in Boston?”

“Yes. I’m a Senior at B. C. studying Engineering.”

We talked about school and life after school, it had only been six years since I graduated. I offered to buy us another round, but she said she knew the bartender. Throughout the conversation, we both were posturing our bodies. On a couple occasions I found myself sliding a hand down between my thighs. When I would realize, I would move it to the seat. Candace was sitting opposite me and would occasionally cross and uncross her legs. When she would lean forward onto the table, she would close her arms around her breasts, pinching them slightly. The affect would make them a bit more prominent. I checked my watch and realized it was almost eleven thirty.

“Shit. I really need to get some sleep. We’re meeting at nine tomorrow.”

“It’s no problem. I’m really glad you stopped back for that drink. I hope this exciting talk about school has helped you with that sleeping issue.” We both chuckled. We both stood up from the table to say good night.

“Well I am tired, but I must admit your company has made me want to stay up for awhile.” The look on my face turned a bit serious. I knew I had just discreetly invited her to my room. I thought I had read all of her body language correctly, but there is always that moment of doubt when you toss out an invitation.

“Why don’t I walk you to your room, just so you don’t get lost in this big city.” Her lips broke into a devilish smile as her eyes stared directly into mine. We entered the quiet lobby together, one young lady at the front desk was all that was visible. She looked up and politely smiled at us. The elevator door closed behind us and I pushed the button marked four. It was the top floor. I was a bit nervous and I sensed that Candace was as well. I’ve not made a habit of picking up people in restaurant bars, though I admit this wasn’t the first time. I reached out and squeezed her hand prior to the door opening and I sensed the tension fade away. The door opened to a short quiet hallway. We walked down to the third door on the left.

I inserted the key and pushed the door open. I had left a light on in the bathroom, so it wasn’t completely dark. Without asking, Candace walked inside of my hotel room. I stepped inside and closed the door behind us. As soon as it was closed, I reached out for her hand and pulled her close to me. She put her hands on my hips and my lips reached out to hers. The kiss was tentative at first, but I soon felt her tongue snaking across my lips. I opened my mouth and returned her affections. The kiss kaçak iddaa was warm and passionate with a sense of sexual urgency. My hands moved up and down her back. Her hands moved off my hips and around to my backside. I could feel her squeeze my cheeks through my jeans. I thought how glad I was I’ve been going to the gym! I slid my left leg between her legs and she pulled me closer to her. My left hand moved up behind her neck, slipping under her curls. Candace moved her hands around front and began unbuttoning her blouse. When unbuttoned, I helped slide it off her shoulders. It hung down still tucked inside her skirt. Her hands pulled at the bottom of my pullover, freeing it from my jeans. Her hands touched my skin and sent shivers through my body. They quickly slid up to my breasts. She unfastened my bra with skilled suddenness. I lifted my pullover over my shoulders and head and slipped the bra from my shoulders. Candace removed her bra and pulled the shirt from her skirt. She lowered her lips to my breasts. She lightly kissed each nipple before pulling one into her mouth. I rolled my head back, her arms wrapped around my waist for support. Her tongue was electric on my skin and she soon had my nipples rock hard. I could feel my panties sticking to my body as my wetness grew.

“Take me to bed,” I cried. Candace let go of my breasts and returned her lips to mine. We kissed again. As she pulled me close, I could feel coolness on my skin. We broke our embrace and walked to the bed. The rain had passed by and the moon shone through the open window, beautifully illuminating the room. The shine caught my attention “Nipple rings?”

“They make my nipples so sensitive, especially when a beautiful woman is playing with them.” My mouth moved to her breasts. She had beautifully shaped breasts, slightly tear-dropped in shape, but young and firm. Her nipples were quite large, especially for the size of her breasts. As I kissed her nipples, my mouth pulled the ring inside. My tongue tugged a bit on the ring before rolling my tongue around it. “O-o-o-h-h that feels so great.” I wanted to see more of her. I stood up and unfastened my jeans. I pulled my panties down with them at the same time. I stood naked before Candace in the moonlight. Her eyes traced over my body, from my firm breasts then down to my nearly shaven pussy. I had a small patch of dark pubes just above my clit. Candace lifted her hips and unzipped her skirt. I bent over the bed and took her skirt into my hands. I pulled it over her hips and down her thighs. She lifted her feet and I slid it off of her. She was wearing a sheer black thong.

“My you are beautiful!” I exclaimed. I got between her legs on all fours. Starting at her feet, I kissed my way up her legs. I lingered behind her knees before moving up her inner thighs. I would look up at her occasionally, she was playing with her nipples, pulling on the rings and kneading her breasts. I spent five minutes kissing her upper thighs and every inch of skin that was showing around her thong without ever touching the thong.

“Dammit! Please give me your tongue. I’m dying!”

“The young is so impatient!” I slipped two fingers inside the waistband and pulled her thong down. Not surprisingly, she was shaved smooth. She had full pussy lips and her clit was protruding up at me. I extended my tongue and lapped at her pussy. I started at the bottom and worked my way to the top. I alternated between lapping her pussy and curling my tongue and inserting inside her quivering pussy. Her left hand moved down and she started playing with her clit while I lapped her pussy lips. Candace was moaning quite loudly and she began to thrash her hips around the bed.

“Make me cum! Please Make me cum!” I buried my face into her pussy and rode her hips as she orgasmed. She was wild, thrashing and moaning. I kept my tongue in contact with her as we moved through two orgasms. My face was covered with her cum and my saliva.

“Come up here and kiss me.” I crawled up her body and we embraced one another, her arms wrapped around mine her leg between my thighs. We kissed as if for the very first time. I moved my right hand up and played with her left nipple, tugging on her ring. By this time her nipples stood nearly three-quarters of an inch from her breast. “It’s my turn to taste someone sweet.” We rolled over on the king-sized bed and I was now on the bottom. Candace kissed her way down my body, pausing to suckle my nipples. She continued moving down my belly at a maddening pace. Finally I could feel her breath on my pussy lips. She blew lightly over them, the warm air causing me to shudder. “You smell so sweet. Sweet enough to eat!” Her tongue dove between the folds of my lips as she fucked my pussy with her curled tongue. God she was good! I thought to myself. She played with my pussy and clit for probably fifteen minutes, never allowing me to cum. I could feel it rising on a couple occasions and most partners would have gone for it, but she would back off, prolonging my sexual agony. Finally and with a few quick strokes of her tongue across my clitoris, a rush of orgasmic pleasure washed over my body.

“That’s it Candace! That’s it.” I found myself being more vocal than usual. Her touch was so great on my body. After my body had stopped shaking, she crawled on top of me and we kissed once again. We talked about nothing for a few minutes as our body’s recharged their energy. I innocently played with kaçak bahis her nipple rings. I had never actually seen a woman with them and I was fascinated. Of course, the size of her erect nipples was amazing to me.

“Ready to go again?” I was feeling very tired, but my body was drawing from her energy.

“Turn around party girl, I’m feeling a little nasty!” Candace gave me a quick kiss then rolled her body around so we were facing opposite directions, the classic sixty-nine. Her fingers were quickly on my lips, spreading them apart for her invading tongue. She penetrated me, probing her tongue as deeply as she could reach. My tongue was lapping at her erect clit, my nose buried in the folds of her pussy. Her scent was intoxicating, almost enough to make me cum without her even touching me. The second time around, Candace came much quicker. Her tongue never stopped pleasuring me while her body shook. Before I realized what she was doing, two thin fingers were on the rim of my asshole. She bit softly on my clit and as my attentions focused the sensation, she slipped both fingers into my hole up to her first knuckle. “Fuck!” I squealed in pleasure. It had been some time since I been entered from behind. She stroked the two fingers into my ass, pressing deeper as my body adjusted to the sensation. Her tongue was terrorizing my clitoris, her fingers buried in my ass. The sensations crashed together and my body felt like it would rip apart as I came with force I hadn’t felt in a long time. “OH! OH! OH SHIT that’s good!” I finally had to push Candace off of me to get her to stop. I thought I would hyperventilate from her fucking me.

We both finally got to our feet and I followed her into the bathroom. “I guess I should go so you can get some sleep.”

“It’s awfully late,” it was nearing two in the morning, “just stay here tonight and leave in the morning.” She hesitated at my offer. “It’s a big bed.”

“I’d like that. I haven’t spooned in a long time.” We crawled into bed, Candace tucked closely behind me.

The alarm sounded at seven and I crawled out of bed, trying not to wake Candace. I slipped into the shower and thought of the pleasure she had brought me just a few hours earlier. I didn’t notice the door open, “Need someone to wash your back?” Candace asked while holding a bar of soap. Again, I was dazzled by her beauty.

“An extra pair hands is always good!” We spent thirty minutes in the shower and she brought me to another tremendous orgasm. I really enjoyed her company and was saddened by the thought of a ‘one-night stand’. “I’ll leave my business card on the dresser. Give me a call or send an email some day. Thanks for last night.” I headed out the door at eight-thirty. We kissed once more before I left.

I was beat before the meeting every started, but the great sex just a few hours prior propelled me through the day. Jim was surprised at my enthusiasm and gave me a couple questioning looks, but I just smiled and shrugged him off. As expected, we signed the deal by four-thirty. Everyone was pleased at the outcome and happy we could pull it together. The earliest flight I could get was a six-thirty departure. I upgraded to First Class; I knew I would sleep all the way home. The flight was uneventful and I was able to grab almost five hours of sleep. I landed in San Diego feeling rested and happy to be home. I called home to let Mindy know I was coming home early, but I got the machine. I figured she went out with friends.

I pulled up to the garage a little after ten and noticed Mindy’s car. I was a little surprised, figuring she would have gotten my message and had left, but it didn’t matter. I opened the door and Terry met me straight away. I dropped down to my knees and scooped her up in my arms. The television was on without the sound and I could hear the stereo in my room. There were two glasses on the coffee table and a couple empty bottles of wine on the counter. As I walked across the living room, I got the idea I may be interrupting something. There was a lacy white bra draped over the couch and I caught my first glimpse of the TV. A video of two girls was playing on the screen. One girl with small breasts was wearing a large strap-on dildo and she was fucking a large breasted brunette. I watched for a minute then thought about my options. I could leave, but it was nearly eleven and it was my house. I could just bunk down on the couch for the night. It was a fold-out bed, but not really my preference. As I was still feeling quite sexed, the third option was the most appealing. I slipped off my heels and quietly walked down the hallway to my bedroom. I found a skirt and a pair of jeans about halfway down the hall. The door was mostly closed for some reason, but the music from the stereo covered any sounds I might have made. They had the bedside light on, so I could clearly see inside. I looked through the opening towards the two figures on my bed. I could see Mindy lying on her back under the covers, her head pressed up against the headboard. Her friend was under the sheets going down on Mindy. “Ooh Sam that feels so good.” Mindy’s small breast were visible, the sheets just covering her lower half. I slipped a hand inside my blouse and began to stroke my breast. “That’s it, I’m cumming.” Mindy bucked her hips as she came. Her friend raised up from under the sheets, the sheets sliding down his back to the bed as he straightened his back. My heart skipped as I realized Sam was a girl. I could feel the warmth between my legs increase. I thought about walking in on them, but then I decided it would be more fun to just watch them. I knew they couldn’t see me unless they got out of bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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