I Can’t Sit On Your Lap! Ch. 02

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I strode quickly into the theater, trying not to appear too nervous. Jenny and I had agreed to meet each other at the movie theater at 6:00PM. I saw her about twenty feet away and jogged over to her. This time I initiated the hug. As I pressed her body against mine, I felt my cock begin to stiffen. I quickly started to think about the upcoming new movies, so that my cock might go back down before she noticed.

“Hey Jenny, are you ready? The movie is about to start.”

“Sure Jeff, let’s go.”

She leaned her head against me as we walked. Nervously, I placed my arm around her. She didn’t push it away. I guided her into the right auditorium. Jenny nudged me towards a row near the front. I sat down first, and then lowered the seat beside me for Jenny to sit.

“Think you will be able to sit comfortably after yesterday?”

Jenny smiled at me, and then sat down without so much as a grimace.

“Yeah, my butt recovers pretty quickly. I’ve had lots of practice.”

I couldn’t tell you much about the movie. My mind was on other things. After about ten minutes into the movie, Jenny leaned up against me.

“Jeff, would you please put your arm around me?”

Wow. I had been thinking of a way to do this innocently since we had sat down. I was pleased to hear that she wanted me to put my arm around her, and that she had asked me so plainly to do so. I slowly placed my arm around her back and drew her in closer to me. I felt the heat of her body as it pressed against mine. I was really turned on.

The excitement became too much for me. An erection quickly formed in my pants. I shifted my eyes to look at Jenny. I desperately hoped that she wouldn’t notice my erection. She did.

“Jeff” she whispered. “That looks pretty big.”

I had never been so embarrassed before. She could have at least pretended not to notice my erection. She didn’t have to mention it to me.

“I’m really sorry about that Jenny. It was an accident. I didn’t mean it. Just don’t pay attention to it and it will go away.”

“Jeff, it’s OK. I don’t mind. I have a brother close to my age. I know about the male parts. I think it’s pretty interesting.

She stroked the bulge in my pants with her hand lightly. I took a deep breath in anticipation. I didn’t care if we were in the middle of a movie theater. I was disappointed when she took her hand away.

“I don’t want bursa escort you to have an accident in your pants. That might be embarrassing for you when we leave after the movie. Don’t be embarrassed about it though. I’m having a similar female reaction. It’s just not noticeable though.”

This got my attention. I didn’t know much about what happens when girls get “wet” down there. It was very strange for her to admit it so freely to me on our first date.

“Are you really admitting to me what I think you just said?”

“Yes Jeff, I am. I normally wouldn’t do that, but you have already seen be in a very humiliating position yesterday. I might as well be upfront and honest with you. I would like you to do the same with me. I think it would be much better if all couples would just be honest with each other.”

“Are you saying you want us to be a couple?”

“Yes, I really like you, and I can tell that you really like me. Let’s skip all the frustrating nervousness and agitation. I want to be your girlfriend, and you want me to be your girlfriend. We both know it. As far as I am concerned, that settles it. If it would make it feel any more real to you, then you can kiss me right now.”

My heart pounding, I turned towards her and kissed her on the lips. It was an awkward kiss, but I really enjoyed it. My erection came back with a vengeance. Jenny noticed.

“Jeff, since we are being honest with each other, I want you to answer this question honestly. Are you a virgin?”

Of all the questions for her to ask, this was the worst one. If she asked me that, then it probably meant that she isn’t a virgin.”

“Uh… yes, I am. There’s good reasons for that though. You see, a few years ago…”

“Jeff. It’s OK. You don’t need to make excuses. I’m a virgin too. Don’t be afraid to talk to me about anything. This movie is really boring. If you don’t want to see the rest of it, let’s just go.”

“Did I do anything to upset you?”

“Oh no Jeff, you didn’t do anything. I’m not saying that I want to go home or that the date is over. I just want us to be alone together.”

I stood up and helped her to her feet. My erection was forming a tent in my pants. I wished it would just go away.

“Jeff. Just try to make that less noticeable when we are leaving. We can’t deal with it later.”

The ambiguity with which she said that we would “deal with bursa escort bayan it” did nothing to help me suppress my erection. I put an arm around Jenny and walked out of the movie theater. I kept my eyes glued to the floor so I wouldn’t have to look at the people who saw my erection. When we exited the theater, Jenny turned towards me.

“Jeff, do you want to lose your virginity tonight? I’m ready if you’re ready.”

“Well… yes. Are you sure you’re ready?”

“I wouldn’t have offered if I weren’t sure. I know a cheap motel we can check into. First, I want you to come with me. That erection of yours might attract some unnecessary attention.”

I eagerly followed Jenny around the movie theater to the back alleyway.

“Rest your hands on the wall. I will take care of everything.”

I did as she told me, and was pleasantly surprised when she unbuttoned the waistband in my pants and lowered the zipper. My erect cock immediately sprang free from the opening in the front of my boxer shorts.

“That looks really good, Jeff. I can’t wait to try it for myself. First, let’s take care of you.”

I moaned as Jenny wrapped a small hand around the shaft of my cock. She began to move her hand in an awkward jerky motion. It was obvious she hadn’t done this before. It was OK with me though. I had never gotten a handjob from anyone except myself before. I gasped as I shot my liquid onto the brick wall of the movie theater.

“That was fun, Jeff. Did you like it?”

“I absolutely loved it. Thanks, Jenny. I feel guilty now. Do you want me to do something to you right now?”

“Don’t feel guilty, Jeff. I did this for you because I wanted to, not out of a sense of obligation. As for doing the same for me, we should save that for later. Your male parts are much simpler than my female parts. You wouldn’t know what to do.”

“Please Jenny. I would really like to do this for you.”

“Well… OK. Let’s do it in my car though. I have an idea. I want you to get in my backseat. I am going to get in the driver’s seat. Just trust me on this.”

Jenny reached under her skirt and removed her panties. Carrying the panties in her hand, she walked quickly to her car. She climbed in the front seat, and I got in the back.

“OK, move to the side a little so I can recline this seat.”

I moved over. She reclined the driver’s seat as far back as escort bursa it would go, until it was almost lying flat. She then jumped in the back seat with me, but she didn’t stay there for very long. She crouched behind the reclined seat, facing the trunk. She then rested her back on the seat and slid her body down the slight incline. She managed to get the back of her knees to rest on the top of the headrest and her feet to go underneath the headrest so that they were held in place by the backseat. She then lifted her hips just long enough to allow her skirt to obey the dictates of gravity, and fall downward. I gazed in awe. Her pussy was bare before me. I don’t mean “bare” as in simply unclothed. It was actually hairless.

“I had it waxed yesterday. Just in case.”

“Thanks for the consideration. I really like it. So, should I start now?”

“Yes. My clitoris is that little button type thing near the top. I want you to gently roll that between your thumb and index finger. With your other hand, I want you to stick your first two fingers inside me and just work me that way. Think of this as practice for the big game tonight.”

I eagerly got to work. I found her clitoris and gently touched it with the tip of my index finger. This elicited a giggle from Jenny. I was in awe at the power this had over her. I gently rolled it the way Jenny had instructed me to. I then slowly pushed the first two fingers of my left hand into her wet pussy. She moaned loudly.

“Oh, this feels so awesome! Keep doing it. Just like this.”

I continued to massage and pump her until I got a flash of inspiration. I moved my right hand away from her clitoris. I then leaned in and replaced it with my tongue. The aroma of her feminine parts overwhelmed me. I breathed in deeply as I massaged her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. This did it for her. She squealed in delight as a massive orgasm rocked her body. Suddenly, her pussy flew up and smacked me in the face. I don’t mind being hit in the face with pussy. It’s the pelvic bones and the full force of her body that hurts. I recoiled back and touched my right eye.

“Ow. You hit me. I really hope this doesn’t turn into a black eye. That would make an interesting story, especially since it wasn’t your fist that hit me.”

“Oh Jeff, I’m sorry about that. Your face looks OK though. If it still hurts when we get to the motel, you can spank me for it. By the way, I loved what you were doing to me just a minute ago. Let’s get to the motel so we can do more of that tonight.”

I couldn’t argue with that.

“OK then, start up the car. My penis is waking up again.”

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