I Married the Wrong Woman

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I had been married about a year, and had just started a new business, and moved into the dream home I had designed and built. Life was good…except my new wife was becoming distant. While I was building the house, she would make me breakfast, pack my lunch, and make me dinner. After we moved into the new house, and put it in both of our names, things changed dramatically.

No more meals, a growing nagging about ‘contributing’ to the household expenses. Her business, however, was growing. I had set her up with a great shared office in our new house, and she had decided to take on some new clients. She was in property management, and in a college town, it isn’t hard to succeed.

Soon she decided she needed to hire an assistant – to help with paperwork, show houses, etc. A lot of drama about that ensued, and she made a big deal out of how they dressed, and if they could ‘keep up with her’ on stairs.

Several women applied for the job, and after a lot of debate (I hadn’t met any of them yet), she choose one.

I had been working a lot of hours, and it was a few weeks before I had the opportunity to meet the new assistant.

A couple of weeks later, I was between projects, and took a morning to catch up on sleep. I knew the new assistant would be there, but the office had its own entrance, and was on a different floor from the living area, so I wasn’t concerned. I got up, put in my contacts, straightened my hair, got dressed, and went to the kitchen to make myself breakfast. From up the stairs, I heard talking and laughing.

‘Good’ I thought, they are getting along.

After pouring some cereal for myself, I wandered down the stairs to go to my side of the office and catch up on some paperwork. I walked into the office, set my bowl down, walked over to my wife, and bent to kiss her. She looked annoyed, so her turning just her cheek to me wasn’t surprising.

She turned her chair and said, “Well, you get to meet my new assistant.” “Larry, this is Noel, Noel, my husband Larry.”

I turned to look at the other desk, and I see Noel for the first time. ‘Nice smile’ I thought.

“Hi, nice to meet you Noel.”

“Nice to meet you, Larry. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

The ice being broken, I went back to my desk, and started looking at emails, and opened the browser on my computer to see the national news.

Noel and my wife kept chatting, mostly about business, and the morning went by.

A week or so goes by, and my wife starts making excuses to leave the house and go ‘to town’ (our house was several miles up a canyon, overlooking a lake and the city). I thought that odd, since previously she had mostly worked from home, but since she had an assistant now, maybe she was delegating some of the mundane work to Noel.

I am still waiting for a new contract to go through, and I end up sitting in the office with Noel while my wife went to town on several occasions. We started talking about music, and I started telling her jokes – I know a million of them. I felt very comfortable right away with her. Noel was warm, laughed easily, wasn’t pretentious, and was easy to be around. Not to mention good looking!

One day I was going to town, and as I drove down the street, a car jets from a side street and into traffic in front of me. I nicely manicured hand reached out of the sunroof and waves at me. I realize its Noels’ little Honda, and she knew it was my truck when she cut in front of me. I laughed at the casual wave, and we went our separate ways.

Since my wife and I were on a group plan for our cell phones, we added a phone for Noel to the plan. I had added her number to my contacts, just in case I needed to reach her at some point, since I occasionally helped my wife out with problems at her properties.

I don’t recall how Noel and I started texting, but soon we were casually bantering back and forth, and laughing at my wife’s mercurial moods.

Weeks go by, and Noel and I started becoming more familiar with each other, if you know what I mean. Jokes became dirty jokes, and a level of flirting had started to grow.

I think I have failed to describe Noel, other than good looking. She was the same age as my wife, but other than that and being female, that’s about where the similarity ended. Noel had long, lush, stylish hair that she changed around everyday. My wife had worn her hair exactly the same way since the 80’s, and although wasn’t horrible, was a dated look. Noel liked to wear dresses and heels, whereas my wife wore jeans and tennis shoes with t-shirts. Noel was built better than my wife, too. Bigger chest (yes, I had noticed from day one), lovely long legs, and a beautiful face – definitely easy on the eyes. She was also married, too, with three young kids at home – ten, eight, and four.

Although we were mildly flirting, I didn’t expect anything more to happen.

One day I cut myself badly on the jobsite, and had called my wife’s office to tell her I probably needed help to get it cleaned and dressed properly, but Noel answered instead.

“Your wife isn’t here”, she said. “But I can help you with it if you need it.”

“Oh, are canlı bahis you going to put on your nurses outfit?” I teased.

“I think my nurses’ outfit isn’t…decent for public display!”

“I’m not bleeding in public!” I said. She cracked up at that.

That was the beginning of the escalation of our flirting, until one day – and I don’t remember how it came about – she was texting me and said something that floored me.

“How about we meet at one of the empty houses, and I give you a blowjob?”

I was stunned, but excited. My wife and I were growing further apart, even though we had only been married a year and a half or so. Should I? Or is this a trap, laid by my wife to see if I’m cheating on her I wondered.

“Are you serious?!” I replied, hoping she was. My dick knew what it wanted right away, and started moving in my pants on its own.

“Yes. Totally.” was her next text.

“Where and when?” was my reply.

She named a house that was vacant, and I had been to, that was managed by my wife’s company. She told me to meet her there in 2 hours, at 1 pm. I told her I’d be there. My heart was racing. Should I do this? Could I cheat on my wife, even as far downhill as things had gotten already? My mind was racing, but my cock was throbbing with excitement.

When 1 pm came, I drove slowly past the house Noel had told me to meet her at, but the driveway was empty. I kept driving.

“Damn! I knew it was a trap, or a tease, or I don’t know!” I thought. Minutes later, as I hung around in the neighborhood, my phone chimed.

“Are you coming?” was her text.

“I went by, and you weren’t there” was my reply.

“Sorry, was running late. You still close?”

“There in a couple” I said.

I drove up to the house, and her car was now in the driveway. I was still thinking this was a joke, or a trap, and my heart was beating a mile a minute. I nervously looked around; trying to see another vehicle that was familiar, but the street was deserted. I got out, and walked towards the house. Noel’s car door opened, and out swings these totally hot, stylish boots. Her dress had ridden up as she slid out of the low car, exposing lots of smooth sexy leg, and she beamed at me.

“I thought you had chickened out, since you weren’t here.”

“I wasn’t sure what to think, I thought it might be a joke or a trap” I confessed.

She smiled at me and said “Let’s go in.”

We walked to the door, and she unlocked it with her master key. I followed her inside, and as soon as I turned around from closing the door, Noel put her arms around my shoulders, pulled me close, leaned in, closed her eyes, and kissed me.

WOW, what a kiss! I find lips very sensuous, and a girl that can kiss well melts me. Noel could kiss very well!

After we broke the kiss, I looked at her and said “I’m not sure we should be doing this, we are both married!”

She gave me a mischievous grin, and reached down and started to unzip my pants.

“You can leave if you want to.” She said, pulling down my zipper, while leaning in for another long kiss.

Now I’m really drowning in thoughts. I know I shouldn’t cheat on my wife. But damn, she could kiss, and the illicitness of meeting at an empty house, and a beautiful woman was reaching into my pants. Obviously, my hard cock had been thinking way ahead.

With no protest from me, Noel sank to her knees, and leaned forward and planted a kiss on the end of my cock. A groan escapes from my lips involuntarily. I’m cooked, I have no resistance.

Hearing me groan, Noel opens her sexy, soft lips and takes half my length in her warm, wet mouth. Man that felt good! Normally, I’m not very into receiving oral sex, having never found a girl that was talented. Some were downright horrible, scraping their teeth along the length painfully. Other had been enthusiastic, but I had never gotten off from receiving oral. If anyone was going to change that, it was Noel.

She was swirling her tongue around my shaft, sucking it into her mouth, and a moan came from her throat, making her mouth vibrate slightly. She pulled back, and then forward she went again, more of my shaft going into her mouth. Already, she had taken more of me into her mouth than any woman I could remember.

I’m not going to say I’m huge. Slightly bigger than normal, maybe, but I don’t go around looking at dicks, especially hard ones, so other than porn, I had no way to compare.

After a few wet bobs on my dick, she reaches around behind my legs, wraps her hands on my ass, and pulls me into her face, burying my entire cock in her mouth. Oh my God, did that feel fantastic! After a couple of seconds, she slowly pulled back, almost to the head, before going forward again, bumping her nose on my pubic bone.

“God!” was all I could blurt out.

Her eyes laughed at me as she continued to suck my cock all the way down her throat. One of her hands releases my ass, and goes in front of her to caress my balls. Still bobbing on my dick, she takes the other hand and starts squeezing her breast. This is incredible, have I stumbled onto a porn set? No one had ever been this sexy bahis siteleri with me, even after months of dating!

She moaned more as she continued to suck my cock, all the while kneading her tits. Soon she had tugged her blouse and bra down, and was squeezing the exposed nipple.

As great as it felt, I had to have more. I reached down, grabbed her by the armpits, and pulled her up. I put my arms around her, and kissed her deeply. Breaking the kiss, I said softly “That was incredible!”

“It’s what you came here for isn’t it? Why did you stop me?”

“Because I want to have more than a blowjob. If I’m going to cheat, I’m going to go all the way. “

We moved a few feet to the living room, and both lay down on the new carpet. I kissed her some more, and then kissed my way down her neck to the exposed breast. I nibbled and sucked it for a moment, before moving further down, until I was between her legs. I lifted her skirt, and discovered she wasn’t wearing any panties! Man, this gal was unbelievable! I looked at her pussy, close up and right in front of me. It was perfect; the sides shaved off clean, and a nicely trimmed patch of hair above. Sexy, but still demure. The moisture evident there was anything but demure though, and I leaned forward, and licked the moist slit with the tip of my tongue softly. Noel groaned with pleasure. I continued to lick her, soon sliding my tongue between her folds, and licking from her soft hole up to her clit, which was standing up nicely. I would circle her clit, suck it gently into my lips, and run my tongue back down to the bottom again, over and over. With her hands gently on the back of my head, she starts humping her hips slightly to increase contact with my tongue. She is becoming very vocal, moaning loudly.

‘Good thing there aren’t any neighbors home!’ I thought.

Soon her approaching orgasm was evident, and her labia swelled up as her moans got louder. With a cry, she came from my licking her pretty pussy. I stop licking her, and kiss her inner thighs, before moving back up to be above her. My rock hard dick is leaking pre cum from the tip, but she was so wet, we didn’t need the extra lube. Without touching it, I lined up my dick and started to push it into her pussy.

She felt like a perfect glove as I slid into her, bringing more moans from her. I pull back to the tip, and slide further inside her warm tunnel. Next time I withdraw and push forward, I am all the way in, the tip of my cock head touching her cervix. I pause for a moment, enjoying the tight grip her pussy has on my throbbing cock.

I slowly start thrusting in and out of her, and she whispers “Yesssssss…”

“Fuck my tight pussy!”

She draws her knees up to spread herself open for me more, and I and stroking my entire length in and out of her moist pussy. It feels so good, I can’t believe it. After several minutes of her moaning and me thrusting, her voice starts to rise, and she says “I’m cumming!”

Her pussy clenches down even tighter on my cock as she approaches climax, and all of the excitement gets to me, and suddenly I am coming too, shooting big wads of semen deep inside her as she contracts in her orgasm. We collapse in a slightly sweaty heap, our breathing fast from the incredible climax we just had.

I pull out slowly, and rise up to a kneeling position over her. I look at her half-lidded eyes, her heaving chest, and down to the river of combined juice now running out of her hole.

“I guess we will have to have the new carpet cleaned” I said, breaking the silence.

We both cracked up, and she rose to her feet as I did.

“I better go clean up.” She said, moving to the bathroom.

Without closing the door, she hikes her skirt up, and sits on the toilet. I hear the stream of her piss as she says “That was unbelievable! I didn’t know we were going to fuck!”

She wipes herself, stands, and flushes the toilet.

“Want me to get the door for ya?” I ask, laughing.

“Oh God, we just fucked in an empty house, you weren’t offended by an open door were you?”

“Nope, I just think it’s funny you are that comfortable with me.”

I move past her to the bathroom myself, and holding my still wet cock, let go of a stream of urine myself.

“Want me to get that door now?” she said, breaking up into laughter again.

I shake my head, wondering how we ended up screwing in one of my wife’s houses.

Finishing, I join her in the living room.

“I thought I was just going to give you a blowjob.” She says again.

“Oh, are you disappointed?”

“Not at all, that was great, but I thought you would be happy with a blowjob.”

“Why bother stopping there?” I said. “Like I said, if I’m going to cheat, I’m not stopping with just a blowjob, incredible as it was!”

After a slight pause, she says “Well, we better get going” and leans in for a parting kiss.

“I suppose so!”

We leave the house, lock up, and get in our cars and leave.

My heart is still racing, my dick is still half hard and drying, and I can’t help but wonder if this is a one- time fuck or not.

My answer comes the bahis şirketleri next day.

“Have time to meet today?” says the text from Noel.

“Sure…where?” I reply, not knowing exactly what she has in mind.

Perhaps a face to face to say hey, that was a mistake, we shouldn’t do that…who knows.

She replies with the address for a different empty house near the last one.

“2 pm, don’t be late” she says.

At 2 I meet Noel at the house she said, and she is already inside. I go to the door, and finding it unlocked, I go inside. I walk into the house, turn the corner, and see Noel, lying on the floor, wearing nothing but black stockings and high heels, her beautiful hair cascading around her smiling face. Seeing me, she smiles, and slowly spreads her legs.

“Come for this?”

“Nope, just here to check the plumbing…what do you think? I say, stripping off my jacket and shirt, before getting on my knees and meeting her lips for another one of those mind blowing kisses.

“I wasn’t sure you would come.”

“I wasn’t sure I should, but little head said I should!”

Our dialogue stopped as we started kissing passionately. I put my hands on her neck, holding her head to mine, and took the other hand, and starting at her waist, ran it softly up her ribcage to her big breast. I ran my hand over the large mound of tit flesh, feeling her nipple grow stiff in the palm of my hand. She reaches out without breaking the kiss, and starts gently rubbing the hardness evident in my crotch.

“Lose the pants, Mister!’ she said, tugging at my fly.

I laugh, and stand up, kicking off my shoes and socks, then unzipping and pulling my pants off. Not being one to wear underwear since I was a young teenager, my semi-hard cock springs out as I pull my pants down. I feel her eyes on me, and as I look at her, she leans back on her elbows, and puts her hands on both her tits and starts squeezing them, pulling on them until they slip through her fingertips until just the nipples are in her grasp. She pulls them out from her chest, and rolls the nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

I kneel down, and kiss her right breast. She moves her hand away, and I capture the stiff nipple in my mouth. I suck it, pull on it with my suction, and then let it slip out until II catch it with my teeth. I gently bite her nipples, watching for a reaction. Some women like them barely touched, some like things a little…rougher. I have a feeling she likes it rough.

Her moan and hand on the back of my head tells me I am right. I reach up with my hand and circle as much of her huge boob as I can, squeezing it toward my mouth. I continue to work over this one for a minute, and then move to the other, leaving my hand there squeezing it and pinching the nipple.

She says “You pinch them harder than I do…and I like it!”

I kiss and fondle her tits alternatingly for a minute or two, and then kiss my way up her chest and neck until I get to her plump lips again. She is breathing heavily now, as I continue playing with her tits while I kiss her.

We kiss like that for a minute, before she pushes me back, and leans forward and starts sucking my now very hard cock. Who am I to argue with a gal that wants to suck it that bad?

I enjoy her oral performance as before, her burying her nose in my short pubic hair on every down stroke. I reach down and gather her long mass of curls in my hand, so that I can see her lips moving on my shaft. She makes a noise, and I am unsure what it means, but I need a better grip on her hair, which is still cascading around her face. I gather it all up in both hands, and pull it back to a ponytail at the back of her head. She immediately starts moaning on my cock. I realize it’s the hair pulling that is making her moan. I’m no slow learner, so I pull on her ponytail harder. She moans louder. I use the handful of hair to pull her lips off of my cock, and it pops from her mouth.

“You like your hair pulled while you suck my cock?”

“Oh god, yes!” is her reply.

I use the hair like a handle and push her head towards my cock again. She opens her mouth, and I push my cock all the way in, burying it in her throat. I hold it there for a few seconds, the again using her hair, pull her back off. Then change directions again, thrusting deep in her mouth again. I pick up speed, and she is moaning constantly. Like the last time, her hands go to her nipples, pinching and rolling them as she is bobbing on my cock.

It feels great, but I’m not the kind of guy to just dump a load in her mouth and leave. I want to fuck her again.

I pull her off my cock, and still gripping her hair, move to the side and push her forward until she is on her hands and knees. Moving behind her, I point my saliva coated cock at her dripping pussy, and push it in. God, this woman’s pussy is tight! And she has three kids, I think to myself. I start fucking her deep and slow, feeling every bump and texture of her pussy. Letting go of her hair, I move my hand to her hips, grabbing a hold of the luscious mounds of her ass cheeks. I control the depth and speed of our coupling by holding onto her. I slowly start to speed up, and hear a very noticeable squishing sound, and her wetness pours from her pussy. I move my thumbs to her ass crack, and pull it apart while I thrust my cock into her. She moans louder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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