I Want You In The Shower

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We had plans.

A classy dinner after a brisk walk in the cold. A long promised celebration of being together and to mark the start of the end of the year. Something to warm us up for Christmas before the season starts.

She buzzed the apartment without words and headed up in the elevator. Like always, I wasn’t ready – not even close. I had just returned from a run and fresh out of the shower.

As the door opened, and I saw her, my mind went back to the first time I saw her; a short dress and long legs. Long hair and a perky body. A beautiful smile. It was hard enough not to drop the towel off my waist but I thought I should be a good boy.

She folded herself into a reclining chair and I began to find some clothes. All the while feeling her eyes on me; hoping she would be thinking what I wanted her to think. She didn’t say a word and as I finished, we made our way silently to the door with the efficient silence of two people comfortable and alone in their company.

I always love helping a girl with their coat, as it provides an opportunity to be close behind someone and smell their hair and their perfume. With the person you are engaged with, even more so, as their scent is a fortaste of their sex.

In doing so, I remembered her sore shoulder and took extra care in slowly lowering her coat onto her shoulders. The gasp of breath probably in awkwardness or was it a subtle hint to tecavüz porno the opportunity? I thought it worth a shot and whispered in her ear that she looked and smelled amazing. Expecting a smile and a hand to lead me out of the door, I was taken aback by her response of, ‘fuck dinner, fuck me instead’.

Pushing her ass into my groin, I took this as the moment to grab her hips and pull her against my semi hard cock. Without fail, the cock that leaks cum at the earliest opportunity and this time was no different. I love no more than anyone feeling this myself, but her hand down my trousers had me straining not to cum.

As I asked her if that dress was designed to change our plans, she just said, ‘why don’t you shut up and help me out of it’ as she lay on the bed and moved her hair aside so that I could unzip her. Not a conventional position for this until I realised it was to raise her ass up into my face, covered only by the tiniest of panties.

I couldn’t resist my tongue slipping in between her cheeks.

She groaned as I pulled hard on her dress and sidled it off down her stockinged legs.

Bodies covered in lingerie are always too much for a man to take and resist. It wasn’t long before I used the excuse of a massage to feel her curves and lace a little more, all the while ensuring my hard cock rubbed against her and between her ass. Subtle encouragement for her travesti porno to grab me again.

I’ve always had ideas of deviance with her. Moments to stray far from the norm. Perhaps this was an opportunity to make a subtle move from a great fuck to great, dirty fucks. Without thought I slipped a blindfold on her and led her into the bathroom.

With her white panties, I could see her wet pussy and new this was the right time.

Taking in ‘the drawer’ on the way to the bathroom I grabbed a few secret purchases I had made. Cuffs to tie her hands enthusiastically in the shower as she inhaled even more excitedly than I had hoped. My hands slipping in to feel her wet lips as I whispered in her ear, ‘I want to do bad things to you’. My fingers feeling the contraction of her hole around my fingers as I said it.

‘What do you want to do?’ she asked in return. ‘Not yet, my reply’.

Of course I knew. But the anticipation of her convulsing body made me drunk. My lips sidling down to her bra covered nipples as she exhaled a ‘fuck’. The word ringing in my ears as her bra was peeled down to expose sex hardened nipples that were perfect for sucking hard on as my hands slid over and around her now wet body from the trickle of warm water. Her fabric getting wetter both from the shower and her leaking pussy.

I love the smell, the texture. Her pussy begging me to get on tumblr porno my knees and suck her clit through the elegant lace. Her foot fumbling onto my cock as I did, and an invitation for me to grab and move her leg so I could pull an opening from the side of her panties and taste her perfect juices. Soaking my face with enthusiasm; more than ever. Making myself want to be soaked in her squirt. A fantasy I think of every day.

It wasn’t long before her panties were pulled down to one ankle, leaving only stockinged legs to lick the length off before again, enthusiastically eating her. Uncharacteristically, she moaned, ‘eat my cunt’. The words making my cock convulse. My desire to spunk lit once again.

Holding back, I lowered her down. She said, ‘Can I fuck you now? I want you inside of me’. My lack of response only heightening the sensation.

Silently, I lowered her onto the dildo that was strapped to my face. A perfect leather bound around my neck, with my mouth forced about by the end of the cock. Her perfect, creamy wet pussy slowing taking the length of it inside of her as she moaned.

As her juices trickled into my mouth, her instinct took her forward and her embrace of the moment became too much.

I came in her mouth, and for a moment, her silence controlled me.

She left the dildo and removed her blindfold. Seeing that I was now hers, she slipped my still hard cock inside of her pussy and lowered her face to mine to suck on the dildo. Spilling out my cum into my mouth as it ran off it. Tasting my own salty, creamy cum as she licked the run off to drizzle over me again. Fucking me as she saw me gag and swallow.

She was now in control.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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