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“I think I’m going to go take a bath,” I say, arching my back and stretching my arms over my head. The comment rouses my sleepy companion, Bane, from his spot on the couch.

“…Hmm?” He opens his eyes and sits up, looking around. “What did you say?”

“I said, I’m going to go take a bath. Go back to sleep, Bane. Sorry I woke you.” I laugh and walk off to the bathroom, closing the doors behind me. Its not often that I take baths, to be honest, mainly because of the time involved. I don’t get too much free time to sit around and do nothing by myself. So, on this sleepy little Saturday night, I figure I may as well enjoy myself in the tub, watch a little SNL, and then go to bed. Hardly exciting, but I’m still looking forward to it. Besides, Bane was tired from going out about town earlier, and from not getting much sleep the night before.

I turn on the TV, lean over the bathtub, and begin to draw the water. I strip off my clothes and sit on the edge of the tub, watching TV, adding bubbles to my water, and lighting candles. Hey, I may as well make an evening of it, after all.

I turn off the lights, draw the curtains, pull my hair back, and slip into the tub. The water and bubbles reach almost to my neck, and I smirk lightly as I run my hands over my breasts, and squeeze them lightly. I take a brief moment to find amusement in how I cannot even hold one of my breasts in both my hands. I’m much too small to be that racked, but luckily for me, being rather buxom runs in the family. I giggle to myself and let my hands fall from my chest to the side of the tub, leaning back against the tub, breathing a soft, content sigh. The only light is the light of a TV and the few candles I’d lit. It was relaxing, and I soon find myself closing my eyes and beginning to drift in and out of sleep. I hear the TV shut off, and the stereo click on. I open an eye sleepily, and look up. I’m met with the hard gaze of Bane standing in his boxers before me. I look him up and down a few times, noting the straning erection trapped behind the fabric of his boxers. I catch myself smirking, and I gaze up at his eyes.

“…Can I help you?” I ask, lowering my voice a little. Bane shifts uneasily, staring at me, unmoving. I clear my throat and speak again, using “the voice” as Bane calls it. “…Is there something you need?”

He looks at me, shaking his head and stepping forward a little. He pulls off his boxers, letting them fall to the floor. He steps forward to the tub, and climbs in opposite of me. My eyes meet his, but his gaze is still hard, still unmoving from mine. He reaches forward and takes my hand, pulling me to him, so my back is against his chest. He reaches down in the water and slowly begins to rub the head of his hard cock against the base of my spine. He leans forward, fake cop porno nuzzling his nose and lips into the side of my neck, growling softly.

“You feel that?” He growls into my ear, nuzzling my earlobe with his nose and lips. “This is what you do to me. After you told me you were going to take a bath, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.” His lips trail down my neck, to the curve of my collarbone. He kisses it lightly, removing his hand from his cock and sliding it around between my thighs. His fingers work their way to my clit with ease, rubbing and caressing it lightly. I squirm against his hand, a soft gasp escaping. “All I could think about was you… In here…” He plays his fingers around my clit, his other hand reaching up and taking hold of my breast, pushing my body back against his. “…And how badly you needed fucked…” He grins, hearing a helpless moan escape my throat. He works a finger inside of my wet pussy, chuckling at the soft squeal I let out. “Mmm. I’ve wanted you all day.”

“…Mmm.” I find myself already slick and ready to go, the feeling of his fingers quickly working me into that hot, lightheaded feeling I get when he touches me like that. I’m very aroused. “Oh god…” I breathe as he works another finger into my tight pussy. He chuckles, kissing and sucking on my neck.

“Mmmm…” He responds to my moan with a soft reply of his own. He works his fingers in and out of me, occasionally moving his hand from my breast down between my thighs, rubbing my clit in that circular motion that drives me insane. I buck against his hand lightly, and he bites my shoulder. “Shhh. Just enjoy it. Lie back on me.” He leans back in the tub, pulling me against him. “I’m going to make you cum before I fuck you… So you may as well enjoy this little pregame.” He strokes his fingers in and out of my pussy, his other hand pinching and twisting my nipples.

“F..fuck…” I close my eyes, arched against him. His hard cock is pressed into my back, and as I squirm, I feel him give slight buck into my back. He begins to rub my clit faster, and I let out a series of helpless gasps and squeaks, and he begins to bite and suck on my neck harder. He thrusts two of his fingers in and out of my pussy, and then as I start to get quiet, just breathing harder, pushes them the whole way in, rubbing my clit hard and fast. He can tell I’m getting close, and he groans softly to himself. He keeps his fingers buried inside of me, and whispers softly against my ear.

“Thats my girl… Cum for me.” He still rubs me hard and fast, his fingers unmoving inside of me. My body tightens around his fingers as, I feel it building. He knows I’m close, as he keeps the steady pace, his fingers just now beginning to give short, hard thrusts into me. Suddenly, fake hospital porno my body lets loose and I feel my orgasm slam into me, and hard. I arch my back and cry out, swearing, moaning his name, gasping helplessly, and he pulls his hands from between my thighs, puts his hands on my hips, and presses his teeth into my shoulder, hard. He stands me up, almost without my knowledge, and has me start to bend over. He releases my shoulder from his hard bite, and pushes me down forcing me to be bent over, my arms resting on a folded towel, and my cheek resting on my arms. He takes his cock in his hand and guides it deep inside my pussy, as I’m still finishing my first orgasm, and presses himself into me, until he can’t go any further. He lets out a moan “Nnngh… Fuck, baby.” He rubs my back as he stands there, hips pressed to my ass, cock fully in me. “You feel so good…”

“I…” I’m lost for words, honestly, as I wasn’t expecting him to thrust into me, mid-orgasm. He seems content to stand there though, rubbing my arms, shoulders, and back. He keeps his hips unmoving, just rubbing and caressing me. It reminds me how much I love the feeling of him deep in my pussy. Even though the two of us have anal sex on a regular basis, no amount of anal will ever compare to the feeling of him pushing his rock-hard cock deep inside of my pussy. Especially if he’s got me bent over like this. Doggystyle fucking happens to be my favorite, and he knows it.

“You… weren’t expecting that, were you?” He chuckles and leans over me, hands pressing my shoulders down, so I’m unable to move. “I like to take you by surprise.” He slowly pulls out his cock, almost the whole way, and then slowly slides it back in. We both let out a soft moan, and just as he got the whole way in, he pulled himself back out, only to push in again. He keeps up the maddeningly slow tempo, making sure to keep me pressed down against the cool marble at the edge of the tub. Everywhere the marble touches, sparks of ice seemed to travel through my body. It seems to make me notice how his hot, hard cock was pushing into me. “I can keep this tempo up all night if you’d like.”

“No…!” I cry out, knowing that he would, in fact, tease me with the tempo. Even begging didn’t mean that he’d fuck me more forcefully. He loves to be in control, and if he feels like it, he’ll fuck me slow to tease me.

“I think you need to persuade me.” Keeping his pace steady, groaning every time he pushes in, drawing a breath in every time he pulls back. “So… Beg.”

“…Please, Bane…” I gasp, my fingers tense against the edge of the marble. He presses my shoulders down more forcefully. “Please, Bane… fuck me.” He laughs.

“I am fucking you, baby girl.” He doesn’t change his tempo, fake taxi porno his thrusts continue at the maddeningly slow pace. “Seriously beg me.” I bury my face in my arm and let out a frustrated sigh. He chuckles lightly at my frustration.

“Bane… Please.” I half-beg, half-whimper. “Please fuck me… Fuck me like you mean it.” He pulls out and holds himself at the entrance to my pussy, the tip of his cock resting right at the opening. He scratches his fingernails down my back, and with one swift, forceful thrust, slams his hips against my ass. I let out a helpless squeak and a gasp. He doesn’t give me much time to react, and begins to fuck me at a quick, rough pace. He groans and puts his hand in my hair, fussing with it, pulling it lightly, his other hand squeezing my hip tightly.

“Nnngh…Fuck…” He growls at me, his hand pulling on my hair harder, pulling me up so I’m supporting myself on my hands. He grunts and growls at me, spitting out curses as he continues to slam into me. I can feel his cock sliding in and out at that rough pace, raising my hips each time he pushes in fully. Every so often he stops to push the whole way into me, and then press even further. I let out a loud moan each time he slows down to push into me like that, and he responds by giving my ass a playful slap. He chuckles as I let out a gasp. “Mmm…Baby…” He leans forward, grabbing my hands and pulling them out out in front of me, his chest flush against my back for a moment as he sinks his teeth into the back of my neck. He pushes himself deep into me, thrusting in short, hard bursts. And then…

“Nnnghfuck…” I grip his hands helplessly, arching my back and squirming. He keeps me as still as possible. I feel it building, my pussy tightening around his cock. He fucks me in eratic, hard strokes. I feel myself getting closer and closer… until…

“Ahhh! A..Ah! Nngh! Fuck! Oh, Bane!” I feel him buck into me hard and then hold still, as I felt my pussy tighten around him in pulses. I’m orgasming hard, squealing and squirming under him. He lets out a few gasps and grunts, and then pulls out of me. He strokes his cock a few times and then he cums…

In hot, messy white streaks…

He cums…

It splatters across my back and ass, marking me in a territorial fashion. He spits out swears and moans, bucking into his hand lightly. He watches it, moaning as he finished, his cock still dripping on my ass. He moans quietly his hand reaching up, grabbing my shoulder, forcing me to stand upon shaky legs. He kisses the back of my neck as he reaches down, taking a wash cloth and wiping my back and ass clean, with a surprising tenderness. He steps out of the tub, wraps a towel around his waist, and then helps me out, wrapping a towel around me, his hand flat on my back, making me walk on shaky legs. He lays me down on the bed and climbs on top of me.

“Bane…What are yo–“

He silences me with a kiss, his hand running to my breast and squeezes it gently. He pulls back, brushing his lips to mine.

“…We’re not done yet… Not even close.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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