Island Vacation Day 01

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Day 1: Check-in

“Hey now, none of that!” Andy’s voice crackled through the other two headsets his companions wore. He took one hand off the small plane’s controls to reach back and playfully swat at Marie’s legs. She uncurled from Todd’s side, laughing.

“Well if you want me to wait¸ why not give me something else to do with my hands?” Marie suggested slyly. “Surely it’s safe for me to have a turn at this altitude.” She rose to make her way to the co-pilot’s seat. Todd’s hands slid up her leg in a half-hearted attempt to restrain her.

“Get back here!” he cried, his mock outrage undermined by his smile. She laughed in response, vacating the long bench seat in the rear of the small cockpit to make her way forward. Her round ass bumped Andy’s shoulder as she squeezed between the pilots’ seats and took the one to her right. His appreciative glance was not lost on her, and Marie smiled to herself. This was going to be one hell of a trip.


What they had seen of the island as they circled for landing was a beautiful blend of bright colors, calm breezes, and lush, exotic plant life – the perfect spot for a secluded resort, where a person could feel free to pursue things he ordinarily wouldn’t; a place free from their conventional daily lives.

They’d all left their “normal” lives temporarily behind to meet up for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fulfill one of their most erotic fantasies. Years ago, they’d met through the coincidence of being in the same general psych course of 300 or more students. As Andy thought back to the moment Marie had innocently asked the two of them to form a study group, it seemed almost a foregone conclusion that they would be entwined in this lust-fueled web that seemed to draw them together.

They’d landed around 6pm and were escorted from the small airport to the nearby resort. There was a sense of excitement in the tropical breeze that made their nerves tingle with anticipation. The luxury suite Andy had booked for them all was like something out of a movie. It was furnished with a large king-sized bed, a living area, a stocked wet bar, and a private walk-out patio. The large bathroom held the most luxurious shower any of them had ever seen.

The sun was setting now, and their appetites growing. They had agreed to attend the hotel dining room on the first night of this trip – the only item on the otherwise loose itinerary they established ahead of time – so as to ease into what was sure to be an awkward situation, at least until they eased into the unchained ecstasy this vacation promised.

As the guys changed into their dinner attire in the living area, Marie slipped into the spacious bathroom and began to undress. Tonight’s dinner was a special occasion – the kick-off of her fantasy masterpiece. She smiled with pleasure at her reflection in the full-length mirrors that lined one wall of the over-sized room.

She examined her naked form thoroughly. Just the sight of her lithe little body aroused her. She looked phenomenal, particularly for a woman out of her 20s, with her slim build, smooth abs, and rounded ass. Her long hair fell past her shoulders to just above the pert nipples of her perky breasts; a feature she’d come to embrace only after leaving college, where she’d felt shown-up by the heavy-chested set.

Marie swept up her golden locks in her hands, revealing the slender column of her neck. Her head rolled to the side as she closed her eyes and imagined the men in the other room, their mouths kissing her all over, their stubble scratching along her sensitive flesh, their breaths hot against her creamy white skin.

Marie’s free hand traced the path down her neck, between her small breasts, along her lean torso, down to the long, slim patch of hair ending at the apex of her thighs… Little shivers of arousal danced across her nerves as mind raced. She reluctantly shook herself back to her surroundings with a little shiver of excitement and began readying herself for the coming evening.


Out in the living area, Andy crossed to the wet bar near the patio doors and opened the bottle of whiskey he had saved specially for this trip. He poured two glasses and handed one to Todd, who had taken a seat in one of the leather wing chairs.

Andy raised his class toward Todd’s in a symbolic toast and Todd smiled, mimicking the action. “‘May you live in interesting times’…” Andy said. Todd chuckled in response. “To interesting times,” he replied, before downing the contents of his glass in a single drink.

Andy turned away from his friend and began to pace, nervous energy tensing his long, lean frame. He still couldn’t believe he was actually here with one of his best friends and the object their mutual desire since college days, about to embark on a week of intense sexual pleasure to rival his wildest dreams. His pants seemed uncomfortably snug as his erection pulsed.

Andy’s mind flashed back to casino oyna their early days … the three of them had been through “interesting times” together, no doubt about it. There had always been a curiously intense sexual attraction between them then; an attraction that persisted, even their lives grew apart in various ways as they aged. Whenever their paths would cross, that same, strange attraction would compel them to renew the ties the bound them to one another.

They had teased about this frequently, him and Marie, throughout their friendship, Andy reflected. How often had they alluded to it in the private moments they shared amidst their otherwise busy, separate lives? After all the talk, the nights of longing… Marie would finally be his to pleasure, to probe, to play with…. He took a steadying sip of whiskey and resumed his pacing.

Todd was sure he had not been this hard for this long in his entire life. When he saw Marie come bounding onto the plane earlier that day, he knew it was really going to happen. The anticipation of finally getting to satisfy his throbbing need to touch her, taste her, to possess her made him almost uncomfortably hard. It had always been this way between them. So different, yet so drawn to each other. Some days, he felt sure that he didn’t even like Marie, and then other days…

He placed his now empty glass on a nearby table and inconspicuously moved a hand to his groin, brushing the sensitive head of his growing erection as he adjusted his position. He tried to banish the anxiety that laced his arousal. They each wanted Marie, and she wanted them, it was true…but was it worth it the risk of putting their deepest fantasies into action?

Their thoughts were disrupted when Marie appeared in the doorway wearing a strapless black dress that hugged her curves to perfection and revealed her shapely legs. Her long golden brown hair had been pulled up and away from her face, her dark eyes visible as she surveyed the scene.

Two tall, lean men stood before her, gazing at her with open hunger, their hard cocks outlined under their clothes. They were so enticingly masculine; Andy’s expansive torso with its coating of dark hair, his massive hands and thick fingers; Todd’s piercing, wolf-like eyes, thick, broad shoulders, the husky growl of his voice.

How many times had she imagined them penetrating her in various ways, and here they were, in the flesh, ready to give her all she wanted and more. The very thought gave her chills. She swallowed, fighting to master her arousal; she couldn’t let them know how hot she was already. She had to maintain the upper hand for now, for she would surely crumble under their combined efforts soon enough.


Tucked away in their curved private booth, the sensual tensions between them begged for release as the men sat sandwiching Marie between them, their muscular thighs brushing against hers. Wine flowed freely and soon their reservations dissipated. Marie breathed deeply to steady her nerves, every one of which seemed to be on edge.

After the last course was cleared and the wine emptied, the air at the table crackled with anticipation. Marie sought to ease the tension by taking control and getting the ball rolling. With a sweeping gesture, she declared in a tone of mock dismay, “All this delicious food and I still feel unsatisfied! I’ve got a craving for something very particular…” she paused, idly moving her hands along the legs on either side of her before continuing. “…a taste I’ve been going crazy waiting for.”

She lightly massaged their erections through their pants and both men shifted to allow her better access, relaxing a bit more into the padded seats. Their waiter approached their table moments later, stating to Andy, “I took the liberty of charging your room, sir.”

Andy’s arm was now draped around Marie’s shoulders. The waiter surveyed the scene at the table and quirked an eyebrow at the sight of Todd’s hand sliding up Marie’s thigh while she fondled the two men’s obvious bulges. Marie met his eye with a seductive smirk, causing him to cough a little as he nodded to the table and said, “Ahm, …Enjoy your evening.”

They walked back to the room in silence, flirtatious touches here and there as they strolled their way along. Once in the room, they wasted no more time. Andy opened the door, ushered in his companions, and then strode to the wet bar and poured three measures of the whiskey he’d opened earlier. He took a luxurious sip, fortifying himself for the coming action.

Andy watched over the rim of his glass as Marie stepped out of her heeled shoes and approached him, her gaze honed on his chest. He set the glass down as she reached him. Her hands started at his waist and traveled, slowly, deliberately, up the expanse of his chest, fanned out across his across his broad shoulders.

Their eyes met and they held each other’s gaze. In her eyes, Andy saw a warm glow of desire slot oyna and it gave him confidence. His head bent to hers in a vigorous kiss; she gripped his shoulders and pulled toward him, eager with the same feeling of longing.

His strong arms encircled her waist as his cock surged against his zipper. Feeling the pulse of his thick penis against her, she instinctively moved her hands to free him, deftly undoing his pants and sliding them to the floor.

She broke their kiss in order to move her hands down past his waist and around his taught backside. Her tongue followed her hands, trailing down his body until she reached a kneeling position in front of his groin. Her eyes stared up at him with unadulterated hunger as she cradled his sack in her hands.

“Oooh yesss…” she purred softly, almost inaudibly, as she turned her gaze to what was now in front of her face. They felt large and heavy in her hands. She licked her lips without conscious awareness, thinking only of how much she wanted to take Andy into her mouth as she began her work…

Andy watched her, pleased by her admiration. He wasn’t yet fully hard, which allowed her to massage his rod with her tongue as it slowly but surely stiffened in her small mouth. He groaned quietly as Marie moved up and down his erect shaft again and again and again…

Todd had now crossed to the bar and stood back, sipping his whiskey, as he watched Marie perform. He idly fondled himself through his pants. He was in no rush… He knew he’d get his time with Marie tonight and all throughout this vacation.

He and Andy had both waited a long time to be here, Andy more so than himself, and his loyalty to his friend told him to bite back the urge to possess her first, and let these two have this moment while he waited his turn. Surely more waiting wouldn’t kill him, and judging by the look of ecstasy on his friend’s face as she pleasured him, she was worth every second of it. Besides, he’d make her “pay” for the snub tonight later in the week…

Marie was warmed up now, curling her tongue around Andy’s head as she expertly stroked him in a slow, steady rhythm. She was hungry for this, for the taste of him. She’d imagined it over and over…but she’d never before truly appreciated the fullness of his cock until now. Her body flared in response to his smooth member sliding in and out of her mouth, her tongue finding every crevice of his length as she took him in.

Andy battled the temptation to fuck her pretty face; he started to thrust, lightly at first to gauge her response. She eagerly took up his cue, hungrily bobbing up and down to his rhythm. She moaned excitedly, the sound punctuated by Andy’s dick tapping against the back of her throat. Andy leaned back against the bar, his arms bent at the elbows, supporting his weight as his knees grew weak under Marie’s knowing mouth.

Andy let out a reluctant groaned as Marie slid her lips over his head and off his dick and directed him to the nearby chair. “I expect you to be naked by the time I return to that beast,” she teased, casting a lurid glance at his erection. “Roger that,” he joked back, moving to step out of the pants around his ankles on the floor and undo the buttons of his dress shirt while Marie turned her attention to Todd.

Todd’s gaze was almost predatory as she stalked ever closer to where he stood…the sexual tension between them nearly palpable. He held her dark eyes with his lighter ones as she stood before him…. then snaked his arm around the curve of her hip and roughly pulled her to him. All pretension was lost as they embraced each other; hands eagerly roaming each other’s bodies, their kisses growing more and more raw and ravenous.

Marie half sighed, half groaned against his mouth as his hands groped her ass cheeks, pushing her clit into his still-covered crotch. She had an idea what she’d find under that fabric, and she couldn’t wait another second to find out if her fantasies had been right. Reluctantly, she drew back as Todd’s stubble-covered chin traced up and down the column of her neck, sending shivers across her skin. Her hands undid his button then she knelt before him, her hot breath and tongue flickering over the outline of his erection through his boxer briefs.

She slowly pulled the waist band of his pants and boxers down and his cock sprang free, hitting her lightly in the face. She laughed; a low, seductive noise that caused his erection to jump with sudden surge of stiffness. Marie’s thumbs and forefingers closed around the base, one hand on top of the other, and stroked his modest length repeatedly, gaining intensity as she went.

Though not as big as Andy, Todd’s dick was beautiful. Marie noted its smooth softness in her hands, the bronze color darker than Andy’s pale tones. She pleasured him with her only hands at first, deliberately bringing him to the edge before taking his head slowly into her hot waiting mouth.

Her nose nuzzled the stubble of Todd’s shaved groin as canlı casino siteleri she took his entire length down her throat. Her tongue slurped around the base of his shaft as she eagerly fucked him with her mouth, alternately sucking and squeezing his member.

“Shiiiiiiiit,” he moaned as his balance became unsteady from the force of her ministrations. She pulled up, releasing his saliva-covered dick from her mouth and he sank into a waiting chair. “I want to see you, all of you…,” she lightly commanded, before returning to her other lover in the room.

Marie stood, wiping the corners of her mouth daintily as she sauntered over to the bar and sipped her whiskey, her eyes on Andy’s wide-spread legs. “I take that as an invitation…” she said coyly, raising the glass once more to her lips before dropping to her knees and crawling over to his waiting cock, her lovely ass rising prominently out of the curve of her waist. It wiggled as she made her way to him.

God he loved that sight, Andy thought to himself. “Wait a minute, you’re still dressed and we’re not…” he observed, gesturing toward Todd, who sat naked in the neighboring chair, rubbing his erection as he watched her.

Marie paused, pushed up to sitting on her knees, and then peeled off the tight black number she’d worn to dinner. It was all she’d worn to dinner, apparently. She tossed it carelessly to the side of the room then struck a pose, her hands resting on the noticeable indents of her thin waist, quirked a brow at him and asked, “Better?”

“Much,” Andy declared, “now I believe you were coming this way…” She didn’t miss the challenge in his tone. When she reached him, she nuzzled her face between his thighs, flicking her tongue gently over his sack, her cheek brushing against his fingers on the hand that was still stroking his penis.

Marie practically purred with delight as she rubbed her face against him, reveling in the fact that she brought him to this state of arousal. She cupped his balls in one hand as the other began working in tandem with her mouth, moving up and down his cock in a mouth fuck that made her vagina jealous. She fondled his sack slowly, softly in the palm of her hand while stroking him more and more vigorously, his dick shining and slick with her saliva.

Andy’s pleasure intensified, his climax building as his hips tensed and lifted him slightly off the chair, filling her mouth even fuller with his meaty length. He looked down at her flared lips as they glided over his ridged head… “What a pretty sight,” he rasped, his throat dry as he panted for breath, trying to hold off his own release just a bit longer.

Her eyes flicked to his and the corners of her cocked-filled mouth pulled into a sly smile that undid him. “Fuuuuuuuuck,” he groaned as his hot load shot down her throat. She continued a slow bobbing as his dick pulsed in her mouth, determined to suck down every last drop of him.

Slowly she released him and stood, her hands braced on his legs as he pulled her to his mouth in a deep kiss. His hands gripped her ass cheeks and pulled them lightly apart as they kissed, which elicited a soft moan from Todd nearby.

“Don’t worry my friend,” Marie purred seductively to Todd as she rose and turned slowly to him, her eyes feasting on his naked form, his erect dick in his hand, licking his lips in anticipation of her, “I have definitely not forgotten about you…”.

Their eyes locked as she stepped to his parted thighs and knelt slowly, reverently, between them. She ran her hands from his knees up the length of his thighs until she reached the hot center where his dick stood upright, waiting for her.

Bringing her hands together around his rod, she moved them slowly up his length, pausing as she reached the top. She held his gaze and he read the naked hunger in her eyes; it reflected his own.

She peeled her hands open slowly and slowly revealed her prize. She pounced on it ravenously, savoring this long-awaited feast. She stroked and caressed his member with her lips as she took him her mouth over and over. Todd’s head fell backward with an audible, “Oooh yeaaaah…”, and he continued to moan, a low, guttural sound, even as he pulled his head back up to watch her eat his cock.

She was really in her element, Todd thought. How at home his dick felt in her skilled mouth. Marie was now gasping and moaning herself as she worked him over, sometimes sucking his dickhead firmly into her tight mouth, sometimes flicking his balls with her tongue while her hands jerked him almost to breaking.

She felt the power of his gaze and turned her eyes to his. “Mmmmmm, yessss,” Marie hissed as her mouth moved back to Todd’s dick and she began to vigorously fuck his dick with her mouth and hands, increasing in speed and pressure until she sensed he was about to blow. She growled, and the low rumble vibrated through Todd’s dick lodged deep in her throat.

“Uaaghhh fuck yes!” Todd gasped as his orgasm peaked. Marie pulled back enough for his load to splash against the tip of tongue and lips, dribbling down her chin as she lapped at his swollen head. He wanted to collapse in a post-orgasm haze, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the sight of Marie’s face.

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