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Gregory A. Patrick


Jaiden � Chapter 117

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Greg Patrick


“So, everybody, tell me about the dinner cruise up the Mississippi River.”


“Ginny spoke up and said it was one of the most romantic things she and Gampy had ever done together. The Reverend said he and Granny felt incredibly blessed to have been gifted such a wonderful experience. Likewise, Peyton”s and Jaiden”s moms thought it was one of the nicest gifts they could ever receive from their sons. As for the food, it was delectable, and there was plenty of it, and on that note, everybody had stuffed themselves.


Jaiden asked if anybody had tasted the wine. The Reverend and Gampy tried it, and the Reverend said, “didn”t like it, tasted like the devil”s brew.” Gampy chuckled at the Reverend”s comments. Jaiden knew his and Peyton”s mom enjoyed the wine, so they, and he, didn”t say anything. Then, Jaiden asked if any of them had tried one of the locally crafted beers. His mom spoke up first and said, “Jaiden, you know Phyllis, and I, can”t drink beer since it looks foams and smells like horse pee.” Ginny, Granny, and crew died laughing at that statement � and agreed with the description of the beer.


Peyton”s mom asked Jaiden how he and the guys liked the catfish, coleslaw, and the fried dill pickles. “Mom, the Southern-fried catfish was amazing. You”ve seen our sons tackle shrimp and fish at the Wharf in Erie; when they tasted the catfish, they didn”t want anyone else to have any. And by the amount they ate, I am dreading what is coming in the morning.” Jaiden”s mom facetiously asked, “What do you mean, Jaiden.” “Mom, what goes in must come out.” Everybody in the car roared when he said that � and they knew it was true.”


“What about the children eating the dill pickles?” Ginny, they loved them, and the faces they made while eating them were hilarious. We videoed them eating a little of everything so we could show y”all how they reacted. I don”t think Peyton, Dale, Charley, and I have ever laughed so much. Alaina Noelle hilariously tried to hog the Ranch Dressing she dipped her pickles in.”


“You could tell the boys really wanted to try dipping their fried pickles in the dressing, but they wouldn”t dare try to get any from Alaina Noelle. So, Peyton got a bottle from the fridge and put some in little ramekins for the boys, and they dipped and ate the fried pickles until no pickles or dip were left. We were all surprised they liked the pickles so much. When Nathan Robert and Chuck asked for more pickles and dip, and I told them they had eaten all we had, we”d all be dead if looks could kill.” “Son, that”s how you were about prime rib, horseradish cream, and grilled asparagus � you still are, even at your age.”


“What were the guys doing after y”all ate so much?” “Mom Riley, Peyton was splayed out halfway on the couch and halfway on the floor, moaning that he wished he could move. Dale was trying to get Charley off him to get the feeling back in his legs and go to the bathroom. I told him if he peed on the couch, I would superglue his meatus shut. I don”t think he liked that idea too much. I wouldn”t like it if someone threatened to do that to me!”


“Was Dale able to get Charley off his legs?” “Not really. Charley moved rather quickly, though, when Peyton leaned over and let out some gas with contrails that looked to be as long as a jet”s in the sky. The smell he emitted was close to the odor of spoiled Limburger cheese. That”s when I left the house early to go pick y”all up.” “That bad, Jaiden?” “All I”ll say is that the house no longer smells like new paint.” “By the way, if y”all don”t mind, I am going to stop by the package store and get some large corks. I have a feeling we are going to need them tonight; I know I will.”


“Jaiden, you know how to pay Peyton and your brothers back for the bad flatulence?” “How”s that, Ginny?” “Go to the mall tomorrow to `pick up” something and eat a Gyro while you are there. Then, wait an hour or so and then take Peyton, Dale, and Charley for a ride around Memphis � with the car windows rolled up and locked.”


“Ginny, I am surprised at you! That is a marvelously cruel idea that I am going to do, thank you.” “Jaiden, just don”t tell them I suggested that. I don”t want them sitting around the house eating peanut butter and banana sandwiches and drinking milk.”


“Ginny, they can”t drink milk or eat those sandwiches if I accidentally put the milk and peanut butter in the freezer tonight!” Jaiden”s mom looked at Ginny and said, “you taught him well.” “Yes, I did, didn”t I, Dr. Reynolds!” Everybody in the car laughed.


When everybody arrived at Jaiden”s home and went inside, Peyton was standing outside on the deck, and the look on his face was unmistakable: he was MAD! “Charley, why does Peyton look so mad?” “Remember what he did just before you left the house?” “Yes, why?” “He did it again, and it was even worse. Right after he did it the second time, he walked out onto the deck, and I got up and locked the doors. The time he”s been out there may seem like an eternity to him, but it”s only been ten minutes.”


Jaiden walked to the French doors and unlocked them. Peyton walked inside and let Charley know he badly needed to go to the bathroom to unload what felt like a gallon of water. However, when he went upstairs to go to the bathroom, he went into Dale”s and Charley”s room instead and cut the worst cheese of the evening and then walked out of the room and shut the door.


Next, he walked across the hallway and into his and Jaiden”s bedroom and shut the door. A short while later, Jaiden walked upstairs to go to bed. When he walked into his bedroom, Peyton was sitting on their bed with the most mischievous grin Jaiden had ever seen on his husband. “Peyton, what did you do?”


About that time, Jaiden heard Charley yell out, “DAMN!, I can”t believe Peyton would do that. This room smells like he crapped in a bucket in the middle of the room. Geez! Dale, please open the windows; I have to go puke!”


When Peyton and Jaiden heard Charley say that, Jaiden slumped down the wall and sat on the floor, laughing his butt off. Peyton was laughing so hard he had a pillow over his mouth. “Peyton, I should have known you were up to something the way you walked upstairs, looking mad and not saying anything. What you did to get back at Charley is freaking hilarious.”


“Yeah, it was. I bet Charley won”t lock me outside again.” “Well, I can tell you one thing, my love, if you fart in this room as you did across the hall, I”ll lock you outside.” “Sweetheart, you know that when I cut the cheese, it smells like roses to you!” “Sweetie, about that comment: bullshit!” “I guess you”re right, lover, bullshit on the ground under the roses.” Jaiden smiled and shook his head in disbelief.


Jaiden was about to get into bed when he heard a knock at the bedroom door. When he opened the door, Charley was standing there. “Peyton, will you please forgive me for locking you out on the deck? I can”t take another fart like that in our bedroom.” “Charley, since you asked so nicely, I accept your apology and mezitli escort ask you to forgive me for making you sick.”


“Apology accepted, Peyton. Dale is cleaning the bathroom. I puked twice before I could stop. Man, you really stunk.” “I did, Charley, I admit that, but something had to be done to get you off Dale before he peed all over the couch.” “Yeah, about that, Dale has relegated me to the dog house for three days.” “Don”t worry about that, Charley; I”ll fix it for you tomorrow.” “Thanks, bro!”


Peyton and Jaiden were sitting on the deck with Dale after breakfast, enjoying a cup of coffee, when Peyton began describing how Jaiden had `punished” him last night for farting in the house. Jaiden first made him lace his fingers behind his head before making him so horny he twice lost his load before he was allowed to move.


Peyton was baiting Dale, who had no idea what he was doing, making him so sexually aroused that he would have no choice but to take Charley upstairs to make love so he could release the sexual tension in his body.


Dale went inside that house, looked at Charley, and said, “Charley, may I see you in the bedroom for a minute?” An hour later, the two emerged from their bedroom, and Charley was all smiles. He got a cup of coffee and walked outside onto the deck, where Jaiden and Peyton were sitting, and leaned on the deck railing while peering at the beautiful Smokey Mountains.


Peyton said, “You”re welcome, Charley!” Charley turned and looked at Peyton as he took a sip of coffee, smiled, and didn”t say a word. Peyton looked at Jaiden and said, “Freaking hilarious! Now he”s doing that just like you do.” Again, Jaiden took a sip of coffee, smiled, and didn”t say a word.


Jaiden”s phone rang, and it was Rabbi Belson calling to let him know that they had gotten moved into the house in Erie. Jaiden told the Rabbi that he and Peyton had left the phone, power, and water on in their name so the Rabbi wouldn”t have to pay a deposit on each to have them turned on in his name. “Rabbi, the bills will come to the house, so, if you will, just make sure they get paid. Also, the lawn guys will keep their schedule on keeping the yards up, and they will give that bill to you as well.”


“Jaiden, you didn”t tell me how much the rent would be, so how much do you want me to send to you each month?” “Nothing.” “What do you mean nothing?” “Rabbi, I mean just that: NOTHING.” “Jaiden, I need to pay you and Peyton something for living here.” “No, you don”t. You living in that house while we are here is keeping it from sitting there and dry rotting, so you living there is doing us a huge favor and saving us money in the long run.”


“Well, I”ll send you a check each month, and you can bank it.” “Rabbi, you know Peyton, and I, won”t do that; we”ll simply shred the check. But, if you insist on paying something, please take whatever you thought you”d send to us and put it into the Catskills Camp Fund for the kids at the synagogue.” Are you sure, Jaiden?” “Positive, Rabbi.”


“Taking care of the house for us and sending us money that could go toward a better cause would be wasting money. Instead, use the money so children in our synagogue, and in other synagogues, can go to summer camp; that”s the best investment we think could be made.” “OK, that is what I will do. I”m beginning to wonder if Peyton, and you, will ever cease to amaze me.” “Rabbi, I hope not.”


“Jaiden, you and Peyton are such good people. The Rebbetzin and I love you two to Mars and back, and we”re going to miss y”all terribly.” “Rabbi Belson, we”re already homesick, but what we are going to be doing and where we will be working is truly amazing. Give the Rebbetzin and Mrs. Schwartz a hug for us and tell them we love and miss everyone.”


“Peyton, we”re winding up our first week at St. Jude”s. I knew it would be tough, but at least it doesn”t appear to be as tough as Mom made it out to be. The highlight of my week happened this afternoon while I had some free time on my hands � time about which I kept my mouth shut, I might add.”


“I walked into a toddler”s room, and the mother was exhausted and about to lose it. The baby was screaming because his mother was so tense, and he felt it. I got her to let me hold the baby, and then I walked him around in his room. I took him to the big window and pointed out the birds in the trees and sang very softly to him. In five minutes, the little boy quietened down and fell asleep.”


“I sat in the lounge chair by the window and held him for a good thirty minutes. Finally, I looked over at his mother, and she had gone to sleep, so I placed the boy in his bed and pulled the guard railings up. They were both sound asleep when I left the room. I”m going to make a quick run by the boy”s room in the morning and check on him and his mother.”


“Jaiden, about this weekend, are you scheduled to work?” “Saturday morning from six until six in the evening. What about you?” “Six Saturday night until six Sunday morning.”


“Peyton, I guess I”ll spend part of the evening at the local discount store.” “For what?” “Well, if you are going to be working all night Saturday, I”m gonna have to make use of my five-finger discount to be able to relax.”


“Sweetie, you”re a nut!” “Yeah, that”s what Mom said yesterday. Oh, by the way, Mom is going to take next Thursday and Friday off and fly down Wednesday afternoon for a long weekend.” “Awesome, Jaiden, the children are going to be excited to see their grandma.” “And their grandma is going to be excited to see them.”

Friday night finally arrived, and Peyton, Jaiden, Dale, and Charley decided to take the children for a walk around the new neighborhood. So they got the prams out, set up, loaded with the children, and began their trek.


Since Ginny and Granny were outside, the guys spoke with them and said they were going for a walk. Ginny asked if they would mind company, and the guys said no and invited them to tag along.


“Guys, wait for a second and let us get Ezra and Taylor.” When the four joined the guys and the children, they went walking through the new neighborhood.


As they rounded the first corner, they saw several families with three or four young children playing outside in their front yards. All of the neighbors recognized them as new to the neighborhood and stopped what they were doing to introduce themselves.


“Hello, we notice you”re new to the neighborhood. We”re Devan and Sharon Mabry, and these are our children: Christopher, Jacob, and Michael. What part of the neighborhood are you folks living in?” “We live in the three newly built homes on Reynolds Drive.” “The huge new house they built and the two new houses on each side?” “That would be the ones. I”m Jaiden Riley-Reynolds, and this is Peyton, the love of my life. These five baby boys are our sons, Nathan Robert, Elijah James, Abraham Dovid, Mark Anthony, and Jason Scott.”


“These two guys are our brothers, Dale and Charley Jacobs-Anderson, and their children: Alaina Noelle, Benjamin Dale, Charles Logan, Jason Alexander, and David Alexander.” Everyone shook hands and greeted each other accordingly.


“The beautiful lady and the gentleman standing to my left are my adoptive parents, Mrs. Martha and Mr. Ezra Stuart.”


“As we call her, Ginny raised me from the time I moved to Virginia with mom, after my dad died in a plane crash in South Africa while on a medical mission, until I began high school. Gampy lovingly stepped in when my dad died and became an incredible father to me.”


“When Peyton and I moved to Erie, Pennsylvania, to attend medical school, I didn”t know they lived there, and my mom hired Ginny to help take care of our house. It had been so long since I had seen Ginny that I didn”t recognize her or her voice. So when Mom let me know who she was, I lost it. Gampy came over to the house to help get me calmed down. We”ve not been separated since, and we”re not going to be!”


“The lady and gentleman standing next to Charley and Dale are Mrs. Geraldine and Reverend Taylor McDonald. They are adoptive parents for Charley and Dale, and Granny, as we call her, is helping raise Dale”s and Charley”s children. You won”t find two finer people than Ginny and Granny; God broke the pozcu escort mold when he made them.”


“Mrs. Taylor, Reverend Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart, it is so nice to meet you.” “Likewise, Mr. and Mrs. Mabry.” Please, it”s Devan and Sharon.” “Then, for me, it is Granny, and my husband is the Reverend.” “As Jaiden said, I”m Ginny, and this is Gampy.”


“Jaiden, I noticed one of your sons is named Abraham Dovid. Would you, by chance, be Jewish?”


“We are, and as soon as we can, we are going to be looking for a Reform Synagogue. The Stuarts and the McDonald”s are Christians, and the Reverend recently retired on June 28.”


“That isn”t a relationship we see here very often. It is so awesome to see families like yours who come together to love and help each other.” “Devan, I don”t think our relationships and family are seen as normal anywhere. We promote our family as an example to people everywhere.”


“Wait a minute! I think I just figured out who you guys are! You four young men were on the national news a while back, weren”t you?” “Yes, sir, we have been on every national news program in the US and many local television stations as well. Most of those news stories were also aired in Europe.”


“Weren”t y”all honored in Erie for turning the education system upside down and starting programs for students who have difficulties in a sundry of subjects?” “Yes, sir, that is correct.”


“So, are you guys here to work with our school system?” “No, sir, Peyton and I are fairly new physicians studying oncology and oncological surgery at St. Jude”s. My dad was a doctor at St. Jude”s when he was killed in the African plane crash.”


“Mom and I relocated to Abingdon, Virginia, where she opened an emergency medicine practice. That is where I grew up from age three until Peyton and I married three years ago. Dale and Charley are engineers and are finishing up their Master”s degree in Engineering by doing an internship on St. Jude”s building project.”


Peyton asked, “Devan, what kind of work do you and Sharon do?” “Peyton, I”m a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, and Sharon is a pediatrician.” “Interesting, Jaiden and I are pediatricians in Erie. When we complete our residency at St. Jude”s, we”ll return to Erie to open a branch of St. Jude”s for patients in the northeastern and north-central parts of the US.”


“When we get back, Jaiden, and my brother, Richard, and I will resume a large, successful practice we started before leaving Erie. Our clinic is being staffed by hospital-hired and supervised contract pediatricians while we are here.”


“I”m going to get a Master”s degree in Environmental Engineering, and Jaiden will be getting a Master”s degree in Mechanical Engineering. I will specialize partly in identifying disease triggers in the patient”s environment relative to their illness and treatment; that is what Jaiden”s mom has done.”


“Jaiden will follow his dad”s footsteps in Mechanical engineering so he can design and build, or have built, orthotics for bone replacements in children who have lost bone to cancer. Dad did that here at St. Jude”s.”


“Jaiden, would your dad happened to have been Abe Reynolds?” “Yes, sir, why?” “An entire wing of the hospital is dedicated to him. Your mom and dad were best friends with my parents, who also are doctors at St. Jude”s. Wait until my dad hears you”re here!”


“Devan, would you like to have some fun ?” “What are you proposing?” “I”ll give you my mom”s telephone number so you can call her and string her along by asking questions about when she was here in Memphis with dad.” “Yeah, I”ll do that.”


“Good afternoon, Dr. Reynolds” office; this is Ashley. How may I help you?” “Ashley, this is Dr. Devan Mabry; may I please speak with Dr. Peggy Reynolds?” “Dr. Mabry, let me see if Dr. Reynolds is free; hold on for a second.”


“This is Dr. Reynolds.” “Dr. Reynolds, I am calling to consult with you about two individuals. Would you happen to know Curtis and Matilda Mabry?” “Oh, my word! I do. I haven”t heard their names in years. My husband and I worked with them at St. Jude”s 30 years ago. How are they doing?” “They are doing wonderfully well and are still practicing pathology at St. Jude”s. I am also on staff at St. Jude”s as a pediatric orthopedic surgeon.”


“Dr. Mabry, this conversation is rather surreal to me.” “Please, Dr. Reynolds, I”m just Devan.” “Devan, would you mind giving me your mom”s and dad”s cell numbers?” “Not at all. I”ll text them to you.” “That would be great. I”ll be in Memphis in two weeks, and I”d like to try to get together for dinner one night.” “Dr. Reynolds, I would love that � and so would my wife, Sharon.”


“Devan, I am Peggy, not Dr. Reynolds. May I ask how you got my number?” “Sure.” “Well?” “Peggy, you asked if you could ask me how I got your number; you didn”t tell me to tell you.” “Jaiden and Peyton have to be standing there with you, aren”t they?”


“Now, how would you know that?” “I know his setup. Hopefully, you and your wife can get to know them.” “I hope so, Peggy; we”re having Dale”s coffee at their house tonight. Their home is about the sixth house around the corner from ours.” “Devan, what I wouldn”t give to have a cup of Dale”s coffee right now.” “Is it that good?” “It”s better than that good. One cup, and you will be hooked? May I speak with Jaiden for just a second?” “Yes, mam, here he is.”


“Jaiden, this call has made my day. Please tell Devan to have his parents ride over and have coffee with y”all.” “Devan, mom said to call your parents and have them meet you at our house for coffee tonight.” “OK, Jaiden, I”ll call them and ask if they can come. I”ll contact you when y”all finish your walk and let you know.


Jaiden”s group continued their walk through the neighborhood and met several families who are members of the synagogue the four guys and their children will be attending. While they continued their walk, Devan called his parents.


“Pathology.” “This is Dr. Devan Mabry. May I speak to Dr. Curtis or Dr. Matilda Mabry?” “Dr. Mabry, they both are on the phone; I”ll have them call you as soon as they are free.” “Great, thank you.”


A few minutes later, Devan”s mother called. “Devan, this is mom. Son, you made your dad”s and my day by giving Peggy Reynolds our phone number, and yes, your dad and I will meet you at Jaiden”s and Peyton”s for coffee at seven.” “I take it that you and Dad talked to Dr. Reynolds.”


“We did, and all three of us cried. We haven”t spoken to Peggy since she moved to Virginia after Abe died. He and your dad were best friends here, and Abe”s death almost killed your dad. He and Peggy were two of the most wonderful people we have ever known.” “It”s good you got to talk to Dr. Reynolds. Sharon, the kids, and I will see you and Dad at Jaiden”s around seven tonight.”


“Jaiden, this is Devan. Your mom called my parents before I could, and they will join us for coffee tonight.” “Awesome, maybe I can get Dale to cook some of his famous knishes to go with the coffee.” “That will be great, Jaiden; see y”all at seven.”


“Dale, would it be too much to ask you to make some knishes to go with the coffee tonight?” “Not at all, Jaiden. It should only take an hour or less to get them made and in the oven.” “Thanks, Dale. Devan”s parents will be joining us tonight.”


Promptly at seven, the doorbell rang, and it was Devan and his family � and his parents. They walked into the house, and Jaiden led them to the den.


“Mom, Dad, this is Drs. Jaiden and Peyton Riley-Reynolds, and their brothers Dale and Charley, and the ten babies about to tackle you both are their children: Nathan Robert, Elijah James, Abraham Dovid, Jason Scott, Alaina Noelle, Benjamin Dale, Charles Logan, Jason Alexander, and David Alexander � all living together in this house!


“Jaiden, Matilda, and I haven”t seen you since you were three years old. I can”t believe we are standing here in your home seeing you as a grown man and a physician at that. Your mom told us what you two will be doing here, and, I must say, I am so proud of you two.” “Thank you, Dr. Mabry.”


“Dale, Charley, Peggy also gushed about you two and said the day she adopted you as her escort bayan boys was one of the greatest days of her life. She told us what she did, and it didn”t surprise me in the least. Peggy has always been a lioness when it comes to children; I”m glad she just chewed your dads a new one and didn”t actually bite them.” “Dr. Mabry, we are glad she didn”t either; none of us knew she had gotten so mad at my and Charley”s dad and flew to Mobile to confront them. From what we have been told, that confrontation was pretty severe as she backed both of them against a wall.”


“Dad”s boss was the same toward his son, and he stood in the hallway and didn”t say a word. Afterward, he, like our dads, now has a fantastic relationship with his son and son-in-law. Charley”s dad helps run a support group for parents having problems regarding their gay children, and, like Jaiden”s mom, he doesn”t mind backing people against a wall.”


“Dale, I”m glad to hear that. By the way, call me Curtis. My wife is Matilda to you young men.” “Yes, sir.”


“Jaiden, what is that heavenly aroma I”m smelling?” “Matilda, that would be Dale”s coffee and the knishes he is taking out of the oven.” “Your mom said that when we tasted Dale”s coffee, we would be hooked.” “Believe my mom, you will be. And when you taste his knishes, you will crave them.”


“Coffee is served, everyone. Stevia, sugar, and cream are on the tray, and there is more in the kitchen if we need it. I”ll serve the knishes as soon as they have cooled for a few minutes. I wouldn”t want them to burn your mouths; they are like lava when they are hot.”


Drs. Matilda and Curtis took a sip of Dale”s coffee, looked at each other, and said, “Peggy was right!”


Dale had walked into the kitchen to check the knishes to see if they were cool enough to eat. He cut up several so the children could have some and invited everyone to come to the dining room so the children could sit in their highchairs and not make a mess on the floor.


Sharon observed the children and commented on how intelligent they appeared to be and how well behaved they were. “Peyton, how do you guys get the children to be so polite and well behaved?”


“Sharon, they pretty much do it on their own. In our home, we never argue, cuss at each other, or act disrespectfully. Instead, we maintain a level of calmness and give our children the same respect we demand from them, and they know their boundaries well. Then, when the boys start getting too rough or get out of line, that little girl very quickly sets them straight.”


“The children also don”t have diapers on; are they potty trained at a year old?” Jaiden said, “Yep, and they did that on their own. All ten children apparently decided one day that they didn”t like wet or dirty diapers, and we realized they hadn”t been changed that morning. So we took them to their bathrooms and sat them on their potties, and they used them. The rest is history. Come, let me show you a world-class children”s bathroom and bedroom.”


Sharon and Devan took one look at the children”s bathrooms, and their minds were blown. They both said they had never seen bathrooms like that for children. But then again, they had never known anyone with ten one-year-old babies in one house. When they saw Alaina Noelle”s room, Sharon became a bit sentimental. “Devan, if and when we have a little girl, this would be perfect.” “That it would, sweetheart.”


“If you guys can wait three years, we”re going to return to Erie, and you can buy this house. I”ll make sure you can have the first choice to buy the house before it is put on the market. Our home in Erie is just like this house. The size of the house is perfect for four or five children. It is this size because we all live together and don”t want to separate the children since they have been together since the day they were born.”


Sharon looked at Jaiden and asked the proverbial question: “Were all your children born on the same day?” “Sharon, yes! It was a LONG day for all of us; the four surrogate moms were family and friends from the synagogue where Peyton”s brother-in-law is the Rabbi. Additionally, Peyton”s sister, Jenny, was my surrogate, and her best friend asked to be a surrogate for Peyton.”


“Two more of Jenny”s friends said they would like to help someone the way Jenny and Jennifer were helping Peyton and me. That is when Jenny set up the plan for Angie Rothstein and Marty Jacobson to be the surrogates for Dale and Charley. By the way, Angie is Peyton”s sister”s sister-in-law.”


“Something amazing to me is that the surrogate moms, their families, and our families vacation together every year.” “Those families and their children are incredibly loving to our children. The ladies don”t interfere with the way we are raising the children, and their children recognize the babies as cousins instead of half-siblings. The love they have for the babies will make you cry when you watch them play together.”


About that time, Peyton said the boys were starting to get rowdy. The Mabry”s laughed when they noticed Alaina Noelle give her brothers the eye and the boys quickly got quiet. “Peyton, you weren”t kidding; she”s a tough little girl.” “That she is, and if the boys ignore her when she”s had enough, she has her way of making them listen.” “And what is her way of making them behave better?”


“Her fist; she learned early on not to let them get too protective of her, and she certainly doesn”t let them boss her around. So we”re working on teaching her another way to make her brothers behave. Alaina Noelle is a taskmaster when they”re in the nursery at the temple; it”s hilarious the way she makes them sit side-by-side in their chairs.” Matilda said she could hardly wait to see Alaina Noelle do that, and Curtis agreed.


“Jaiden, I noticed the magazine on the table and the caption about a downs syndrome boy found dead; what is that about? Curtis, it”s about a case involving a boy whose mother was arrested and jailed for prostitution; the boy was left alone for days. Finally, a local drag performer took the boy under his care and got an assistant district attorney to try to help him with the boy”s custody.”


“He and the attorney formed a relationship, a rebound relationship for the attorney whose wife had recently died. Unfortunately, one thing led to another. Some horribly homophobic DFCS agents decided to take the boy from the entertainer and attorney and place him into foster care.”


“The attorney filed several legal challenges and was rebuffed by two judges who were politically motivated to be more homophobic than the DFCS agents. Finally, the attorney retained an outside attorney who was not afraid to confront the judges, whom he knew, in their courtrooms. One of the judges relented and granted visitation to the entertainer and his boyfriend, the attorney � thirty DFCS supervised minutes every Saturday and not a second more.”


“The DA got with the judges and got the boy”s mother released from jail. Then, inappropriately, the district attorney drew up a petition for the mother to present to the court to regain custody of her son. The request was granted, and she took the boy home with her � to a one-room apartment in a transient, drug-infested motel.”


“The mother was with a john one night, and he called the boy a retard and made him leave the apartment. The mother didn”t say a word or do anything to protect her son. Marco, the boy, walked for three days trying to find his `home” with the attorney and the entertainer. He was found dead three days later under a bridge by the river. The mother had never reported Marco missing or searched for him.”


“The district attorney, for whom the lawyer had worked, and by whom he had been fired due to his homosexuality, and the two judges, who concocted the scheme to prevent the entertainer and his boyfriend from having custody of Marco, got a letter and a copy of a newspaper article from the attorney on Marco”s death.”


“All three regret their actions, albeit late regret. They are now worried that they will soon be removed from office � if not by the bar, then by the voters. The judges and district attorney ruined their careers with their attitudes.”


“The male judge acted as though he had a dried corncob stuck up his rear end, and the female judge acted like a human version of a four-legged female dog. There is nowhere they can hide from their actions in Marco”s case.”


Sharon spoke up and asked if the story was fictional or factual. Jaiden assured her it was true. Sharon”s response consisted of one word: UNBELIEVABLE!

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