Just What I Needed

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When I opened the door and see who it is standing there my heart skips a beat. It’s not often I see him but the wait is always worth it.

He walks in and fills the hallway with his presence. I shut the door, take his hand and lead him down the hall to the bedroom. I watch his face in the mirror at the end of the hall as we approach. I’ve seen that look before; he knows what he wants. I am excited.

Once across the threshold of the bedroom he spins me around and, grabbing my hair, slaps me twice across the face. I reel back but he holds my hair tight and pulls me back towards me. He slaps me once more emphasising his control.

This is how it is going to be tonight. Hard, punishing and just what I needed.

He smiles at me and I go weak and move in close pressing my face to his broad hard chest, my faced tilted upwards to meet his kiss. His hands drop to grip my ass and he pulls me up towards him. I swing my legs around his waist as we continued to kiss. I suck his tongue as he pulls away from me; I need him, I want him.

“I’m going to fuck you in the ass” he says, looking into my eyes. This is a statement rather than a question requiring affirmation. He knows well he does not have to ask me. I kiss him again.

He walks me to the bed and, lowering me down on to it, pulls off my dress leaving me breathlessly watching him take of his shirt, his body bulky but lean and all mine. He turns again to face me.

“Take off the bra” he orders. I oblige quickly.

“Get up. Walk for me”, he orders me.

I get off the bed while he sits and I walk slowly around the room in my panties feigning interest in the furnishings, stopping to look out the window playing with my hair wistfully and all the time looking back at him aware he is watching my ass. I make two circuits of the room and finish by bending over directly in front of him to pick up my discarded bra. My panties ride high between my ass cheeks giving him a prime view of the fine white cotton stretched across my cunt. He reaches up and cups me there sliding two fingers over my lips his thumb pressing against my asshole. I stand up slowly and he reaches for my hand and pulls me towards him telling me to bend over his knee.

I lie across his legs, my hands and feet touching the tiles, my ass high in the air. He hooks his fingers around the waist band of my panties and slowly pulls them down over my ass and off. He reaches down bunches them up and stuffs them into my mouth; I can smell and taste my own excitement. He slowly rubs my ass and thighs with his right hand, his left hand rubs my back in long slow circles before he slowly winds my hair into his hand tighter and tighter until he pulls back hard forcing my head as high as my ass. I gasp in pain as he jerks my hair and he delivers a hard slap to my ass. The noise is loud karabağlar escort bayan in the silent bedroom. He continues to hold my head high as he spanks me several more times. My eyes begin to water at the pain and I feel my cunt swell at the pleasure of it.

He stops as suddenly as he began and, still holding my hair tightly in his fist, lifts me by the hair off his knee and across to the chair where he bends me over the back of it.

“Stay right there” he says slowly. Deliberately. The threat implicit.

He is gone from me for a few minutes and I miss him but dare not move. I hear him returning from the bathroom and can see from the reflection of the window that he is naked. He touches me and I jump drawing a chuckle from him. He continues and slowly traces a line from my neck down my back and between my buttocks where his large hands cover each ass cheek and he gently parts them leaving me completely and delightfully exposed to his gaze. He drops to his knees and I feel his tongue begin to lap greedily at my smooth cunt, flicking and sucking forcefully at my clit. He continues before slowly moving up to nibble and pull at my lips and then up further where he begins to rim me.

He makes slow deliberate circles with his tongue around my asshole before licking and jabbing with his tongue. I melt with excitement and soon he is tongue fucking my ass as deep as he can go, stretching his tongue. The feeling is sensational and, as he slips two fingers into my cunt, I cum for the first time screaming my orgasm into my panties.

I am breathing heavily through my nose and he lets me recover for a few moments before grabbing my hair again pulling me backward up from the back of the chair now damp with our juices and takes the panties from my mouth. I am helpless.

He drops his hands and they grip my waist pulling me back towards him. He nibbles my ear and begins kissing and biting my neck causing me to wince. Regardless, I lean into him further and firmly grind my ass into his groin, encouraging him, urging him on. His cock is large and hot against my thigh.

His hands drop down to grip my ass and he parts my cheeks his fingers digging in and I can feel my lips part and begin to swell. All the while I feel his breath at the back of my neck quickening. His hands move back to briefly cup my breasts pinching my nipples painfully erect and then up to trace the outline of my wet mouth; I suck on his middle finger as it presses into my mouth.

“Make it really wet” he rasps and moves his right hand back to my ass.

I feel the wet finger circle my asshole and dip further round to pick up moisture from my now throbbing cunt. He moves his left hand around to my stomach to steady me as he slides his wet finger up and into my ass, he pushes karabağlar escort a second finger in stretching me further and begins to slide both fingers forcefully in and out of me. I begin to thrust back against his fingers wanting them deeper into me, to stretch me further and I shiver at the thought of him pushing his cock deep inside my ass.

He grabs my hair forcing me down onto my hands and knees and walks me by the hair, dog like, to the side of the bed. He pulls me up to my knees and he holds his cock in his right hand pulling the foreskin back urging me to suck him. His cock is thick, dead straight and topped by an incongruously large and bulbous head. It is a wonderful sight with a dew drop of liquid seeping from the eye; the head is an angry purple colour, the skin taught and shiny.

He pulls my head forward and I lick the dew drop from top of his cock; it tastes slightly salty. He holds his cock flat to his stomach and he pushes my head lower and I begin to lick his balls. They are shaved smooth and I take each one into my mouth and suck and pull on them. He raises his eyes to the ceiling and moans. His balls now sopping wet, he lets go of his cock and it falls with a heavy slap to lie across my face throbbing in expectation as I continue to suck and lick his heavy balls. I turn my attention to the shaft of his cock and I lick its length tracing out the angry swollen snake like vein and take the big mushroom shaped head into my mouth; its girth makes it a tight fit and it stretches my mouth. He tastes of warm, clean skin and as I begin to suck his cock in earnest his hands move to grip my hair again and he slowly begins to fuck my mouth his cock moving further and further in with every slow stroke. He begins to decome more forceful in letting me know what he wants, thrusting his cock with increasing fervour. I know I cannot deep throat him, he’s simply too big for me, but I relax and take him as deep as I can letting him feel the hot tightness around the helmet of his cock where my throat narrows and he holds his cock there his hands firm around the back of my head. He withdraws enough to let me breath again and I suck and tongue his helmet for a time before he resumes the relentless fucking of my mouth. The sensations is delightful, due in part to the size of the cock in my mouth, but also the sensation of being helpless, of being owned, of having no choice but to yield to him.

I reach down between my legs and push two fingers into by soaking cunt and look up at him towering above me; he sees me watching him as he continues to hold my head by the hair and he smiles. I flash my eyes imploring him on and I orgasm for the second time as I flick my fingers back and forth inside me, my cries muffled.

While I come back down he continues to fuck my mouth escort karabağlar and I begin to think he is going to cum like this but he has exquisite control and as I feel him quicken and his cock begin to swell in my mouth he withdraws and forces his will on his orgasm subduing it, like he is subduing me. I watch him from the floor knowing what is to come.

He lifts my panties and again stuffs them into my mouth; he motions with his hand and I turn over arching my back and, with my ass in the air, press my face to the tiles and turn slightly so I can look and reach back. He kneels behind me and with his left hand dips two fingers into my cunt then, transferring the moisture to my ass, he begins to finger fucking me. His right hand works his cock back to its maximum size and girth and I watch fascinated, like a rabbit in the headlights, as the head assumes its previous angry colour; it is large and shiny atop the thick shaft.

“Spread you ass. Wide” He orders.

I reach back with both hands and grasp my ass cheeks pulling them wide apart stretching my ass open for him. He places the head of his cock at my asshole and I feel the pressure and heat of it. My ass stretches painfully as his cock begins to penetrate me and I moan as he applies greater and greater pressure and just as I am at the verge of pullimg away my ass gives and there is a sudden rush as he crosses the tight threshold of my ass and begins to fill my bowel beyond with his cock. He continues to stretch me, his large cock testing me. I start to cry, sobbing into my panties as he pulls my head back sharply by my hair and thrusts his cock to its full length into me. I feel that special yin and yang pleasure unique to anal sex; the pain and pleasure, the fullness of him balls deep inside me.That wonderful fullness.

He shifts position and straddles me, his feet close to my shoulders, and continues to fuck my ass hard, pulling his cock back to the tip before plunging back in again and again. I need to reach out and grip the legs of the chair to top myself ending up in the wall. Despite the pain I push back against his thrusts savouring evergy inch of his length.

Sometimes he pulls my head back, gripping my hair, reign like, with both hands, riding me like a pony. Sometimes he pulls his cock out completely and gapes me, aroused by the site of my stretched asshole and then he slaps my ass three or four times before plunging back in right to the hilt of his cock. All the while I continue to make muffled cries into my panties. He is relentless.

After a while I feel him slippery with sweat, warm drops dripping from him unto my back and ass. I cum again, ejaculating at the sight of him glistening above me, his cock reaming me remorselessly.

As his thrusting quickens I feel can him swell in my ass. He is cumming.

Audibly he pulls his cock from my ass one last time and orders me to turn. He pulls my panties from my mouth and, while he holds them to his nose, he thrusts his slippery, tangy cock into my mouth.

I suck greedily and begin to swallow as his cock begins to spurt forcefully, flooding my mouth with his hot salty cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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